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It is very natural for parents to be anxious about their baby while they are asleep. Parents are often able to look after their child for the whole day but when the baby is sleeping, they want to make sure that he is safe and sleeping peacefully. This can be achieved very easily with the help of a simple device known as a baby monitor. A baby monitor can help you keep a check on your baby, sleeping in some other room. If you wish to keep your child secure at all times especially when he is napping, an authentic baby monitor would guarantee that for you.


What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device which has two components, namely, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is the part that is kept with the infant and depending on the type of monitor; it has a camera or a microphone or both. The second part of a baby monitor is called as the receiver which is kept with the parents that helps to look after their baby.


Why should you use a Baby Monitor?

There are many beneficial reasons as to why a baby monitor is recommended for you and your little one. Firstly, being a parent brings a lot of anxiety. When your child is sleeping, a baby monitor will help you ensure that he is safe and this shall keep you at peace and not get anxious as well. Next important reason for using a baby monitor is sleep! It can be very exhausting being a parent in the beginning. If you know that your child is peacefully sleeping and if he wakes up, you have a device to let you know about it, you can sleep peacefully for the night and take rest. It is very important that parents don’t forget to take rest along with taking care of their child. Another reason is that a baby monitor eliminates the need of constant checking up on your child while he is asleep. This would save a lot of time in which you can do other useful tasks of the household or the office as well.
This buying guide for a baby monitor would help you choose the most ideal baby monitor for your child. Since infant babies are involved in this device, it is always advised to be as safe as possible. We have included some safety measures that you should keep in mind while handling a baby monitor. Baby monitor in india are available in different types and with some amazing smart features so before you get confused read our comprehensive baby monitor Buying Guide along with a list of the Best Baby Monitors in India Review below that will help you understand the factors to focus on so you can buy the best one.


Best Baby Monitor in India Buying Guide

It is always recommended to know about an appliance inside out before you go buying that product. We have put down all the information needed for you to choose the best baby monitor according to your requirements so that you can keep your baby safe and secure while he is sleeping in the night and you can also have a peaceful sleep without worrying about him.


Safety measures when using a Baby Monitor

When handling a device around babies, it is necessary to take all necessary precautions to ensure his safety at all times. Make sure you are careful about the following safety tips when dealing with a baby monitor.

1- Placement of the baby monitor

Please make sure you are not placing the baby monitor inside the baby crib. It is also not advised to keep the device very close to the baby. It should be made sure that the baby monitor is kept a few feet away from the child.

2- Power plugs should be at a safe location

All power sources should be kept far away from the baby to keep him from any unfortunate happenings like short circuits. Power plugs should also be kept few feet away from the child to avoid suffocation.

3- Human protection can never be matched

The introduction of baby monitors was never meant as a replacement for human supervision. Even the best and latest technologies in a baby monitor cannot match the kind of security a parent provides to his child. Baby monitors are just advised to be used as an add-on to the safety measures for your baby.

4- Safety from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Although there are no confirmed causes of SIDS, a lot of baby monitors for detecting motion change are not SIDS safe. It should be kept in mind that baby monitors are not to be treated as a precaution for SIDS. However, it is advised that you should let your baby sleep on his back instead of his stomach or side.


Different types of Baby Monitors in India

There are many kinds of baby monitors that are available in the market. Depending on your needs and the features a particular type of baby monitor offers, you can choose the ideal type of baby monitor for your child. All these various types of baby monitors differ from each other by slight variations in their operations. The different types of baby monitors are: Baby Sound Monitors, Baby Video Monitors, Digital Monitors, Analog Baby Monitors, Wireless Network Monitors, and Baby Motion Monitors.

1- Baby Sound Monitors

The most popular baby monitor in India is Baby Sound Monitors that are available in both analog and digital modes. Like all monitors, this also has two major components; a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is kept in the baby’s room and it catches any noise in the room and sends it over to the receiver which is kept with the parent to keep a check on their baby. There are some models that also come with more than one receiver so you can manage the baby monitor more efficiently.

2- Baby Video Monitors

Along with sound, baby video monitors also provide video monitoring of your baby to be extra careful for his safety while he is sleeping. In these types of baby monitors, there is a camera, a transmitter and a receiver. The camera and transmitter are placed with the baby in the baby’s room to transmit image as well as sound to the receiver that is kept with you. Majority of the models in this category are very portable and easy to handle.

3- Digital Baby Monitors

Digital Monitors are the type of baby monitors that work on digital signals rather than analog frequencies. Because of this reason, other receivers cannot pick up the signals from digital monitors resulting in more clear signals on your receiver and eliminate all noises. This type of baby monitor are generally on the pricier end as compared to analog baby monitors as it provides enhanced sound quality and extra security.

4- Analogue Baby Monitors

Being operated on analog signals and frequency, analog baby monitors are not very expensive as compared to digital baby monitors. In analog monitors, other receivers or appliances operating on same frequency might interfere with the signals that the transmitter would be sending to your receiver. There is a high chance that you might sometime wake up to your neighbor’s baby crying as well due to this interference of signals.

5- Wireless Network Monitors

This type of baby monitors help you to connect different wireless devices that are already in your house which would mean that you can use your phones, computers, etc as the receiver of the baby monitors. The transmitter would send required information and notifications to these devices that are connected through wireless means.

6- Baby Motion Monitors

This is a more modern type of baby monitor which does not reflect the baby’s change in movement. Neither does it transmit any sound from the baby’s room. Instead, Baby Motion Monitors displays whether there was no movement in 20 seconds. They are generally wireless devices and the transmitter or the sensor is positioned below the child’s mattress to monitor breathing patterns of the child after 20 seconds.


Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Monitor in India

Given the wide variety of different types of baby monitors, it can be a little confusing to choose just the right one only by types. We have specified certain features that you should look for in a baby monitor in order to ensure that your baby gets the best safety and you can stop worrying about him when he is away from you, especially when sleeping. In order to choose the best baby monitor for your baby, look for the following things in the device and make appropriate choices.

1- Uses either batteries, cords or cordless

Most of the baby monitors have two major parts, namely the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter functions by non rechargeable batteries or an electrical cord for majority of the models. On the other hand, the receiver comes with rechargeable batteries or electrical cord. Many parents prefer a model with rechargeable batteries as well as an electrical cord as they wish to run the device at all times.

2- Area covered

Depending on the size of the baby’s room, the distance between your room and his or the material of the walls, the area that is covered by baby monitors varies. It is recommended to think about all these factors while choosing a baby monitor. For example, an analog monitor gets weak when it has to travel through walls. Many models even have an indicator to display if you are out of range.

3- Portability

Some of the models are highly portable and can be moved around very easily whereas a lot of other products also require to be fixed or mounted on walls like the ones with cameras included. Few models also come with more than one receiver which makes the baby monitor more efficient to use.

4- Night Vision Technology

When considering buying a baby monitor that transmits both audio and video, it is important to ensure that night vision is also included in the video. So that if your baby sleeps in a dark room, you can properly see his video through the receiver and keep a check on him

5- Angles of the camera

When you have more than one camera installed, camera angles need to be kept in mind. A lot of different variations in the camera technology have been introduced in the category of baby monitors. All these cameras can be viewed in a single screen and are connected with the help of WiFi. The camera angles for these cameras can be manually controlled either manually or it can be automated in few modern products.

6- Analog or Digital Baby Monitors

The basic difference between analog and digital types of baby monitors for a parent is the noise related problems. When using an analog monitor, there can be interferences in frequencies and audio quality will not be very high. Noise can be produced. When digital monitors are used, the audio quality is high without any noise as there are no interference in the audio signal.

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Best Baby Monitor in India Review

We have reviewed the best baby monitors that are available in the market based on their features, customer reviews and how efficient they are. It shall help you have all the necessary information when deciding to buy an ideal baby monitor for your child. Please keep in mind that baby monitors are never to be considered as a replacement to human supervision but just as add-on safety measure for the same. Check out the products below for making the best choice when buying baby monitor for your baby.


1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics Baby Monitor review tangylife
The very first baby monitor on our list is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor. It is very popular and well received by the customers. It is known for its great quality of picture transmitted to a wonderful monitor. There are a variety of settings in the camera that is provided for enhanced functions and monitoring. You can easily zoom in and out and the camera can also be controlled by the monitor as well. This device also allows to move the camera around which avoids wastage of time to set up different cameras in order to get all angles of the room.

Infant Optics Baby Monitor comes with interchangeable optical lens which allows you to have different viewing options and the feature to zoom into the video. Other striking features of the camera include being lag-free, a 3.5 inch screen. This baby monitor only needs one app to be installed in the Smartphone so that it can be operated. Infant Optics claims that their products have great security as well as privacy settings because the audio and video doesn’t require internet to get transmitted to the receiver. It also functions for as much as 12 hours when only audio is transmitted and 8 hours along with video and stands for having a great battery life.

Key Features

  • Comes with optical lens that can be interchanges for better viewing options and zooming in and out
  • Wireless portability
  • Remote Pan/Tilt Control providing a silent and smooth control of the camera
  • Easy charging with the help of USB
  • Battery used is Lithium-ion battery
  • The baby monitor has a weight of 907 g and dimension of 49 X 34 X 16.5 cm

Buyers Feedback


  • Great picture quality
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Easy control of the camera by the monitor itself
  • Operates quietly and smoothly, produces almost no noise
  • Easily portable and simple design
  • The DXR-8 monitor unit can be charged through multiple ways like USB


  • Customers tend to have an issue with the charging port
  • Battery seems to degrade after some time of use</li

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2. Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor Wireless with Night Vision

Hello Baby Monitor Wireless review tangylife

Next we have, Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor Wireless with Night vision, would be one the best baby monitors that are available in the market today. It has a commendable battery life of up to 12 hours when operating on Power Saving Mode called as VOX Mode and 8 hours when being operated without it. The VOX mode is sound enabled as well. The night vision feature in this product is in black and white and the device also transmits highly clear video as well as sound. As most of the baby monitors, this one also comes with a transmitter that has camera fitted into it and a receiver which has a remote and a screen inbuilt into it. You can also analyze the baby’s room temperature with the help of the monitor. Another striking feature is its plug and play option which needs no efforts to set up.

Key Features

  • Interference is negligible and good sound quality
  • Temperature sensor included in transmitter
  • Can play lullabies for your baby as well
  • An option to transmit just the audio is also present
  • LED Indicator to show if your baby is crying
  • Zooming feature comes with 2X digital zoom and pan and tilt feature as well

Buyers Feedback


  • It has a 360 degree viewing feature
  • Highly portable, easy to manage and operate
  • The temperature sensor helps to know if the baby’s room is hot or cold
  • It has a two-way talk feature that helps to communicate
  • The price is quite affordable for the features that it provides


  • It uses lithium ion batteries to function
  • The product comes with no warranty from the manufacturer

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3. Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Baby Monitor review tangylife
This Philips Avent Dect baby monitor is one of the most commonly and popularly used baby monitor in India. It allows you to be close to your child all the time. It has a very strong battery life which allows the device to operate for longer time span. It also has a warning indicator that tells you when you are out of range of the monitor. Besides that, another great feature is the indicator for sound level that helps you stay connected to your baby. As the name suggests, it comes with DECT technology that keeps the monitor away from interference and also secures the line so that you hear only your baby and no other receivers catch the signal.

Key Features

  • It covers a range of 300 m
  • The device weighs 318 g and the dimensions are 5.1×20.3×15.2 cm
  • It can be operated by both an electrical cord as well as batteries
  • Different options to control the volume is provided
  • LED Indicator for sound levels are also present

Buyers Feedback


  • Excellent security and no interference of other devices
  • Great sound and video quality
  • Can be operated by both outlet and batteries
  • Features to control the volume according to your choices


  • Less portable due to receiver’s electric cord

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4. iBaby Smart Digital Baby Monitor for iOS and Android

iBaby smart Digital Baby Monitor review tangylife
Next we have, iBaby Smart Digital Baby Monitor that is an 1080p HD Monitor. It can be connected to both Android and iOS Devices with the help of Wi-Fi. It also has impressive night vision features because of infrared LEDs. The video quality is great as it offers High Definition video transmission. There are a lot of lullabies, stories and other creative features that shall keep your baby engaged and also help him sleep peacefully. Another striking quality is its ability to click pictures and record videos and also keep track of the room’s temperature as well as humidity levels.

Key features

  • Has a two way talk feature that helps to establish a two way communication
  • The device has three major components: Monitor or receiver, Sensor or transmitter and a power adapter
  • Provides free storage on the cloud
  • Smart alert feature to notify when your baby is awake or crying

Buyers Feedback


  • There is no limit to the users that can access the video so there can be any number of receivers
  • Provides complete privacy to you and your baby
  • Easy set up and simple to use


  • Having a good Wi-Fi at all times is a prerequisite for this device to function efficiently

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5. Volwco Smart Digital Wireless Audio Video Baby Monitor Camera

Volwco launched its Digital wireless audio and video baby monitor series with 3.5-inch colour LCD display giving clear image and real-time video monitoring. It is affordable and comes packed with a lot of great features that would help you keep a check on your baby very nicely. Because of its 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology, there is a strong connection between the transmitter and the receiver. The built-in microphone and speaker gives two-way clear audio conversations that will enable you to calm your baby by talking to him/her from another room.

Key Features

  • Very Affordable
  • Good communication between the camera and monitor
  • Alarm feature to notify when you get out of range from the transmitter
  • Color LCD monitor and a camera with infrared night vision

Buyers Feedback


  • Strong connection because of 4 GHz FHSS technology
  • Night mode feature also called as IR Vision
  • Battery life is up to 5 Hours
  • Available in two LCD Display sizes


  • The video quality can be improved
  • The range of the device can also be increased

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6. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Next, on our list, is the Babysense Video Baby Monitor. This baby monitor has two camera LCDs that helps to keep a check in either two different rooms or different places in the same room with two cameras. This device also comes with 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology which helps in a strong connection between the transmitter and the receiver and also minimizes interference. There is a two-way talk feature to establish communication between the child and the parent. This device is packed with all the features that you might need in an ideal baby monitor like night vision feature, temperature sensor, LED Indicator for sound and many more. It provides a 2X Digital Zoom along with Pan/Tilt option as well.

Key Features

  • Two-way communication that helps to keep your baby calm
  • Soothing lullabies are also available
  • Manual Pan/Tilt feature is provided
  • The baby monitor has night vision mode that helps you monitor your child even if he’s in dark
  • The number of cameras can be expanded up to 4 cameras
  • It has both Wall Mounting as well as Tabletop option available

Buyers Feedback


  • Cameras can be expanded with up to four cameras
  • The IR night vision feature helps to keep a check on your baby in dim light also
  • Audio and Video quality is very good


  • The product is considered to be on the expensive side

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7. SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor

SereneLife Wireless Video Baby Monitor review tangylife
The SereneLife wireless baby monitor is our next pick as it is a portable and simple device that helps you to keep a track of your little one while he’s asleep. There are many qualities of this device that makes it so popular. It functions both as a thermostat and a sleeping device. This bay monitor also supports two way communications which allows you to speak with your baby when he is crying. As any other baby monitor, this one also comes with a transmitter or the camera and a receiver or the monitor screen. It also has built-in lullabies to soothe your baby when he is crying or when he is trying to get back to sleep

Key Features

  • The power is provided via USB adapters
  • Wireless range is extended
  • The range that the device covers is up to 500 ft.
  • Contains a built in microphone and also offers two way communication
  • Temperature in the baby’s room can be checked

Buyers Feedback


  • Great video and sound quality
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Simple yet user friendly design
  • Attractive features like Lullabies, VOX or night vision and moonlight to make your child relaxed and calm


  • Battery seems to get used up very fast; less battery life
  • No volume control options are provided in this baby monitor

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8. Facelake Video Baby Monitor (FL602)

acelake Video Baby Monitor review tangylife
This next baby monitor is by FaceLake which is a very simple and attractive device. It supports two way talk that help you to talk to the baby from the receiver. You can also keep a check of the temperature in the baby’s room by the sensor provided in this baby monitor. It consists of lullabies and effective night vision technologies so that you can keep an eye on your baby all the time. Another striking feature of the FaceLake baby monitor is that it has an option of multiple languages. The languages that it includes are English, Spanish, Italian, German and French. On one full charge, the baby monitor shall work for 8 hours which means that along with night vision VOX mode you can monitor you baby all night long.

Key Features

  • Operates with the help of a power adapter
  • Great sensors for video transmission
  • The device comes with multi-language facilities
  • Also provides two way talk feature to communicate effectively with your child

Buyers Feedback


  • It is quite affordable
  • It contains many built in lullabies to soothe your baby
  • Effective night vision feature is provided also called as VOX Mode
  • Highly portable and manageable
  • Commendable battery life of up to 8 hours


  • The baby monitor often picks up white noise and disruptions

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9. Fosbaby Digital Video Baby Monitor

Fosbaby Digital Baby Monitor review tangylife
Next, the Fosbaby Digital video baby monitor provides multi functional features to keep a check on your child. It has two-way communication feature and also a very great high definition picture quality. The night vision mode provided by this monitor is also very user-friendly and is a great comfort for the parents. Another great feature is its plug and play option that is very easy to install. With a storage capacity of 32GB, it can also record videos. It has sensors to detect any changes in sound, temperature and motion and notify to the receiver accordingly. It is very safe and secure and can be used in both iOS as well as Android devices It provides sufficient cloud storage and many Foscan services.

Key Features

  • Efficient Night Vision mode is provided
  • Alert system for sound, temperature and motion detectors
  • It has a transmitter, i.e. camera and a receiver, i.e. Monitor screen
  • Great picture quality and a video transmission at 30 fps
  • Storage of up to 32 GB is provided to record and store videos

Buyers Feedback


  • Accuracy of the sensors for temperature is very great
  • You can set up your device without connecting to Ethernet because of SoftAP feature
  • Contains built in lullaby feature to calm your little one when he is uncomfortable
  • Very energy efficient and battery life is also good


  • Not a very effective Zooming feature or any pan or tilt feature
  • The light in the device is too bright for a child
  • It can be seen as little expensive according to the features it provides

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10. KODAK Cherish C520 Video Baby Monitor

KODAK Video Baby Monitor review tangylife
Finally we have KODAK Cherish C520 Video Baby Monitor which comes with an app and a camera. So it is very easy for you to operate this device as you just need to install this app in your smartphone. This device offers an unlimited range thus you can keep an eye on your child from anywhere. You just need an app in your mobile phone which can be either an Android or an IOS device. Another great feature of this baby monitor is that it has the ability to differentiate between white noise and the sound of your baby crying. It has a very simple yet stylish design and a magnetic base which allow you to mount it anywhere easily. It also has an alert system that sends a notification when your child is crying and provides an option to see him. It is packed with many other features such as keeping track of temperature humidity and other details.

Key features

  • Wide angle camera with crystal-clear large 5” HD
  • Can capture images and record videos as it has inbuilt storage
  • Provides many options for extra safety and security
  • Can be operated by both Android and iOS Smartphone
  • Contains many lullabies to calm your baby
  • Has Infrared Night Mode which is very clear
  • Also supports two way communication
  • 4-hour battery life
  • Temparature Alerts
  • Wall mountable

Buyers Feedback


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Great picture quality and sound is also very clear
  • Able to differentiate a crying baby from white noise
  • Unlimited range so you can monitor your baby from anywhere
  • Can record videos and click pictures


  • Costlier for the features it provides
  • The app sometimes glitches and video gets disturbed

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Best Baby Monitor in India 2022 – Conclusion

The buying guide for baby monitors shall help you choose the best baby monitor for your baby. It is very necessary to have complete knowledge of a product when you are planning to buy it. There are many factors that you should consider while buying a baby monitor such as if it is portable or not, if it runs on batteries or electrical cord and many more. Although a baby monitor provides complete security for your baby, please keep in mind that it is never a replacement for human care. Baby Monitors are just an add-on to a parent’s care and supervision. There are different kinds of baby monitors to choose from. As we have mentioned earlier, it can be Video monitors, digital monitors, analog monitors and many more. We have reviewed some of the best baby monitors that are available in the Indian market based on customer reviews, the features that they provide and their efficiency. We hope it helps you choose the best device for your little one.

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