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  • The Bircher Bar Review


The Bircher Bar is a breakfast meal store that offers Gluten-Free, Vegan & Paleo Diet Muesli mix and a variety of beverages. They offer Subscription boxes too, along with varied recipes which you can experiment around. All The recipes are homestyle and are very simple to prepare. Don’t forget to check out our blog for updates and offers.

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Breakfast is a tricky business, a healthy along with tasty one even more so. Find a solution to this tricky first meal in the morning, here on Tangylife. Click on the link below to check out the exciting new offer at The Bircher Bar Do Read The Bircher Bar review to know more about their store.

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The Bircher Bar : Why Breakfast Matters ?

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.

– John Gunther

Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. It is a crucial meal – the first meal after the long hours of fast during the sleep. Suffice it to say, you are what you have for breakfast. A breakfast, full of nutrients and carbohydrate, will provide an instant fuel. So, you can go on about your day. Whereas, if you combine it with protein as well, you will stay energetic for longer periods of time. On that note, how often do we get to have breakfast that will actually fall into the category of ‘healthy’, in today’s fast-paced life?

Even if you did get yourself treated with some super delicious breakfast at your mum’s, who’s to say what you are gonna do once you move out – Believe me, you won’t!

It is morning. You have no energy at all to be decently awake and be fully alert, let alone thinking of a breakfast recipe that’s nutritious and simple to make. We get you. Tangylife has already resolved your daily dinner trouble in form of Dinnerly and Marley Spoon. We thought of giving you a kickass morning as well! Our research led us to The Bircher Bar. So, lets put our chef’s hats on and see what we can make today to keep it energetic for the rest of the day. Bon appetite!

About The Bircher Bar

Started in 2014, as a small stall of healthy food blends that are nutritious, wholesome and unique in their quality and taste. What started, as a small venture is now one of the leading healthy food companies in Australia. Not only this but they now focus on running a thriving online store as well as supplying their hand-made, all-natural and small-batch artisan blends to amazing, cafes, grocers and specialty stores.

With their wide selection of products and services, The Bircher bar definitely takes the cake for a versatile online meal store. They cater to one and all – they have Paleo Diet, Gluten Free, and Vegan Meals.  They also offer Subscription Meal Boxes, much like the dinner meal boxes by Dinnerly and Marley Spoon.

The Bircher Bar Store

Breakfast matters, more than any other meal of the day. It is a strong enough reason to know that you deserve to have first meal of the day with an upward curve of the lips (Do I see a smile on your face?). And for that, you need something on your plate that fills your eyes with love and mouth with drool. (I can see you are drooling too!) So, how does that happen? Whenever I have something, I really enjoy eating, on my breakfast table, I feel awesome. It makes my day fabulous too. Guessing breakfast has the same effect on you, I would say your internet search has landed you on the right page – The Bircher Bar Review.

We, at Tangylife, firmly believe in never taking our breakfast for granted. We suggest the same to you too, and to do that always do your research. On that note, we are here to help you find what may be best for you. All of us at Tangylife, by all I mean ‘all’ , love to eat, serve and help with nothing but the best when it comes to food. The Bircher Bar being no exception to any of those philosophies, we decided to give you an insight into the beautiful world of breakfast (Yes! they do exist.) through the isles of The Bircher Bar

All Bircher Bar Products

The Bircher Bar believes everyone should have a smile on their face. Especially the moment they enter their kitchen to make their breakfast or better yet when they have it on their table. They understand the individual needs and how diverse they can be especially to people who have a different kind of lifestyles, such as Vegans or those who follow Paleo diet Whether you turned vegetarian recently or if you are allergic to gluten for a very long time, The Bircher Bar serves to you all. Sorry, non-veg peeps! Everyone else, go nuts!

Hold your breaths, as we reveal to you the layers of products they offer, like a chocolate cake. Savor it while it lasts people because that duration is pretty short! (*Snatches the bowl and runs away.* Nom! Nom!)

Lo, and behold soothe your eyes!

The Bircher Bar caters to all your breakfast needs. From Artisan Museli to Peanut Butter and Honey. The raw material that they offer is just the surface of the vast ocean. They have brewing tools, bowls, recipes health tonics and gift boxes as well 😀


1. Food Products

Famous for their Bircher Museli mix, The Bircher Bar caters to everything from warm beverages to any vegan spreads you would like to put on your bread. They are all hand-picked and are blended together by artisans. All bircher Museli mixes are vegan. Although they have a separate option for those who want gluten-free and paleo diet meals. For our, readers who may be allergic to nuts, we would definitely recommend their nut-free Fruit and Spies Mix The blend is full of health benefits of Oats, Rye and Barley with a little sharp flavor Ginger. As if that was not enough to make a topmost choice, it is also fragrant with the sweetness of vanilla beans. Enjoy this warm porridge on a cold winter day, with a honey sandwich and latte.

The Bircher Bar is home to healthy. Not only because they are offering porridge but also because they offer fantastic beverages. For a kickass morning don’t forget to try, Chai Latte

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2. Brewing Essentials And Utensils

Any breakfast is incomplete without a beverage that compliments it. And beverages, need their own way of preparation – specific pots and vessels. If you don’t know already, the flavors of any beverage depend greatly upon the kind of vessel they were prepared in. To ensure you get best flavors out of the handpicked Tea & Coffee Blends, The Bircher Bar brings a selection of brewing essentials and utensils. All their utensils are locally designed. You’ll be helping a small scale artisan too. 🙂

Click Here To Browse More Utensils 


3. Gift Boxes

Do you know someone, struggling with breakfast matters like you and us? We would definitely suggest you gift them The Pantry Package by The Bircher Bar. It has all the dietary needs that a good breakfast bowl should have. With an assortment of 6 items, this also gives an opportunity to experiment with various recipes. Thus helping in finding out what works best for you. Did we mention their gift boxes are on sale right now? So go, check them out before its too late!

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The Bircher Bar Subscription Meals

Ours is a world of convenience. So much that everything we desire is just a click away. Subscription meals are one such ease of our times. Honestly, can you blame us? Afterall, who likes to go to all the way to superstore just to get raw materials. Why not simply go and eat out instead? While that is really easy to implement during the lunch or dinner, daily breakfast, in such way, seems next to impossible.  Subscription meals are, thus, the simplest and most convenient breakfast option present around.

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The Bircher Bar Recipes & Blogs

In cooking getting proper and the premade raw material is only half the battle one. Especially if you are a just beginner you would really like to opt for something simple and quick in making. With only a few steps involving in the cooking, The Bircher Bar takes their breakfast game up a notch. You can experiment around, mix and match and see what flavors suit you the most. All the recipes are home style and are tried and tested. So, if there is one thing that you can be sure of it is that the taste is not going to disappoint you.

The brand is a small scale venture that intends to help small-scale artisans. There is nothing better than having locally produced items that are grown with a lot of care and love. Their blog gives an insight into everything that goes around along the peripheries of eco-freindly topics, struggles as a small scale entreprenuers and lifestyle related issue. If you are new to entrepreneurship that too an eco-responsible, you should definitely give Musings & Muesli a read. If you are more into the latest happenings of The Bircher Bar, try Five From The Bar.


The Bircher Bar Delivery & Shipping

The store does not offer a free delivery. You will have to pay an additional $9.98 for shipping all over Australia, however you can opt for store pick up to save on that. In addition to that you can also shop for more than $75 to get a free of cost delivery. The store does not ship internationally yet.

The Bircher Bar Contact Details

The Bircher Bar Cafe & Pantry
Shop 15 Summerland Arcade, 98 Woodlark St, Lismore, NSW, 2480
Call: 0434935725
Mon to Fri
9am – 4:30pm


The Bircher Bar : Pros And Cons


  • They are a small scale business that swears by their local produce and home-style recipes.
  • You can return or exchange an item up to 30 days, although that is subject to terms and conditions.
  • Good breakfast ensures an energetic day. Energy implies productivity. While you might be paying a little more than you generally would, preparing yourself ensures health with your twist of taste.
  • Although they are vegan, you still have the freedom of using regular dairy and milk when you are trying out their recipes.
  • With there no-meat policy, vegetarians are sure to be spoilt for choices.
  • Our planet is suffering, suffering a lot thanks to a lot of things. One such thing is plastic. With their sustainable sachet, you can save the planet while you enjoy a delicious breakfast.
  • Positivity and business may seem like an unlikely combination. The Bircher Bar although is here to your change that. Every time they sell something, $1 goes directly to Umoja Orphanage in Kenya. Yes, you are doing charity too, while having breakfast.


  • No international shipping.
  • Although very healthy, tried and tasted, you may not find certain recipes according to your palate.
  • Their website does not give any information on shipping charges.

The Bircher Bar, Lismore – Final Word

Although a small scale business, The Bircher Bar strikes a lot more chords, simply by actually caring. You name it and they care about it – environment, artisans, health or humans. They offer far more than expected from a new business, just by simply acting out on making the world a better place. The pros outmaneuver all the little cons that we did find.

The little mix and match that they offer with their recipes, it can really help you be more experimental in your new cooking adventures. It also helps you understand more about your taste preferences. You may not like all of them, but experience is the best teacher! Their subscription meal boxes are a befitting answer to our fast pacing lifestyle, where ‘healthy’ and ‘breakfast’ are seemingly disappearing from our dictionaries.

We, really really like The Bircher Bar and would surely recommend it to everyone in search of all that’s good and tasty in this world! Try out as much of The Bircher Bar as you’d like. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comments section below. While you are at it, Do check out the link below. It may win you ‘$50’ voucher on your next online order.

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