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New WeightWatchers Reimagined review is a collective inspection of the new plans WeightWatchers came up with in the year 2020. Read it to keep yourself updated on a healthier approach towards the weight loss journey. And remember your feedback is more than precious to us. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

Weight Watchers Review 2020

New Weight Watchers Review 2020 | New Weight Watchers Coupon Code

New Weight Watchers Reimagined Review is here to solve all your weight-related quarantine problems. With Gyms being locked and our inner master chefs surfacing, it’s no surprise our weight maintenance journey has simply gone to dogs. Having said that have no fear when New WW aka New Weight Watchers Reimagined review is here. Don’t forget to click on the link below to get your first month for FREE!!! LIMITED PERIOD OFFER.

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New Weight Watchers Review 2020

weight watchers reimagined review 2020

Hello!! How are you guys doing? Quarantine’s growing on you yet or what? This pandemic is the worst, you guys! Granted it is improving nature, which we humans, in all honesty, have done no good to so far, but this staying indoors all the freaking time is doing absolutely no good to anyone who wants to stay physically active and fit.

Ranked as one of the best for the tenth consecutive year, WW has been recognized once again by health experts in the 2020 Best Diets rankings released on 2nd Jan 2020 by U.S. News & World Report. “How’s any of this information going to help me manage my weight?”, I hear a lot of you saying right now. If you are already familiar with WW or Weight Watchers, I suggest you skip the next paragraph if you are not, read on to update yourself on how the famous point system of WW works.

WeightWatchers’ credibility as a brand comes from being up to date with the latest health and nutrition research while maintaining the signature point system and the ways to begin your weight loss journey. Read on New Weigh tWatchers Reimagined Review to see how it will fare you.
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New Weight Watchers Reimagined Introduction

As mentioned above WW keeps itself updated with the newest food and nutrition research, it is needless to say WeightWatchers comes up with its new program every now and then. The latest addition to this is christened as My WW. It is, obviously, tailor-made for you as usual. Based on weight, height, and biological sex that this assessment provides New Weigh Watchers Reimagined matches a food plan based on your eating preferences and lifestyle. new weight watchers review 2020

You’ll start with a portion of food and behavior-based personal assessment that asks a range of questions about your unique eating habits and preferences, your current activity level, and lifestyle. Based on your responses, Weight Watchers will match you to a food plan that suits you best — Green, Blue, or Purple. Each food plan has a unique balance of Smart point and Zero point foods:


1. Green Plan

This plan is best suited for people who are beginning their weight loss journey. There are more than 100 Zero Point fruits and vegetables, to choose from, which you can incorporate in your recipes to make wholesome filling meals since these are food items that have fewer chances of being overeaten. The meal plan is also the one that comes with the highest daily Smart Points Budget, keeping WW promise of letting you have food that you absolutely adore. However, you’ll have to update your progress on the app daily.
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2. Blue Plan

If you’re someone already on a diet this plan will help you give it more structure since it has a moderate no of Smart Points and over 200 Zero Point food including fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins such as beans, eggs, nonfat yogurt.
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3. Purple Plan

However modest on its Smart Points Budget this plan gives you an opportunity to indulge in a more varied list of food items such as whole grain pasta and potatoes with more than 300 Zero Point Items containing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This adheres to less restrict eating habits on a daily basis. If you are pro on diets and are keen on trying new diets this should be a go-to on your bucket list of diets.
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How New Weight Watchers Reimagined Works?

how Weight watchers works

As WeightWatchers promises to you, they literally curate their flexible diet plans in accordance with your eating preferences and habits, lifestyle, and activity level. Designed to include more options than before, the programs have added some of the starchy pantry staples, which used to cost many points in previous programs.

All three programs are structured around zero point foods, which means you can indulge in your favorite food items without having to track them down or measure them precisely. As always no food is off-limits, but of course, these meal plans are designed to encourage dieters to consume more zero-point food to keep them off of using their daily point limits. Each of the programs contains the counting system namely:

1. Smart Points

An upgrade to the old system of points and pro points it is a counting system that nudges dieters towards eating more nutritious food. The number represents the number of kilojoules, saturated fat, protein, and sugar present in food. The presence of protein lowers the smart points while sugar and saturated fat give it a raise. Of course, dieters would need to pay attention to the portions of food items according to the smart point assigned to them.

2. Zero Points

Building blocks of the meal plans, these are assigned to pantry staples that have less likelihood of being overeaten and are base bricks towards developing healthy eating habits.

3. Fit Points

Assigned according to your daily level of physical activity, these contain everything from running to activities in disguise such as gardening or cleaning your house. In other words, Fit Points are to activity what Smart Points are to food. They can be swapped for Smart Points too.

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How’s WeightWatchers’ My WW Better Than The Previous Plans?

If you have already tried WeightWatchers in recent years, you must be aware of the freestyle program Weight Watchers was offering earlier. While you may not be able to find the same upon the sign up anymore, the Blue program is more or less the same. You can sign up for the program right away or you can take the assessment, which will help you guide to the best program suited for your needs.

The Science Behind WeightWatchers

Unlike many other diet programs, WeightWatchers doesn’t rely on restricting your food choices. Rather than relying on their point system, it nudges dieters towards healthier foods by developing better eating habits. The result is it becomes an indistinguishable part of your daily life, giving you long-lasting health benefits. The emphasis is on the portion control while leaning towards wholesome ingredients. More importantly, however, numerous clinical studies have shown that WW’s diet programs support healthy weight loss that dieters can maintain.

The results from a 2017 clinical trial published in The Lancet shows that obese adults who followed a WW program for one full year lost more weight than those who used self-help materials; plus, these adults were better able to maintain their weight loss over two years. A separate review of 39 different studies published in 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that those who followed a WW program lost nearly 3% more weight compared to those who received other forms of counseling.


Methods To Begin Your Weight Loss Journey With WeightWatchers

weight watchers methods review

The Weight Watchers is nothing if not flexible. With Covid-19 blanketing all our regular activities, its no surprise being active on the health front has taken a backseat. There are three ways in which you can opt for Weight Watchers Services. Digital, Workshop, and Personal Coaching. All the plans are currently operating virtually.

Our recommendation for beginners is the Workshop plan. The plan involves all the benefits of Digital Plan along with weekly in-person (currently virtual) meetings with a coach and other members of the plan. You can arrange a private meeting with your coach to asses real-time progress while receiving community support. The first step towards the journey, naturally, is going to be a tough one. So, support becomes pretty crucial. Once you’re more accustomed to healthy eating habits you either come back to digital version or Personal Coaching.

Weight watchers Plans In Detail


Weight Watchers Review – Pros & Cons


  • Weight Watchers new program provides you with plenty of flexibility, in terms of taste and lifestyle
  • They offer exclusivity in your choices, hence making no food off-limits.
  • Weight Watchers works in a wholesome manner which means they help you indulge in a healthy lifestyle, Body-tongue, and soul.
  • With their Zero Point Food options, you have the option of creating your own meal according to your capacity and taste, without any guilt of overindulgence.
  • Weight Watchers is up-to-date with the latest food and nutrition searches, so you can rely on them for offering you the best in the market
  • All three methods of beginning the Weight Watchers journey are now virtual, thanks to Covid-19. This is actually the best time to begin your Weight loss journey if you have been thinking about getting fit for the longest.


  • Their Australia website is less informative for new consumers as opposed to their international and UK websites.
  • The website does not give direct information on points and how the points work.

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Weight Watchers Contact Details

Phone No :191 997(AU) 0800 009 009(NZ)
Facebook: You can follow them and contact them via Facebook Page


New Weight Watchers Review 2020 – Conclusion

With so many benefits and perks, we at Tangylife feel Weight Watchers and their mission to inculcate healthy habits should be on the top of the bucket list, just in case you finally want to take the first step to healthier living. And don’t forget to give us your feedback on our New Weight Watchers Review in the comment section below. You can also reach out to us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. See ya soon with another awesome blog! Love you guys.


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