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Fountain Cosmetics uses only pure environment-friendly cosmetics with a blend of nature and all the latest cosmetic advancement for that perfect skincare. Click below to save 20% on your next purchase. Offer valid only from September 2nd to September 9th. Use Coupon code ’20FC’.
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About Fountain Cosmetics

fountain cosmetics review australia

The brand established itself on the principles of innovation that is environment-friendly and affordable. Skincare is a booming business these days. In the plethora of new brands mushrooming everywhere, it is hard to decide which one to stick with and which ones to leave. So, we took the plunge to check the waters for you and we found a gem there called Fountain Cosmetics. The brand believes in giving to society while taking care of with their transparent policies, they remain updated with the latest scientific happenings in the world of skin care and bring it to the notice of consumers as well. They have an affordable price range, so you get the best without burning a hole in your pockets.

All this, and their sustainability policy. Fountain Cosmetics is against animal testing and believes in saving the environment as well. They have a 30-day return policy. The brand balances out nature with the latest cosmetic advancements. According to them, ‘Created using pure refined ingredients such as plant stem cells, plant peptides, and vitamin serums, our skincare product range contains the next generation of naturally-derived cosmeceutical actives that are designed to promote maximum skin repair and protection.’ all their products are tested in an in-house lab and are sulphates, parabens and mineral oil free.

They offer unisex skin care products, baby products with anti-inflammatory agents and nutritious beauty and health drinks. The brand not only cares about your skin from outside but also intends to help you get a glowing skin from inside.

They offer unisex skin care products, baby products with anti-inflammatory agents and nutritious beauty and health drinks. The brand not only cares about your skin from outside but also intends to help you get a glowing skin from inside. If you shop now, you can save $25 on your next purchase. Click on the link below to know more.

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Why You Should Shop From Fountain Cosmetics

Did you get to hear about how plastic and non-bio degradable stuff is harming our environment more adversely than it had ever done it before? I am sure you all must have seen horrific videos of animals engulfing all the plastic we carelessly use and throw away. What we, however, don’t know is that our plastic usage is much wider than that.
From the clothes that we wear to the cosmetics that we use they all contain plastic. Surprised? Yes, astoundingly enough both these areas contain plastic in forms that can easily escape our limited vision. They’re known as Micro-plastic. How does it affect us? Good thing you asked. We use Micro-plastic in form of Micro-beads and Micro-fibers. Micro-beads are those small particles made of plastic that are found in toothbrush, toothpaste and exfoliates. They are designed such that they can easily go past the drain, unfortunately, they’re far too small so they escape the filters and end up in the ocean.

Although all is not lost, just yet! Exfoliates and cosmetics are an important part of our lives. What we can do is look for brands that are biodegradable in their being. We have one such brand and it is called Fountain Cosmetics. Let’s see what it has in its bag.

How To Shop From Fountain Cosmetics

Fountain Cosmetics has a wide array of products that cover all ranges of skin related issues. However, more often than not variety can result in an overwhelming experience. To help you glide through your shopping experience more smoothly, Tangylife decided to take a thorough virtual tour of their store. Read on to know how you get best of your money when shopping from Fountain cosmetics:

Fountain Cosmetics Category with specified concern

Fountain Cosmetics divides its cosmetics into three categories chiefly. Each of these categories caters to cosmetics and health-related concerns. All you need to know is exactly what you are looking, for instance, are you concerned about your hair, skin or is it you internal health that ails you. All these categories further develop deeper into more specific concern. Lets say, if you have a trouble of frizzy hair, then you can either shop from their moisture range or you can shop from the further division that caters specially to frizzy hair. If you are new to Fountain Cosmetics our suggestion is you follow the later rather than former. It will give you more variety to your very niche issue and an edge over getting lost into the immensely varied cornucopia of products. There are 3 major categories if you intend to shop:

  1. Skin Care Products
  2. Hair Care Products
  3. Inner Health Products
  4. Shop By Collection, Concern or Technology

Shop Fountain Cosmetics Best Sellers

fountain cosmetics best sellers - tangylife

If you’re not looking for anything specific and would just like to check out Fountain Cosmetics, we suggest you shop their best sellers. Known for their fantastic and environment-friendly cosmetics, Fountain Cosmetics offers some of the best anti-aging products. If you’re generally checking out their store to test the waters, we would definitely like to recommend their Think C 25% vitamin c cream. Vitamin c is known to boost collagen product. So just in case eating enough citrus fruit is not enough or if that intense aroma puts you off this is your solution.

Why Should You Shop From Fountain Cosmetics?

  • Fountain Cosmetics believes in honesty. All their cosmetics have a pdf document attached to them. You can read and know exactly what it is that is in there and why you’re putting it on your skin.
  • They have a marvelous sustainability policy. They are right now on their path of going carbon neutral.
  • With their primary motto being innovation, this brand stays well updated with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Dermatology, and Trichology Especially amongst many other fields of cosmetology. You can expect a marvelous combination of nature and the latest scientific innovation without any nastiness of Sulphates or Parabenes.
  • “Put your money where your mouth is,” Quite an old saying but very well incorporated within the soul of Fountain Cosmetics. So, they other than being updated with scientific happenings, keep you updated too through their blogs.
  • It also makes them transparent and ensures they’re in sync with what they claim.
  • The brand offers payment through AfterPay, which implies that you can pay for any product in four installments. Other than this the brand accepts all credit/debit cards
  • Free shipping is done across Australia, however, for international customers, they have to shop for minimum $99 to exempt off shipping charges.
  • Customer’s happiness and health is of utmost regards for Fountain Cosmetics, so if you’re not satisfied with their products, you can return it within 30 days of purchase.
  • In Fountain Cosmetics in-house Lab, they try and test all their cosmetics to make sure they’re all SLS, paraben, and petroleum free.
  • All you animal lovers rejoice! Fountain Cosmetics is against animal testing.

Minimum $25 off on all ‘BABY PRODUCTS RANGE’

Fountain Cosmetics Shipping & Delivery

All products are shipped within 2-4 business days of placing the order. There is no minimum order for free shipping, that’s done across Australia. For international orders, however, there is a minimum order of $95 to have it delivered for free. All orders that are below the aforementioned amount require a flat charge of $15 for shipping. International orders can take anywhere between 7-21 days before they reach their destination. You will be sent a tracking no for your shipment as soon as it is dispatched, so you can be aware of its whereabouts.

Cosmetics make up a fantastic gift for anyone. If you’re thinking of gifting something from Fountain Cosmetics, you can get it to gift wrapped too.

Free International Shipping over $95

Fountain Cosmetics Contact Details

Unit C3 / 1-3 Rodborough Road
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
Sydney, Australia
P O Box 334
Potts Point NSW 2011

Pros and Cons


  1. A very simple and easy-to-navigate e-store. With their user-friendly website design Fountain Cosmetics has enhanced their user experience which means consumers can very easily find exactly what they’re looking for.
  2. They have a very wide variety of products for skin and hair related issue./li>
  3. With their AfterPay option, Fountain Cosmetics gets an edge over a lot of its competitors.
  4. All the cosmetics are SLS, paraben, and petroleum free.
  5. Innovation with a mix of nature is exactly what Fountain Cosmetics stands for and they do deliver their every claim. They keep all their products in sync with latest scientific happenings while keeping it free of harmful chemicals.
  6. There is no minimum shopping limit to keep your order exempt from free delivery. All Deliveries are free of cost across the whole of Australia.
  7. They have a 30 days 100% money back return policy if you don’t like the product, however you’re required to mention the exact reason of the dislike.
  8. In case you’ve been delivered to a wrong product, you’re eligible for an exchange, however, you’ll have to bear the shipping charges along with you being responsible for the shipping because they don’t offer reverse pickup as yet.
  9. You get an instant voucher of $25 when you refer Fountain Cosmetics to a friend and so does your friend. However the maximum limit for such vouchers in $50, which means you can recommend it to a maximum of two friends. This voucher will be valid only one order.
  10. A $25 Coupon will be given to do as soon as you sign up to their website.
  11. They offer worldwide shipping.

Free Shipping Coupon



Fountain Cosmetics Review – Final Conclusion

With bare minimum cons that most certainly outweigh the large no of pros, Fountain Cosmetics is truly any innovation lover’s heaven. This brand is especially fabulous for people who are looking for Anti-aging products. If you’re one of those who prefers a transparency with ingredients and digs legitimate scientific research before taking a plunge into skin care this store must be on your hit-list. It is environment-friendly, is vegan, has genuine science and technology into their cosmetics and does lets you put your money exactly where your mouth is.

Grab Free Cosmetic Sample

For their fabulous and ethical practices, Fountain Cosmetics deserves at least one shot from everyone who wants to take care of their Skin and Hair needs without putting their surroundings at a risk. Tangylife thinks this is an awesome brand. Signing off for now, for more such brands and their analysis keep checking this scrumptious space called Tangylife!

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