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Hand Mixer is one of the essential kitchen gadgets if you are fond of baking. This one device makes it possible to create the baked goodies in the least amount of time and even also with the perfection. This will help you in getting even more consistent batter rather than mixing or folding with hands. Normally, two types of whipping machines are available for baking Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers, and both these tools are specially designed for baking tasks. But which one you want to buy is dependent on your budget, space available in your kitchen and also how seriously you take your baking. In this blog, I am going to discuss about the hand mixers, its advantages, and disadvantages, and tips to get the best hand mixer in India. Also, you will go through a detailed list of best hand mixers in India under Rs 5000.

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About Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are best for light, everyday baking tasks like whipping creams, whisking egg whites or mixing up cake batter. This hand mixer is ideal if you are short on space and time. It is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen, as they are easily packed away into a drawer or cupboard. The hand mixer has a motor enclosed with it, and also various speed settings are available that you can use accordingly. Most of the hand mixers come with two pairs of attachments: a pair of whisk mixer, and a pair of dough hooks. Whisk mixers are used for mixing batters, and the dough hooks are used to knead dough for bread and pastries. Baking will get simpler with this gadget, as you have just to plug in the device and turn it on.

Advantages of Hand Mixers

  • The primary advantage of hand mixer is that it will effectively combine the ingredients for making cakes, cookies, and pies and even also prepare fine dough for pizzas, biscuits, bread, etc. Thus, you can simply and quickly make the baked goods that you love.
  • The hand mixer is not only a handy tool but also a great tool for those bakers who are on a tight budget. These are typically more affordable than the stand mixers.
  • If you are a home baker and have a small kitchen, this one will be the great option as it takes very less space and you can conveniently store it in a drawer as well.
  • Hand mixers perform very well for quick mixing jobs like whipping creams, cake batter or egg whites.
  • As this tool is not restricted to a particular size of the mixing bowl, as the stand mixers, therefore you can use it with any bowl.
  • The hand mixers are quick and easy to clean up.

Disadvantages of Hand Mixers

  • This one gadget is not as powerful as the stand mixers. With only a small motor, its mixing capabilities are comparatively less than that of the stand mixers.
  • Since the bowl is not fixed with it, so the possibilities of splash are greater, what you are mixing out of the bowl.

Tips to get the Best Hand Mixers

To get the perfect mixing of all your ingredients for baking cakes, cookies, and pies, you must select the best hand mixer that performs the whipping and mixing task very well. For this, you must consider the following points before purchasing any of the hand mixers for combining the ingredients very well to get perfect baked goods.


If you do a lot of baking then it is essential to have a hand mixer with a powerful motor. It will ease your whipping and mixing tasks.


The second thing you need to think about while purchasing a hand mixer is their grip. Select the one only having a good grip to avoid slipping.


Hand mixers with light weight are the best options as the heavier one gives you a bit of strain on the arm muscles.


Hand mixers with variable speed settings will also be the preferable one. Some of the baked goods require a whipping action to make sure that all of the air bubbles are removed from the batter. And some other one needs an aerated batter so that it can rise and be light, fluffy, and tasty. A hand mixer with variable speed settings will allow for both to be simply and quickly made for you.


Reviews of the Best Hand Mixers under 5k

Here are seven best hand mixers under Rs 5000 with different capabilities and different price ranges. Now just have a look at the detailed review of the hand mixers from the brands Philips, Kitchen Aid, and more and pick the one according to your preferences.

1. Philips Daily Collection HR1459 300-Watt Hand Mixer

This model from Philips comes with a powerful 300-Watt motor that gives you the perfect result with least efforts while mixing, whisking or kneading. Also, it comes with dedicated five-speed settings for all your recipes. The stainless steel strip beaters and dough hooks are also included to get the best mixing and kneading.
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2. Morphy Richards 300-Watt Hand Mixer

This model from Morphy Richards will get the job of kneading the dough or mixing the batter instantly. It has a powerful 300 Watt motor that will effectively blend, whip, and mash the ingredients with ease. Its five-speed control settings let you shift quickly between speeds to get an even consistency in the food you are preparing. This hand mixer also features a turbo function that provides short and powerful bursts of speed to mix the ingredients evenly.
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3. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer

The Bajaj Majesty HM01 Hand mixer helps you take away from the toughest cooking tasks. It makes your kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks more easy and efficient. Now prepare your baked goodies at the convenience of your home with this powerful hand mixer from Bajaj. Featuring stylish design, powerful 250W motor, 3-speed controls, chrome plated dough & beater attachment, eject button, slicing/push switch gives you the best results for all your perfect baking.
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4. Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Hand Mixer with QuickBurst

Make all of your mixing and whipping task more convenient and comfortable with this Hamilton Beach hand mixer. It comes with a powerful 300 Watt motor and six button speed settings with Quick Burst that provides extra power at any speed. Its soft grip handle makes it very easy and convenient to use. This versatile hand mixer is a perfect appliance for best blending, creaming, kneading, and folding.
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5. KitchenAid KHM512TB 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

KitchenAid KHM512TB hand mixer is the perfect one for all your whipping and mixing needs. It comes with five-speed settings and two stainless steel Turbo Beaters that provide you with the power and control to mix up all your favorite cake batters, cookie dough, whipping creams, and much more.
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6. Hamilton Beach 62620 6-Speed Hand Mixer with Snap-on Case

This stylish and beautiful looking hand mixer from Hamilton Beach mixes anything from whipped cream to cookie dough. It comes with a cute snap on case storage with easy access door. This hand mixer has a 290 watts peak power with burst button and six-speed settings that make the task of whipping, mixing, and kneading more convenient.
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7. Hamilton Beach 62692 Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, Black by Hamilton Beach

This one from Hamilton Beach is stylish, powerful, and easy to hold hand mixer with having a great snap-on case to keep the beaters right with the mixers. It comes with a 275 Watts peak power, six speed settings with Quick Burst button allowing you to mix, whip, and knead accordingly.
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So, make your life easier in the kitchen as well as a baker by picking one of the best hand mixers listed above. All these are picked from well-known brands. The above-listed hand mixers are having the very best features and also not very costly so best fitted to your budget as well. I am sure; the list will ease your task of selecting the best and desirable one.

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