5 Best Electric Blankets for Winters 2020 | Heated Throw Blankets Reviews

With the advancement in technology, electric blankets have come up as a great electricity saver for the winter season. Room heaters consume a lot of electricity during freezing winter, but a comfortable & safest electric blanket will help us get rid of the chilling winter nights while saving energy too.

What are Electric Blankets and principle on which it works?

I would call an electric blanket or heated throw as an innovative invention in the field of technology that keeps us warm and cozy without much effort and saves our money too. These blankets are not all night long but ensure to keep your bed or couch warm enough to get in, which can be turned off and help you sleep comfortably and quickly.
Earlier electric blankets had a bad reputation for being too overly thick, unsafe, and uncomfortable, but with the advancement, in technology and techniques, the manufacturer now uses thermal induction fabrics that are lighter and safe heating techniques.
The principle of an electric blanket is simple, by using the power of electricity to heat insulated wires. The wire goes in between the mattress and bedding that when switched on heats up the cables and surrounding the fabric.

In the latest electric blanket models, we can adjust the temperature with the control unit feature. Also, in a few double bed electric blanket, there is an option of dual control feature that lets you control temperature on your side of the bed in case you are sharing the sheet with a partner, and he/ she doesn’t want it to be so warm. Isn’t that smart?


How an electric blanket works?


Our Top Reviewed 5 Safest Electric Blankets

Product NameSIZEHeat SettingWarranty 
SUNBEAM HEATED BLANKETDouble Bed , Single Bed10 settings5 yearsAmazon.in Amazon.com
Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric BlanketDouble & Single10 settings with dual control5 yearsAmazon.in Amazon.com
Stalwart Electric Car BlanketOne size for car use with long cordone setting1 yearAmazon.in Amazon.com
Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric BlanketOne size10 settings with dual control3 yearsAmazon.in Amazon.com
Degree of Comfort Micro-Plush Electric Blanket <Double and single20 Settings5 yearsAmazon.com


Best Electric Blankets 2020 Reviews

1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket – Microplush Queen Size

Sunbeam Heated Blanket review tangylife
Sunbeam Microplush Electric blankets are the softest and coziest blankets. It comes with 10 heat settings and easy to use remote. It is safe to use an electric blanket with its impressive safety feature that automatically shuts off after 10 hours. The thermoFine technology distributes heat evenly and lets you maintain a desired level of temperature so you can have a sound sleep.

Key Features

– Available in four different sizes including King, Queen, Full size
– Control with push-button and digital display
– Ten heat settings
– 10-hour auto-off function
– King and queen size have dual temperature control
– Machine-washable and dryer-safe

Buyers Feedback


  • Preheat setting is awesome
  • Controls are precise and intuitive
  • Quiet warm & comfortable
  • Great color options available
  • Soft and light material


  • Some users wanted the auto turn off to be adjustable rather than set on 10 hours

Buy Sunbeam Electric Blanket online at
Indian Customers Buy on Amazon.in Buy on Amazon.com


2. Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric Blanket

Softheat low voltage Electric Blanket review tangylife
The Softheat Microfleece electric blankets come in four different sizes twin, full, king, and queen, and can fit on any mattress size. The part of this blanket is its ultra-thin wiring that you hardly feel it. The blanket is very safe to use with its non-hazardous low voltage technology even when there is moisture, safe for pets and kids. It has a single control and auto shut off mode after 10 hours.

Key features

– Ultra-soft micro-fleece fabric
– Safest non-hazardous low voltage technology
– Automatic shut off after 10 hours
– Night Time adjustment with an auto-dimming feature
– Ultra-thin wires
– Preheat temperature setting

Buyers Feedback


  • Over-temperature protection makes it safe
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Very comfortable and soft
  • Warms up bed quickly
  • High quality


  • On the expensive side

Buy Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric Blanket online at
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3. Electric Car Blanket- Heated 12 Volt Fleece Travel Throw

Stalwart Electric Car blanket review tangylife
Doesn’t it sound great to cover yourself with a warm cozy blanket while driving at winter night? It’s possible now with The Stalwart Electric Car Blanket, also called an electric car blanket. It comes with a long power cord suitable for passengers traveling in the back of your vehicle. It uses 120 volts of power and can be plugged in any car, truck, or SUV and suitable for someone who lives in a place with freezing temperatures.

Key Features

– Great for traveling purposes
– Easy car plugin in SUV or even trucks
– 96-inch cord for backseat passengers also
– Easy to use and foldable
– lightweight & portable
– LED indicators

Buyers Feedback


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long enough to cover lap
  • Easy to carry and fold


  • No Auto Shutoff
  • Not machine washable

Buy Stalwart Electric Car Blanket online at
Indian Customers Buy on Amazon.in Buy on Amazon.com


4. Serta Heated Electric Fleece Blanket

Serta Heated Electric Blanket review tangylife
The Sarta Fleece Electric Blanket is a warming blanket that is machine washable and dryable, which makes it practically the best choice for any user. It has a pre-heat and holds function and an exclusive timer feature that sets heat time from 30 minutes to 12 hours. The King and queen size has dual individual controllers for personalized comfort.

Key Features

– Made from 100% soft polyester micro-fleece
– Programmable digital controller with 10-heat settings
– Built-in Temperature Timer
– Conveniently machine wash
– 3 years warranty
– Dual individual controllers
– Adjustable thermostat

Buyers Feedback


  • Allows to set time as well as heating limits
  • Highly Durable
  • Warms up quickly


  • The display module isn’t very user-friendly

Buy Serta Heated Electric Fleece Blanket from
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5. Degrees of Comfort – Micro-Plush Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Micro Plush Electric Blanket review tangylife
The Microplush Electric Blanket by Degree of comfort is another 20 setting heating comforter that is safe to use. It protects your skin from any burns or radiation as it doesn’t transmit any electromagnetic radiation. It has an LCD controller with different heating levels. The best part is its 5-year warranty.

Key Features

– 20 different heat settings
– 12.5FT long unnoticeable Power cord
– Auto shutoff from 1 to 10 hours
– Easy to wash
– Safe to use

Buyers Feedback


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • 2 LCD display controllers make sit user-friendly
  • Saves electricity
  • Wires are not as intrusive and long enough
  • The pre-heat setting is quick


  • No downside noted yet

Buy Degrees of Comfort Micro-Plush Electric Blanket online at
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Best Electric Blankets for Winters 2020 – Final Conclusion

These are the few most comfortable, luxurious, and the safest electric blankets available online that are high in quality and keeps you warm the whole winter. Also, read our electric blankets buying guide and also checkout our review on the most affordable & cheapest electric blankets 2020 available online for our Indian customers as well as Amazon.com users.

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