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Pharma Botanica Review is your one-stop guide towards buying good naturopathy products. Free of all preservatives, Pharma Botanica thrives on maintaining all the natural essentials herbal plants have. Do check it out. We are excited to hear your opinion on our review.

Pharma Botanica Review | Pharma Botanica Coupon Code 2023

pharma botanica review tangylife

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Pharma Botanica Introduction

The brainchild of Melissa Gribble, the co-founder of Pharma Botanica the brand came into being when she was suffering from occasional acne even at the age of 27. Like, most us she also believed acne’s to be a story of the past once you are past your teens. But unlike most of us, Melissa did not accept it to be her destiny and decided to do something about the situation. Thus, discovering Naturopathy that eventually transformed into one product further becoming Pharma Botanica that it is today.

botanica australia review 2023 tangylife

Along came Paul Gribble, an Information Tech professional, quitting his job to join Melissa in her Journey of the brand. With meticulous research and studying of this alternative medicine for 21 years alongside naturopathy practitioners, Melissa and Paul still believe in their initial philosophy:

“Nature has always provided the answers.”

To add a cherry to the already fantastic cake, it is a family-owned business Of The Gribbles that values your family and its well being just like their own. Our body, guys, much like everything else in nature, is actually a system. A dynamic and integrated system, our bodies react in accordance with what you put inside it. Thus to keep nature and your body at its medicinal best, Pharma Botanica sources its herbs from their natural habitat from around the world. Slowly tried, crushed, and encapsulated in the form of the Holy Grail for your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Know More About Pharma Botanica Liver Mate


Pharma Botanica – Naturopathy

Sometimes debunked as a pseudoscience (I am referring to you haters!), Naturopathy has been in practice for centuries if not years. It has been around to promote health and overall wellbeing since forever. In fact, some people would swear that modern medicine also has its routes in Naturopathy.

Human beings do not exist in isolation any more than parts of the body do. Herbal medicine recognizes that herbs can work on the whole being, not just on specific systems. It works “Synergistically”. This means that the whole effect of a herbal remedy is vastly greater than the sum of its individual constituents. If we just look at herbs as a source of valuable individual chemicals, we would limit their healing power.

With the insights that modern physiology provides about homeostasis, (the body’s own process of maintaining a stable environment), it is clear that herbs used in the right way will support this balancing process.

“ Many have died while the plants that could have saved them grow on their graves. ”

– Hippocrates 460B.C – 377 B.C

The use of medicinal herbs for human healing can be traced back as far as 8,000 B.C during the stone-age. Even Chimpanzees have been seen to self-select medicinal herbs for the relief of disease. Herbalism is the natural therapy of choice for people concerned with the preservation of the whole planet.

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Pharma Botanica Store Review

pharma botanica naturopathic remedies tangylife

With the wholesome goodness of herbs in its core, Pharma Botanica offers aid to a plethora of ailments including liver and heart-related issues. Even though the process is of course relatively slower, it does work on a deeper level improving your health daily, providing effects that are long-lasting. Since no matter, the trouble with your body, as is proven scientifically time and again, it is ultimately your body’s immunity and healing power that restore it to its previous strength, providing a natural ingredient to it will indeed give better benefits.

Encapsulated with its natural components intact, the botanical remedies company aims to target the root cause of the health issue rather than just treating the symptoms. The brand offers an abundance of health remedies and supplements along with the very first product ever made Enhancer; a female hormone balancer that targets many issues such as acne, menopause, PMS (Pre-Menstrual cycle Syndrome) and Menstrual cramps. Read on Pharma Botanica Review to know more about the store and its offerings.

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Types of Pharma Botanica Products

The store offers products in two categories:
1. Naturopathy Remedies
2. Accessories


Pharma Botanica – Naturopathy Remedies

This category of this company contains all the herb-based remedies. So

1. Pharma Botanica Enhancer

The very first remedy that Melissa created for the first time, Enhancer has been a life-changer for many women. Loaded with many fantastic ingredients, Senna and Red Raspberry to name a few, Enhancer would help you get rid of all the hormonal imbalance and the issues that come along with it. Red Raspberry is a well-known plant used for treating several health-related problems such as cancer, heart diseases, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The latest research shows an abundant presence of Ellagic acid is helpful in causing cell death in certain cancer cells, Preventing abnormal cell division and promoting natural cell cycle to maintain to give better homeostasis. Substantiated by a research done in Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina.

With so many health benefits in its core, it’s inevitable that Enhancer helps you maintain and support your, reproductive organs, nervous system, mammary glands, and skin among many other benefits.

Although natural in its very character lets keep in mind that natural ingredients do come with certain proclivities and must be consumed with caution. It is not suitable for children who consume a lot of water, lactating and pregnant women. In the case of children, it may have an effect of laxative and cause diarrhea.

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2. Pharma Botanica Heart Mate

Modern lifestyle contributes to heart ailments to a major degree. Bad eating habits and sedentary living situations consist of a big part of our technologically overloaded lives. Thus, creating a vicious cycle of eating trans fats, food that’s rich in sugar and sodium, and living a very inactive life.

Altering your lifestyle to a healthier one is a herculean task (You bet I am speaking out of experience!!). But who’s to say it has to be impossible? For instance, you can start with baby steps of introducing heart supplements, such as Heart Mate by Pharma Botanica, in your daily life. Eventually, involving more mobile activities and better food items. (Maybe finally start using that trade mill line drying your clothes? Thank us later!)

Another one of the most popular remedies, Heart Mate contains Hawthorn berry along with Garlic, Parsley, Capsicum, Elecampane, and Cramp Bark. Hawthorne berry is rich in antioxidant content. It results in improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and preventing the hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis) from the disposition of plaque.

Hawthorn berry plant, especially the fruit is rich in flavonoids. Research published in Pharmacogn Rev has shown epidemiological evidence that indicates significant links between increased dietary flavonoid intake and reduction in coronary-related mortality.

Heart Mate assists you in better blood circulation, cardiovascular health, and general well being. Having said that don’t forget to click on the link below to know more about Heart Mate.

Pharma Botanica does not recommend it to lactating and pregnant women.

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3. Pharma Botanica Liver Mate

The greatest manufacturing unit of the body that synthesizes all the nutrients required, liver faces biggest threats from pathogens and * drumroll, please * Dum! Dum! Dum! You guessed it right, alcohol in excess of course. (Please don’t kill me you alcohol enthusiasts, but don’t drown your sorrows in it, your liver can thank us later!) The solution? In all honesty, manage what you eat and how much you drink.

You can also inculcate supplements in your life.”There’s plenty, why Liver Mate, in particular, Shumayla?” I heard you saying. I’d say ‘’Because I am reviewing Pharma Botanica,” but that’s not gonna convince you, is it? So, here’s the truth, because it contains ingredients that work wonders for your liver, if not miracles. Loaded with the goodness of Milk Thistle, Fennel, Catnip, Cramp Bark, Peppermint, Wild Yam, and Barberry, it is rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty and amino acids, and enzymes. Some of these have been used for digestive health for centuries. For instance, Milk Thistle’s regularly used as a complementary therapy by people who have liver damage due to conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis, and even liver cancer.

Pharma Botanica does not recommend it to lactating and pregnant women.

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4. Pharma Botanica MSM Alive

Superfood Formula for the 21st Century MSM Alive for cellular health. Ginseng, cat’s claw, and barley combination for assistance with osteoarthritis and immune system functioning. Without the proper amount of MSM in our bodies, cells become rigid leading to a range of health problems. MSM Alive promotes healthy tissue, strong joints, wholesome skin, and a new sense of vigor.

Regardless of this being an all-natural product, we do not recommend substituting it for medical prescriptions. Kindly, contact with your medical health provider before opting.

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Pharma Botanica – Accessories

pharma botanica accessories review tangylife

Pharma Botanica also stores accessories that you might find interesting.
We recommend this Pill and Vitamin Water Bottle.

View Accessories Products


Pharma Botanica Review – Core Philosophy

Pharma Botanica is a venture that cares a great deal about its resources too. If you have any workable, albeit however limited, knowledge of how herbs industry works, you’d know how much of a plant goes to waste in the process of extracting a single chemical. As a matter of fact, the pace at which herbal plants are disappearing is a matter of grave concern. The extinction of the herbal plants is further pressed thanks to the rapid increase in extraction by the medical industry.

To create 24Kgs of Curcumin, 1000kgs of Turmeric is used. This is a very refined process. Hence it costs quite some quid. Why go the extreme lengths, when produce is so less and the process so expensive? Answer’s very simple you can’t patent a naturally grown element but a chemically extracted element can definitely be processed. Curcumin is already present in the turmeric natural along with other natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. In the process of extraction, these go to waste. It not only creates garbage that can easily be used but also increases the price by thousandfold at least.

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Why Use ‘Whole’ instead Of ‘Extracts’ ?

Back in the olden days too people used to use turmeric for pain relief and immunity. Obviously, science not being this advanced in those days they didn’t extract anything from it. Something tells me consumption of whole ought to be equally if not more beneficial than the extracted part. Whole wheat bread is definitely better than white bread, wouldn’t you agree?

To put things into perspective if there’s no market for the herbs, the farmers will shift to a different yield. That’s exactly where brands like Pharma Botanica come into the picture. Purchasing herbal extracts increases the demand for them and contributes to the decimation of original source plant. Pharma Botanica is extract free, which means they are plant and planet-friendly.


Pharma Botanica Payment & Shipping details

pharma botanica australia review 2020 tangylife

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Afterpay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Pharma Botanica Gift Cards. Please have your Afterpay, PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat Pay logins handy to complete your order.

All orders are managed by Sendle and Australia Post. Successful orders will be shipped within one or two business days (Monday-Friday). Once your order has been collected from our warehouse, you will receive an email from Sendle confirming that the order is on its way and will provide you with the tracking number.

– For purchases over AU$100, standard shipping is free in Australia. For purchases under AU$70, a flat rate delivery fee of AU$9.95 applies to standard shipping.
– Most orders are delivered within 3-7 working days from the date we ship your order (depending on where you live in Australia). Within Australia they also do post office box deliveries. If you’re not present at the address, they will leave a card on your door. You can take its help to pick up your package from your nearest post office.
– They do not accept returns once the product is dispatched.
– They do offer international shipping but with an exception of these countries.

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Key Features Of Pharma Botanica

  • All the products incorporate naturally occurring elements.
  • Plants resourced from their natural habitat, as a result, the raw material maintains all the naturally existing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  • There is absolutely no extraction, which means absolutely no waste.
  • The brand is a result of 21 year-long meticulous research and studies.
  • Labels on the products contain very clearly written instructions and warnings. They also give you specifications on when you should not consume their products.


Our Feedback on Pharma Botanica


  • Healthy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Credible
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Environment friendly
  • Great deals


  • Lactating and pregnant women cannot use the majority of their products. Not really a con, since Medical professionals anyway ask them to be cautious in their daily food intake.
  • Their website could really use brighter font colors. Some of the information that they have written is in really light-colored fonts, to the extent of being illegible.
  • A little expensive


Pharma Botanica Contact Details

Phone No: 61 2 9997 8694
You can contact them via their contact form should you have any queries.


Pharma Botanica Review 2023 ­­­– Conclusion

So, you have read about 2000 words of information, and are still willing to read further. Let me tell you, I like you! On a more serious note, with the presence of so many benefits and bare minimal drawbacks, we feel this store is definitely worth giving a shot. In a world that’s reducing natural to extraction, let’s try and give whole as much importance. We did do that when the world was definitely less advanced but perhaps more caring.

Natural supplements are not a substitute for your medical advice, but they are better than artificially synthesized ones for sure. Even though mocked at times, Naturopathy has given beneficial results to many and hopefully, it will keep going. While you reflect on your choice for Botanica Pharma, don’t forget to leave a comment below on Pharma Botanica Review. We’ll be back with a new blog post, soon. Till then hasta la vista!


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