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After my research on feeding pillow, I wondered how difficult this vital task of feeding would be for a working mother who has to rejoin her office once the maternity leave is over. The question and worry that comes to every working mom’s mind are how she will be able to feed her baby. We all know that there is nothing healthier than a mother’s milk that gives so many minerals, nutrients, and overall development to a newborn baby.
In this modern world, where most of the women spend their time working or being mostly in offices or public places, makes it difficult for a mother to breastfeed the baby. In this situation, a breast pump is a perfect solution to ensure the baby isn’t deprived of any nutrition from his/her mommies milk. Also, when mothers tend not to feed the baby for more than a few hours, the breast stop secreting the milk, and even when you are back from work, the baby will have minimal milk flow. Keeping these scenarios in mind, I researched on few of the best Electric Breast Pumps in India that will help to extract milk fast that remains edible for 6 to 8 hours and for up to 24 hrs in a fridge that can be given to babies by anyone who is at home to take care of the baby.

Before you get into the best Breast Pump in India Reviews, it’s essential to know things to consider while buying an electric breast pump so you can get the most out of it, see our breast pumps buying Guide, and all pros & cons of using it.


What is a Breast Pump?

A breast pump is an innovative yet simple machine that is designed to extract milk from the mother’s breast, which can be stored for 6 to 8 hours without freezing and used to feed the baby. It is the best solution for lactating mothers who are unable to do breastfeeding regularly due to work. The machine works on the same sucking action just like a baby, so the milk flows from the breast into a storage container. The milk can be sucked both manually and electrically suction as per your convenience.

Benefits of using a Breast Pump

Breastfeeding has always given utmost importance from earlier times to even today in this modern age. Its the best way a newborn baby gets most nutrients and healthy growth, but because of a certain situation, few mothers are unable to feed their baby regularly, and that’s when a breast pump can help a lot. I have mentioned a few of those situations and how a breast pump will benefit in these circumstances.

1. C Section Delivery

A woman undergoes a lot of physical, psychological changes during pregnancy, which makes her irritable, tired, and exhausted. Over that, a c-section delivery makes things worse as she has to deal with a lot of pain that sometimes causes issues with mothers not able to feed their babies properly due to poor bending or latching. That’s when a breast pump can be of great help where she can sit up straight in a comfortable position and pump her milk through these breast pumps and feed the baby through a bottle. For better feeding posture, you can use a feeding pillow that helps a lot to support your back, arm, or spine.

2. Medical Issues

A lot of medical issues arise due to which a woman is not able to feed her milk. Problems like mastitis, which is a bacterial breast infection-causing nipples to crack that are painful or flat inverted nipples that again makes it difficult for a baby to suck the milk.

3. Oversupply of Breast Milk

A term called breast engorgement where the body produces excess milk than required by the baby, so its essential to pump out the surplus supply as a full breast can lead to soreness and pain.

4. Resuming work after maternity leave

Its recommended by doctors to breastfeed the baby at least till 1.5 years,
but for working women, it becomes too difficult as they have to rejoin their work after maternity leave, which may not be extended. For those mothers, a breast pump is a significant relief as they pump the milk in the morning, which can be kept for 7 to 8 hours till they return from work.

5. Traveling

Its another big no-no when many women feel embarrassed or shy to feed the baby while they are traveling, so it’s better to pump out the milk beforehand and feed whenever necessary.

6. Feeding a premature baby

Few babies are born before the term, and they need extra care and hospitalization for some time. A mother’s milk is a great source to give them better recovery and growth, but these babies are too week to suck the milk their mommies breast, and so it becomes necessary to pump the milk so that a caregiver can administer it through a feeding bottle or tube.

7. Twin or multiple births

Breastfeeding can be very challenging when there are twin or triplet babies birth. It becomes a tiring job, and the mother always needs assistance to feed all the babies at regular intervals. Thus pumping the milk out will help to feed all the babies together with an adequate amount. The pumped milk can be administered by your partner or a helping hand that an make it relaxing for mothers too.

8. Weaning

At six months, we introduce semi-solid and semi-liquid food to babies, and during this time, milk feeding should be reduced. At this time, its always be better for mothers to pump out the milk so the breast doesn’t remain full and soreness, plus the baby will also start to learn slowly and steadily to leave the habit of breastfeeding.


Types of Breast Pumps in India

Breast Pumps comes in many different types, sizes, and brands. It is important to choose the best one that can benefit you the most. For that understanding of various styles and types of Breast Pumps will help you a lot during your purchase.

1. Manual Breast Pumps

manual breast pump tangylife
As the word suggests, a manual breast pump can be operated manually. These pumps are suitable for mothers who mostly stay at home and occasionally want to pump & feed their baby.

Advantages of Manual Breast Pumps

– They are small and portable
– Easy to store for traveling
– Cheaper than an electric pump

Drawbacks of Manual Breast Pumps

– They make the pumping job very time consuming and strenuous
– Labor intensive


2. Electric Breast Pumps

electronic breast pump tangylife
These breast pumps are designed for mothers who pump the milk regularly and easily. Great for working women as an electric pump is best to pump out excess milk in less time. There is also a double electric breast pump that lets you pump the milk from both the breasts at one time and perfect for extensive users. They are more expensive than a single electric breast pump.

Advantages of Electric Breast Pump

– Stronger, powerful & efficient
– Saves a lot of time
– Help increase your milk supply

Drawbacks of Electric Breast Pump

– They are expensive and require a power supply
– Large in size

3. Battery Operated Breast Pumps

battery operated breast pump tangylife
These breast pumps are better than the manual pumps that run on battery and can do the pumping in less time.

Advantages of Battery operated Breast Pump

– Portable
– Easy to use
– Great for traveling

Disadvantage of Electric Breast Pump

– The battery has to be replaced regularly


How to Use a Breast Pump


Tips for using Breast Pumps

The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specifies to store your breast pumps in the refrigerator if you are not using it because improper storing or cleaning can result in contaminated milk. Thus for the proper administration of safe milk, its important to discuss how to clean a breast pump and the way to sterilize it.

During my research on breast pumps I came across this blog which had some great tips on pumping breast milk that would increase the milk supply. I think if you follow these tips your investment on breast pumps will be even more productive and worth your money.

pumping breast milk tips
Tips for Pumping Breast Milk


How to clean a Breast Pump?

Any kind of breast pump that you use should be properly cleaned every time you use it, along with all the accessories that come with it. Some of these accessories include Storage bottles, breast shields, valves, etc. Proper cleaning will ensure safe milk that will avoid any kind of infection to the baby.

Few of the pump parts are safe to clean in a dishwasher but always follow the given guidelines once you buy the pump. Here are a few simplified steps for how to clean a breast pump
Step 1 – Rinse the pump with cold water just after pumping.
Step 2 – Disassemble all the parts of your pump and wash each part with soap lather and warm water.
Step 3 – Always sterilize these parts in hot water by boiling for 5 minutes.
Step 4 – Remove these parts from water using clean tongs and pat dry.
Step 5 – Reassemble all the parts once its fully dry and store in a refrigerator.


Tip: Always clean your hands and sterilize them 20 seconds before you start using the breast pump.
You can also use the right dishwasher with hot water and a heated drying cycle for cleaning the breast pump and its parts, and then you don’t have to sterilize it.
Tip: Try to avoid using a second-hand electric breast pump.


Things to consider while buying a Breast Pump

Buying a baby or nursing product requires a lot of attention, and its always good to look for several factors that will help you choose the right baby product, especially a thing like a breast pump that requires more attention after all your baby food and your comfort is dependent upon these breast pumps. How much milk you can express will depend a lot on how your breast pump quality is and if it is safe for you. Before buying a breast pump, compare all the brands on the following factors:

1. Purpose & Usage

An important factor to consider while buying a breast pump is why you will be using it and how much. The frequency and purpose both will help you decide on the pump that suits your needs. If you are joining your wok and will be away for your baby for a longer duration, then choose an electric breast pump as it will save you time and effort. Also, a double electric pump will save you half the time, but a manual pump will be sufficient if you are at home and only goes out occasionally. Also, if you just want to get rid of your fuller breast, then the manual breast pump is a good option. For travel purposes, I would recommend a battery-operated breast pump that doesn’t require any power supply and is fast and portable too.

2. Comfortable & easy to use

It will be more comforting to choose a pump that is smaller in size and is portable too. Also, a pump with easy assembling, lightweight, and less noisy is always a better choice to invest in

3. Size of Breast Shields

To avoid any unnecessary discomfort and pain, its good to choose the breast pump that fits the size of your breast. A good fit will let the nipples move freely within the breast shield during the pumping process. Though a majority of modern breast pumps come with a standard size that fits all sizes.

4. Milk Volume

Some women get more milk supply than others, so you can buy a pump that can handle heavy usage. You can purchase a manual pump for less usage.

5. Suction Effectiveness & settings

An effective suction power can be judged by how much milk a pump sucks in less time. A right suction pump can get more milk like a double electric or single electric pump. With these pumps, you can even adjust the suction power as per your need and comfort.

6. Cost & Warranty

As mentioned above, electric pumps are more costly than manual or battery-operated pumps. You can choose according to your budget, but remember that using a breast pump is always a better option than feeding the baby with formula milk. Also, look for products and parts warranty as an extended warranty always gives peace of mind and proves the brand quality and durability.

7. Parts Accessibility

Look for the brand that provides easy replacement of breast pump parts or accessories. It’s really convenient if you can get the parts that you lost or got damaged in a nearby store.


Best Electric Breast Pumps in India Review 2022

I have sorted out the list of the best Electric Breast Pumps in India with their detailed review for working mothers who can now save time in pumping the milk and can get more freedom to work, spend time with family, and most importantly bond with the baby.

1. Trumom Electric Breast Milk Feeding Pump

Trumom Electric Breast Milk Pump review tangylife

The Trumom electric breast pump comes with advanced rechargeable batteries designed to work for 2 hours at one time. It has a Unique 3 Phase expression designed for faster pumping and milk flow. It mimics a baby’s natural nursing Rhythm and sucking action Precisely. The pump kit also includes a lanyard and charging adapter for easy recharging with power supply. The five-stage expression technology includes the massage phase, stimulation phase, expression phase, and others. to make it more comforting for the mother.

Key Features

– Advance silicone breast pads
– Nine stages or levels of milk suction
– Stimulates milk production effortlessly by five stages of automatic massage mode
– Includes a lanyard and charging adapter
– Includes a PPSU gold 180 ml BPA Free plastic bottle
– All parts are medical grade material
– Portable and lightweight
– LCD display indicator

Buyers Feedback


  • Rechargeable batteries make it handy
  • Value for money
  • All setting modes works nicely
  • Includes freebies like sterilize storage bags & breast pads
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact & easy to carry


  • Suction power not so great on battery usage

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2. R for Rabbit Electric Breast Pumps

R for Rabbit Electric Breast Pump review 2020 tangylife
R for Rabbit electric breast pump is an innovative, mother-friendly breast pump. It is built with the highest safety and quality standards. All the parts included are medically approved BPA free plastic. I would suggest it for mothers with c section deliveries as they don’t have to lean forward for milk flow. It has ten different massage modes that help mothers with less milk supply. The anti-backflow prevents any contamination and is safe to use.

Key Features

– Anti back-flow system
– Dual-mode – 10 levels of massage modes & 15 levels of suction power
– Easy to assemble
– All the material used are BPA Free
– USB chargeable batteries

Buyers Feedback


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very minimal noise
  • Good suction capacity
  • Easy to clean and fits well
  • Very affordable


  • No downside noted yet

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3. Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pumps review tangylife
Medela-Mini Electric Breast Pump is a compact. lightweight electric pumps that follow all safety standards. It’s great for travel use as its battery-operated and can work on a single charge for three hours. The simple operation helps to pump milk easily in no time. It includes a mini 150 ml BPA free bottle attached to it that stores a sufficient amount of milk at a time.

Key Features

– 2-phase expression technology
– Compact & handy
– Easy to use
– Rechargeable battery works up to 3 hours
– Direct breastfeeding option also available
– Includes 150 ml bottle
– ideal for occasional use

Buyers Feedback


  • Very Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily available parts


  • Sucking is not that great
  • Very expensive

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4. MotherLike Amber Electric Breast Pump

MotherLike Electric Breast Pump review India tangylife
Motherlike Electrical breast pumps are an innovative technology with LED UI and revolutionary design that has super suction power. It comes with both regulars as well as rechargeable battery options. The option of 2 modes and 18 gears helps to express milk without pain or discomfort. The gears work in to start lactation and effective milk flow.
The product accessories follow all safety standards and come with food-grade silicone. It has anti flow back design to avoid any milk contamination.

Key Features

– Comes with six massage and 12 suction modes
– Super quiet operation
– The electric breast pump is 100% BPA free
– Includes 950 mAh rechargeable battery
– An edible food-grade silicone pad
– Anti-flow back
– 1-year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Great for working mothers
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • All Suction modes are powerful
  • Budget-friendly
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Dishwasher safe


  • No downside noted yet

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5. Spectra Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Electric Breast Pump Review tangylife
The Spectra Double Electric Breast Pump makes life easier for working mommies that let you pump milk from both the breasts at one time. It has a powerful 300mmHg suction, double pumping, massage mode to encourage speedy letdown. This pump has a very quiet operation. Even with dual suction pads, it is the most portable and stylish hospital grade pump than all other brands.

Key Features

– lightweight & portable
– Adjustable suction levels
– Auto timer with LCD display
– Back-flow protectors to prevent contamination
– Multi-volt power adapter
– Ultra-quiet motor operation
– 2-year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Saves a lot of time
  • Very easy to clean
  • Varying speeds & vacuum settings
  • Super quiet yet powerful
  • Efficient & fast


  • It’s a little bulky in size
  • Expensive

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6. BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA-Free Double Breast Pump with Dual Mode

BabyGo Electric Double Breast Pump review
BabyGo Double electric breast pump is an automatic BPA free pump made with safe material. It has a revolutionary design with endless features like anti-Back flow to avoid any contamination, dual-mode like stimulate and express, easy and convenient posture and little vibration, low noise, smooth running.

Key Features

– Dual-mode – Stimulate and Express Mode
– Made of 100% BPA free material
– Anti-Back Flow design
– Low noise operation
– Lightweight, easy to store and carry

Buyers Feedback


  • Works well at this affordable price
  • Painless & consistent pumping on both sides
  • Saves a lot of time


  • Suction is decent but can improve

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Best Electric Breast Pumps in India 2022 – Conclusion

All the above mentioned six best electric breast pumps are of great quality and work well so you can choose according to your budget, need, and usage. I hope the ultimate buying guide for the electric pump that we have listed here would help you make the best investment. All these electric breast pumps are best suited for all working moms and will help them express milk, which can be conveniently stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours if required.

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