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Winters are setting in and soups have been a constant companion during the winter season. On a long winter evening, a bowl of warm and delicious soup would keep you and your loved ones warm and also protect them from getting sick. Soup makers have been introduced to the electronic world so that we can enjoy a great bowl of soup whenever we want. Soup not only helps us to stay hydrated but also builds up a great immune system. Winters are known for the advent of seasoned vegetables and what more could we ask for when we are craving for a vegetable soup! Now you can easily prepare soup at your home without any extra effort with the help of a great appliance: Soup Maker. You can always go for the packaged soup that is available in the market but nothing beats the taste of the freshly prepared homemade soup. A soup maker shall extract all the nutritional value from the vegetables and can prepare a bowl of sizzling warm soup that you can enjoy along with some Chinese food as well. Since a soup maker is still a new appliance in the Indian market, it is difficult to get a lot of information about the appliance. We have made your task easier by preparing Soup maker Machine buying guide after extensive research and picking out the best soup makers that are available in the Indian market. The buying guide shall help you gain more information about the appliance and our top picks will make it easier for you to choose from the Best Soup Maker in India for your home.


Buying Guide for Soup Maker in India

Our buying guide shall give you all the knowledge you need when planning to buy a soup maker. There are some important points which should be kept in mind when you are making a choice. Let us now know what the different types of soup makers are and which one you can choose based on your requirements.


Different types of Soup Maker Machine

Container type and Blender type.

1. Container type

This type of soup maker is in the shape of a container and has an opaque cover so you cannot see what is going on inside the appliance. It has received great customer feedback. It works based on the minimum and maximum settings for creating a balance between the fluid and solid ingredients. You can also use this container type composes for the preparation of smoothies.

2. Blender type

The most common blender soup makers can sauté vegetables and can easily blend the vegetables and solid ingredients you add in them. Because of this additional feature, blender type soup makers are costlier than container type. The blending blade is fixed at the bottom of the pot and the design of the appliance looks very similar to that of a countertop blender.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Soup Maker Machine

To get the best soup maker available, you need to be aware of some important pointers that play a major role in deciding the quality of the appliance. You should keep in mind all the below-mentioned factors when you are planning to buy a soup maker. This way you can bag the most ideal soup maker for your kitchen in your budget. Some factors get dynamic as they shall depend on your requirement, for example, the size of the soup maker directly depends on your family size and the number of people who shall use the soup maker. Similarly, you can customize the factors according to your needs for an optimal appliance.

1- Cooking Time

Soup makers are in demand because of the time they save. It can cook soup in far less amount of time and generally takes 20 to 30 minutes to make a delicious soup with all the vegetables and ingredients properly cooked. Some of the models provide a feature to sauté the vegetables whereas some don’t. This shall also affect cooking time as a whole.

2- Capacity

Soup makers range from a capacity of 0.8 litres up to 2 litres and more. Depending on the number of members who shall use the appliance, you can choose the most suitable one for your home. Generally, a capacity of 1 litre is more than enough for 2 servings or portions.

3- Sauté Feature

Frying some ingredients such as ginger, onions, garlic etc provide a great flavour to your soup. Some of the soup makers available in India provide a unique feature of a hot plate which can be used for frying such ingredients to add a blast of flavour to an otherwise simple to taste the soup.

4- Texture or Blending options

Soup makers provide different blending options which can be used to prepare a soup of different textures. It can either be a smooth one or a chunky or a mixture of both. Some advanced features include stirring and pulse options that shall allow you to play around with the consistency of the soup.

5- Power

The more powerful your soup maker will be, the more smoothly it will be able to blend the ingredients and produce a delicious soup for you. Generally, a power consumption range of 800 Watts to 1000 Watts can perform efficiently. Also, keep in mind, high power consumption also means that the appliance would require less time to cook the soup.

6- Control Options

A soup maker can either have manual settings or automatic settings. Automatic options include a set of pre-programmed functions which just needs to be set to get the desired program. An automatic setting appliance would require less effort and also allow you to do other things simultaneously whereas a manual one would require you to manually set all the controls.

7- Easy Cleaning

Some modern soup makers provide a feature of self-cleaning where the appliance shall automatically clean itself and spare you the hassle. Others might need to be rinsed and washed after you are finished making soup in it. Non-stick coated soup makers are easier to clean and some of them also support dishwasher cleaning.


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Best Soup Maker in India Review

Just having information about the appliance will only make you familiar with soup makers on a theoretical level. To get practical knowledge, you should definitely go through some of the best soup makers that are available in India so that you can have an idea what are all the features that a soup maker provides and what are the different options that are available in the market. Our list of the best soup maker in India shall help you choose an appliance that is ideal in all sense and brings home happiness and delicious soup!

Note: Due to festival Sale and high demand few products tend to be unavailable for a short time so frequently keep checking for their availability.


1. Wonderchef 800-Watt Automatic Soup Maker

Wonderchef Watt Soup Maker review tangylife blog
Our very first soup maker is by Wonderchef. Wonderchef is a brand which has continued to provide innovative and durable appliances. The Wonderchef quality has become a standard which people are looking up to and this soup maker is another premium product by them. This Wonderchef – 63152446 Automatic Soup Maker has a capacity of 1.6 litres which is very suitable for small to medium-sized families. A unique feature of this appliance is it’s nutrient extracting option which means that when you put vegetables and other ingredients in it, it is capable of retaining all the nutrients to make a healthy soup.

Attractive Features

– 304 stainless steel body with durability
– Capacity: 1.6 litres
– Power: 140 watts of power for effective working
– Pure copper motor and intelligent control system for smooth operation
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty is provided

Buyers Feedback


  • Five pre-set programs are provided for an enhanced experience
  • Sharp blades for the efficient blending of ingredients
  • Highly suitable for a family of 2-5 members
  • Nutrition extracting feature is a unique factor


  • Cannot sauté the dry ingredients

Buy Wonderchef 800-Watt Automatic Soup Maker


2. Philips HR2204/70 Viva Collection Soup Maker

Philips Viva Soup Maker review tangylife blog

Next, we have the Philips Viva Collection HR2201/81 1.2-Litre Soup Maker. It comes in a colour variant of white and cashmere grey. Philips is a brand which has gained trust because of its reliability in the Indian market. This soup maker by Philips has a smaller capacity of 1.2 litres which is very suitable for small size families. It also has 5 preset programs which can make different kinds of soups, jams and other liquid. A recipe book is also included with the appliance so that you can make delicious soups easily.

Attractive Features

– Made up of stainless steel material with great quality
– Capacity: It has a great capacity of 1.2 litres
– Power Consumption: The soup maker consumes 990 Watts of power for efficient preparation of soup
– Recipe book is included, preset programs for easy usage and spout for easy pouring is also provided
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty on the product is provided

Buyers Feedback


  • Suitable for family of 3-5 members
  • Can make delicious soup in only 40 minutes
  • Noise levels are negligible and appliance has silent operation
  • The build material is stainless steel which is one of the best in the market


  • This soup maker also does not provide the option to sauté the ingredients

Buy Philips Viva Collection Soup Maker


3. Gourmia Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Automatic Soup Maker

Gourmia Stainless Steel Automatic Soup Maker review tangylife blog
Another soup maker in our list is by Gourmia which is a multi-functional appliance which that means it can be used to make not only delicious soups but also smoothies as well. It has a very easy operation. You just need to add the ingredients and press the start button and your soup will get prepared. Its blending capacity is very powerful to prepare soups and even milkshakes. An instruction manual is also provided with this appliance so that you can use the device efficiently.

Attractive Features

– Made up of stainless steel with a double-walled insulating layer
– Power Consumption of 200W while blending the ingredients
– Anti Scald Protection and unique knife for efficient blending is provided
– Warranty: Details are not mentioned

Buyers Feedback


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Insulating double thermal layer with a stainless steel body
  • Anti-scald protection for increased lifespan/li>
  • Easy to operate the appliance


  • Can be a little difficult to clean

Buy Gourmia Stainless Steel 6-in-1 Automatic Soup Maker


4. Morphy Richards 310000 1.6-Litre Saute and Soup Maker

Morphy Richards Saute and Soup Maker review tangylife blog
Morphy Richards is another brand which provides robust appliances known for its durability and strong built. The Morphy Richards 310000 1.6-Litre Saute and Soup Maker has a unique feature which is a pause button which means while the soup is getting prepared you can pause the process, add some ingredients and resume it whenever you want. There is also a LED display which shows how much time is left for the soup to get ready. Four preset functions are also provided to prepare snacks, jams, soups and smoothies as well. This soup maker has a capacity of 1.6 litres which is very suitable for 3 to 4 members.

Attractive Features

– Brushed stainless steel is used in this appliance
– Capacity: 1.6 litres which are suitable for 3-4 members of the family
– 4 Automatic programs provided for ease of cooking
– LED lights and smart panel for controlling the soup maker
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty is provided with the appliance

Buyers Feedback


  • Durable and strong built
  • Electric cord is detachable for easier handling
  • Pause option is provided
  • Sauté option is included
  • Can be easily cleaned because of the non-stick coating


  • No downside has yet been noted

Buy Morphy Richards 310000 1.6-Litre Saute and Soup Maker


5. AVAANTE Soup Maker-Cum-Blender

AVAANTE Soup Maker Cum Blender review tangylife blog
Next, we have the AVAANTE Soup Maker-Cum-Blender. It is again a multifunctional device which can be used both as a soup maker and as a blender. This appliance by AVAANTE can also be used as a steamer and can easily be used to boil eggs as well. This is a device which has a lot of functions and is a great deal if you’re looking for a multipurpose device with unique features. Some of these features include anti-dry heating and digital control panel which provides safe and easy operation.

Attractive Features

– Polycarbonate jug with a stainless steel filter
– Capacity: 1.7 litres which would be good for medium to large families
– Has 900 watts of heating power and 300 Watts of Motor Power
– Multipurpose as you can use it as a soup maker, blender, steamer and egg boiler
– Warranty: No warranty details are mentioned

Buyers Feedback


  • Multifunctional appliance with many great purposes
  • Anti-dry heating for safe use
  • Digital control panel for efficient operation
  • For enhanced safety, it also as a safety micro-switch off setting


  • Customer service can be improved

Buy AVAANTE Soup Maker-Cum-Blender


6. Tefal Easy Soup 1000-Watt Soup Maker

Tefal Easy Soup Watt Soup Maker review tangylife blog
The Tefal soup maker is another smart appliance which can be used for blending as well as making delicious soups that too in very less amount of time. There are 5 automatic preset programs provided for your ease. The Tefal Easy Soup 1000-Watt Soup Maker also has a self-cleaning feature which makes it stand out from the crowd by providing easy cleaning without any hassle. This soup maker has a double-wall insulated body which is capable of keeping the soup warm for a longer period.

Attractive Features

– Stainless steel of good quality along with an insulating layer
– Capacity: 1.2 Litres to prepare soups for a family of up to 4 members at once
– The appliance consumes 1000 Watts of Power for a powerful performance
– Smart touch LED control panel, audio-visual indicators are also provided
– Warranty: Can be easily repaired for up to 10 years

Buyers Feedback


  • Smart control panel with LED Lights
  • Beep indicators to inform when the cooking is done
  • Recipe book with 30 international recipes is included
  • Sleek and aesthetic design


  • Price is expensive as compared to other soup makers

Buy Tefal Easy Soup 1000-Watt Soup Maker


7. Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

Cuisinart Soup Maker review tangylife blog
Next, we have the Cuisinart SSB1U soup maker which comes in black colour and is very suitable for all the health lovers as it is capable of producing delicious and nutritious soups in less amount of time. This soup maker provides a very easy operation. It has a very simple and sleek design along with non-stick coating that helps you sauté the dry ingredients before preparing the soup. You can even use this appliance by Cuisinart for making sauces, purees, and dips etc.

Attractive Features

– The blades are made up of stainless steel
– The soup maker has the option to self-clean as well
– The appliance has a powerful motor for efficient blending
– Non-stick coating to sauté vegetables
– Warranty details are not mentioned

Buyers Feedback


  • Can be used to make soups, dips, sauces etc
  • Stainless steel blades and efficient motor performance
  • Can make soups and other dishes in only 20 minutes
  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean as well as sauté the dry ingredients


  • No disadvantage has been noted

Buy Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker


8. Clearline CLR 009 1000-Watt Soup Maker and Blender

Clearline Soup Maker review tangylife blog
Finally, we have the Clearline CLR 009 1000-Watt Soup Maker and Blender. Clearline is known for providing robust kitchen appliances such as soup maker, sandwich grills and kettles. This soup maker and blender is a great deal if you are looking for a two in one appliance that can make soup is well as blend smoothies and milkshake in a very less amount of time. It has a capacity of 1.2 litres and also has a unique thermostat using which you can control the temperature at which the soup is getting prepared.

Attractive Features

– 350watts of motor power consumption to prepare the smooth soup
– 1000 watts of heat power consumption to keep the soup hot
– Nutrition retaining feature is present
– Capacity: Has a capacity of 1.2 litres suitable for small to medium families
– 3 modes are provided: Heating mode, Heating plus Blend mode and Blending mode
– 1-year warranty on the complete product is provided

Buyers Feedback


  • Capacity is apt for small to medium-sized families
  • Can be used as both a soup maker as well as a blender
  • For controlling the temperature a thermostat is provided
  • Noise levels are very low along with powerful motor operation


  • No significant con is noticed in this soup maker

Buy Clearline CLR 009 1000-Watt Soup Maker and Blender


Best Soup Maker in India 2022 – Conclusion

We understand that when you decide to buy a soup maker, you must be looking for the best appliance you can get which suits all your needs and is also within your budget. After doing detailed research we have designed a simple and direct buying guide that guides you through your journey and gives you all the information you need when choosing a soup maker. Let us know in the comments below which soup maker you decided to go for and what all features you liked about it.

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