Best Newborn Baby Essentials List online 2022 | Things to Buy for Newborn Babies 2022

It is a very exciting experience to welcome a new baby in your family. It is also wise to be fully prepared for the little one so that you can spend time taking care of your baby rather than buying stuff for him. It is understandable that it can get a little confusing for a new parent when everyone around you is giving advice on what all things are needed for a newborn. But we have come to your rescue! This article enlists the Best Newborn Baby Essentials List to keep you prepared and stress-free.

The market is full of different varieties of baby products and it can get overwhelming while shopping for them. Which is why keeping everything planned out beforehand would prevent you from panicking later. We have provided a sorted checklist of things that your little bundle of joy would need when he arrives.

The checklist is divided into different categories that include bathing essentials, diapering essentials, baby gears and many more to provide a detailed shopping list for you and your baby.


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Best Newborn babies Essentials List


Baby Diapering Essentials

Newborn baby essentials list diapers
When you think about a baby, diaper needs are one of the first things that come up in your mind. It is like diapers and babies go hand in hand. Here are few things that shall keep the diapering department covered for the newborn.


1. Cloth Diapers & Cotton Nappies for Newborn

Best Cotton Nappies online tangylife blog
Cotton nappies are the safest option for a newborn. They are reusable and do not contain any chemicals thus keeping your baby’s skin rash-free and safe. As soon as they are soiled, they need to be changed. Because of this reason, it is always advised to stock up on them.

Reusable cloth diapers or cotton nappies has come a long way since our forefathers time where these nappies were the best and only option to use for newborn babies. These diapers are made of cotton soft cloth that are gentle and comfortable for babies sensitive skin. Earlier the old generation had a tough time using these nappies but now with so many options of cotton diapers available online like diapers in different shapes or diapers with elastic, fastened with velcro or poppers and so many cute prints, its the golden age of reusable cotton diapers.

Pros & Cons of Cloth Diapers


  • Eco friendly and Reusable
  • Comes with various adjustable features
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Less diapers rash
  • Saves lot of money
  • No harmful chemical absorbent


  • Less absorbent
  • Requires more water for deep cleansing
  • Have to be changed more frequently

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2. Best Disposable Diapers for Babies

Best disposable Diaper review
Diapers would be beneficial when you are planning to take your baby outdoors. Keep in mind that since diapers are made with the aim to keep your baby dry for long duration, they tend to have some chemicals in them. It is recommended to always buy a small quantity of diapers like samples to check if they suit your baby and then buy some more.

Pros & Cons of Disposable Diapers


  • Very Convenient to use
  • Comes with various adjustable features
  • Very absorbent and breathable
  • Available in various sizes


  • Very expensive on longer run
  • Gels and dyeing agent used in disposable diapers for making them absorbent are harmful for skin
  • It Cause irritation and rashes

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3. Best Natural Baby wipes

Best Baby Wipes Review tangylife blog
It is very important that proper cleaning is ensured for your baby. Because of wearing a diaper, baby’s bottom is very sensitive and it should be cleaned properly. Baby wipes ensure apt cleaning and also maintains the pH level of the skin. There are chances that the wipes might react on your baby’s skin so it is suggested that you try different wipes and choose the one that is most suitable for your little one.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Wipes


  • Provides quick and convenient cleaning
  • Keeps the baby skin moisturized and fresh
  • Balances the skin pH levels
  • Smooth texture of wipes prevents skin friction
  • Antibacterial properties disinfects the baby’s bottom


  • Few scented wipes could cause allergies and burning sensation

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4. Best Rash Creams for Newborn Baby

Best Diaper Rash cream for babies tangylife
When exposing your baby to commercial products like diapers and wet wipes, there is a chance that your baby gets rashes from them. Firstly, you should immediately stop using the product that your child had an allergic reaction to. Secondly, to treat baby’s rashes, it is advised to keep a rash cream handy. It would soothe the skin and make your baby comfortable.

Pros & Cons of using Rash Creams


  • Serves as a protective barrier for baby’s soft skin against any rash
  • Nourishes baby skin
  • Safe for sensitive and delicate skin


  • Too much Zinc oxide use can cause allergies too

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Baby Clothing Essentials

baby clothing essentials

Next thing that needs to be taken care of is the type of clothing for your little one. It is important you choose clothes that make him comfortable and are gentle on the skin, like cotton clothes. Now since an infant is under consideration here, it is always better to buy few clothes and not a lot as your baby will outgrow them very quickly. Weather conditions should also be paid attention when buying clothes for your baby so that he can get the utmost comfort at all times.


1. Best Sleepsuits for Newborn baby

sleepsuits onesies for newborn babies
Sleepsuits for babies are designed in such a way that they can be easily changed. They have buttons starting from the neck and up till the ankles. They are easier to handle and prevent things from getting messy. The baby is very comfortable in such sleepsuits as it provides the feeling of being wrapped. Its easy buttoning feature avoids going over the baby’s head for removing the sleepsuit making him more comfortable.

Pros & Cons of using Sleepsuits


  • Easy to wash and manage the sleepsuit as it is made up of cotton
  • Keeps the baby comfortable at all times
  • Non-allergenic material makes the sleepsuit soft for the newborn


  • Very important to buy the right size for your newborn to avoid irritation

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2. Baby Socks and Gloves

Baby Socks and Gloves Online tangylife blog

A newborn baby is much more sensitive to cold weather conditions as they have just been here for a short while. It is important that your baby is kept warm in cold conditions. Buy a few pairs of gloves and socks to keep him warm and safe from any cold. There are a lot of cute baby gloves and socks available and you can have fun matching them with his outfit whenever you want to.

Pros & Cons of Baby Socks & Gloves


  • Protects the little one from cold weather.
  • Gloves prevent the baby from inserting his fingers in the mouth
  • Keeps the baby cozy and comfortable at all times


  • Machine wash degrades the quality of socks and gloves

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3. Best Newborn Baby Caps

best newborn baby caps review
An infant’s head is very sensitive and it should be kept covered. It can be covered with a cap, blanket or hood so that he remains warm and is also protected from different weather conditions. Being all wrapped up, makes your baby feel safe and secure and also makes him comfortable as well. Along with providing protection in the winter season, the caps also have the ability to absorb extra heat during the summer season as well keeping your little one comfortable at all times.

Pros & Cons of Newborn Baby Caps


  • Protects the little one from cold weather as well as the summer season.
  • Caps protect the head and ears from harsh conditions and are also made up of soft material.
  • These are easy to wash as well which helps to keep the baby clean, cozy and comfortable.


  • It is important to find if the caps are not suffocating the little one.

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4. Best Swaddle cloth for Baby

best baby swaddle cloth review
A swaddle cloth is nothing but a wrap around blanket that helps to keep your baby wrapped and secure. There are a lot of swaddle clothes available in the market. Another option for wrapping you baby is using a muslin cloth swaddle. All you need to do is grab one side of the swaddle and secure it across the baby’s chest by pulling it. Tuck the swaddle under and leave the left arm free whereas the right arm goes under the fabric. The swaddle cloth makes it easier for you also to carry your baby and to keep him safe.

Pros & Cons of Swaddle cloth for Baby


  • Provides snuggly and cozy environment to the newborn baby.
  • Ultra soft material keeps the baby comfortable and at ease.
  • You can keep your baby safe and secure by using either a muslin swaddle cloth or a cotton swaddle cloth


  • The cotton swaddle cloth is not as soft as the muslin one.

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5. Best Onesies for Infants

best onesies for babies online review
There are a lot of different cute designs for sleepsuits. There is one trending type of sleepsuits known as onesies. It is a single piece sleepsuit that does not cover the legs but instead just cover the bottoms of the baby just like a diaper does. It is also very easy to handle and mess-free. They are a great buy during the summer season as it keeps the baby comfortable and free.

Pros & Cons of Onesies for Infants


  • Hassle free diaper change because of easy button design.
  • Helps to keep the baby more free and comfortable.


  • Sometimes, the onesies can begin to irritate the baby’s skin.
  • The baby can also get too hot when wearing a onesie.

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Baby Bathing Essentials

best baby bathing products
When a newborn baby arrives, he just needs to be given a sponge bath every now and then. But soon he will be enjoying playing in the water and having fun during his bath time. It is a great way to bond with your baby. And keeping the fun aside, it is also advised to be careful when bathing a baby as he is very delicate and fragile. You could invest in some of the following essentials to ensure a fun and also a safe bathing experience for your child.


1. Best Bath tubs for Baby

best baby bath tub india

There are a huge variety of bath tubs available for your baby. You can choose the most ideal one according to your baby’s age, size and usage of the tub. Bathtubs come in different sizes and there are even expandable ones which can be increased in size as your baby grows. You could always buy an inflatable bathtub for an outdoor bath or when you are travelling with your baby.

Pros & Cons of Bath tubs for Baby


  • Helps to give your baby a fun and safe bath every time.
  • Many features are available to make the bath tubs more secure for the little one


  • The material of the bathtubs are not good for the baby’s skin if exposed for long duration.

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2. Best Bath Towels for Infants

best baby towels tangylife blog
Babies like to be dry and if not dry, they become irritated and uncomfortable. Investing in good soft bath towels are a necessity. The material of the towels should be soft and such that it can absorb all the water. Such a material can be referred to as an absorbent material.

Pros & Cons of Bath Towels for Infants


  • Keeps the baby dry after a good bath which keeps him happy and comfortable.
  • The soft material absorbs all the water that helps to avoid catching any cold.


  • Babies may outgrow the towels very quickly
  • More number of towels would require regular washing them to keep them clean at all times.

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3. Best Baby shampoo and soaps

best baby shampoo and best baby soap review
There is a complete different range of shampoos and soaps that are designed just for babies. They are made in such a way that it is very gentle on the skin and does not have harsh chemicals in them. Shampoos are made tear-free, fragrance free so that your baby can have soft and healthy skin. It is recommended to try out a product first, to ensure that it suits your little one. And when satisfied, you can stock them up.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Shampoo and soaps


  • No harsh chemicals are used.
  • Gentle on the baby’s skin and no allergic reactions
  • No added fragrance is present in the products and they are also made tear free to make the baby more comfortable and less irritated.


  • Takes some hit and trial to find the best product that suits the little one.
  • Some products have Formaldehyde and Parabens which are harmful for the baby’s skin and should be avoided

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4. Best Baby Oils

best baby oil for massage review
Massaging with oils has a lot of advantage for your newborn. It can make your baby comfortable and help him to sleep better. It is also seen that massage improves gaining of weight, helps in digestion and also soothes teeth pain. There are a lot of baby oils that are available in the market that you can choose from the depending on the environment and what suits your child the best.

Pros & Cons of using Baby oils


  • Massage with oils helps to strengthen the bones.
  • Boosts digestion and also increases growth
  • After a good massage, the baby sleeps peacefully
  • Also helps in teeth pain and gaining weight


  • Oils are basically Hydrocarbons which should never be inhaled as it can be fatal
  • Should be kept out of reach of children

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5. Best Baby Creams

best baby creams india tangylife blog
After every bath, it is nice to moisturize your baby’s skin with a good baby cream. Always do a patch test before using the cream on a daily basis. After sometime, if it has no reaction to the baby’s skin, you can use it safely on your little one.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Creams


  • Helps to keep the baby’s skin hydrated and nourished after a good bath.
  • Provides all the necessary moisture and replenishes the skin with increased growth
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the baby’s skin


  • Fragrance and other chemicals added in baby creams harm the baby’s skin greatly.

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Sleeping Essentials

best baby sleeping products
It is very important that your newborn baby sleeps peacefully and is comfortable while sleeping. Since new born babies are very tiny, sleeping helps them relax and prevent him from being grumpy and irritated. We have made a list of things that can help your baby sleep better and comfortably.


1. Best Baby cribs

best baby cribs or baby cots

A baby crib is a small basket like bed that is fitted with a mattress in which your little one can sleep. It is recommended to buy a firm mattress instead of fluffy, soft ones as they might cause suffocation. Pillows should be soft and layered to make it safe for your child who shall toss and turn while sleeping. Cribs help your baby to sleep freely and comfortably. There are many types of cribs available in the market such as regular, convertible, portable and multiuse. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the most ideal crib for your baby.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Cribs


  • Cribs are very easily available and also very easy to manage.
  • Some models can also be adjusted as required making it portable
  • Can also be used as a diapering table or other type of furniture as well


  • Convertible cribs have less life as compared to other types
  • Not many aesthetically pleasing designs are available. Most designs are pretty basic.

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2. Baby blankets

best baby blankets online review
You should always buy a blanket that is light and soft so that your baby can breathe properly. It is advisable that you invest in a lint free blanket for your baby. You should also buy quick dry sheets so that your baby gets a dry bed at all times to sleep. Blankets can be categorized based on their quality, material, cost and other variables. All these factors should be kept in mind while choosing a blanket for your baby.

Pros & Cons of using Baby blankets


  • Keeps your baby warm during cold weathers and protect him from flu and other diseases.
  • Provides safety to the little one as it keeps them all wrapped up


  • Material of the blanket should be thoroughly checked for durability

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3. Best Baby monitor

best baby monitors and baby cameras
If you have a separate room for your baby to sleep in, you can monitor him while he’s sleeping with the help of a baby monitor. There are a lot of different types of baby monitors available. You can check out a detailed Buying Guide for Baby Monitors here so that you can choose the best baby monitor to keep an eye on your little one at all times even when your baby is asleep in his room.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Monitors


  • Great way of monitoring your child at all times
  • You can even do other tasks when you know your child is peacefully sleeping
  • The parents are immediately notified if the child wakes up crying
  • Baby monitors are extremely handy, portable and easy to use


  • Battery issues come up very often
  • Electrical devices should be kept away from the child as well.

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4. Best Mosquito Net for Infants

best mosquito nets for babies review tangylife blog
Keeping your baby safe from mosquitoes is very necessary seeing the diseases it can cause. A mosquito net securing the baby crib would ensure that your baby is safe from mosquitoes and other insects that can irritate him. A night free from mosquitoes would make the little one’s sleep so much better. These mosquito nets are designed in such a way that it is capable of keeping the mosquitoes outside and at the same time it also ensure proper ventilation at all times.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Mosquito Net


  • Great air flow is maintained that does not suffocate the baby at all.
  • Helps keep all the mosquitoes away from your little one
  • The baby can sleep peacefully and comfortably in the mosquito net.
  • The net is highly durable and portable.


  • The baby would quickly outgrow the mosquito net as babies grow at a very fast rate.

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Baby Safety Essentials

baby safety products review
Having an infant in the house, it is very important that your home is safe. This can be done by baby proofing your home that could create a more secure and safe surrounding for a little one to grow in. You can install stair gates so that your child does not fall. You can make use of carpets which would also be a good way to protect your baby from scratches and getting hurt. In order to keep track of the diet and health of your child, it is advised that you also monitor his weight. Investing in a good weighing scale would be a good option. Check out the Best Digital Weighing Scale for Babies. You could also keep a first aid kit, thermometer, scissors and other small items that could come in handy when required. Baby Thermometers are very essential to keep track of your baby’s temperature. Here is a buying guide for Best Thermometer for Babies. Baby gear items are essential when you are moving out with your child. It is very important to keep him safe from the outside environment as well. You can invest in a stroller or a swing set to keep the little one safe at all times.


1. Best Baby Stroller

best baby stroller and baby pram tangylife blog
It becomes a lot easier to handle a child when a stroller is used. There are a lot of benefits of baby strollers. It gets more convenient, portable and handy when you have your child in a stroller. There is no professional experience required while using a stroller and is also extremely comfortable for the child as well. You could take to child for a walk in a stroller, giving him a view of the outside world. Nowadays the strollers that are available in the market have a lot of safety features to keep your child safe at all times.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Strollers


  • Easy travel for your child
  • Requires no professional experience for use
  • All safety measures are looked after to keep the little one always safe


  • It is difficult to get the stroller through stairs
  • Pushing strollers requires considerable effort if it is heavy

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2. Best Baby Car seats

best baby car seats review

While traveling with child in a car, it is extremely important that you have a car seat installed in the car as it provides utmost protection to the baby. Since a newborn baby is very small, it is important that when travelling in a car, they do not have to suffer from dizziness and jerks. There are different kinds of car seats available in the market. Depending on the type of car you have and the features that the car seats provide, you can choose an ideal car seat for your baby to keep him safe while travelling.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Car Seats


  • Ensures maximum safety for your child while travelling
  • Protects from unnecessary dizziness and impacts from sudden jerks


  • Often, car seats are on the expensive side
  • Difficult to find a convertible car seat which are easily removable

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3. Best Baby Carriers

best baby carriers sling review

Baby Carriers are basically a kind of a sling that can help you carry your baby just as you carry a backpack. There are many different kinds of baby carriers available in the market and depending on the space, the budget and the fitness of the person that will carry the baby; you can invest in a suitable baby carrier for your baby. Baby carriers provide the facility of carrying the baby in different ways that helps to avoid extra stress on both the baby as well as the parent.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Carriers


  • Provides easy access at all times and allows to multitask as well
  • Baby is in skin-to-skin contact at all times which promotes bonding and gives more security
  • It is more portable and handy as compared to prams which require large space to keep


  • Hot weather season makes it difficult to carry a baby in a sling
  • It is tricky for beginners at first but you get better with practice

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4. Best Baby gym

best baby gym or baby play gym review
Another baby gear which would keep your baby engaged is a baby gym. It is important that you introduce new skills to you newborn baby. Having a baby gym would help in development of hand and eye coordination. There are different baby gyms to choose from. It can be a play mat where you place your baby for playing. Some models have rattles hanging onto them which makes the baby more interactive and hence promotes cognitive development.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Gym


  • Improves interactive and cognitive skills in the newborn
  • Boosts hand and eye coordination development
  • It keeps the baby engaged hence allowing the parent to multitask as well


  • Baby gym mats get compromised with cleanliness and exposes the baby to germs, dirt, etc

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Best Newborn Baby Essentials or Must Have NewBorn Products List – Conclusion

Being prepared for your baby is highly beneficial and also gives you an ample amount of time to bond with your child. We have made the task of preparation easier for you with this short and simple checklist. The list encloses all the essential items that a newborn baby would need and thus relieve you of the stress. You should keep in mind that the weather conditions also play a very important role while shopping for your little one. In summers, you must purchase items that keep him more comfortable and allows him to breathe. Whereas in winters, it is recommended to wrap your child properly to avoid catching a cold. We hope that this article helps you in your journey of becoming a new parent and keeps your little bundle of joy safe, happy, and secure.

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