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In times where the whole world is in lock-down, it is necessary that all the important precautions are taken to take care of you and your family. Although it is advised to stay at home as much as possible, it is also important that regular monitoring of health is not hampered. Especially for diabetic patients, glucose levels in the blood should be constantly tracked to help monitor health progress and take better care of themselves. A device that has made this task easier for all is a glucometer. An amazing invention of technology is a boon to humans. It is an electronic device that is used to measure blood glucose levels in the body. The word Glucometer has two words in it, ‘gluco’ meaning glucose and ‘meter’ meaning measuring device. Glucose is the simplest form of sugar, monosaccharide. It is considered as one the most important source of energy or fuel to the body. Increased levels of glucose in blood can damage the body and it is important that one is aware of the blood sugar levels. Often diabetic patients are required to monitor their glucose levels in a daily routine. Glucometer makes it easier as it does not require unnecessary visits to pathologies and labs. You can track your progress and whether the medications are having fruitful effects on the body or not. In this blog we have covered the best and most accurate Glucometer machines in India that you can buy online after reading our review and below is the comprehensive buying guide for Glucometer machines in India which will help you choose the right one for your home.


Glucometer Buying Guide Infographics

glucometer buying guide infographics tangylife


What is a Glucometer Machine?

A glucometer is a handy electronic device that is used to measure the levels of glucose in the blood. Traces of glucose in the body can be a sign of different malfunctions, most commonly, diabetes. Different types of modern glucometers are introduced in the market that provides various features such as voice activation for patients who are visually impaired. Some models also provide an option of saving previous readings so that you can easily track your progress with time and make necessary alterations in medications, diet etc.


How does a Glucometer work?

Testing your blood glucose levels with the help of a glucometer is very easy and involves a very simple blood test that can be done in a few steps.

  • A lancet is provided, with which you are supposed to prick your finger.
  • The blood from the prick is introduced to the test strip that comes with the glucometer.
  • The test strip with the patient’s blood is inserted into the glucometer which then gives the readings of glucose level in the blood as a result.

The time taken in testing the glucose level depends on the type of device that is used. Ideally, a device takes five to fifteen seconds to display readings. Some devices may take more time as compared to others as they might provide additional details besides blood glucose level readings.


Choosing the best and the right Glucometer Machines in India Online

With the increase in demand for glucometers, there are a lot of different options available in the market. It could get difficult while choosing the best glucometer according to your needs. We have come up with a sorted buying guide that might help you know more about different factors that should be kept in mind while buying a glucometer. Knowing everything about a product, before you buy it, is highly recommended so that you make the best choice for you and your family. Diabetic patients and fitness enthusiasts often wish to test their blood for increased or decreased glucose levels so that they can keep track of their health and inform the same to doctors who are prescribing medications for diabetes. Generally, a glucometer comes with an entire kit. The kit consists of a lancet with which you are supposed to prick, test strips to collect the blood and a meter that performs the test and gives the readings as results.


Factors to consider while buying the Glucometer Machines in India

There are different things that need to be taken into consideration while choosing an ideal glucometer. We have researched and brought forward everything that you need to know and all the factors that should be paid attention to when planning to buy a glucometer.

1- Accuracy

This is one of the most important factors that you need to be careful about. A glucometer is bound to have some deflections in readings as it is an instant appliance and does not match the accuracy of tests performed in pathologies and labs. But for testing on a daily basis, an ideal glucometer shall show 10-15% of the variation in readings.

2- Data Storage

Modern glucometers provide a feature of storing some past readings. Old readings help to track your progress and find patterns to keep a check if the medications are working and the diet that is being followed is helping or not.

3- Ease of Use

The easier it is to operate a device, the more it is demanded in the market. Good glucometers should be easy to use so that all age groups of people can make use of the device without any difficulty.

4- Data Transfer

A lot of glucometers come with an interesting feature of data transfer. You can transfer your stored readings to different devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc. It becomes easier to consult with a doctor with a track report of your recent readings so that medications can be prescribed accordingly.

5- Test Time required

Always prefer a glucometer that requires less time to test the level of glucose in the blood. A good glucometer takes five to ten seconds for testing. A device requiring more time could be because it provides additional details along with the readings of glucose level in the blood.


Benefits of using a Glucometer Machines

It is quite evident that a device that makes the task of testing blood glucose levels easier has many notable benefits to it. Using a glucometer certainly reduces a lot of effort that was required otherwise if you wanted to get your glucose level checked. We have listed some of the many benefits of a glucometer that might help you choose the best glucometer for you or your family.

1- Saves extra effort

Earlier when regular checkups were needed to be done; it required frequent visits to the lab and pathologies. With the invention of glucometers, all the extra hassle has been prevented as one can easily test their blood glucose levels at their convenience from their home itself.

2- Early Detection of Infection

A device, such as a glucometer, can be effectively used to detect infections at an early stage. Imbalance in blood glucose levels can sometimes mean different infections in the body.

3- Ensures results of medicines

By using a glucometer, you can effectively track glucose levels in your blood. Because of this reason, you can very well monitor whether the medications, prescribed by the doctor, are working for you or not.

4- Helps to manage diet plans

It is very convenient to manage your daily routines if you are aware of your health conditions at all times. Knowing about your glucose levels with the help of a glucometer would help you to take care of your diet accordingly.

5- Detection of Hypoglycemia

This convenient to use glucometer not only save effort, time and money but also helps in the detection of hypoglycemia, which mainly occurs because of glucose level imbalance in the blood.

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Best Glucometer Machines in India 2022 Review

With a plethora of options available in the market, it is a hectic task to choose the best glucometer machine that fits your needs and requirements. We have researched and listed 9 Best Glucometer Machine in India that are available online based on the features provided by the product, how the customers have reacted to it and the cost-effectiveness of the glucometer as well. We hope this helps you understand the different products available so that you can choose the most efficient and most suitable device for you.


1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accucheck Glucometer Review tangylife
Let us start with the most popular brand in the market Accu-chek. Accu-chek has been a very trustable company when monitoring of glucose levels is concerned as it is accurate even according to the ISO standards. This particular Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit is considered as a very reliable device to monitor the glucose level in the blood. It is a small, easy to operate device which comes with a lot of features included with it. Because of its compact size, it is very handy and also very portable. There are only two buttons needed to operate this device; one button is ‘S’ withstands for set button and one button is ‘M’ which stands for memory. This Glucometer also comes with the feature of storing up to 500 readings which can be done by using the M button. It also provides USB connectivity to different devices such as laptop and phone so that you can transfer your data recorded data making it easier to consult your doctor.

Key Features

– Requires only five seconds to perform the test
– The kit comes with 10 lancet and 10 test strips to make the testing process easier
– The device is automatically coded which increases the accuracy of the glucometer
– Comes with ten years manufacturer’s warranty
– Large LCD Display along with double check feature to review your result readings twice

Buyers Feedback


  • Capable of providing results in just 5 seconds
  • Can store data of up to 500 readings
  • USB Port connectivity to transfer data for better management of readings
  • Reminder feature that is used to alert for testing after two hours of eating


  • The device is not rechargeable
  • This brand is expensive side

Buy Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit
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2. Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips

Dr Trust Glucometer review tangylife
This next Glucometer device provided by Dr. Trust is packed with modern features. It consists of a whole kit which includes the Glucometer, lancet device, 60 lancets and 60 test strips. It even provides a case in which you can carry the glucometer. One striking feature of this glucometer is that the strips use GDH-FAD Technology which is basically for high accuracy. It also prevents any interference of anything other than glucose in the blood sample such as galactose, etc. Dr. Trust Glucometer works in 3 modes: General mode, AC mode and PC mode. The General mode is used when you want to measure your blood glucose level at any time. AC mode is used when you want to measure it at an empty stomach and PC mode is used when you want to measure the glucose levels in your blood after a meal. It also provides data storage facility up to 1000 readings.

Key Features

– It also provides quick results in five seconds
– No manual coding which makes it even more accurate
– Different modes when you want to perform tests in different conditions
– One year warranty that can also be extended further up to six months

Buyers Feedback


  • Strips use GDH-FAD Technology that provides high accuracy
  • Different modes – General Mode, AC Mode, PC Mode
  • Big LCD Display that provides a backlight feature as well
  • Multiple units of readings – mmol/L and mg/dL


  • Accuracy can still be improved
  • Warranty is just one year which is comparatively less than other brands

Buy Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips
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3. ContourPlus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

ContourPlus Blood Glucose Glucometer Review tangylife
Next, we have the ContourPlus blood glucose monitoring system which is very easy to operate and also provides readings in 5 seconds. It is an automatic coded device which is very beneficial for higher accuracy. It has a large LCD display and can be easily operated with just three buttons. It also provides a data storage facility for up to 800 readings. The ContourPlus blood glucose monitoring system comes with an alarm system to remind you to take the reading whenever required. Another great perk of this glucometer is that it has a lifetime replacement warranty.

Key Features

– Test time is within 5 seconds
– Not manually coded, therefore higher accuracy
– Built-in alarm system to remind the patient to take tests
– Lifetime Replacement Warranty is provided with the device

Buyers Feedback


  • It provides quick and accurate results
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Can be operated with just three buttons
  • The kit includes 5 lancets and 25 test strips along with the glucometer and lancet device


  • The number of lancets and test strips with the device should be increased

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4. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Glucometer Review tangylife
This glucometer provided by OneTouch is a very popular brand and this particular model: Select Plus Simple glucometer is a device that is packed with great features. It is not only very simple to use but also very accurate and satisfies the ISO standards. It is not operated with the help of any buttons which makes it even easier to operate. The kit comes with 10 lancets, 10 test strips, and a lancing pen. The device is marked with colours: red, blue and green to understand your results properly. It has audio signals that would make you understand your results better. If sugar level in the blood is very low the range will indicate blue, if it is safe it would indicate green and if it is high it would indicate red. There is also a mechanism of beeping to help you know your readings more nicely. A low glucose level is reflected with fast beeping, a safe result with a single beep whereas a high blood glucose level is alerted with slow beeping.

Key Features

– Provides results quickly within five seconds
– The kit comes with 10 lancets and 10 test strips
– Automatic coded which helps achieve higher accuracy
– Three years of warranty is also provided with this glucometer
– Color coded and also audio beeps are provided to make readings more understandable

Buyers Feedback


  • Provides quick and accurate results
  • Not manually coded which increases the accuracy of the device
  • Set up time is almost negligible
  • Easy to operate, so people of any age can use this device


  • Preset range for high and low limits which cannot be altered
  • The device is not rechargeable

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5. Dr.Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03

Dr Morepen GlucoOne Glucose Monitor Review tangylife
Next, we have the glucometer by Dr. Morepen. It is a very reliable device to test blood glucose levels in the blood. It provides accuracy and also eases of operation. It has a very simple design which makes it handy. Setup time required is very less making its user-friendly. It is not manually coded, this increases the accuracy because manually coded devices have a higher chance of error. Only 0.5 microlitres of blood are required which is very less to perform the test and also provide accurate results at the same time. Another great feature is its multiple site testing which means that the device allows you to draw blood from different parts of the body other than the fingertips. This is very beneficial for people who have to perform multiple tests in a day to save them from the pain of lancing at a single location multiple times.

Key Features

– Very easy to use and set up
– Automatic Coded device which reduces chances of error and thus increasing accuracy
– The product comes with a lifetime warranty as well
– Has the capacity to store up to 300 test results

Buyers Feedback


  • Provides results quickly in as less as five seconds
  • Not being manually coded helps to achieve higher accuracy
  • Very easy to operate and also set up time is very less
  • Design is very user friendly


  • Data storage facility can be extended more
  • The average reading feature is not included in this device

Buy Dr.Morepen GlucoOne Blood Glucose Monitor Model BG 03
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6. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit Review tangylife
The next glucometer BeatO Smartphone Glucometer is a very modern glucometer that is capable of using your smartphone as a tracking device so it gets really easy to manage and track your progress. The device is designed in such a manner that it becomes very easy to handle because of its compact size, also making it very portable. The BeatO Smartphone Glucometer supports both Android and IOS devices. It is operated in a slightly different way as compared to other generic glucometers. You need to take your blood sample in the test strip which is inserted into the device. Then, the device will be plugged into your smartphone and the readings will be displayed on the smartphone.

Key Features

– Supports both Android and iOS Devices.
– Provides test results within 10 seconds
– Along with glucose level, also represents results in different graphs and plots
– The product comes with one year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Great battery life up to three years
  • Fifty lancets and fifty test strips are provided with the device
  • Its compact size makes it extremely handy and portable
  • Only requires a simple app to be installed on your smartphone
  • The app provides a sharing feature


  • Testing time is slightly more as compared to other devices
  • The warranty should be increased for the glucometer

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7. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

Accu Chek Instant S Glucometer review tangylife
We have already listed one product from Accu-Chek earlier. This second glucometer from Accu-chek is the Instant S glucometer. Accu-Chek is a very trusted company and very popular among the range of glucometers. This glucometer also provides connectivity to other devices such as smartphones to get your progress uploaded so that you can share it easily with others and your doctors. The data storage facility is also provided to store up to 720 blood glucose level readings. It is an easy setup device and can be operated very effortlessly. The kit provided contains test strips, the lancet device, glucosemetee and the lancets. It is capable of providing very quick results within 4 seconds which is even more than most of the devices that are available in the market.

Key Features

– Sustainable battery life of up to 500 to 1000 tests
– Provides very quick results; within 4 seconds
– Colour-coded feature is also provided to better understand your results
– Data storage feature provided to store up to 720 results.

Buyers Feedback


  • Quick and accurate test results are provided with this device
  • Automatically coded to improve accuracy
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Color-coded representation for better understanding of results


  • Accuracy of the device should be improved
  • Does not support iOS Devices

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8. Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

Omron Glucometer Review tangylife
Omron is a very reliable brand when it comes to the medical industry. The HGM-112 Glucometer is easy to operate a device that is capable of giving quick results. Very less amount of blood is required (1 microlitre) to perform the test. The large LCD Screen helps to display the glucose level in the blood clearly to the user. A unique feature of this device is that it has a recall option using which you can view the last reading again. Pre and post-meal markings help to keep your readings more segregated and managed.

Key Features

– Automatically coded device making it more accurate
– Provides suitable notifications if damaged strips are used
– Easy to handle and portable
– A pouch is also provided to carry the device safely
– One year warranty is provided with the device

Buyers Feedback


    • Pre and Post meal markings help to keep progress managed
    • Provides results within 5 seconds

li>The kit comes with an additional logbook and a carrying case

  • Last reading memory feature is also provided



  • Less number of strips is included with the device
  • Additional strips that are sold separately are expensive

Buy Omron HEM 7121J Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
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9. ContourPlus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer

ContourPlus One Blood Glucose Monitoring Glucometer tangylife
This particular glucometer by ContourPlus has surpassed a lot of other devices in the market because it is highly accurate. ContourPlus One Blood Glucometer device works more accurately than other devices because it is automatically coded which improves accuracy to a great degree. It is a very easy-setup device that can be operated with just a single button that has a ring keypad making it even easier and user-friendly. The device comes with a large display screen to show the results clearly and if the readings cross a threshold of either high or low glucose levels in the blood, it has indications for the same by using smart light features. Another great feature of this device is that after testing your glucose levels, within a 60 second window, you can again test your sugar levels. This helps to save test strips as well as pricking your fingers again and again. There is also a Contour Diabetes app which can be installed in your smartphones and connected via Bluetooth to the device. It can help you manage your readings more accurately and more efficiently as the device also provides a storage facility for up to 800 results.

Key Features

– Contour Diabetes app that makes managing readings easier
– Highly popular for its accuracy
– Simple to use and set up as well
– Lifetime warranty is also provided with the device

Buyers Feedback


  • Sixty second window to check your glucose levels again
  • Provides results quickly within 5 seconds
  • Large display screen for clear representation
  • Smart Light feature to indicate critical high or critical low results


  • Device cannot be recharged
  • Test strips, when bought separately are little expensive

Buy Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer
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Best Glucometer Machines in India 2022 – Conclusion

With the wonderful invention of glucometer, keeping track of your sugar levels in the blood has become a lot easier than it was in the past. We have provided all the information that would be required while buying a glucometer. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind while choosing. Accuracy being the prime factor to be considered as you need to get correct results so that you can take better care of your health. All the devices listed require very less amount of blood to perform these tests and their test times are also very less making them more efficient. It is recommended to always consult your doctor before investing in a glucometer depending on your health and requirements. We hope that with our comprehensive buying guide, you can choose the best glucometer machines in India for you and your loved one.

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