Best Bullet Blender in India 2022 | Review & Buying Guide

How does the idea of having a good breakfast every day without any rush sound to you? A dream, right! A new invention of Bullet Blenders has been introduced to make that dream come true for you. The traditional hand blenders, juicers and food processors have been a boon for the Indian househol202d for a very long time and have helped when you want to blend in large quantities. But they often seem to be a little incompetent when blending in small quantities are concerned such as a shake or a smoothie for a satiating breakfast. Bullet blenders are a really great option for that purpose as they can be easy to work with and you can quickly make tasty smoothies for yourself. In this article of the “Best Bullet Blenders in India”, we have included some of the Best Bullet Blenders Reviews that are available in the Indian market and also a detailed Bullet blender buying guide to help you in your journey of choosing the best bullet blender for your home. Nutri blenders have gained a rapid increase in popularity in the last few years as they are very handy and you can easily prepare great food items which require only light grinding. Investing in Bullet Blender would be a great idea to get in touch with the modern technology of the kitchen and make interesting smoothies and prepare fresh purees all the time without any extra hassle.


Working of a Bullet Blender

Let us now tell you how a bullet blender works. The basic requirement of a bullet blender is to perfectly blend items into fluids which shall require operation at high speeds. The blades that are used in a bullet blender play a major role in its working. High-quality blades make the appliance efficient and purposeful. Cyclone blades, protruding blades are often used to provide the effective experience of fluid blending. The bullet blender has a very simple working in which the bottles are filled with items that are to be blended whereas the lid is fixed with blades. The lid goes into the motor and the bottle of the blender is attached to the lid. Switching on the appliance and then using appropriate speed would give you a perfectly blended smoothie or shake for a great breakfast before you have to rush for your office.


Best Bullet Blender in India Buying Guide

Knowing about an appliance is the first step of planning. Our buying guide for the Best Bullet Blender in India shall provide all the necessary information about a bullet blender so that you can make the best choice for a bullet blender. There are certain factors around which your decision to buy a bullet blender should be made. These factors help you choose an appliance that has the best features and gets you the best deal that is possible according to your requirements and needs. There are many categories in which blenders can be divided. We will discuss all the different categories so that you can better understand which type of blender would be the ideal fit for your home.


Different Types of Blenders

There are many different types of blenders, based on their functionality and the features of the appliance. Let us now know more about all the various kinds of blenders that are available in the Indian market.

1. Handheld Blenders

Many people also call it as personal blenders. It is the most commonly found type of blenders in the Indian household. They have a stick design and a comfortable handle to operate the appliance. They can be both cord and cordless depending on which model you decide for. They are a great option for blending soups, shakes, smoothies, and other liquids. They can directly be immersed in the pot in which you are cooking and do the blending without any extra efforts. It does require a little more hand strength to keep it on the bottom of the pan so that it can function properly.

2. Single Serve Blenders

Also known as Bullet Blenders, they have become so popular that everyone is now investing in a bullet blender these days. NutriBullet blenders and Magic Bullet Blenders have been the epitome of bullet blenders and are given the credit of introducing this great technology to the Indian market. They are the best option for smoothies, batter, and other liquid foods. They are known for their speed and ease of operation. Proper attachment of the blade to the container has to be given a little extra attention to avoid leaking of the contents in the container.

3. Portable Blenders

Portable Blenders are again a new invention in the field of the blender and are often mistaken for bullet blenders as well. This type of blender is a clear glass tube with a motor on one end and the lid of the tub on the other end. They appear like a simple, easy to carry a flask. Running on battery which is rechargeable makes this appliance even more appealing. Leaking is again a concern in this type so it needs to be carefully managed.

4. Countertop Blenders

Having a similar design as food processors, countertop blenders have been specifically designed to cater to your fluid needs and create wonderful drinks. The countertop blenders are a great option if you have a large family or are planning for a party as it as great capacity. Most of the models do not support the preparation of hot liquids and only cold liquids can be prepared. Size can be seen as a little bulky which makes it less handy and portable as compared to the other types of blenders.


Things to keep in mind to buy the best Bullet Blender in India

There are certain factors which shall help you make the most suitable choice for a bullet blender. These factors shall point out some ideal features that you should look in an ideal bullet blender. Make sure to keep in mind all these factors when you are choosing one according to your needs.

1. Types of Blades

There are different types of blades used in different bullet blenders depending on the power consumption and the usage of the model. Some of the blades can be removable and can be easily cleaned.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the blender should be decided based on the usage and the members of the family who will be using the blender. Generally, bullet blenders have the purpose of blending in smaller quantities; some of the models have been made available in larger quantities if it is needed.

3. Speed

The rotation per minute or rpm of the blades should be enough to make a fine blended item for you. High speed shall help you save time and quickly prepare your smoothies. It is always better to choose a blender which has fairly high speed.

4. Cleaning

Many bullet blenders come with removable parts which can be conveniently assembled and disassembled. This makes the appliance very easy to clean and helps to have a hygienic bullet blender with you.

5. Accessories

Just a blender would not necessarily be enough to have full efficiency blending. There are many accessories which are provided with certain bullet blenders that make them more useful and efficient. One such item is a tamper that facilitates the blending process by helping the blades get the last bits that often get stuck. Travel-friendly accessories are also provided with some models of bullet blenders.

6. BPA Free

BPA is a harmful chemical that is involved in the manufacturing of plastics. Use of items which have BPA could lead to serious damage to the body and hence it is important you choose a bullet blender that is BPA free and uses eco-friendly plastics.


Our List of Best Bullet Blenders in India

Blender Brand NameCapacityPowerBlender MaterialBuy On
La' Forte La Vite Cherie Blender500 ml and 300380 WattsCopper and 100% BPA free, Eco friendly plasticBuy on Amazon
Balzano Blender800 ml900 WattsBPA free triton materialBuy on Amazon
Wonderchef Nutri Blend500 and 300 ml400 WattsStainless steel Buy on Amazon
Whipsip Blender1.8 L800 WattsStainless steel , food grade BPA free materialBuy on Amazon
NutriBullet Pro Mixer Blender709 and 532 ml900 WattsMetallic Buy on Amazon
Magic Bullet Blender355 and 532 ml950 WattsStainless steelBuy on Amazon
Solimo Personal Blender600 ml450 WattsBPA grade plastic Buy on Amazon
Singer Nutrio Blender600 ml350 WattsMetal, Tritan, ABS & GlassBuy on Amazon
Prestige Express Mixer GrinderInformation not given 350 WattsBPA grade PlasticBuy on Amazon
Glen Active Blender0.3 and 0.6 Litre jar 350 WattsBPA food grade jarsBuy on Amazon

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Best Bullet Blender in India Review

Let us now move forward and know about some of the best bullet blenders that are available in India. Bullet blenders have started to gain a lot of popularity and it is now preferred because you can save a lot of time and easily make exciting smoothies and combination of fluids without any hassle. You can also go through our buying guide which shall help you know more about what are the different types of blenders and which one would be the most suitable for you. You can also know about all the things that you must be careful about while choosing a bullet blender for your kitchen. Moving ahead, here are the Best Bullet Blenders in India Review which you can definitely consider for great and delicious smoothies, milkshakes, and other items.


1. La’ Forte La Vite Cherie – Compact Powerful Mixer Grinder Blender

La Forte Mixer Grinder Blender review tangylife blog
The very first product in a list of the best beauty blenders in India is by La Vite. The La’ Forte La Vite Cherie -Compact Powerful Mixer Grinder Blender is a very affordable appliance that has a lot of features such as its lightweight makes it portable, it has an easy operation which has no buttons and only requires to connect and twist the jars. It is easy to maintain and also dishwasher safe.

Attractive Features

– 380 Watt motor made up of copper
– Free Recipe e-book to make full use of the appliance
– Easy to Clean and less maintenance
– Warranty: 1 year of warranty
– Accessories: Set of 11 pieces: 1 High-torque Power Base, 1 Extractor Blade,1 Milling Blade, 1 Mug Jar,1 Long Jar,1 Small Jar, 1 Lip Ring, 1 Resealable Flat Lid, 1 Seasoning Lid, 1 Steamer Lid, 1 Shaker Lid

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight and compact
  • A recipe book is provided with the appliance
  • Removable blades are also provided which makes the appliance easy to clean

Critical Reviews

  • The noise levels of the appliance while in operation is little high

Buy La’ Forte La Vite Cherie -Compact Powerful Mixer Grinder Blender
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2. Balzano Bullet High-Speed Blender

Balzano Bullet High Speed Blender review tangylife blog
The Balzano Bullet High Speed Blender is the next in our list and it is highly suitable for families having 4 or more members as it has a large capacity. It is also available at a very affordable rate. This Bullet Blender by Balzano is provided with two jars of 500 ml and 350 ml that can be used for grinding and one jar of 800ml which can be used for blending. This Bullet Blender provides smooth operations and has two blades which are also capable of grinding course items such as coffee beans.

Key Features

– 900 watts of power consumption to provide smooth and efficient operation
– Made up of BPA-free tritan plastic which makes it safe to use
– Warranty : 1 year
– Accessories: 3 jars of 350, 500 and 800 ml capacity for grinding and blending

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Large capacity ideal for large families
  • Noise levels are very low and silent operation exists
  • Nutrient extractor helps to get all the nutrients in your drink
  • Two blades capable of grinding even hard material like coffee beans

Critical Reviews

  • Heating problems may arise from continuous usage
  • Leakage complaints have also been mentioned by some consumers

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3. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

Wonderchef Nutri Blend Juicer Mixer review tangylife blog
Wonderchef has continued to provide customers with a great kitchen and household appliances to make lives easier. There is no doubt in the quality and reliability that comes with Wonderchef appliances. This Wonderchef – 63152343 Nutri-Blend 400 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder is more than sufficient for a family of two or even individuals. It is really efficient in grinding and blending even hard materials. There are two different blades that help you experience that kind of efficiency.

Key Features

– Power of 400 Watts, so the appliance can be used even in fluctuations
– 2 sharp blades for smooth operation
– Extracts essential nutrients from food making it healthier
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty on the appliance is provided
– Accessories: 2 jars of 500ml (large) and 300ml (small) is provided

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Two jars and two blades provide efficient operation
  • Very easy maintenance and cleaning are effortless
  • Anti-skid rubber footing to prevent falling of the appliance
  • Leakage free and noise-free

Critical Reviews

  • Can only be used for short periods
  • Quality of the plastic can be improved

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4. Whipsip Powerful 800W Blender

Whipsip Powerful Blender review tangylife blog
The next bullet blender has “Powerful” in its name. Whipp Powerful 800W Blender is perfect for making smoothies and protein shakes without putting in a lot of effort. It comes with a 1.8 litres large blending jar which is suitable for families with many members. You can even control the speed of the blending according to your needs. Another unique feature is its distinct 8 blade set which provides the perfect blending experience and a smooth drink all the time.

Key Features

– 800 power consumption for powerful operation
– BPA Free plastic is used for healthy usage
– Warranty: 1 year of warranty is provided with the appliance
– Accessories: 1.8 litres large blending jar is provided

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • BPA Free plastic is used for healthy drinks
  • Speed can be controlled which is a unique feature
  • Unique design with set of 8 blades
  • A safety lock is also provided to avoid leakage and damage to the motor

Critical Reviews

  • The button needs to be pressed all the time when operating

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5. NutriBullet Pro Mixer Blender

NutriBullet Pro Mixer Blender review tangylife blog
The next Bullet Blender is by NutriBullet. NutriBullet has been providing some of the best bullet blenders since the beginning of time. The NutriBullet Pro Mixer Blender operates on 900 Watts and is an easy to use Blender. It also requires very less maintenance. This bullet blender by NutriBullet also provides powerful blending experience but it is not designed to crush ice. The jars are provided with top lids which would allow you to carry them like bottles making it travel friendly.

Key Features

– Power consumption of 900 watts makes it a powerful blender
– Nutritional extractor and with rpm of 25000, all the nutrition is extracted and powerful blending is maintained
– Cyclonic action of motor breaks down even hard materials
– Warranty: The appliance comes with one year of warranty
– Accessories: 32 Oz. Jar, 24 Oz. Jar, handbook of nutritional information

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Provides quick and effortless blending
  • Jars are travel friendly with lids provided
  • Size of the jars are standard size making it more convenient
  • Smooth blending which leaves no fibres or bits of food

Critical Reviews

  • Hot liquids cannot be used in this appliance
  • Cannot be used to crush ice

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6. Magic Bullet 950W Mixer and Blender Grinder

Magic Bullet Blender review tangylife blog
Magic Bullet continues to amaze us with its reliable products such as this Magic Bullet MB4-1049 Sheet Metal Mixer Grinder. It also provides many other products such as mugs, superfoods, etc. It is a USA based brand which claims to have served more than 55 million customers all over the world. Magic Bullet is a very trusted brand and this Bullet Blender provided by them is a very efficient and reliable appliance with great customer feedback. It has a capacity of 532 ml and also provided with a small jug of 355ml so it is very suitable for small families and even individuals.

Key Features

– 950W of power for robust and efficient operation
– Two different blades including a cross blade are used
– Easy assembling and disassembling is possible for easy working and cleaning
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty is provided
– Accessories: 1 tall jar of 532 ml and a small jar of 355 ml

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Easy to clean because of removable parts
  • Ideal for individuals and small families
  • Dishwasher safe appliance
  • Nutrient extracting feature is available to have healthy drinks

Critical Reviews

  • The strength of the smaller blades can be increased

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7. Amazon Brand-Solimo Personal Blender

Solimo Personal Blender review tangylife blog
The next bullet blender in our list of the best Bullet Blenders that are available in India is by Solimo acquired by Amazon itself. Being backed up by the assurance and reliability of Amazon, Solimo deals with a wide range of trusted kitchen and home appliances. The Solimo Personal Blender aims to provide the most comforting and premium blending experience. It comes with two jars that are portable and have a capacity of 600 ml. It also provides lids which can be used in the jars, making them travel friendly so that you can use them whenever required as a bottle as well.

Key Features

– 450 watt of efficient power consumption which provides powerful blending as well
– Easily removable parts make it easy to clean and maintain
– Simple and stylish design making it stand out from the crowd
– Warranty: 1 year warranty is provided
– Accessories: 2 jars of 600 ml each

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • The simple and compact design makes it easier to store
  • The small size makes it portable and easy to maintain
  • Leakage from the jar while operation does not exist
  • Travel-friendly jars due to the lids provided making them a bottle

Critical Reviews

  • Fuse failure due to continuous use can occur
  • Plastic quality can be improved

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8. Singer Nutrio 350 Watts Multi-Function Blender

Singer Nutrio Blender review tangylife blog
For the past 160 years, Singer has continued to provide us with trustable appliances such as coolers, iron boxes, blenders and many others. This Singer Nutrio 350 Watts Multi-Function Blender is very suitable for families of medium size, that is, up to four people as it includes two jars of 400 ml and 600 ml respectively. This Bullet Blender by Singer can be used for many purposes such as for blending and grinding purposes. You can even control the speed for up to two levels but it was seen that it is better if it is not used for grinding peanuts.

Key Features

– Power consumption of 350 W along with copper motor for efficient performance
– BPA Free Tritan plastic used for the manufacturing of jars
– Lids are provided to make the jars travel friendly like a sipper
– Warranty: Product warranty of one year is given
– Accessories: One Jars of 400ml which is a mason jar and one jar of 600 ml which is a Tritan Jar

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Efficient performance for smoothies and other items
  • Easy to clean and requires less maintenance
  • Two different jars are provided which makes it suitable for medium families
  • Can be used with vegetables and fruits as well

Critical Reviews

  • Noise levels need to be reduced
  • Peanuts or similar hard material gets difficult to get grinded

Buy Singer Nutrio 350 Watts Multi-Function Blender
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9. Prestige Express Mixer Grinder

Prestige Express Mixer Grinder review tangylife blog
The next Bullet Blender in our list is by Prestige. Prestige is a very trusted brand which has been providing appliances in the Indian household for a very long time. This Prestige Express Mixer Grinder PEX 2.0 is a compact and easy to use appliance which can be used for both blending and grinding. It provides quick results for making delicious milkshakes, smoothies and other items. Its compact design saves storage space and also makes it easier to clean. This bullet blender by Prestige also provides separate lids for storage purposes and also the lids that make the jars travel friendly.

Key Features

– 350 Watts of power consumption by the appliance
– Multipurpose; can be used for blending and grinding purposes
– Provides quick and efficient results and also saves storage space
– Warranty: 1 year of warranty is provided
– Accessories: Jars, Lids for sippers and separate lids for storage

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • The appliance has a very compact and subtle design
  • It is easier to place it anywhere without worrying about taking too much space
  • Efficient grinding of whole spices as well can be done
  • Sharp blades and powerful performance of the appliance

Critical Reviews

  • The power cord can be made longer
  • No instruction manual is provided with the appliance
  • Quality of the appliance should be improved

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10. Glen 4048 Active Blender with 2 Interchangeable Jars

Glen Active Blender review tangylife blog
Finally, we have a Bullet Blender which is provided by Glen. Glen has gained popularity for its modern appliances and has recently introduced its range of modern Chimneys. Now it is also conquering the bullet blender field as well. This Glen 4048 Active blender is a multipurpose device and you can even grind both wet and dry ingredients in this appliance. Another unique feature is that it comes with lid caps as well as seasoning caps. When you are making spices or different types of seasoning in the Blender, you can use the seasoning cap for direct usage.

Key Features

– Consumes 350 W of power for smooth and energy-efficient performance
– Two interchangeable jars are provided which are transparent and strong
– Simple operation with the help of a push-button switch
– Warranty: 2 years of warranty is provided
– The appliance comes with 1 year of warranty on its electric parts

Buyers Feedback

Good Reviews

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Two different blades for easier operation.
  • Provides with healthy drinks with nutrition quickly and effortlessly
  • Both dry and wet grinding can be performed in this appliance

Critical Reviews

  • Quality of the product can be improved
  • Leakage controls need more attention

Buy Glen 4048 Active Blender with 2 Interchangeable Jars
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Best Bullet Blender in India 2022 – Conclusion

Bullet Blenders have made life easier and have given us a way to enjoy delicious smoothies, milkshakes and other items without putting in any effort. They are compact, multifunctional and even easy to operate, unlike the heave mixer grinders which are so heavy that they stay in one place for their entire lifetime. Bullet blenders help you blend in small quantities which were not possible in the traditional blender and grinders which are bulky and troublesome. With the introduction of modern appliances in the Indian kitchen, it is imperative to invest in a bullet blender so that you can enjoy its advantages at a very affordable price. Bullet blenders provide a simple and mess-free way of blending and grinding small quantities of ingredients which is highly suitable for individual who are rushing themselves in the morning for office and end up skipping breakfast, this appliance helps you have a breakfast every day and that too such a delicious one! We hope our buying guide makes you aware of all the information needed before buying a bullet blender and our best picks help you understand the pros and cons of each model and the one which you prefer the most. Let us know in the comments below if you have any queries or if you found your ideal bullet blender.

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