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What if we tell you that you can now prepare curd without any efforts just by using the latest Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator! Sounds amazing, right? Well, the famous South Korean Electronics Company, Samsung, has recently introduced a refrigerator that is capable of making the perfect curd for you. And it is the world’s first refrigerator that can do so! So you can bid goodbye to all the hassle and efforts you went through to make just the right curd because now this fridge can make the perfect consistency curd for you easily. Samsung claims that this is the world’s first Frost Free Refrigerator that not only can prepare fresh curd but also preserve it. It provides this facility in different weather conditions that make it even more convenient. It makes curd with the same perfect consistency every single time and that is something that we all struggle with at our home when trying to make curd by our hands.
Besides this amazing curd preparing feature, the Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator also comes with other striking qualities that will make you want it in your home as soon as possible. There are other products as well that are being launched by Samsung like India’s first Five-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator. There was another one, First Frost Free Refrigerator with Base Stand Drawer that is known for its extra capacity to store large-sized vegetables like onions and potatoes.

In this article, we’ll acquaint you with all the spectacular and impressive features of India’s first curd making fridge, Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator


Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator Features and Buying Guide


Design of the refrigerator

Similar to other refrigerators launched by Samsung, this refrigerator also has a modern and aesthetically appealing design. It is a double door fridge that is capable of making curd and preserving it as well. The very first question you might have while considering buying this fridge is the capacity of this device. There are different capacities in which the Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator is available in the market. These varieties of capacities include 244L, 265L, 314L and 336L. Depending on your requirements from a refrigerator and the number of family members you have, you can choose the appropriate capacity for the fridge. Another important feature in its design is that the freezer section is at the top which makes it easier to access. It is beneficial for people with back-related problems as they can easily approach the freezer. This refrigerator has been designed in such a way that it makes efficient use of space. It has great depth and allows keeping a lot of stuff. As far as the main feature, curd preparation, is concerned, a separate zone is provided for the same in the fridge.


Process of making curd in the fridge

Simple three steps process to prepare curd in the Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator

When we make curd at home by ourselves, we don’t always get the perfect texture and balance. It can be difficult at times and requires exact precision because of which we don’t get it right all the time. Using this refrigerator will make sure that you end up with curd of the right consistency every time and it requires almost no effort to do so. You can have the perfect curd in just three simple steps.
Basically, you are required to set the prepared mixture in the refrigerator and it will do the fermentation process for you and the result would be a perfect texture curd. This mixture can be prepared by boiling and then cooling the milk, after which you need to mix the curd culture and set let the Samsung Curd Maestro do its magic!


Steps to make curd in the Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator

Step 1 : A container is provided in the “Curd Making” Zone in the refrigerator. Take that container. Add milk and curd culture mixture to it.
Step 2 : Put the container back in the Curd Making Zone in the Curd Maestro.
Step 3 : Now, press “Curd Button” which is on the display. You would also have an option to choose the consistency of the curd you want, like Soft or Thick. Select the required consistency depending on your choice. Soft Curd would take about 6 and a half hours to get fermented whereas Thick Curd would take 7.5 hours. You would be amazed to know that you can store this curd for up to 3 days.
Step 4 : You will get to know that your curd is prepared and ready to serve by a “Serve Icon Light” which would light up when it’s done.


Our take on the difference between Manual curd making process & Samsung Curd Maestro

It seems like a really effortless way to prepare something so common to the Indian people. Every family uses curd in almost all of their meals. Getting a perfect curd with the ideal texture and quality and not even requiring you to do the hassle, seems like a great deal.
We found these Pros Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator


  • The hassle of manual preparation is reduced entirely
  • The hit and trial method generally opted doesn’t give the best results
  • It takes only six to seven hours to get the curd ready to serve
  • The refrigerator allows us to preserve the curd for three days as well
  • Samsung Curd Maestro is able to provide the same ideal consistency curd even in different weather conditions as it has different weather optimizations


Striking Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator Features

As said earlier, preparation of curd is just one of the amazing features of Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator comes with. Here are some of the best characteristics of this latest technology refrigerator.

1. World’s First Frost-Free Refrigerator

With this feature, you don’t have to manually frost your fridge. Generally, you frost your fridge in order to remove the extra buildup of ice in the freezer. But the Samsun Curd Maestro Refrigerator comes with an Auto Defrost Function which prohibits ice buildup in the freezer.

2. LED Lighting

The refrigerator comes with inbuilt LED lighting which helps you see in every corner. The light that the LED emits is very soft and soothing and at the same time, it is sufficient for finding anything in the room. This LED Lighting is also very energy efficient as compared to traditional ways of lighting. You can save both space and money because of this lighting feature.

3. Deodorizing Filter

This refrigerator by Samsung comes with a deodorizing filter that helps to eliminate odors from inside the fridge and keep it fresh by deodorizing it. This filter does not affect the natural fragrances and aroma of the food kept inside the fridge but instead works on retaining the flavour and aroma of the food for a longer time.

4. Energy Saving Door Alarm

We all forget to close the fridge door sometime in our lives, but you needn’t worry now. If by chance, you forget to close the door of the fridge or it isn’t closed all the way for more than 2 minutes, the door alarm in the fridge will be clearly audible so that you can close the door. This feature prevents the escape of cool air from the fridge and also helps to save electricity as well.

5. Get all the ice you need with the Movable Ice Maker

Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator has a large ice maker which allows you to get a large amount of ice during the summer season. Plenty of ice won’t harm anybody in a glass of juice when the sun is blazing. But when it is chilly and cold, ice is not in very much demand. The Movable Ice Maker can be removed easily when it is not required which gives extra space in the freezer area for other things.

6. Voltage Protection

Refrigerators that were available earlier required a voltage stabilizer to deal with fluctuation in the voltage but this Curd Maestro Refrigerator has a stabilizer free operation because of which it is capable of dealing with high fluctuation in the voltage and keep itself away from any damage. No investment of any sort is needed in a separate voltage stabilizer for this refrigerator.

7. Twin Cooling Plus Technology

This technology helps to keep food fresh for twice as long as a traditional refrigerator. Twin Cooling Plus technology works by maintaining a humidity level of approximately 70% in the fridge whereas the normal refrigerator could do that for just up to 30%. When the humidity level is more in the fridge, food remains moist and fresh for more time.

8. Digital Inverter Technology

This refrigerator is solar power compatible, which means it can run on solar energy as well. Besides solar power, it also has the ability to run on your home inverter. All these features make it more energy-efficient and help to save more and more power. It also produces very little noise and has a long-lasting performance.

9. Convertible 5in1

Samsung Curd Maestro Refrigerator comes with five different Smart Convertible modes. These modes are – Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone. All these modes have different temperature controls along with independent airflows for both freezer and the fridge. These conversion modes help to prevent movement of displeasing odor of food from the fridge to the freezer or from the freezer to the fridge zone.


Different Samsung Curd Maestro refrigerator Price and Modals

The Samsung Curd Maestro offers a variety of models which mainly differ based on its capacity. The capacities can be 244L, 265L, 314L and 336L. Based on the capacity, the price of each model also varies from Rs. 26,990 to Rs. 45,990.


1. Samsung 244L (RT28T3523S8, Curd Maestro)

This model has the capacity of 244 L and it is the lowest possible capacity that is available in the series of Curd Maestro Refrigerators. It would be suitable for small nuclear families (2 to 3 members) that do not have to store a lot of food in the refrigerator. With an energy rating of 3 stars, this Samsung Curd Maestro refrigerator comes with a warranty of 1 year on the product and 10 years on the compressor of the fridge.

Available in Elegant Inox Grey Color

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2. Samsung 265L (RT30T3A23UT, Curd Maestro)

This is another model with a capacity of 265L which is 21L extra than the previous version of Samsung Curd Maestro series which is not currently available online on Amazon but can be checked on the official website. This refrigerator would be suitable for small to medium-sized families (5-6 members) as it can store comparatively more food in it. Its convertible mode also helps to create extra storage in the refrigerator.

Available in Pebble Blue Color

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3. Samsung 314 L (RT34T46326W, Curd Maestro)

This is the top model of the Curd Maestro series launched by Samsung. It has the highest capacity available for 314L. It is suitable for medium to large size families (8-10 members) which have a higher requirement of storage in the refrigerator. This Samsung Curd Maestro refrigerator also comes with a warranty of 1 year for product and 10 years for the compressor.

Available in Twirl Red Color

Also Buy the Samsung Curd Maestro 314L in unique Wave steel color

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