Dessert Boxes Australia Review | Dessert Boxes Discount Code

Dessert Boxes Australia Review | Dessert Boxes Discount Code

Dessert Boxes Discount Code

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Introduction to Dessert Boxes Australia

Hello, to all lovely readers!

We’re back with another store review. If the name wasn’t a sure shot give away. We have brought *Drumrolls please* yes chocolaty heaven to you! We know we have given in to our (and possibly yours) love for dessert stores before. But can you honestly have enough chocolates, let alone ever getting tired of receiving them as gifts? Having said that we have relatively depressing news. As much as we hate to break it to you, global warming may soon engulf all chocolate plantations of the world. *whimpers*.

Yes, my dear chocolate lovers. Cocoa plants on which the cocoa beans grow are very delicate in nature. They require specific temperature and environmental conditions to grow. Ghana, Indonesia, and Cote D’lvoire are the world’s leading chocolate plantation countries. However, according to scientists in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the plant might not have suitable conditions to grow as much. All because we didn’t watch out for our plastic and fossil fuel consumption. Worry not though! It is going to take at least 30 more years, by 2050 to be more precise, before this calamity falls upon the world and deprives the future generation of chocolaty goodness
as we know it.

While we are at it, how about delving into chocolate ourselves, and maybe enjoy it while it lasts? To put things more accurately, let’s be more cautious of our carbon footprint and consequently of planetorial health.

On a slightly unrelated note, what do you think of dessert or better yet chocolate boxes for gifts? I bet you love them! If not then read our Dessert Box review below and let us know if you change your mind 😀

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Dessert Boxes Australia Review

Do you know what boggles my mind the most? Selecting a gift. No seriously, selecting something for your loved ones can be trying. But, you know there’s one thing that’s universally loved; food! Now if you put it in the shape of dessert and the flavor of chocolate my guess would be, people are going to love it unanimously. With a possible exception of few (truly bitter in my opinion) folks, it should be a good idea to use as a practical gift or a dessert box. Because a) everyone loves food, b) you can buy a premade box c) you can customize your boxes according to the likes of the person.

Dessert Boxes Australia Review is Tangylife’s meager attempt to be your aid to find that perfect edible gift. While most dessert boxes contain the scrumptious awesomeness of chocolates and donuts, you can also pick boxes containing snacks. Just in case you have a loved in isolation, you can send them care packages carrying these snacks. Dessert Box Australia has got you covered for all the occasions. Without further ado let’s see what dessert Boxes literally has in its boxes! 😀


Dessert Boxes Australia – The Store

Dessert Boxes Australia is a brainchild of three siblings namely Rose, Kaisser, and Samantha. Do you remember being super excited about gifts as kids? I know I do. But I also remember getting gifts that go dry over time aka flowers. Guys, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against flowers. But let’s face it. You pluck the flower from a plant and regardless of the beauty and sentiment, they hold you can’t keep them forever. However, when it comes to edible gifts you don’t have to worry about any of this.

That realization, ladies and gentlemen, is what hit the sibling trio to convert their childhood excitement into a business. Thus, came the beautiful deliciousness of Dessert Boxes Australia into existence.

Dessert Boxes Australia is as fun as it is cheeky. Although, the slight naughtiness in their treatment is exactly what sets them apart. Be it saying ‘you’re sorry for messing up’ or showering your best friend with gifts for that naughty bachelorette she’s been looking forward to, Dessert Boxes Australia has got you covered in all those fronts.


Types of Boxes at Dessert Boxes

Au contraire to the naughtiness it does resorts to various occasions. So, if you’re looking for edible gifts for occasions other than that Dessert Boxes will have just the right type for you. Since Dessert Boxes has a wide selection of offerings, the store is divided into three categories:

1. Shop Recipient

As the name suggests in this assortment you can select the edible gifts in accordance with your relationship with the recipient. Especially amazing if you are on a lookout to spice up your love life. You can find everything from a cheeky humor dessert box to delicious awesomeness of chocolate. As a matter of fact, fret not if you have particularly fussy clients. Trust us the well-curated assortments of chocolaty goodness will help you win them in no time. There are boxes with donuts, bouquets of donuts, boxes of donuts with fun size chocolate. Doesn’t it all sound like overall a family fun time?

You can gift these to your clients on their way out to take it home and share it with the family. You can offer these as desserts post lunch or dinner. Either way, it is more than just a friendly extending to warmer relationships.

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2. Shop Occasion

A lot of us have trouble selecting things by simply keeping the recipient in mind. If you are more focused on the occasion and are not very well acquainted with the recipient, this can be great to fix your worries.

Think the wedding of a family friend you may not be bum chums with. How about that third cousin twice removed? You haven’t met in years, but you have to attend the wedding. One thing that you remember from your childhood days is that they loved chocolate and brownies. How about this bad boy with an assorted selection of brownies? It comes with three brownies of different toppings along with a brookie (half brownie and half cookie) and four chocolates. Weddings are emotional and tiring. A gift to help cope with those is sure to bring a smile even to your very distant cousin.

To put things in perspective, if you are very unsure of the recipient’s likes and dislikes but absolutely can’t afford to not go to their special event, go for this tab. It’s going to save your hours of mind-boggling search. It will also reduce the chances of your gift being disliked. Well, unless they don’t like chocolate! We sincerely hope we never come across any such human.

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3. Shop Price

Not all of us can afford everything. Even it comes edible gifts. When buying a gift budget plays a more important role than we think. Especially if you are a student or recently started living on your own. With countless bills, and rent hovering your head and barely being able to save anything, you may find yourself tightening your fist when buying something for your best friend’s birthday. Even if it is ultimately the sentiment that counts, you must maintain a budget if you don’t want to be neck-deep in debt.

Having said that being amidst a pandemic and broke should be no reason to wish your best friend on their birthday empty-handed. How about sending this birthday cookie instead?

We bet you can bring a giant smile on their faces just for as little as 40 AUD. And if you have saved enough (lucky you! Would you like to share your savings tips?), You can splurge 100 AUD or more!

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Dessert Boxes – Shipping & Delivery

Dessert Boxes review

Dessert Boxes Australia usually delivers before 5 pm of the selected delivery date. Even in the case of same-day delivery requests. However, this window might become wider on busier days such as valentine’s day or Christmas. It can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days from the actual date of delivery to get your order dispatched depending upon the location.

The cut off for same-day delivery is 12 midnight Sydney EST time the day prior to delivery for Sydney. The cut off is 12pm Sydney EST time the day prior to delivery for the rest of Australia. For Monday deliveries, all orders need to be placed by Friday 12pm Sydney EST for the rest of Australia. Orders placed after this cut off date will be delivered the next available business day.

Shipping charges for Delivery within Sydney and Wollongong is $9.99 & $15.00 for Interstate deliveries- Standard Delivery (1-3 business days).

In case of the recipient not being present at the address, the delivery partner will leave the package at a safe space. However, failing to do so they will return the package to us. In that case, you can schedule a re-delivery for an additional fee. It is a 50% price of the original purchase plus shipping charges. Please ensure the correct delivery address. In case of failing to do so may well result in the package getting back. Unfortunately, the store holds no liability for you providing the wrong address and there will be no money refund. L

They ship to all major cities of Australia and certain regional locations except the Northern Territory. We’d recommend checking your zip code before placing an order.

Please note you can cancel your orders up to 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery.
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Dessert Boxes Australia Review – Pros and Cons

Going by the hearsay, edible gift stores always sound like a fabulous idea. However, like everything else these stores also have their pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at them below.


  • Affordable
  • The well-guided interface of the e-store
  • A wide selection of products offered


  • Way too many conditions.
  • Very rigid refund policies.



Dessert Boxes Australia Review – Conclusion

Although pretty interesting in its product offerings, the presence of rigid policies may turn some people off. However, if you can go past that Dessert Boxes is pretty much an edible gift lover’s heaven. Since the store does offer some adult treats, we would request you to be slightly careful when browsing through the store. But if you want to spice up your love life just a little this can be your best solution.

Having said that, we have reviewed more edible gifts store. Don’t forget to check them out if you can’t find the gift of your liking here.

We’re eagerly waiting to hear your experience with Dessert Boxes Australia. Let us know about our blog post in the comment section below. We’re always here to give suggestions on your journey of gifting. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, your feedback and encouragement are more than welcome here. Do ping! We will soon be back with another blog post to be your companion for some other voyage. Till then take care, stay happy and healthy.

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