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Hugo Sleep Review is here to solve all your mattress related issues. If you are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress you must read our review. Hugo is a one-stop destination for all kinds of sleepers, however, it is best suited for stomach and side sleepers. What are you waiting for? Read on and let us know what you feel about it.

Hugo Sleep Review 2020 | Hugo Mattress Coupon Code 2020

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Hugo Sleep Review is here to give you a compilation of what good mattresses are made up of. Sleep, people, is no laughing matter, and buying the perfect mattress to give just that dreamy sleep is another level of exhaustion altogether. To Tackle the issue Hugo Sleep is offering ‘50 %’ off on all mattresses. Hurry Up! Use Coupon code ‘50DISCOUNT’

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Hugo Sleep Review – Introduction

hugo sleep review 2020 tangylife blog

Hello to all, you, beautiful people out there!! *Yawn* uncanny how in the times of ‘eat, sleep, work, quarantine and repeat’, how a lot of us are tossing and turning in our beds, not realizing it was our mattress all this while that kidnapped our sleep. Sleep deprivation, in these tech advanced times, isn’t something unheard of and in all honesty, is a major concerning matter. Amongst many other adversities that bad mattresses bring insomnia tops them all. Followed by tones of other ailments such as irritability, tiredness, muscle ache, and others, well… you know the drill! From mental health to physical troubles, lack of sleep can have dramatic effects on your daily life.

Much like the assortment of troubles the sleep that mostly alludes us brings us the sleep market is full of brands that offer awesome mattresses. And to further widen our confusion all brands have a truckload of ranges which offer even more choices. But don’t you worry, Tangylife is here to help reduce your insomnia induced pains. So, you can focus on a goodnight’s sleep. Did you know bad mattresses contribute the most to insomnia? And insomnia comes with its own set of problems most notably memory loss Read on Hugo Sleep Review to find your dream mattress to dream peacefully on.

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Hugo Sleep – The Store

hugo mattress review 2020 tangylife

Hugo Sleep, ladies and gentlemen, is as much a paradise for insomniacs as it is for hypersomniacs. We have all been there, done that when shopping for that one perfect mattress. Its possibly the most sought-after search after ‘The One’, heck it’s a constant search when you have found ‘The One’. No jokes there! Born out of a certain similar search and finding disappointments, Hugo Sleep is godsent through its founders.

Do you remember going to mattress shopping and being lost among thousands of patented technologies? Fret not, because Hugo Sleep solves just the problem with the technology and philosophy of one size fits all. The store has just one product; Hugo Sleep, which is available in different sizes. The store also contains a blog which, in our experience, would definitely enlighten you about sleep.

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What Makes Hugo Sleep Better Than the Rest?

Different sleep styles, naturally, require different mattresses. Since foams take the contours of the sleeper’s body increasing responsiveness and comfort, it is imperative that you keep your sleeping style and mattresses into consideration while buying it.  For example; a stomach sleeper would find memory foam mattress more comfortable. As it takes the body shape giving the much-needed soft support to the internal organs. That is not to say all of those prefer soft mattresses but you get the picture, right?

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Hugo Sleep Signature Qualities

Hugo Sleep is a hybrid mattress. It contains layers of natural latex, memory foam, transition foam, and high-density foam respectively making it well suited for all kinds of sleepers. You can look forward to getting a mattress that takes contours of your body supporting internal organs without being too hard as the latex foam. This is especially fantastic for side and stomach sleepers, even though if you are habitual to spring mattress you will find it firmer than you are used to.

The back sleepers may find it a bit softer for their liking because it does use memory foam in its layer. However, since it uses natural latex in its top layer it will give the back support they need for a good night’s sleep.

All the different sizes will be delivered compressed in a box that helps with navigation and transportation. It’s best first to position the mattress before you remove the packaging. Contrary to popular belief mattresses are not for eternity. During the first year, its position should be changed every three months. Don’t leave us just yet, keep reading Hugo Sleep Review to get an in-depth knowledge of what makes it super awesome and a must-have for you!

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Structure of Hugo Mattress

The mattress, being a hybrid one, contains four layers:

  1. Natural Latex
  2. Memory Foam
  3. Transition Foam
  4. High-Density Foam


1. Natural Latex

natural latex hugo mattress review 2020 tangylife

It makes the topmost layer of Hugo. Made from the sap harvested from the rubber trees, this layer works as the back and shoulder support. Natural Latex provides cushioning for the shoulder, hips, and other pressure points. In fact, nearly 1/3 of all those consumers who have invested in latex layered mattresses have reported a significant reduction in pain as well as noticeable pain prevention. Natural latex is also dust mites, mildew, and mold resistant making Hugo hypoallergenic & antimicrobials. Natural latex also sleeps cooler because natural latex has an open cell structure that ensures better airflow. This layer makes Hugo cool (quite literally) Allergy-free and pain-relieving with just one material.


2. Memory Foam

You’ll find this layer just below the natural latex layer. Originally intended to be airplane seat covers memory foam first came into existence in 1960 thanks to NASA. However, now it has expanded its usage in the form of cushions, mattress, and pillows because of the increased manufacturing and reduced price. Known for the ability to mold itself to the contours of the body, memory foam is especially great in reducing pain. According to, this is achieved by the material’s ability to displace pressure from points of pain on your body. It flattens where the pressure applies, taking the shape of the body, you can certainly expect a soft sleep.


3. Transition Foam

The layer between the topmost layers and the base, this just that; a transition, ensuring a seamless shift from the top enchanting comfort of top layers to the support of the bottom. All the layers see a gradual increase in the density marking the famous cloud-like feeling of Hugo.


4. High-Density Foam

The thickest yet layer of Hugo, this makes it long-lasting and supportive. If you are habitual of sleeping on innerspring mattresses, you’d know the pain of the springs poking once they are worn out. Hugo, however will never give you the trouble thanks to the absolute absence of springs in it. Thanks to its solidity the mattress won’t lose its shape any time soon.

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Special Features of Hugo Sleep Mattress

  • It is a hybrid mattress intended to focus on spine alignment and heat distribution, two major factors for comfort during sleep.
  • The brand doesn’t have a single showroom, which is why they give you a trial period of three months. You can check the mattress within the settings and comfort of your bedroom.
  • It comes in a compressed form, but it expands to 90% of its total size within a minute with the rest 10% expanding within an hour.
  • Hugo thrives best on flat surfaces, be it your bed or the floor.
  • If you don’t like Hugo within the trial period you can return it for 100% of the price, however, they do recommend you give it at least a duration of a month before returning.
  • Hugo Sleep also takes your old mattress. They will give it to Salvos Stores, which recycles them by selling it through their network. This in return funds their community program through food vouchers and temporary shelter for the homeless.
  • Hugo is manufactured within Australia, and with the elimination of production line and showroom they have been able to maintain the reasonable, in fact, cheaper price range than the average brands.
  • It has localized bounce, so you can twist and turn in your bed all you want (which is highly unlikely in the case of Hugo) without disturbing your partner. What more? You can do all your pillow fights on it, without fearing dreaded springs poking you in the nasty places.

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Hugo Sleep Delivery and Shipping

hugo sleep mattress review 2020 tangylife

Hugo ships free of cost all over Australia and accepts all credit and debit cards.
You can read more about it here.


Hugo Sleep Contact Information

Phone No. – 1300 951 185
Email –

hugo mattress review 2020 tangylife


Our Feedback on Hugo Sleep


  • Compared to the market price of hybrid mattresses, ranging at $695 – $1095 Hugo Sleep is pretty cheaper.
  • Being a hybrid mattress Hugo solves the trouble of way too many choices. The entire website is dedicated to a single product available in different sizes.
  • Hugo is hypoallergenic. It means it’s going to reduce the odds of an allergic reaction because it uses Natural Latex which is mildew, dust mites, and mold resistant.
  • Natural Latex provides much-needed firmness whereas memory foam keeps it from being too hard. A win-win situation for Stomach, side and back sleepers, however stomach and side sleepers would like it better.
  • Hugo offers 3 months free trial. This, in our opinion is their best feature. You can’t really select something as big an investment like a mattress based on five minutes trial in the showroom.
  • They have a ten years warranty.
  • Hugo is designed to keep movement isolated, so when your partner zigs, you don’t zag. Solid and stable, with just enough bounce to keep pillow fights interesting.
  • Free shipping Australia wide.


  • If you are very tall over 5’11” Hugo would be too small for you.
  • It’s not super thick, so it may not be for you if you’re habitual tom sleeping on a very thick mattress.

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Hugo Sleep Review 2020 – Conclusion

At very affordable pricing and negligible cons, Hugo Sleep has everything you can wish for. Even though not very thick with a careful layering of different materials that increase in density gradually, Hugo is meant to take the shape of your body yet maintain the support and firmness. As a back sleeper you may find it a bit soft but if you’re a stomach or a side sleeper you have really found yourself Croesus’ Treasure.

We, believe Hugo is a great value for your money. Don’t forget to comment below and we’ll be back with another review pretty soon. Till then Au Revoir!


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