Best affordable Electric Blanket in India 2021 | Electric Blanket Review & Buying Guide

With the onset of winters, we all start getting ready with room heaters, water heaters, or warm blankets. One of the perfect remedies to fight the cold freezing winters is to get into a cozy warm blanket, and won’t it be a jackpot if these blankets can keep your couch or bed warm in advance, before you even get in to binge-watch your favorite series. That cloud nine moment is so much possible with these electric blankets or heated blanket, a winter essential to keep your night comfortable, toasty, and warm. We have researched a few of the best electric blankets to find the most affordable electric blanket in India that will be within your budget, safe to use, and are of high-quality fabric. Before we get into the countdown, lets read the Electric blanket buying guide that will help you choose the most comfortable blanket for your home.


Buying Guide for the Best Electric Blanket in India

I would call Electric blankets as a technology boom, innovation that not only gives us a cozy winter night but also keep our electricity bill low. The power consumption caused by room heaters that we Indian use during the winters will get saved if we start using these electric blankets. Though nowadays there are many energy-efficient room heaters available online but its not feasible to use it all night long.


Types of Electric Blankets in India

There are many options of Electric blanket available in India, but the most popular one you can choose are categorized as top electric blankets & bottom or mattress cover Electric blankets.

1. Overblankets or Duvet Electric Blankets

The blankets that can be used just like any other regular blanket under the duvet or placed inside the duvet. It is available in the same size as your bed dimensions and helps maintain constant bed temperature.

2. Electric Underblanket

These blankets cover the upper part of your mattress and heat the surface of your bed but need covering with a bedsheet. They have a tie or elasticated bands to cover the mattress.

3. Mattress cover Electric blankets

Fitted by tie bands and can use as a regular mattress protector. It warms up your bed before you use it.

4. Heated Throw

These electric blankets are called the heated throw is the most versatile blankets that can be used on a couch and adds decor to your home as it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


Are Electric Blankets Good ?

Advantages of Electric Blankets

  • Modern electric blankets have low voltage wiring that is safe to use than the older versions.
  • It offers an adjustable or consistent level of heat to give a comfortable sleep.
  • These blankets are lightweight and yet warm.
  • You don’t need to have an extra layer of bedding or covers, as these blankets provide uniform warmth throughout the night.
  • The new features include dual temperature control to share it with our partner or set your personalized temperature.
  • Don’t require extra heating pads during a menstrual cycle pain as It helps women in menstrual pain and relaxes the muscles.
  • It helps in blood circulation, thus providing relief from muscle tension, aches, or pains.
  • The thermostatic auto shut-off feature helps save a lot of electricity.

Side effects of Electric Blankets

  • Not all Electric blankets are machine washable and have to be dry cleaned to protect the wiring.
  • In some blankets, the thermostat controller, power cord, and wires are uncomfortable as you can feel them.
  • Electric blankets have some unforeseen disadvantages as anything of too much, especially heat, is not suitable for our body.
  • It’s not advisable to use an electric blanket if you sleep with a pet.


How to buy an Electric blanket ?

Consider these features listed below before choosing the best electric blanket for your home use –

1. Heat Settings

It’s an important feature to consider, and it lets you increase, decrease, or maintain the temperature. Some blankets come with 3, 5, or even ten heat settings.

2. Easy cleaning

Try to buy the electric blanket that is machine washable and dryable with the cord that can be unplugged rather than the one that requires extra care.

3. Auto shut off

Electric blankets should come with auto shut off feature that turns of the thermostat, which is a great safety feature.

4. Material

Few electric blanket materials like fleece, cotton, flannel are all soft, but polyester is safer to use as it doesn’t catch fire.

5. Size

You can choose as per your usages as electric blankets come in twin, king, queen, or even full sizes.

6. Warranty

It’s excellent to purchase a product that gives you an after-sale warranty and these blankets are expected to last as long as five years, so look for the best warranty product.

7. Electricity Consumption

Some electric blankets brands manufacture low voltage blankets that consume less power than a room heater and also are safer.

8. Extra programmable features

Some programmable features like LCD, dual temperature control, and preheat setting will make your purchase even worth, so look for an electric blanket with these features.


Our Pick for the Most affordable Electric Blankets in India 2021

With so many cozy options available these days, it can be overwhelming to select the best Electric Blanket, so we have researched for you and selected ten most affordable electric blankets in India that will allow you save a lot on your utility bill.


1. Expressions Electric Under Blanket

Expressions Electric Blanket review tangylife
Expressions Electric Blanket or bed warmer is easy to use and maintain a product that is a revolutionized in house heating concept. It can be used under a bed sheet or over the mattress that warms your bed by radiating heat and give you sound sleep all night. The features include three heat settings- high, medium, and low in a separate control switch.

Key Features

– Thermostat turn off option will save electricity
– Three heat settings
– Overheating Protection
– Double safety
– Muscle and pain soother
– Power consumption – 70 & 140 watts for a single & double bed
– Dual controllers for two people
– One year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Lightweight & durable
  • Safe to use
  • Reduce Your Electricity Bill
  • Ease Stiffness And Soreness
  • Auto cut off feature


  • Not washable at home

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2. Odessey Woollen Electric Blanket

Odessey Electric Blankets review tangylife
Odessey electric blankets or bed warmer comes with 3 heat settings controller and warms up your bed with 20 minutes heat up time. The material is 10% polyester. It can be used in spas and it is extremely useful for old age arthritis patients.

Key Features

– Three setting modes (off, low and high)
– Built-in thermal cut out
– Teflon coating wiring against overheat
– LED indicator for easy usage
– Long-lasting & Waterproof element

Buyers Feedback


  • Saves up to 95 percent of electricity
  • Shockproof and 100% waterproof
  • Three heat setting controller
  • Relaxes the tired back and legs muscles
  • Great for kids and older people too


  • Not to be Used by patients with Pacemakers

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3. Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket

Warmzzz Electric Blanket review tangylife
Warmzzz Electric Blankets is under the blanket that can be placed beneath the bedsheet and not used as over blanket. This Heated Blanket is designed with the utmost consideration for safety that keeps the bed warm with its four heat settings and made with naturally fire-resistant wool.

Key Features

– Shock-proof electric blanket
– Include four heat controls – High | Low | Top | Foot
– Inbuilt overheat protection
– Fits as a single bed

Buyers Feedback


  • It warms the bed very fast
  • Very easy to use
  • Shockproof product
  • Instant relief from pain


  • Doesn’t have auto-cut
  • The power cable is not detachable, and it is not intended to be washed

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4. Pindia Double Bed Electric Blanket

Pindia Double Bed Electric Blanket review tangylife
Pindia Electric blanket that is designed to be used as under bed warmer that is made of high-quality polar fleece. It has automatic temperature control with timer. The best part is its handy remote control that allows you to turn off or on your blanket easily. It has all great safety features like shockproof, overheats protection, 2-way thermal cutout sensor. It is also an ideal option for joint pain or muscular pain due to its awesome heat therapy.

Key Features

– Temperature regulating remote control
– Two built-in thermal cutout
– Overheat protection
– fire resistant and waterproof
– Adjustable temperature setting modes

Buyers Feedback


  • Durable & good quality fabric
  • Thoroughly Tested
  • Shock Proof
  • Easy to use
  • Heats your bed well


  • No downside noted yet

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5. Home Elite Single Electric Blanket

Home Elite Single Electric Blanket review tangylife
Home Elite electric blankets are premium quality bed warmers that provide heat therapy to relax sore muscles and legs. It lets you have that cozy, comfortable sleep with its remote-controllable two heat Settings. It gives priority to its security and safety features and certified by ROHS, CE, and approved by ISO 9001 2008 manufacturing standards. Its preheat settings and dual control work well.

Key Features

– Shockproof & Water Resistant
– Dual control Remote with two heat pre-sets
– Doctor’s recommended product
– Two heat Settings
– 1-year warranty
– Power consumption – 60 watts

Buyers Feedback


  • Saves electricity compared to room heaters and blowers
  • Double safety features
  • Easy to use
  • Provides comfortable heat therapy
  • Material is strong, durable and tighter


  • Cannot be washed

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6. Comfort Wool Double Bed Electric Blanket

Comfort Wool Double Bed Electric Blanket review tangylife
Comfort Wool electric Blankets are great for use in the coldest winter. It radiates heat from beneath inducing deep, restful sleep, and the heat therapy relaxes the tired back and legs muscles. It helps ease stiffness and soreness and allows you to wake up feeling rested and fresh.

Key Features

– Power consumption – 200 watts
– Two switches with four controls on each- High, Low, Top and Foot
– Red indicator switch is excellent for night use
– 1 Year Manufacturer warranty
– Helps to reduce stiffness and tiredness

Buyers Feedback


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Help reduce electricity bill
  • Heats up in 1 minute
  • All heat settings work great
  • Washable at home


  • No downside noted yet

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7. Cozyland Polyester Double Electric Bed

Cozyland Electric Blanket review tangylife
The Cozyland electric blankets are beautifully designed electric blankets that come in 18 different color options that offer you warmth. Its recommended by doctors as it not just warm your bed but offer heat therapy just like any pain-relieving massage therapy. It’s available for both single and double beds.

Key Features

– Available in single & double Bed sizes
– Made from high-quality Polyester
– Shock Proof
– Water Proof
– Power consumption – 60 watts
– Auto cut off mode
– 5 years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Helps to alleviate muscle pain
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to sleep comfortably
  • The material is soft and great color options available


  • Cannot be used as over blanket
  • Its takes a little longer to warm up

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Best Electric Blanket in India 2021 – Conclusion

The above mentioned Electric blankets not just provide us warmth and comfort but also come with great features that will soothe your muscles, save your electricity bill, and give you a nice cozy sleep all night long in winters. So Don’t wait and invest in one of these affordable snuggling electric blankets.

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