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Only Mine is a handmade gourmet chocolate store that adorns unique flavors exclusive to their stores. Born out of pure love for creating something new, Only Mine believes in making their own fair share of mistakes to come with flavors that are fit to go on to their shelves. If you dig uniqueness of flavors when it comes to chocolates, you must check the store out.

Only Mine Chocolates Review is aimed towards all you lovely chocolate lovers. Gourmet chocolates are heaven-sent and there’s absolutely no denying to that. From being a cure to sadness to instantly bringing smiles to faces, chocolates do it all. How about you bring a smile to someone’s face by giving them a whole bunch of chocolates handcrafted especially for them? Sounds like a deal? May we suggest this box al beaut to savor exclusively at Only Mine Chocolates? Well, check out the link below to save shipping charges right away.

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About Only Mine

It is raining Chocolates and it is not even Christmas yet and you, most certainly, are not dreaming! The source of this delicious happiness is Only Mine and their scrumptious handmade chocolates. The brainchild of Jason Stockton and Anya Tran, Only Mine is a place of love for the craft of chocolate making. Beginning as a small scale chocolate making endeavor, Only Mine is a trial and error based venture solely growing with the determination of learning from the mistakes.

Only Mine began in 2016, purely for the fun of learning the art of chocolate making that has now grown into a well-curated selection of unique flavors, within just one year. The store is passionate about what they do, and proudly call themselves perfectionists. Every flavor has to be perfectly crafted and must hit all the right buttons of your palate before it gets it a chance on the shelf. Only Mine is no place for any ordinary flavors, so if you’re looking for incredible and uniquely flavored chocolates, DON’T miss out on Only Mine. The store offers everything from assorted flavors to specialty chocolates.

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Why You Should Turn Back And Check Out Only Mine Chocolates?

I know you’re flabbergasted at the very thought of throwing your hard earned money and getting the gooey mess in the name of chocolates. Fret not, we know chocolates and exactly what makes them fabulous. We are a home bakery, remember? So, take it from the people who would do anything to get a hand on anything chocolaty. Read on to know why you should indulge and never refrain from the chocolaty goodness of Only Mine. 😀

The Good

  • They deliver all over Australia. If the order is above $75 it will be free of cost, but you’ll have to pay a flat rate of $10 for all orders below the amount.
  • All their orders come in an insulated icepack packaging so they don’t melt during the transport. To save them from going bad while kept in a warehouse, the store dispatches all orders only from Monday to Wednesday.
  • They offer wholesale as well, you can become an Only Mine stockist too.
  • No event is complete without chocolates. You can gift them too on various occasions including corporate events.

The better

  • If you’re not sure of ordering things before tasting them, you can check out their physical stores as well. You can also watch chocolate making in the process.
  • Craving chocolate and it’s the end of the month? Don’t worry you can buy chocolates from Only Mine, through Zip.

The Best

  • Holy mother of all that’s good and delicious in this world, just look at them! Really they look so darn tempting, it is practically unfair to everything your palate stands for, sweet or otherwise, if you don’t treat them to these. Don’t bash me just yet though, here’s the cherry on the cake, they taste delicious too. I say, pig out!!!!
  • The cornucopia of Flavours that they offer, is by far the best I have come across so far. Who would think of chilly in damn chocolate? We all know how tricky chili can be. Now just imagine all the tricks, trial and errors they must have gone through before getting that perfect and unique flavors and coming up with Chilli & Cashew. By the way, one of my personal favorites.
  • Do you have lactose intolerance or the dreadful gluten allergy or are you simply a vegan? As peculiar as the two situations are, along with the beauty of veganism, these can be a little tricky when trying out mainstream flavors. Only Mine has created some of the most fabulous flavors, especially for all you lovely people. May we suggest, Lemon Peppermint?
  • Whether you prefer an assorted box of different flavors or a bar of just one flavor. Only Mine has got everything sorted for you. They categorize their flavors into all three chocolates; white, milk and dark. So if you’re picky, you’re sorted. And if you really don’t wrinkle your nose at the very thought of any of those you, my dear chocolate lover, are already sorted and this is your reward for not being picky. Are you hearing kids? Eat everything on your plate if you wanna enjoy more flavors later in your life.

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Delivery and Shipping

Only Mine ships Australia wide. The orders can take up to 3 days before they reach their destination, rural areas may stretch the duration up to 7 days. All orders above $75 have free cost delivery but for orders below that, you’ll have to pay a flat charge of $10. At present they don’t offer international shipping.

Contact Details

Phone:(03) 9751 1862


Pros And Cons


  • Only Mine is an easy-to-navigate e-store.
  • They deliver Australia wide.
  • All orders above $75 are free of all shipping charges.
  • By offering gluten-free and vegan options, they’re catering to one and all.
  • Corporate gifting, wedding gifting, and gifting, in general, make the store much more versatile.
  • You can savor every bit of your chocolate craving palate at their physical store, where they serve chocolate pastry and hot chocolate.


  • The store does not offer international shipping, not much of a con if you reside in Australia but if you’re a chocolate enthusiast and would really like to grab one of their products, you’re in a for a huge disappointment.


Only Mine Chocolates Review – Final Conclusion

Only Mine chocolates is a fantastic place for all those who prefer unique flavors and really are digging for some experimentation. It is even fruitful for people who are Vegan or have lactose or gluten intolerance. With their no fuss and easy to navigate website, you’re sure to find something of your liking. The best part about Only Mine is that even if they’re pretty small right now, they have a full capacity to spoil you for choices, with their wide range of flavors that are unique to their store. Our recommendation is that if you stay in Australia or if you’re traveling to Australia, you should definitely check out their store at least once.



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