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Magicleaf is a brand that offers many products that facilitate a no-sugar lifestyle. It is a common fact that sugar control is important for diabetes. In the modern world lifestyle, it is crucial to maintain calories not only for diabetics but also for the common man. Magicleaf provides a safe and healthy substitute for one’s sugar choices. They provide Stevia based sweetener products that are healthy, tasty, and natural with minimal processing. Along with keeping their customers healthy and fit, Magicleaf makes sure that the farmers that they work with have adequate resources and receive educational and economic opportunities. Magical Stevia Sweeteners are 100% safe for children and pregnant women and can be used in many things like cooking, baking, and more. All the ingredients used are made sure to be minimally processed so that natural quality can be maintained, and all the health benefits remain intact in our natural sweeteners.

Note: Visit the official Magicleaf website for information on all of their products Click here.


About Magicleaf Company

magicleaf review tangylife
The products provided by Magicleaf are not just for diabetics but for everyone who wishes to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The market is filled with numerous artificial sweeteners that claim to help you control your sugar intake but instead are more harmful than beneficial as they are mostly based on chemicals such as sucralose and aspartame. But Magicleaf sweeteners are naturally grown on a farm, the plant Stevia which has numerous health benefits. You can use their products as a permanent substitute for sugar on a long-term basis without any worries. Customers were highly satisfied with the quality of their products and the cost-effectiveness. It was observed that 1/4th tablespoon of Magicleaf Stevia provides enough sweetness for day-to-day eatables. The quality of their products has gained customers’ trust over the years, which has made them the No.1 Bestseller on Amazon.


What makes Magicleaf different from other brands?

The first and foremost reason why Magicleaf is the best sweetener in the market is that their first aim is customer’s health. Other artificial sweeteners that claim to be “Sugar-free” are actually using chemicals to generate their products which are now proving to pose serious health risks, like cancer, metabolic disorders, insulin resistance, and many others, in the long run. People now prefer to go without sugar rather than take those artificial sweeteners at all. Magicleaf solves that problem by providing natural ingredient products and helping everyone have a sweet lifestyle without any health risks. Now you don’t need to hold back on that “Gajar ka Halwa” these winters, go natural with Magicleaf Stevia and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Magicleaf Products and their benefits

There is a long list of awesome natural products which are few of the best ways to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle, but we have chosen to review 4 of their products which we would use in our daily life, so we ordered it from them and it got delivered pretty quick.
So the 4 chosen products are reviewed below, but for a full list of their aresenal, you can check out their shop page of their website or see it on the site as well.


1. Magicleaf VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet

Magicleaf VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet Review
The first product is VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet, a Vitamin C Immunity Booster packed in a very creative and new way. It is a sachet that you can mix in a glass of water whenever you want and get your dose of vitamins instantly. These sachets are travel-friendly and also boost your immunity which is a must in such pandemic times. Each sachet has Vitamin C equivalent to 2 Oranges or 4 lemons. We all know how difficult it is to consume fruits in this quantity on a daily basis. So be it your work or your gym, you can have your Vitamin C intake anytime, anywhere! Another great quality of the VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet is that it has NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS and NO CHEMICALS. Other Vitamin C Supplements that are available in the market are often laced with chemicals Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone and Carboxymethycellulose which are not at all healthy. Magicleaf makes sure that all the ingredients are naturally produced and also negligible processing is done, Magicleaf Stevia being the star of the show!

The process of using this VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet is extremely simple.
All you need to do is :
– Take a glass of water
– Tear one sachet of VitaUp
– Mix and Stir in the glass for 10 Seconds
– And you are all set for your immunity boost.

Magicleaf always remains transparent to its consumers and accurately describes the ingredients that are being used. VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet is made up of 100 mg of Vitamin C, Stevia Extract, Erythriol (a Natural Carrier), Lemon Lime, Citric Acid. It comes in two flavors namely: Tangy Orange and Zesty Lemon & Lime

Benefits of VitaUp Vitamin Water Sachet

  • Packed with 100 mg of Vitamin C to boost immunity and health
  • No Calories and No Sugar is added in the sachets
  • Stevia Natural Sweetener is used which is healthier than artificial sweeteners
  • Easy to make, just by adding the sachet to water
  • Flavors available: Tangy Orange and Zesty Lemon & Lime

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2. Magicleaf® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Ginger, Garlic, Lemon & Stevia

Magicleaf Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
The second product among many wonderful products is the Magicleaf® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar that contains natural Ginger, Lemon, Garlic. The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar have now become quite common and through personal experience we found that it leaves an aftertaste. Magicleaf solved even that for us by sweetening the Apple Cider Vinegar with Stevia. Made from apples straight from Shimla, this Magicleaf ACV has many health advantages. It can be treated as a treasure of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that help in keeping the heart fit and in good shape. It basically increases digestion and metabolism. Magicleaf Apple Cider also decreases the level of harmful cholesterol in the body. One of the reasons that makes Magicleaf ACV stand out from other synthetic acids is the process of its creation. It is formed in a two step fermentation process instead of adding concentrated powders to water which has many long term harmful effects on the body.

There is a simple process of using the Magicleaf Apple Cider Vinegar.
– It is advised to intake up to 1 tablespoon or 10 ml before your meals (at least 30 minutes before)
– You can take it twice or up to three times in a day.
– You can also dilute the same in a glass of water for a better subtle taste.

There are two flavors that are provided, both of which are choices on the type of Stevia being used. One is : Ginger Garlic Lemon Stevia and the Other is : Lemon Stevia. Both these flavors have received appreciation from customers and are being referred to by them.

Benefits of Magicleaf® Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Raw “Mother” Vinegar is used
  • Unpasteurized and Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar is provided which is organically produced
  • Helps in boosting metabolism and also improve digestion
  • Keeps the heart healthy by maintaining cholesterol level
  • Two Variants are provided : Ginger Garlic Lemon Stevia and Lemon Stevia

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3. Magicleaf Stevia Powder with 99.9% REB-A Purity

Magicleaf Stevia Powder
Next we have Stevia Powder with 99.9% REB-A Purity, which acts as a natural sweetener and can be used as a healthy substitute for sugar. There are ample benefits associated with Magicleaf Stevia such as its natural ingredients directly by organic processes. All the other artificial sweeteners use chemicals such as lactose but Magicleaf Stevia has no chemicals and it is produced by farmers straight from stevia plantations. It has no added calories which in turn helps all the fitness enthusiasts to keep their sugar intake in check and enjoy all sweets as well. Another mind-blowing fact is that it runs twice as long as sugar. 1 tablespoon of Magicleaf Stevia is equivalent to 2 tablespoons of normal sugar. This makes it really cost effective. Just imagine, you will be saving money and improving your health!!
The Magicleaf Stevia powder can be used in baking as well as cooking so now you do not have to bid goodbye to all those cakes and ‘gulab jamuns’. It is safe to consume for all including children and pregnant women. Diabetics can opt for this Stevia Powder as their permanent sugar alternative for a better control of their sugar levels.

Do you know that Magicleaf uses proprietary organic technology for the farming of Stevia so that the chemical process is minimised almost completely. One key feature of this Stevia powder is that it does not have any Bitter Aftertaste. There are many reasons such as zero chemical, organic processing and unique precision in making of Stevia.

Magicleaf Stevia Powder Benefits

  • Natural ingredients are used like Natural Stevia Extract, Levulose. Prebiotic fibers, and many more
  • Diabetic patients can choose this as sugar substitute
  • Safe for children and pregnant women
  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects which boost immunity and keeps you healthy as well
  • Cost effective as it runs twice as much as sugar

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4. Magicleaf Stevia Sachets-100% Zero Calorie & Natural Sweetener

Magicleaf Stevia Sachet Review
Magicleaf takes care of a diverse range of people from diabetic people to office going peeps! For those of you who prefer just using a ready-made portion of Stevia powder for your daily tea and save yourselves from the hassle of measuring the powder each time you drink tea, this product is for you. The Magicleaf Stevia Sachet is a natural sweetener that comes in the form of a box of sachets which can be dipped in any liquid to impart 0 Calories sweetness to it. They are easy to carry and even simpler to use. You can keep some sachets in your bag all the time so whenever you feel like having a break and drinking tea, using Magicleaf Stevia Sachet would be a small but very important step in maintaining your health. Magicleaf works on the principle of providing their customers the same products that they would give their family. Natural ingredients are at the crux of all their products. These Magicleaf Stevia Sachets mainly consist of plant based components such as Natural Stevia Extract, Natural Prebiotic Fibre, Natural Bulking Agent and Natural Anticaking Agent.
It is totally safe for all diabetics, kids and mothers-to-be! It does not elevate your blood sugar levels but instead provides numerous health benefits such as increasing metabolism and improving cholesterol levels. These sachets by Magicleaf can be used with both hot as well as cold beverages. So get ready to drink that Cold Coffee without worrying about the calories!
Using the Magicleaf Stevia Sachet is a 2-step process; Just tear the sachet and mix in 120 ml of any beverage (hot or cold). Stir and you’re good to go.

Benefits of Magicleaf Stevia Sachets

  • Travel Friendly Sachets that does not require much space and can be easily kept in a bag
  • Easy to use as it only needs to be mixed with a beverage and stirred to get that dose of natural sweetness
  • ZERO Calories are present which helps diabetic patients as well as in weight loss management
  • Two sizes are available : 100 Sachet Box and 200 Sachet Box
  • Each sachet is equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar with Zero Glycemic Index

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Product Delivery Experience

Here are some shots of the products being deliver in their logistical packages as well as their brand packing.
We were quite satisfied with the overall experience and delivery time (which was the next day for us when we ordered). For more on shipping policies of this brand you can check this page.

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magicleaf stevia review tangylife blog

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Magicleaf Stevia – Why should you start using it now?

Magicleaf Stevia Nutritional
By this time, you must have gotten a clear image as to why Magicleaf is so loved by its customers. Magicleaf provides products that not only benefit the consumers but also the environment. They make sure all the farmers they are working with get all the technological and financial help while doing the extraction process. The products provided by Magicleaf mainly use Stevia as their source of sweetness. Stevia has many health benefits and everyone is gradually shifting from sugar to Stevia irrespective of whether they have diabetes or not. Since all their products use natural ingredients, they do not have a bitter aftertaste. They can be used in baking, cooking, desserts, beverages and what not. All the festivals that you spent being conscious of your sugar intake, bid goodbye to all those worries. Choose Magicleaf Stevia and take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Natural ingredients, no chemical processing, healthy and sustainable products, what else could we want from sugar alternatives. Magicleaf Stevia not only curates their products for diabetics but also for weight loss management. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must have heard about Keto Diet. Magicleaf provides a product called Magiclife Keto which is a sweetener that is keto friendly and has an amazing taste too. Magiclife never compromises on quality and ensures that their products leave a positive impact on all their customers. Make sure you check them out and definitely let us know if you have any questions about their products.

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