Langton’s Classification Tasting 2018 | Coupon Code 2018

Langton’s classification Tasting 2018 | Coupon Code 2018

Langton’s classification tasting 2018 is here!!!! Are you diligently and irrevocably in love with wine? Are you someone who would go to great lengths just to grab that perfectly seasoned, well-preserved wine? If you have answered, ‘Yes’, to either of those questions, you have landed on the right page, at the right time. *Offer your gratitude to internet Gods.* Australia’s largest, and legit coolest wine tasting for the 7th classification is here.

Buy Ticket To Australia’s Largest Wine Tasting Event

About Langton’s Wine Classification Tasting 2018

If you have read Langton’s Review, previously, you’d be pretty aware of the vast and varied collections of wine Langton stores. We are sure that as a wine enthusiast, you really don’t wanna miss out on any event or auction that Langton offers. Did you know at Langtons classification Wine tasting, you get to taste at least 100 wines, for just $150. These wines otherwise would cost you $10,000. Isn’t that a pretty awesome a bargain or what?

Langton’s is Australia’s leading fine wine marketplace. While it began as a specialist wine auction house, Langtons Wine now also embraces a comprehensive online wine business together with a private wine broking operation. Langton’s links customers with extended networks of winery cellar doors from across Australia and around the world. Langton also delivers to customers directly from the source.

Langton’s was founded Melbourne in 1988 with a Sydney office opening the following year. What set Langton’s apart from the outset was our passion and belief in Australian fine wines. Our first Classification of Fine Wine in 1991 was a genuine innovation. Since then it has become the ultimate form guide to local fine wines. It was followed up with the internationally respected Langton’s Fine Wine Buying and Investment Guide, now in its 5th edition.

Langton’s is updating their classification once again with their 7th edition. This is your time to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Click on the link below taste the finesse that Langton has to offer.

Buy Ticket To Australia’s Largest Wine Tasting Event

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