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Birth of a baby is a miracle, and with this miracle comes a challenging task for all mothers, breastfeeding the baby. Feeding of mother’s milk from birth up to 2 or 3 years should be a bonding time where the mother feels comfortable and less distracted from her surgery or post-delivery pains discomfort. For making this process an enjoyable one, in my last blog, I reviewed a few feeding pillows that support the mother’s body as well gives good posture to the baby. Now I researched a few things that come after the breastfeeding part. Yes, its called weaning , a process that started after six months of breastfeeding, again a challenging task of introducing semi-solid or semi-liquid food to the baby.

Why I call weaning challenging is because babies are prone to infection until one year resulting in vomiting or upset stomach. It is essential to take extra care to prepare the first baby food that you are introducing to your baby other than the mother’s milk. All baby food must be prepared with proper hygiene, and that is where I came across a Baby food processor or Baby Food Maker in India that will help you make the cleanest, nutritious baby meal in minutes at your convenience. Check out the ultimate guide to buy the best baby food maker in India also check out a few of the best reviewed baby food makers 2022.


Our Top Picks for Baby Food Makers in India

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Best Baby Food Maker in India Review 2022

now read a detailed review of 8 best baby food makers in India that are worth investing for if you have a newborn at home. All of these eight baby food processors will make it easy for you to create healthy baby food with all possible ingredients you wanted to feed your baby and let him enjoy it.


1. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

Philips Avent Combined Steamer review tangylife
Philips Avent combined steamer & blender comes in a compact and elegant design that creates a healthy homemade baby food with ease. It fits on any kitchen counter. The material is BPA-free, which is harmless to your baby.great system. This food processor works with a simple, easy process of first steaming veggies, fruits, meat, chicken, or fish then you have to lift and flip the jar over to blend these food items. You don’t have to transfer the food for blending in another jar. That process helps in fewer items to get cleaned. The processor performance ensures smooth food consistency that is best for making pureed or finger food for babies.

Key Features

– Compact & elegant design
– Easy to store and carry
– Combined Steamer and Blender in one jar
– Maintains food original texture, nutrients & cooking liquids
– Easy-fill water steamer
– Sterilizer made from BPA Free materials
– Efficient steaming cycle
– Two years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Value for money
  • Gives smooth food consistency
  • Easy to steam veggies
  • Doesn’t spoil the taste of veggies
  • Saves a lot of precious time
  • Easy to clean


  • Makes little noise

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2. LuvLap Royal Steamer & Blender

LuvLap Royal Steamer Blender review tangylife
Luvlap Royal steamer and blender helps to prepare 100% chemical-free baby food. It works on the multifunctional process of making a recipe by blending, steaming, even making chunky, coarse or smooth puree. It has various safety features like the auto shut off, sound and food ready indicator that make sit even more convenient to use. Its transparent food jar enables you to see the entire food process.

Key Features

– Transparent steaming basket and jar
– Multi-functional – blending & steaming
– Retains all food nutrients
– Light & sound indicator allows easy operation
– Auto shut off features after steaming
– Construction is BPA and chemical-free
– Detachable parts allow easy cleaning

Buyers Feedback


  • Creates delicious recipes with fewer efforts
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Time-saving process
  • Good safety features


  • No downside noted yet

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3. Kiddale Baby’s Smart Food Processor

Kiddale Babys Smart Food Processor review tangylife
Kiddale baby food processor is a smart machine that can blend and steam any food from its raw stages to a proper healthy recipe in minutes. It creates perfect nutrient-filled purees that are suitable during the weaning process of a newborn infant. The constricted material is lead, BPA, and phthalate-free, which is sturdy and quite durable. It so simple to use that you just have to turn a knob switch, select the desired mode like steaming, mixing etc and that’s it. All food items will get prepared in not more than 15 minutes, even a raw chicken piece. It comes with anti-dry protection that automatically shuts off the processor if the water is short in the tank.

Key Features

– Steam and blends any food in minutes
– All parts of the food processor are BPA, Phthalate, and Lead-free
– Auto shut off feature
– Anti-dry protection
– Split steaming basket design
– Separate handle for the inner basket

Buyers Feedback


  • Easily make healthy purees
  • Great safety features
  • Effective process
  • Value for money


  • No downside noted

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4. Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic Baby Travel Cooker

Panasonic Automatic baby food cooker is an ideal choice to make delicious baby meals in less time automatically. It has a see-through glass lid that lets you see the cooking process inside. The best part is its compact and portable size that make sit so easy to carry while you are traveling. It lets you prepare your baby food anywhere you go. The body and material are quite attractive and chemical-free. Its awesome capacity lets you make 1.5 cups on rice in one go.

Key Features

– Attractive and stylish
– BPA free material
– Compact & portable
– Travel-friendly
– Glass lid for easy view
– Unbreakable Polycarbonate steaming basket
– Auto shut off feature

Buyers Feedback


  • Well designed for travelers
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Very efficient
  • Perfect for cooking baby food


  • Size is too small so don’t cook a meal for more than one person

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5. NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker

NUK Baby Food Maker review tangylife
NUK smoothie and baby food maker is an ideal product that creates healthy smoothies and baby meals with its one-touch easy blending option. This set of blender comes with 20 pieces of accessories like one blender, blender bowl, one smoothie sippy cup, six stackable cups for storing fresh food, and so much more than easily lets you prepare any baby food. All these extra parts are dishwasher safe. The sippy cup is spill-proof and can be used as a lid instead of blender blade which make sit easy to carry while traveling.

Key Features

– Material parts are made of durable Tritan plastic
– Sippy cup design reduces clean-up time
– 20 piece sets including smoothie sippy cup, blender, blender bowl & stackable cups
– Sippy cup can replace the blender blade and serve as a portable travel bottle
– All the material are 100% BPA free

Buyers Feedback


  • Prepares Fresh, healthy baby purees
  • Easy to use by just one button
  • Very easy to maintain & clean
  • Includes great baby-friendly accessories


  • Plastic smells if it’s switched on for a long time

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6. Magic Bullet Baby Complete Care System

Magic Bullet baby care blender makes amazing, delicious, healthy baby food. It just takes 5 minutes to make a nutritional baby meal, which retains all the food liquid, thereby making it a perfect choice for growing baby. It includes so many extra accessories like a power base, batch bowl, baby blend blade, milling blade, easy pop silicone batch tray 6-date dial storage cups, spatula, a small cup, stay fresh resealable lid and tip proof tray & user manual. It helps to make and store baby food in batches easily. Its simple and easy control lets anybody operate the blender with ease.

Key Features

– Option to Prepare, store & freeze food
– All components are dishwasher-safe
– Smart wide-mouth design
– Includes six individual serving & storing containers
– Super quiet operation

Buyers Feedback


  • Superb puree blender with minimal parts
  • Quick clean up
  • Perfect for busy parents
  • Puree consistency is good


  • Doesn’t include food steamer
  • Not dishwasher safe

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7. Flipco Mini 4 in 1 Homemade Baby Food Cooker, Infant Feeding Blender

The Flipco mini baby food cooker plus blender Functional that has 4 in 1 function like steaming, blending, heating, and defrost. Its size is compact, small that makes it easy to store and clean. Its one-hand control and separate steam function help to create soup and pores separately that gives a proper concentration of baby food. The dual blade blending, high-speed grind retains the natural food. The material is made from Tritan, which is 100% baby-safe, BPA free material.

Key Features

– Easy to use one-handed controls
– Powerful 4 in 1 functions
– Reduce natural nutrition wastage
– Steam heat function break down even fibrous foods
– Low noise operation
– Compact & easy to store & clean
– Stainless steel water tank

Buyers Feedback


  • Very easy to clean
  • One-hand control is a great option to use while handling baby too
  • The plastic body is strong & durable
  • Chemical-free material
  • It steams all kind of food


  • No downside noted yet

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8. BEABA Babycook Original

BEABA Babycook food maker Review tangylife
This baby food maker or the processor by BEABA is a 4-in-1 food processor that can steam, cook, blend, defrost and reheats food in less than 15 minutes. The food is made in such a way that it preserves all flavors and nutrients.
The manual cyclone-effect blade helps for tailored mixing and adapting the consistency as per the child’s age. It can make smooth, pureed, and even chunky food.

Key Features

– Automatic cut off after steaming
– 4-in-1 food processor function
– Manual cyclone-effect blade
– Removable steaming basket
– Includes Recipe Booklet, Mixing Lid, and Spatula
– Two years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Versatile food appliance
  • Locks vitamins & nutrients
  • Prepares food for all ages from 6 months to 3 years
  • No monitoring is required wit auto shut off feature


  • Not easy to clean

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Baby Food Maker Buying Guide 2020


What is a Baby Food Maker?

A baby food maker or processor is an essential home appliance at the baby’s weaning stage as it helps to make nutritious, clean, easy, and convenient baby food. Many of us might be using a pressure cooker to steam or cook veggies, grain or rice and blend it in a food processor or mixer grinder. But have you thought if it’s worth your time as it doesn’t retain the food nutrients, isn’t that hygienic and is time-consuming too?
A baby food maker works on both the process of steaming as well as a blending function and create perfect healthy, pureed food.


Benefits of using a Baby Food Maker

It would be so convenient for all mothers if the process of making baby food becomes easy, less time consuming, and result in a healthy diet for your baby. There are many benefits of using this smart, reliable, and efficient appliance like a baby food maker.

Advantages of Baby Food Maker

  1. Helps you skip the packaged food – Using a baby food maker will help you skip the packaged baby food. You do not have to buy ready-made processed food jars, or pouches that you don’t know are safe and quality products.
  2. Saves time – A baby food maker can steam and puree any food in seconds, even a grain or any solid food making by saving so much of your time that you could use it in other things.
  3. Retains nutrition – It helps you to use ingredients of your choice where you can choose food that can give a balanced diet to your baby. The food prepared in a food maker retains its nutrients that are so much healthy for your growing baby.
  4. Works with wide food variety – In a baby food masher, you can breakdown, steam, and puree any food items, even a grain, and can create recipes that have a portion of all ingredients to give a properly balanced diet to your baby.
  5. Ease of use – Anyone can use the simple user interface of a baby food maker, which can effortlessly steam, boil any food in a pureed form for your baby. It is even easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Economical – Using a baby food maker is very economical as it lets you create healthy baby meals at home, which is much cheaper than packaged food. It also takes care of 4 in 1 process of food steaming, blending, defrosting, warming bottles, and even sterilizing bottles, thereby saving a lot of money.


Things to consider while buying a Baby food Maker in India

Nowadays, there are many baby food makers available online, which can be a daunting task to choose the most suitable one for your baby. Here are a few features to consider that will help you while buying the best baby food maker in India.

1. Safety

As our babies are our priority, so is their safety. You must buy a baby food maker that is made of BPA free material and will not harm your child. So take care of the material used in its construction that can be unsafe, and it should be shatterproof that will ensure nothing uninvited comes in the baby’s meal. For example, some low-quality blender parts like a nail or screw get loose and mix with the food.

2. Portable

A baby food maker should be handy and portable, which you can carry anywhere you go with your baby.

3. Easy to maintain & clean

Sometimes with food blenders, it becomes difficult and hectic to clean its parts so you can look for a baby food processor that is dishwasher safe and are easy to clean like a detachable blade one. Some advance blenders even come with an auto-clean function that automatically cleans the hot jar or cup.

4. Extra accessories

Look for accessories that come with a baby food maker like a storage container, trays, baby cutleries, etc. so you don’t have to invest in items that are essential while making a portion of baby food.

5. Electric and manual

You get the option of choosing a manual or electric baby food maker that depends on your requirement and ease of use. A manual one will be handy, travel-friendly, and doesn’t require any power source but will be a little slower than an electric baby food maker.

6. Requirement

There are many functional options in a Baby food maker like its blending., steaming, etc. that can differentiate them. A multi-functional product will do both the function, but a single functional unit will either blend the food or steam it. You can choose as per your budget and purpose.

7. Baby’s age

If your baby is still tiny and can only digest liquid food, then opt for a blende that does the purifying part until they are ready to graduate to semi-solid chunks, which can be prepared using a baby food maker with a steamer.

8. Cost & warranty

Look for product warranty while buying a baby food maker as they are quite expensive, especially the multifunctional one. But or the warranty period, better will be the quality of the product.


Best Baby Food Maker in India 2022 – Conclusion

These are few of the best Baby Food makers in India available online that you can choose as per your requirements that are safe for the baby and will give you healthy meal choices that can be introduced to your baby as their first meal in your own convenient, safe and healthy way.


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