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T2 Tea review talks about how this small company has created such different lends of some awesome tea flavors. They have some of the most unique flavors that you would have never heard of and also collection of various other accompaniments.

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Ho…Ho…Ho…Greetings. I am right now in full on Holidays spirit. I know this ain’t no Christmas. But people tea shopping is my Christmas. Tea shopping is no joke, ask any tea lover! It is a process, an aromatic process, a sensorial epitome. First, you look at it, the tannic should be perfect, bring it to an optimum brim for proper color taking the enchanting aroma in. Pour it into a cup, slowly enjoying its taste on every taste bud of your tongue. Now, imagine one of them not turning out fine, how would you feel? Heartbroken? Messed up? T2 tea knows how much you enjoy the process of tea making and lack of which can be a heart breaking process. So, they bring an entire store, absolutely dedicated to teas, yes teas of all sorts, at your doorstep. The Green, The Herbal, The Regular, and much more.

About T2 Tea Australia

Started in 1996, as a small venture into tea business in Fitzroy, Melbourne T2 Tea flourished with its desire to continuously innovate itself. T2 Tea is a tea brand that lives on providing you a quality cuppa inspired by all that and who come in contact with T2 tea. T2Tea believes tea making is an individualistic sensorial process, One very much like the conversations it often follows, in which you learn something new about each other. Every sip that you take is different and every time you brew the tea it’s different. Your cup of tea is a rejuvenating experience; it should evolve learning about you, as do you learning about it.

Drinking tea in my opinion, as a tea lover, is often a paradox of its own. Mostly it is an adventure, but sometimes it has to be a meditation. T2 Tea knows that even the biggest of the big adventurers sometimes need to relax. So, not a very long time ago, in 2004-2005 they entered the e-commerce with the launch of their super cool website. Now you can simply order your perfect tea sitting at home.

From being a small venture to opening a store in Singapore, T2 tea has taken the world by storm in a small period of just two decades.T2 Tea has more layers than just any tea. They offer teapots, gifts and well, of course, the wide range of teamakers.


Tea Tasting

Tea drinking is no child’s play. Much like wine tasting, tea tasting is a league and experience of its own. It is made of three pillars:

1. Aroma

This is, as many expert tea tasters say, tea’s best foot. By aroma, they mean how it smells. A major deciding factor, since the nose is the strongest sense that starts everything else in your digestive system. If your likes the smell, go ahead and sip it.

2. Astringency

Astringency is that blast of sharp taste that you feel caused bytannin. So the more tannin the more bitter the tea would be. In general black, Oolong and Green Tea are some of the high tannin content teas, which make them pretty bitter if they are not brewed properly.

3. Body

Body of tea refers to strength and fullness. It means a strong body tea will be very rich in flavors as opposed to a medium or weak body tea for instance white tea if usually weaker bodied than black tea.


How Do You Make Tea?

As a tea lover myself, tea means more to me than any other beverage on earth. Now that you’ve made all the way to this paragraph of the review, it would be safe to assume you are also a diehard tea lover and you know well how tea making works. You can (please don’t) skip this part but if you are someone totally new to this whole tea business read on.
In a nutshell, there are two ways to make tea:

Get tea in packets
Get tea Bags

There isn’t much difference between the two other than one is with a bag. Fun fact: Tea bags were not meant initially for dipping in the hot water to get the brew. There was a tea vender and he was asked to send tea samples. Putting them in individual boxes would have cost him a lot of money, so instead, he put them into muslin pouches.

The merchant got a little confused on receiving this innovative package and thought he is supposed to dip them in hot water to make the tea, and the rest folks, is history.
Now, the gist of the story is that tea bags are there to ease out on the process of tea preparation; because they put a well-measured portion. Although, the intensity of the taste still depends upon how long you leave the tea bag to brew.

T2 Tea Store

Honestly, their store is more like an art gallery full of carefully curated Magnum Opus than a tea store. Every blend has a uniqueness about it; a sensorial point that feels different to every tea drinker. They all carry the essence of an inspiration with them from vanilla skies of India to colorful headgear of Carman Mirinda, T2 tea gives it all to you. They bring the world to your doorstep, get up and smell the tea, you tea lovers. T2 Tea also helps you with brewing by giving a clear instruction on so. Let’s see what lies behind the doors of T2 Tea:

Tea And Teabags

T2 tea has wide range of tea. From traditional Black Tea to not-so-traditional floral tea.You can either get them loose or in tea bags. T2 tea takes you to a sensorial journey of teas, helping you take in the rich essence of one flavor at a time, much like an art gallery taking you from one period to another showing slow but noticeable evolution of art. You can shop their teas in two ways:

Explore Best Sellers
Explore By Traditional Names

Explore Bestsellers

Explore Check out the flavors evolving in some of the most popular choices on T2 tea store:

1. French Earl Grey Tea

It is a traditional tea with a twist of Hibiscus and Sunflower petals.It is a medium- bodied tea.
Buy French Earl Grey Tea Online

2. Fruitiliscious Tea

Flowing slowly on the trail of flavors T2 Tea shifts from tart notes of Hibiscus to more sweet fruit tisanes. Offering Rich flavors such as dragon fruit and sea buck throne berries, T2 Teas Fruitilious are one of a kind.
Buy Fruitilisious Tea Online

3. Melbourne Breakfast Tea

A story written in Chinese and Indian black tea on the vanilla skies of Melbourne, It is perfect for enjoying the rich Australian landscapes.
Buy Melbourne Breakfast Tea Online

4. Green Rose Tea

Once a T2 Tea sommelier described it as the reminiscence of Carman Mirinda’s colorful headscarf. Colorful in both texture and flavor this is their best selling green tea.
Buy Green Rose Tea Online

5. Strawberries & Cream Tea

Aah, it is as delicious as it sounds. It is truly a blast of flavors in your mouth. Meant especially to be used as Iced tea, all I can say is, taste it to know why the world is going nuts about it.
Buy Strawberry and Cream Tea

6. Packs A Peach Tea

Taking you further on the fruity trail, T2 tea brings you something packed with peaches; Packs A Peach.

Buy Packs A Peach Tea Online

7. Chai

A blend of Indian spices, a local tea lover created this best seller as an experiment and sold a small quantity to T2 Tea. The frenzy it created made T2 tea purchase the secret recipe from the vendor.
Buy Indian Chai Online

8. English Breakfast Tea

Taking a twist towards the old time classics T2 tea trail takes you to English Breakfast tea. Made from Sri Lankan broken tea-leaf, if you are a lover of classics, look no further.
Buy English Breakfast Tea Online

9. Gorgeous Giesha Tea

A subtle fruity twist to classic green tea, it is Sencha green tea combined with the luscious flavors of strawberries and cream is delicious hot or iced as a summer treat.
Buy Gorgeous Giesha Tea Online

10. Lemon Grass and Ginger Tea

An old-timer, the story suggests a café nearby the first T2 tea store asked for it. The journey still continues with equal enthusiasm as people love this savory blend, and in our opinion, you should too.
Buy Lemon Ginger Tea Online

Other than these you can refine their best sellers by the Caffeine content, Enjoy with, and type.

Explore By Traditional Names

So, you are already a pro tea lover and really need to explore the store the traditional well? T2 Tea loves you too, which is why they spoil you with choices. You can explore teas by traditional names such as Black Tea, Tisane, Herbal Tea, or by occasions Rare and Special. Also, you can explore teas blended with different flavors in Chocolate, Indulgent and Sweet Tea. Still Diggin’ the perfect flavor? You can go for. Wellness tea or shop by ingredients and flavors. See T2 tea knows that a true tea lover moves heaven on earth to find the perfect match they are looking for.

Explore More Teas Here

T2 Tea Teawares

Share a good teapot and nurture friendship for a lifetime – Anonymous

Do you love the smell of damp soil right after rain? Actually, it takes nature a village to make it smell the gorgeous way it does. Now nature has given each kind of tea its distinct flavor too, but to enjoy its full beauty, you must take few steps of your own. That’s where Tea Ware comes into play. All factors of the pot you put or drink it in will decide if you’d enjoy in the true sense or just throw it way because things just did not into place. The tea and its relationship with water and the pot is a phenomenon nothing sort of creation of petrichor. Such is love, people. You won’t appreciate it if came easily. Sigh! Look at me going all Philosophical. You know the feeling tea lovers! The impact of tea is unavoidable and often irrevocable.

There are countless ways to brew tea and even more so to drink it. With modernity, taking its toll on all of us, we are constantly bringing new and improved ways to it. Having said that it is safe to say, tea like the tea drinker is constantly evolving against all odds and the tools that we use to connect us with it and in return we enjoy its best taste possible. Without further ado let’s explore a little bit of this phenomenon of tea love on our own:

1. Brewing Tools

t2 - tea-Brewing-Tools-tangylife

Explore Brewing tools here

2. Tea Pots

Explore Tea Pots here

3, Cup and Saucer Sets

Explore Tea Cups

4. Tea for one

Explore Tea-for-One set

5. Tea for two


Explore More Tea For Two Here

6. T2 Tea Glasses & Tumbler


Buy some beautiful tumblers


T2 Tea Gifts

T2 Tea store cares about you in a lot more ways than you think. Gift some awesome curated gift packs to another Tea Freak. If you want someone to fall for tea head over heals present them worth T2 Tea gift vouchers. It is raining tea!!

Explore Their Gifts Section Here


T2 Tea Additional Exploration

Already Tired? No, I knew it. T2 Tea is tea lovers heaven and they’ll not be satisfied unless you cry the tears of happiness. They shower you with super delicious and informative videos on how to make tea. The aromatic adventure takes you from brewing to pairing food with tea. You can read their enlightening articles here, just in case you wanted to broaden your horizon about tea. A never-ending self-discovering journey that tea drinking is, you can never have enough tea recipes. Raise your anchors and ship yourself to the great voyage of tea recipes. May your sense of wonder for tea never ends. Happy Journey!!

I am already just thinking about appending a perfect afternoon with the perfect pairing of tea and food. * drool *


Pros And Cons Of T2 Tea


  1. A super easy to navigate online store, T2 Tea helps you explore world of tea
    Like a guided tour of a world-class art gallery. You are awed, flattered and fall head over heals for their simplicity.
  2. They ship all over Australia and rest of the world.
  3. All the prices are clearly mentioned below each item, they also give you an option of choosing size of the item right there.
  4. T2 Tea offers Corporate Gifting. Make others fall in love with tea mate, now is your chance.
  5. The brand offers wholesale shopping too. Now you can be a part of the tea heaven as a seller too.
  6. It is a store that offers a very wide range of tea. So, you can explore everything from Classic English breakfast to Asian Tisane.
  7. Because tea drinking is a lot like drinking wine, there is a high likelihood that may end up disliking the whole process, if you end up with the wrong combination. They give you information on the food combinations with tea, so nothing gets messed up and you enjoy your tea just the right way.
  8. You can read recipes and various articles on tea.


  1. Shipping charges for domestic buyers may be an issue, although not a con for international shoppers.


How to order from T2 Tea ?

T2 Tea Believes in a relaxed and comfortable environment like any tea sommelier would tell you. So, all you need to do is explore their ocean store, put their gem-like pieces to your Shopping cart, fill in the details and wait for 1-5 days. They ship two ways for both international and Domestic orders:
Standard Shipping
Express Shipping

Some good things come with prices, unfortunately. If you shop for an order below $70 via Domestic Standard Shipping they’ll charge you $ 12, applicable for both Australia and New Zealand. You can be a happy camper if you are sitting on the other corner of the world, or shopping for more than $70, or ordering via Express shipping domestically because of no extra charges for shipping. Music to the ears I hope!!

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Free Domestic delivery

T2 Tea Locations & Delivery

T2 Tea Delivers all over Australia and rest of the world. Although, you can check out if they deliver to your location
You can also check your postcode for delivery in Australia.

T2 Tea Contact Details

Like their products, T2 tea offers a wide range of contact information too. Read on to find where exactly you should buzz them.

Tea Too Pty Ltd
ABN 61 072 399 529
Head Office
PO Box 1382
Collingwood VIC
Australia 3066
Aus: 1300 TEA TOO (1300 832 866)
Email: wholesale.enquiries@t2tea.com

T2 Tea Review Final Conclusion

T2 Tea, is a tea lovers heaven, a never-ending voyage, you really don’t want to lower your anchor on. As super dedicated tea lovers, we at Tangylife feel, T2 Tea offers you everything that is there to know about tea. To them it is just not limited to give a packet, they want to make sure you enjoy every sip of your cuppa.

If Tea is one thing in your mind, and you dream of tea at night, T2 Tea must be your one-stop destination. Even if you are a beginner, T2 tea will be the simplest and the most helpful tea guide you’d ever come across. Bon Voyage, dear tea lover, only at T2 tea. Don’t forget to Check more on tea, while you are at it, here at Tangylife. Check out the link below to get a super awesome deal on tea, ‘buy two and get one free’ May you have a fabulous cuppa!

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