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Every day-to-day activity in life requires one basic component that people seem to ignore at times. That is, clean air! The air we breathe is ultimately responsible for our health and how we function. When that air becomes polluted by dust, bacteria and other particles, it becomes hazardous. It can lead to many ailments like many lung diseases caused by inhaling the polluted air containing harmful germs and viruses. In such a condition as of today, where Corona virus (COVID 19) spread is on its peak, the need of an Air Purifier is highly recommended. In spite of the polluted air, a device that cleans the air in our environment so that we can breathe good quality of air is very much needed for our well-being. This article gives a list of the best Air Purifiers in India that can be purchased by you as per your needs.
Air purifiers actually work by filtering out small particles from the air, often called as pollutants like smoke, pollen, etc. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken in consideration when choosing an air purifier. Like how many windows your home has, this could affect the ventilation and leading to more foreign particles in the home. In such a case, more powerful purifier would be more suitable to achieve the best results. Most Air Purifiers use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters to perform the filtration process of air. These filters trap different sizes of pollutants in the air as it is made up of extremely fine threads of fiberglass. It is a compact and tightly packed sheets of fibers that is finally secured with metal or sometimes plastic frame.

With the increase in COVID-19 patients every day, it is important that you take all the necessary precautions that are possible to keep you and your family safe. Investing in an air purifier is very important as it would clean the air in the environment thus ensuring a healthy life. If there is an air purifier working towards filtering the air, it would reduce the concentration of harmful particles and decreasing the chances of exposure to harmful viruses and toxins.  It is very important to have an Air Purifier to protect yourself from these harmful pollutants in the air.


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Best Air Purifier in India – Buying Guide

Air Purifiers also prove to be beneficial in eliminating odor in the room and keeping the room fresh and odor-free at all times. This can be from all the cooking done in your kitchen or cigarette smoke or even for people who are very prone to allergies. You would have often noticed dust hiding in furniture or linen that could degrade the air quality of your home Because of all these reasons, people have started investing in an efficient air purifier that meets their need and helps them to have a healthy life ahead.

Air Purifiers are commonly classified based on the type of filtration system that is used to purify the air. Based on the types of filters, following are the types of air purifiers :


1. HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Purifiers. HEPA Filters are the most commonly used filters in air purifiers. This is because it has the ability to sense and remove harmful particles that are larger than 0.3 microns. We can only see objects that are larger than 10 microns so 0.3 micron particles are something we can’t even see and HEPA can eliminate them for us. It does all this process without using any harmful chemicals, thus further promotes safe environment for us.

2. Ionizers

Ionizers use involvement of chemicals for purifying the air in the surrounding. So basically, ionizers release negative ions into the environment that attract harmful particles to itself. Once attached to the ion, the harmful allergens weigh down to the ground or get stuck in the wall. Ionizers are not always preferred because it does not remove the harmful particles from the air but only displaces them to the ground or wall. So you still remain prone to the damage of those particles.

3. Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon has received popularity recently when it was used to treat drinking water and clean it. Later, it was discovered that it is able to sense variety of different types of allergens ranging from harmful gases to smoke, odor etc. Activated Carbon absorbs these pollutants and they can never come out of it. That is why, these activated carbon filters needs to change occasionally when it reaches a saturation point. It is recommended for children and people with breathing problems and prone to allergies.

4. Electrostatic Filters

These are the most efficient and function similarly as HEPA Filter does. The difference is that it uses electric charge to entrap the allergens instead of using the normal air filters. The charged particles then stick to the surface of the purifier, thus cleans the air off the pollutants. They have a diverse range of allergens that it can trap, ranging from dense smog, pet odor, pollen etc.

5. Ultraviolet Rays Filters

These filters are not used as the only filter in an air purifier. This is mostly because it can only destroy microorganisms and has no control over the particulate matter. Another way they can work is by converting molecules of oxygen and water into ozone and hydroxyl which then reacts with the pollutants and destroys them. But there are a lot of harmful effects of ozone in the environment, thus UV Filters are not used alone. They are often used as a secondary layer along with HEPA or activated carbon filters.
Read our review of top picked air purifier with UV light.

So how does an Air Purifier actually work?

Air purifiers work on a simple principle of inhaling the existing air in the environment and then cleaning it and exhaling purified air back into the surrounding.

The process of purification varies depending on the type of filtration system used.

Generally, the filtration system is made up of a collection of different layers, each of which has some specific task to perform.

HEPA Filter Purifiers perform 3 basic functions – Diffusion, Interception and Impaction. Diffusion works for small particles that get trapped in filters. Interception makes medium sized particles to stick to the surface of the fibers and finally impaction where collision of large particles result in their capture by the fibers.

HEPA Filters are not capable of eliminating odors and gases. Thus, another layer of filer is generally added which is activated carbon. Activated Carbon, when porous, has the ability to absorb huge amounts of pollutant matter. It can be used to absorb harmful gases and toxins from the air.


Factors to consider when choosing the best Air Purifier online

1. Type of Filters Used

The filtration system adopted by the purifier would greatly affect the quality of the device. Depending on your needs and surrounding, you should go for the appropriate purifier. The different types of filters are HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Electrostatic Filter, etc.

2. Size of the Purifier

Air purifiers comes in different sizes which in turn affects the efficiency of the device. Every purifier comes with a rating in sq. ft. which tells us the area it is suitable for. It is recommended to have an idea of the area in which you wish to keep your purifier in.

3. CADR Rating

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is the speed at which the purification process is carried out. High CADR rating ultimately means that your purifier is more efficient and has a fast purification process.

4. Features provided

There are a lot of latest technologies that are being provided in air purifiers. You need to find a balance between these features and the price as the cost of the device increases when the features start increasing. Some features include different fan speeds, Wi-Fi facility, timer to control the operations etc.

5. Power Consumption

Always try to go for a device that has less power consumption and is more energy efficient. High CADR values allow the device to use as less power as possible. All this should be checked thoroughly while choosing an air purifier.

6. Filter Replacement

Since air purifier is all about filters and filters need to be replaced from time to time, one should choose a device in which you can easily change filters. Some devices offer easy filter replacement which makes it easier to maintain the device as well.

Best Air Purifier available on Amazon

After taking into consideration customer reviews, ratings and overall efficiency, we have come up with a list of top air purifiers for filtering the air in your environment. The mentioned devices are all available on e-commerce site, Amazon that provided easy and safe delivery of the product. We have picked up the most efficient ones which would cover all the aspects that an ideal air purifier should have and performs all the necessary functions. With the help of this review, we wish you choose the best air purifier for your home to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle.


1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, TP03

Dyson Cool Air purifier Tangylife Review

With the promise of eliminating 99.95% of pollutants from the surrounding air, Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier proves to be the most promising device for purifying the air. It is a 0.1 micron air purifier having the capacity to remove harmful particles that are as small as 0.1 micron in size. It makes use of Air Multiplier Technology that circulates the air that is purified throughout the room and keeps the room clean and fresh.
Another great feature is that this device is built using HEPA Filter which is vaccum sealed and has a rotation angle of 360°. Not only it has this amazing filter, there is a second layer of tris-coated activated carbon that work together to purify the air in your room by eliminating harmful toxins and viruses.
Dyson provides a Wi-Fi service using which you can control your Air Purifier. With the help of Dyson link app, you can monitor, perform operations and control the purification process in your environment remotely. When the filters in your device reach the stage where a replacement is needed, it will be notified to you automatically via the app.

Key Features

– Promises to remove 99.95% of harmful toxins with particles as small as 0.1 microns
– Rotation angle of 360°.
– HEPA filter along with a layer of activated carbon is used
– Wi-Fi Facility is provided to remotely control the device

Buyers Feedback


  • Less Maintenance and Easy Installation
  • Top Quality features as compared to other devices.
  • Air Purification Technology is used.
  • Useful for houses that are highly exposed to pollution.
  • HEPA Filter is utilized.


  • The device gets a little on the expensive side.

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2. Philips AC3256/20 HEPA Air Purifier

Philips Air Purifier review tangylife

Philips doesn’t cease to amaze us with its Air Purifier 3000 Serieshaving features like VitaShield and AeraSense that makes sure the air is filtered to make it most pure for your family and have a healthy life. The AeraSense feature helps to monitor and display the quality of air in real time and the VitaShield technology helps to remove 99.97% pollutants from the air and these pollutant particles, in the air, can be as small as 0.02 microns.
Another great feature of this device provided by Philips is that it uses a thick NanoProtect HEPA Filter and also uses a mode, known as, Allergen Mode to eliminate harmful toxins, dust and other viruses from the air with 99.97% efficiency.
The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of this purifier is upto 397 m3/h which means the speed at which the air can be purified can go as high as 397 m3/h which is pretty high as compared to other devices of this range. This rate can be achieved because of the VitaShield technology which gives the device an aerodynamic design. It also has an added layer of activated carbon filter which protects you and your family from hazardous gases like TVOC and Formaldehyde.
This purifier is very well suitable for rooms that are small to medium in size. The air quality of your room can be monitored in real-time with a unique feature that is provided, known as, 4-step colour ring. The design of the device has been made very user-friendly with an attractive feature like Sensor touch UI and a big numerical display.


– VitaShield technology that helps to eliminate 99.97% of allergens
– Can remove particles as small as 0.02 microns
– AeraSense technology provides real time monitoring of air quality

Buyers Feedback


  • Filters have a longer life as compared to other devices
  • Real-Time Air Quality Indicator
  • It is a silent device, does not produce noise while it is turned on
  • After power cut, automatically resumed


  • Although the device is less expensive than the Dyson purifier, it still would be seen as a bit expensive for the features that it provides.

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3. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Coway Sleek Pro purifier review Tangylife

This next product in our list, Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier, is a brand which is very well known globally and has recently been introduced in India. Its great reviews and customer ratings is the reason why we have included this device. It is an air purifier which comes under the affordable price range of INR 15,000 to INR 17,000 and cherry on the cake is that it provides all the best features that an air purifier should possess. It has a Clear Air Delivery Rate of 303 m3/hr which is good for its size and built. This device uses a three stage filtration technique : First stage being the pre-filter to block large and obvious pollutants. Next is the Carbon Filter to eliminate hazardous gases and to make the surrounding odour free. Lastly, HEPA Filter (Multilayered) that is useful for capturing particles of PM2.5 and thus only allows clean air to go through.
One key feature of this air purifier is that it provides a lot of user friendly ways to control the air speed and filter replacements. One-touch airspeed control and lamp settings are very useful for the user. This device follows a unique technology to sense the dust and accordingly control the airflow system and perform efficient purification of air in the room.

Key Features

– Speed can be controlled with a one touch button feature
– Levels of speed are provided to control the speed
– Air Quality can be monitored in real time
– Power Consumption is less
– Produces less noise when being operated
– 5 Year Warranty for the Motor and 1 year Warranty for the electrical parts

Buyers Feedback


  • Simple, compact design that is appealing to the eye
  • Detailed and well planned filtration process
  • Energy Efficient
  • Brand has global recognition


  • Night Mode option could have been included.

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4. Mi Air Purifier 2S

mi air purifier review tangylife

Xiaomi, the leading mobile device brand has now introduced its super-affordable range of air purifiers which has all the top notch features that one could expect from this price range. This air purifier comes in two variants – with and without Alexa Echo Dot.  We can call this device energy efficient and there are many points to support that. Along with OLED Display, this device also comes with indicators to show temperature and humidity levels in the environment. This OLED Display helps the user to check the pollutant level or, in simpler words, the air quality of the room.

This device has a unique sensor, Laser Particle Sensor, that can be used to discover pollutant particles as small as 0.3 microns. It has high CADR which makes the purification process fast and efficient. It also has a three layer filtration technique that filters the polluted air to give clean air for you to breathe. Even if you decide to go with the variant without Alexa Echo Dot, the Mi Home app makes it really easy for you to manage this air purifier.

Key Features

– Less Power Consumption
– Device is made very user friendly
– Laser Particle Sensor technology is used to detect small particles
– Three layer Filtration technique along with high CADR

Buyers Feedback


  • Reasonable Price
  • Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 360 degree of air intake
  • Auto adjustment of brightness according the lighting of the room


  • The process to change the filters is not very easy and requires more effort.

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5. Dyson DP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier

Dyson air purifier review Tangylife

As already mentioned above, Dyson produces top class air purifiers that have a really great response from customers regarding its purification quality. This particular model, Dyson DP04, has the capacity to detect and reflect the allergens in the air in real time. It uses a unique technology, known as Patented Air Multiplier Technology. Using this technology, the device is capable of producing purified air at the rate of 360 litres per second.
It is built of Glass HEPA Filter and also has an additional layer of Activated Carbon Filter that adds up to the power of the device to sense harmful toxins and gases and remove them to produce clean and healthy air. It offers 350 degree oscillation which ensures the clean air is well circulated in the room. The Dyson Link App can be useful to monitor the air quality levels in real time and help to control the operation of the device.
All Dyson air purifiers are highly useful for people who are more prone to allergies and who are suffering from asthma.

Key Features

– 10 levels of fan speed that can be controlled
– Night mode is available along with a sleep timer
– Low Power Consumption
– 2 years Warranty on Parts of the device

Buyers Feedback


  • Air quality levels can be checked easily in real time
  • Glass HEPA Filter & additional layer Activated Carbon Filter
  • Ideal for small to medium room sizes
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly Certification by AAFA
  • Design is made safe for family usage as well


  • The purifier is a little high on the price

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6. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20

Philips AeraSense purifier review tangylife

This Philips air purifier of the 2000 Series is very similar to the 3000 Series. It offers features that have great resemblance to the 3000 Series but at a more reasonable price. There are 3 modes provided – General, Virus and Bacteria mode, to control the working of the device as per your requirements to save power and ensure prolonged life of the filters.

This air purifier makes use of Healthy Air Protect technology, using which, whenever there is a need to replace the filters, you will be timely notified about it. Another striking feature of this device is that it produces very low noise, making it useful for families at night.

This device ensure 99.99% removal of allergens as small as 20nm from the air and because of VitaShield IPS technology, it has a CADR of 344 m3/h which is pretty high.  Another technology used is AeraSense technology. According to this technology, the device can detect minute particles and also detect small events and thus control the air delivery speed to ensure maximum clean air in the room.

Key Features

– Low Power Consumption
– Generates very less noise
– 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Design is simple yet aerodynamic
  • Different modes to control as per your needs
  • High CADR Value
  • AeraSense and VitaShield technology


  • The ultra turbo mode might produce some noise but it gives satisfactory results.

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7. Mi Air Purifier 2C

Mi 2c purifier review Tangylife

This Xiaomi Air Purifier is very popular in the market for its simple design. It has a very easy way of changing filters which makes it stand out from the other devices. Although the device is very easy to use and also easy to install, Mi does not compromise with the efficiency of the purifier. It uses a HEPA Filter with removal of pollutants in the air which can be as small as 0.3 microns. This air purifier works with 99.97% efficiency. This air purifier also has a high CADR Value of 350 m3/h which ensures speedy purification of air and more coverage area. It contains one button control feature for monitoring air quality in real time. Because of the high CADR Value, the power consumption of the purifier becomes less and thus makes it highly energy efficient.

Key Features

– Real Time Air Quality Indicator
– Low Power Consumption
– Auto Mode, thus no manual work required

Buyers Feedback


  • Energy Efficient
  • Super Affordable
  • High CADR Value
  • DIY Filter changing feature is very easy


  • The noise levels of the product while turned on are high and can be improved
  • Night mode features can be added

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8. Honeywell Air Touch i8 Air Purifier

Honeywell air touch review Tangylife

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company and has recently released its series of air purifiers. The purifiers that are introduced lie in low range and are packed with latest features as well. This particular model, Air Touch A5, has a similar approach. It has a 3-stage filtration system which can eliminate pollutants as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99%.

The device is 100% ozone free thus is safer for your surroundings. The most unique feature of this air purifier is that it inhales the polluted air sideways and exhales the clean, purified air from the top. It has a CADR of approximately 300 m3/h which makes it ideal for small to medium sized rooms. The purifier is full of features that promote longevity of the filters. The power consumption is also very less. It can be said that in this range, this particular air purifier is the most energy efficient.

Key Features

– 100% Ozone Free
– High CADR Value
– Less Power Consumption
– Easy Installation and Operation of device
– Easy Changing of Filters

Buyers Feedback


  • Three Staged filtration system
  • 3D Air Flow Design to achieve maximum circulation of clean air
  • Suitable for small to medium sized bedrooms
  • Child lock feature


  • The product tends to make a little bit of noise sometimes.
  • Customer Service by the company was not very much appreciated by the consumers.

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Best Air Purifier in India 2022 – Conclusion

So we have listed the top and best air purifiers for you that can help to keep you and your family healthy and breathe clean air. While choosing an air purifier, one needs to keep in mind a lot of factors. The features provided by the device should be of latest technology, the filtration system of the purifier should be adequate according to your room size. Air purifiers come in different sizes, thus choosing the one which is most suitable according to your room size would be most appropriate. Investing in a device that allows breathing clean air, free from harmful toxins, dust particles and viruses is the need of the hour.

We often feel that our home is free from harmful gases and toxins. But usage of deodorants, talcum powders etc. pollute the air inside and make it harmful for you to breathe. Air conditioners and refrigerators are known for emitting hazardous gases that are slowly harming our health. There are many instances which often go unnoticed but contaminate the air inside homes because of which an air purifier has become an essential need to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

The current situation of the world has made air purifiers a necessity when earlier it was only seen as an item of luxury. When being indoors, the polluted air can be managed with the help of air purifiers. When you are in outside environment, it is recommended to use face mask to protect yourself from harmful viruses and dust. Do check out our review on Best Face Mask for Virus Protection also. So choose wisely, breathe clean air and stay healthy!



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