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Cherub Baby review is a detailed insight into the world of Australia’s one of the most famous baby brand. Whether you are new parents or experienced ones, Cherub Baby will make your baby shopping experience smooth as butter. It’s inexpensive, reusable, convenient, and very eco-friendly. But the best of all bottles are compatible with every other major baby brand product. So, you never have to worry should your kid loses or breaks any lids


Cherub Baby Review 202 | Best Online Baby Food Maker

Cherub Baby Review is here to make the life your munchkin even better. Babies are a marvelous little piece of miracle, and they sure deserve something more fantastic. So, subscribe now to get 10% off on your next purchase.

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Cherub Baby Review – Introduction

Hola mi amigos!

How are you doing this summer 202? I know…I know… 202 isn’t the best time to be alive on the planet. At least not for those who have spent a loooooong period of time on it and have definitely seen better days. I must admit, au contraire, what brings us all the silver lining amidst the mess, is babies. The marvelous little magics that brighten up the day of even the most morose of us.  More so if it is your own. After all the crankiness, crying, puking, and staying up all night, you have to admit when they smile it all seems worth it.

Having said that, these little bundles of joy deserve the best that the world has to offer. Babies are small and their only way of conversing with us is crying and it goes on even when they are about 3 to 5. While we can offer our best to keep our babies from crying there are limited ways, especially for new parents. Cherub Baby intents to help you out on a majority of such issues. With their innovative product designs and highly nutritious baby food, they are on top of the baby world.  Read on to know more.

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Cherub Baby Review – The Store

The Lids are interchangeable, so you can use one bottle for all phases of your child’s life.

You have got to admit, childhood is the most important stage of all of our lives. It shapes our personalities, lifestyle, likes dislikes, and so on so forth. Lucky for us, we have a store that is aware of this and wants to help you take care of your munchkin’s childhood in the best possible way.

You can use Cherub Baby Silicon Bottle Sleeves on other brands’ bottles as well.

Cherub Baby is all about healthy solutions to babies. Keeping it innovative and fuss-free is what their products are all about. Cooking healthy, eating clean and fresh is their motto in all that they create. Cherub Baby is going to accompany your kiddo as they grow older. From milk bottles to sippy cups and straw cups and finally becoming food storage containers for toddlers. All Cherub Baby products are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free.

Bottle sleeves change color if the contents are too hot to serve the baby.

Babies are adorable. But they’re also pretty delicate and expensive. So, shopping for them, especially online, needs a lot of caution. However, if you do know the right places you can bag the best of the supplies without burning hole in your pocket. Thus, safety and innovation are of the utmost importance to Cherub Baby. Additionally, they are known to design products that are compatible with other baby brands. Think Color changing baby bottle sleeve. It will change color if the temperature is above 48 degrees. And you can put it on any baby bottle.


Types of Products

Cherub Baby has a wide range of baby products to offer. For ease of understanding, we have divided them into three categories.

1. Food

Make baby food at home and store them in pouches for more convenience

When feeding a growing child as young as few days old, nutrients and temperature play a significant role. Too hot and you risk burning delicate mouth of your child too cold and they might not like it. You know the drill! The design has to be smart. It has to be toxins free and without sharp edges.  Cherub Baby heard you. They understood your plight and came up with a fantastic selection of Bottles, Sippy Cups, Teats, and much more. There are three categories in which they have divided their food section, namely Feeding, drinking, and warming.

Bottle Sleeves are shock resistant and can sustain a drop of at least 3 storeys.

a) Drinking

All the bottles, Sippy and Straw cups are made of borosilicate glass. So, they are heat and breakage resistant. Built to sustain a fall up to 3 floors, their heat resistant medical-grade silicone sleeves ensure a smooth transition from the fridge to microwave. Oh! And they change the color if it gets too hot to serve to the cutie.

Attachable spoon for food pouches changes color if food is too hot to serve. Food Pouches are reusable. You can also write name and date etc on it.

b) Feeding

You can pick bottles or food pouches that are available in most beautiful prints you can find on the internet. Freeze, Microwave, feed, drink, and repeat. Just make your own baby food, store, and feed on the go. You can even upgrade them and add spoons and spouts.

Food Pouches are also available in different prints.

They all come in two size capacity of 150 ML and 240 ML. With inter-changeable wide naked lids, you can easily convert bottles into a sippy cup, a straw cups or can put a lid and use it as a storage. Smart right? Moreover, these bottles are compatible with many other baby brand products, as is the case with the lids. The approach is pretty convenient and would definitely save you on a hefty chunk of money.
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2. Health

The touchless thermometer can be used on the forehead as well as ears.

Babies and toddlers also more prone to infections. Because they have weak immunity. So, to make raising a baby more safely parents should be able to take the temperature of them reliably and quickly. As a result, mercury thermometers are an absolute no-no to achieve that. They might break, the kid might accidentally swallow the mercury, or worse they start fussing before the temperature is measured! We suggest you have the Dummy Baby thermometer handy. Since it has a pre-attached pacifier to it, it will definitely make the task much easier for you and more comfortable for the baby.

For better longevity and usage, we would recommend 5 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer. It enables you to take temperature via ear or forehead, without contact. There are an inbuilt fever indicator and flashlight. You can check for an ear infection, which is fairly common in children while taking temperature. All this is just about a second. Did I mention just a second?

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3. Accessories

Convert any household mugs into a child compatible with Universal click and slip kit. Available in a sippy cup, straw cup, storage lid, and teat versions.

a) Universal Lids

Convenience and Cherub baby truly go hand. So, when it comes to multi-purpose universally adaptable food pot solutions, Cherub Baby’s got no match. How else would you explain the ease of converting regular kitchen dishes into making them baby compatible? Of course, with the help of silicon stretchable teat, straw, or sippy universal lid. I see a lot of new parents nodding in yes!

You can warm up your baby’s food or drink when in a car.

b> b) Bottle Warmers

If you’re an active outdoor-loving parent, you might be missing going out once you welcome the baby. Keeping food fresh without carrying a lot of equipment in your baby can be pretty taxing. But you should be able to keep your outdoor post-baby life equally active. Everyone likes warm food, and babies are no different. Cherub Baby has a variety of bottle warmers you can choose from. Whether you’re driving or enjoying a picnic in the park your baby will never have cold food ever. While your shoulders aren’t overburdened either.

Attach different animals on the edge of the tub and help your child learn while they bath

c) Bath Toys

Honestly, though, don’t you enjoy a bubbly bath after a long outdoorsy or hectic-at-work day? Now picture your baby splashing water in the bath enjoying it, but something’s missing? Maybe a ducky? I don’t know about you but as a kid, I loooooooooved playing with bath toys. Toys are a great way to help developing better motor skills in your baby. Bath time can be a great time to enhance these while relaxing to the fullest. So to make just a bit more fun check out this sunshine of happiness for your personal sunshine. It is bright, has suction, comes in the form of different animals. It is a zoo here, people! 😀

Go on, bring the zoo to your kid, and help them love to recognize animals.
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Competitions at Cherub Baby

It’s raining prize in the baby land people. And it’s totally ah-dor-able! If you have a baby there’s a prize for them somewhere on Cherub Baby for sure. Cherub Baby organizes baby competitions of various kinds all year round. And they give you super fantastic gifts when you win. You can check out their website for updates. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get updates first hands. Oh, and don’t forget to enter their upcoming PBC Expo Giveaway and get a chance to win Fresh Food Feeding System worth over $280!

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Parents Advice Center

Making Baby food at home is a piece of cake with Natriblend Steamer and blender

– Blog

Did you know babies are born with an innate sense of rhythm? It helps them respond instinctively to the tempo and beats of music. Research has shown learning musical instruments may help kids with speech disabilities. Who knew, music, which most of us use to soothe and pump ourselves could benefit develop the better finest motor skills.

On that note, becoming parents for the first time is, inarguably, the best feeling in the world. However, with this great feeling comes the great responsibility of shaping someone who is just beginning to understand themselves and the world that surrounds them. In addition to that, they have just one cue aka crying to inform the parents of their needs. Like it or not, it can be pretty difficult for the first-timers to read on to the cues. Lucky for us, we have the internet. And if you know exactly where to look, you’ll grab some pretty informative reads which will come handy at very trying times. One such place is Cherub Baby”s Parents Advice Center.

– Recipes

You can read a blog on how to set up a routine for a babe as young as 6 months or how to make the shift from milk to solid foods smoother. Don’t blame us if you get addicted. We warned you! Did we tell you about their super easy baby food recipes? You MUST check out this Apple and Banana Puree. The best thing about homemade baby food is that they’re super rich in nutrients, free of preservatives, and fresh. And you can vouch for all these claims without a shadow of a doubt. To make things just a little easier for you Cherub Baby has Natriblend Steamer Blender . It will not only steam, cook, blend the food, but also sterilize bottles and accessories.

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User Feedback On Cherub Baby

Cherub Baby is one of the best baby brands out there in Australia. We have discussed it all in detail above. Additionally, just in case you are a busy bee and can’t go through the whole blog, we’d recommend you go through the pros and cons below. It will give you a short gist of the Cherub Baby Review.


  • Fantastic interface and very easy navigation. Even a baby could find what they were looking for.
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose and interchangeable.
  • Eco friendly
  • PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free.
  • Reliable
  • Australia made


  • None


Cherub Baby Contact Information

Phone: 03 9005 1734
Address: Cherub Baby
Level 1, Suite 9
6a Railway Ave
Oakleigh VIC 3166


Cherub Baby Review 2022 – Final Review

Always serve warm food or drink to your baby when on-the-go

Babies are miracles that bring happiness to the coldest of hearts. They’re expensive, admittedly so. But most important of all they’re delicate and are majorly dependent on their caretakers. Having said that, it would certainly be awesome if someone helped you share the load while giving you fantastic parenting insights. With literally no setbacks and a lot of benefits, Cherub Baby is just the helping hand you needed taking care of your baby.

Be it finding feeding solutions, or taking a food habit shift, Cherub baby solves it all. Most importantly they have excelled themselves by coming up with silicon lids and interchangeable lids. Who won’t like making preexisting dishes baby compatible with just a change of lids? It’s eco-friendly, inexpensive, and absolutely innovative.

We could go on and on about the benefits of the brand in Cherub Baby review, but we’d recommend you invest in some of the most inventive and user-friendly products to see things for yourself. And we’ll be right back with more brands to look forward to. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think of Cherub Baby. Like we always say, your feedback are precious to us. Till then happy babying 🙂



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