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We have come into the world of social distancing, thanks to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has restricted humans to come in close contact. The deadly virus seems to spread through touch ever since the outbreak of this fatal disease people across the world no matter its hospitals, airports, hotels, offices, malls, etc., have been advised to routinely check the body temperature of every soul before they enter the premises as one of the most common symptoms of Coronavirus includes fever, dry cough, and breathlessness. But with no-touch policy, it wouldn’t be possible to check the temperature with a mercury thermometer or a digital thermometer… unless it’s your own personal one. There is one way out to track the spread of this virus, possibly by maintaining the WHO guidelines of social distancing and using a non-contact infrared thermometer or forehead thermometer in areas with a high community gathering.

According to the FDA guidance,” fever is a common symptom of COVID-19, typically appearing 2-14 days after exposure and Telethermographic systems can determine surface skin temperature, which is then used to estimate the temperature at a reference body site. The available scientific literature supports the use of Telethermographic systems in the context of initial human temperature measurement during such a triage process caused dusting this pandemic.
After reading the FDA guidelines I researched about the Telethermographic system which is regarded as the non-contact thermography; thermographic that derives diagnostic indications from infrared images of the human body, so in simple words, the best way to measure body temperature through non-contact can be done through an infrared thermometer that could be put to this category of medical equipment. But there is a slight difference between a thermographic system and an infrared thermometer. Do read our section for a non-contact Infrared thermometer buying guide to clear your doubts.

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What is a non contact Thermometer or an Infrared Thermometer ?

Let’s first understand how an Infrared thermometer works as compared to a regular thermometer. An infrared thermometer or a forehead thermometer helps reading an accurate reading of body temperature in less time using the infrared technology, scanning the temperature of the temporal artery present on the forehead. To check the temperature, you have to hold the thermometer a few centimeters away from the forehead and then slowly move it across the forehead, and it gives the reading within seconds. Being less invasive, these thermometers are ideal for babies, kids, or elderly and are most of the time accurate, just like an oral or rectal thermometer.

An infrared thermometer can even be used in various working environments or industries for checking the temperature of even an object from a distance. It can be used to check food temperature, electrical equipment, or any surface that you don’t want to touch and still wish to monitor the temperature. They are versatile than an ordinary thermometer.

Furthermore, an infrared thermometer is categorized into three different types based on their functionalities:

1. Contact Infrared Thermometer

Contact infrared thermometers give the best and most accurate reading b pressing the probe tip on the forehead or temple. These thermometers are good for personal use and in your own family when there is no risk of any infectious disease.

2. Non-Contact thermometer

A non-contact infrared thermometer is best for measuring the temperature from a safe distance. It can be scanned from 1 to 6 inches away from the forehead, thereby reducing the risks of infections. Right now during the COVID 19 outbreak these will be the best possible way to detect a person with a high temperature, but fever should not be the only option to put that person into an infectious person category, Further test is required but definitely, these thermometers can way them out to take precautions. This type of non-contact thermometer can even give you an accurate reading of an object, food, feeding bottles, or even rooms.

3. Multi-function or ear thermometer

A multifunctional thermometer, as the name suggests, gives accurate reading through the forehead, and ear as well. They are not recommended for newborn babies as while taking temperature as the probe has to be inserted in the ear canal, which gives the most accurate internal body temperature. Mostly these thermometers can be set on different modes as per need of different people.

Things to consider while buying the best non-contact Infrared Thermometers

In this blog, our research is based on the current scenario to avoid any touch or contact with each other, so we have gathered few points to consider that will help you choose the best Non-contact Infrared thermometers that will accurately measure the body temperature with everyone being on a safe distance.

1. Accuracy

A non-contact infrared thermometer uses thermal radiation to measure the temperature of an object or a sick person, but mostly it read the thermal reading on the surface rather than the internal temperature. It gathers information by sensing the heat coming from the person. If used and placed correctly, they always give an accurate reading. So always check out the instructions before using a thermometer. A tip we can give for recording actual internal body temperature its recommend to add one degree to the recorded reading on your thermometer.

2. Safety

These thermometers are much safer than a contact infrared thermometer as there is no chance of any cross-contamination even when used on different people and require minimal disinfection. It also takes the temperature of a person in motion or moving. You must check for the distance ratio, like measuring the temperature from 1 to 6 inches away from the person or object.

3. Easy unit switch

Thermometers should be easy to use and easy to read and so choose a thermometer that lets you switch two different units and can show you reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit as per your requirement and convenience.

4. Memory function

Few thermometer brands lets you keep a record of your previous reading for any future references. This feature will help you keep track of reading at different times. Few brands allow you to even track reading of different people in the family as well.

5. Response time

With a non-contact thermometer, it is best if you get reading in a few seconds only. This feature is great for offices, malls, hospitals, or any gathering place where it’s necessary to use the thermometer on many people, and if the reading speed is quick, the process will be fast.

6. Fever alert indicator

It’s best to choose the thermometer that comes with a fever alert indicator that easily lets the user know if the temperature is above the normal reading. The indicator can be a beeping sound or visual alert on the display that can make it very user friendly and safe to use, especially when taking a reading on a large number of people.

7. Long battery life

Its best to choose an infrared thermometer that comes with a long battery life that lasts pretty long, and there are few brands that give an extra pair of batteries for a backup in emergency.

8. Ease of use

If your infrared thermometer is easy to carry when you travel or be used by the just touch of a button, making it convenient for anyone to use. It’s good to select a thermometer that gives a quick and accurate reading in a few seconds and shuts off automatically after 60 seconds.

How to use Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer?

Using a non-contact infrared thermometer is very easy with its amazing high-end feature, but still, it’s best to read the instructions written on the brand leaflet of thermometer you buy and follow them properly to get the best accurate reading. Mostly a non-contact infrared thermometer is used as per the below-given steps:

Step 1- Switch on the forehead or non-contact thermometer
Step 2- Place it about 1 to 6 inches (whichever is specified) away from the forehead of the person or object.
Step 3- Press and hold the touch button in order to display two red laser circle on the forehead.
Step 4- Once you see the red circle or laser, point it in the direction of the circle until they merge or become stable or precise.
Step 5- Now, wait until the thermometer beeps, indicating temperature and release the button.
Step 6- For more accurate internal core body temperature, you can add one more degree to the reading displayed on the thermometer.


8 Best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer in 2021 Review

Here are some of the best non-contact infrared thermometers available online that you can purchase and use to monitor the fever and keep yourself and your family safe from any virus contamination.


1. Smile Mom Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun


The Smile Mom Digital Infrared non contact thermometer Gun is great for measuring temperature from a distance of 5 to 10 cm. It allows to easily switch between °C and °F. Its smart design and features makes it suitable for all age group including elderly and babies. The clear LED Digital Screen and large operating buttons makes it a hassle free operation. It automatically detects body temperature in 0.5 seconds with high accuracy rate. This one also comes with 3 color back light giving you different reading for severity of temperature.A high temperature is always notified with beep alarm and red color alert light.

Key Features

– Laser based non contact infrared thermometer
– CE, ROHS, CNAS Certified
– Measure body temperature within 0.5 seconds and the accuracy is ±0.2°C(0.4°F)
– Automatic shutdown function 20 seconds for power saving.
– Ergonomic design, simple and generous appearance
– High precision measurement
– Stores 32 reading in memory storage
– Automatic shutdown function
– LCD display is child friendly as its quiet

Buyers Feedback


  • Easy to operate
  • Gives accurate temperature
  • Very good quality
  • Simple but sturdy design


  • A little expensive

Buy Smile Mom Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun
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2. Dr. Odin Multi Function Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Dr Odin Non Contact Infrared Thermometer tangylife blog
Dr. Odin Infrared thermometer is the most reliable clinically proven and tested non-contact thermometer. It gives accurate reading if used with proper operational instructions. Some amazing features include unit switch over function, memory reading up to 20 reading, color-changing screen, auditory and visual high-temperature warnings. It can detect both human and inmate object temperature in just a second.

Key Features

– Non-contact detection (0.5-2.0 inches)
– FDA and CE approved
– 20 reading memory
– Three color LCD display
– Gives accurate reading in just one second
– Used on both body and object
– Easy unit switch mode

Buyers Feedback


  • Ergonomic firm grip design
  • No skin contact
  • Great battery life
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to handle and use


  • No downside noted yet

Buy Dr. Odin Multi Function Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer
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3. MCP Premium Infrared Forehead thermometer Gun

MCP Premium Infrared thermometer review tangylife blog
MCP premium offers a gun-shaped infrared thermometer making it very comfortable to use by anyone. This works on the same principle of reading the forehead infrared. It gives a stable and reliable temperature every time. The reading can be stored in memory for up to 32 data. It automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of non-operation. A large LCD screen with bright backlight and three different color displays to differentiate between different temperature readings.
Green color represents a normal temperature, and a yellow color represents a mild fever, whereas a red color representing a high-temperature reading. This device can be used on objects as well as food, milk bottles, water, etc.

Key Features

– Auto Power Shut Off In 7 Seconds
– Low Battery Consumption
– Useful For Babies, Adults, elderly and even objects
– User-Friendly Design
– Non-contact infrared technology
– Backlit large LCD Screen
– Sound alarm in case of excess temperature
– Two temperature unit modes
– 1-year warranty
– Talking function for visually impaired

Buyers Feedback


  • Sound alert alarm for high temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate reading in no time
  • Contact-less reading


  • Sometimes three reading has to be taken for accuracy

Buy MCP Premium Infrared Forehead thermometer Gun
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4. Wurze Forehead Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Body and Object

Wurze Forehead Non Contact InfraRed Thermometer tangylife
This non- contact infrared thermometer by the company Wuzre is the most accurate thermometer that measures body temperature by heat radiation emitted on the forehead. With very simple operation and high accuracy rate, users have only been talking about its good reviews. It can even measure object temperature from a distance of 5 cm ranging from 0 degrees C to 118 degrees C.

Key Features

– Non-contact infrared technology
– Beeper for high-temperature indication
– Large LCD display
– Automatically recalls last reading
– Automatic shut off

Buyers Feedback


  • Very reliable & accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Very handy
  • Good quality


  • No downside noted yet

Buy Wurze Forehead Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Body and Object
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5. Dikang Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer | FDA, RoHS, FC, CE Certified

dikang Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Review tangylife
This Non contact infrared thermometer by Dikang is the only thermometer that is certified by all four medical bodies – FDA, RoHS, FC and CE. Its known for giving the most accurate temperature . It comes in a gun-style design which is easy to handle while taking the temperature. It measures temperature for surface, an object or even a person from a safe distance. The in built light indicator make sit easy to understand as it separates high temperature from normal temperature with red and green light. Additionally a sound alert is always there to detect high temperature.

Key Features

– No risk of virus transmission
– Measurement Distance is 3-5 cm
– Gives quick measurement with just a click
– Certified by FDA, RoHS , FC and CE for accuracy
– Light indicator for easy reading
– Dual mode for both people and surface
– Stores 32 readings
– Sound alert for high temperature

Buyers Feedback


  • High quality plastic body
  • Extremely easy to use with real time reading
  • Handy and compact


  • The beep sound is too low

Buy Dikang Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
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6. TIED RIBBONS High Accuracy Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

TIED RIBBONS Non Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Review tangylife
The Tied Ribbons Non contact Digital Infrared thermometer is highly accurate thermometer which is approved by CE and RoHS. It is very quick in analyzing the temperature and displays the result within 0.5 second. Its built-in laser technology makes it handy to get instant results by simply pointing the laser at the forehead with stable and reliable performance without any physical contact. This technology prevents cross-infection between multiple people. Its also equipped with three color back light alarm.

Key Features

– Approved by FDA, CE and RoHS
– Auto Off function will shut off after 12 seconds to preserve battery
– Automatic Data Hold upto 32 groups memory
– Audio and video high temperature indicator
– Comes with 1 year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Good and accurate reading>/li>
  • Easy to use
  • Gives results very quickly


  • No downside noted yet

Buy TIED RIBBONS High Accuracy Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer
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7. GENIAL Infrared Forehead Thermometer Digital Temperature Gun with LCD Display

GENIAL Infrared Forehead Thermometer Review tangylife
This infrared thermometer by Genial works with help of a lens that focuses the infrared (IR) energy on to a detector, which converts the energy to an electrical signal and is displayed as a temperature unit. It is great for taking temperature from a safe distance without being in contact with the object or person. The multi mode design make sit ideal for use for all age groups including babies, kids and elderly. The LED HD screen displays the temperature very clearly even in dark without switching on the light.

Key Features

– Multi-mode non contact Thermometer
– 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
– Suitable for all age group
– Triple color LED back light displays different temperature
– Responsive infrared sensor for safe distance temperature measurement
– Quick response time in seconds

Buyers Feedback


  • Inbuilt laser light helps in easy usage
  • Sturdy and accurate
  • Saves battery with 60 seconds auto off


  • No downside noted yet

Buy GENIAL Infrared Forehead Thermometer Digital Temperature Gun with LCD Display
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8. Dr. Trust (USA) Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer for babies and Adults

Dr Trust Forehead Infrared Thermometer review tangylife blog
Dr. Trust is a popular brand in medical and clinical equipment, and its Non-contact Infrared thermometer works on the latest technology by scanning heat on the temporal artery on the forehead and gives accurate temperature reading in just 3 seconds. The best part about this thermometer is that it has two modes for both people and object temperature reading. The temperature can be measured in both switches over unit modes. The unique feature is its two color-coded backlights that differentiate between a normal and high temperature of a person.

Key Features

– 3-in-1 Non-Touch Infrared Technology
– Dual modes for both person and object
– Two Colour coded temperature reading
– Saves up to 30 readings for future reference
– Accurate temperature measurements within 3 seconds
– Automatic shutoff
– LCD screen with backlight displays a color-coded reading
– Ideal for the entire family including babies
– Six months warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Easy to use
  • Slim and handy
  • Object and surface mode available
  • Large easy to read display
  • Affordable


  • The reading beep sound is too high
  • Gives inconsistent readings sometimes

Buy Dr. Trust (USA) Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer
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