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Life Grip will get you all weight loss solutions in a very natural, healthy and vegetarian way. Their health supplements product range include whey protein, greens and life stack that are made with high quality ingredients.


Hello, all you health food loving health-freaks!!! How are ya? Errr…wrong question, what’s your latest discovery in the health department? Mine is, our old men and ladies like curse our time for our downward going health chart. But can we actually blame them? If you think closely you’d realize we’re actually living in a worse time than our previous generation, at least in terms of the environment, pollution and its impact on everything we consume on daily basis.
We are what we eat, more so for present life. We may have no control whatsoever on pollution and adulteration in food, but we can compensate for them with supplements. If only, they were reliable and free of useless nastiness. What if we told you, now you can get just that and that too at an affordable price? Now you can get just that through Life Grip Supplements Australia.
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About Life Grip

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I have to ask you, what according to you, is ‘healthy’? For most of us, a great combination of Mind, body, and soul is exactly where the answer to that question lies. However, it no longer is just limited to the three. The enriching balance of the three is often determined by what we put into our body; The nutrition. In this era of eating all kinds of junk, it is not a surprise we all have deteriorating health more or less. The founder of Life Grip realized the fact and his infallible faith in ‘health and nutrition’ go hand in hand helped to strengthen the base of Life Grip.

Adam Philips, founder of the brand had a typical urbane lifestyle, partying, drinking, stressing and what not. A downward spiral, as he puts it, it took him a little while to realize all the great thing he was missing out on, thanks to this unhealthy lifestyle he was leading. According to Adam, “Improve Mental Health and Prevent Disease through Nutrition Meditation and Active Lifestyles”.

Adam managed to get to the clean side of the downward road and wanted to root for a very relatable cause. That was the day, Life Grip came into existence and truly helped people get a grip on their lives.


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The store has 3 products. Yes, you heard it right! Why just three products, you ask? Life Grip believes less is more and these three products help you deal with all your supplementary needs. We have all come across our fair share of conflicting opinions about nutrient supplements in general, so if you are at two minds about it we understand. All the nutrients are present in the strict diet that few of health aware people think they follow. There is no doubt in that and there is no harm in having farm fresh vegetables, legumes and grains rich in protein and micronutrients but it is also a fact that these come at a price; lactose, Phytic acid and the most dreaded gluten. Why should you bother about these if you are not allergic to any of these? Because these are the key factor that cause a heck of trouble and then it’s a downhill road from there. We, over a period of centuries, have grown less tolerant towards, these. So you may not allergic to them to the point of it being unbearable for you, but staying away from them is much better than being sorry. Plus, they are one of the primary reasons why present and future generations will have more trouble digesting these as opposed to previous ones.

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The supplements not only lessen the impact of these troublesome proteins, they also make sure your gut is healed and is able to absorb the necessary nutrients, as it should. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health found copper levels in the UK have dropped 90% in dairy, 55% in meat, and 76% in vegetables. Read on to know which one of the three is best suited for your needs.

Five Greens Powder

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Green Leafy vegetables contain a tremendous level of micronutrients; vitamins, minerals, and fibers. As a matter of fact, few green leafy vegetables have been found to be helpful in the prevention of cancer. There is also a favorable quantity of antioxidants present in them that help with managing the free radicals that your body releases. The result? Improved metabolism – better Skin, brain and cardiovascular health.  Five Greens Powder of Life Grip is Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Oat Grass and Spelt Grass. The effects of the powder are rather wholesome in nature. The advantage of five ingredients is that they offer a much more dense range of nutrients and vitamins, without the trouble of gluten or lactose. It is especially beneficial for vegans and vegetarians, but should not be amiss for fussy eaters either.

All the ingredients present in this concoction are sprouted and are grown on the nutrient-rich soil of Australia. All you require is ten seconds, to just mix it up in whatever way you’d like. Also, you can be sure to take an informed decision because Life Grip is transparent about what they put in their supplements.
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Whey Protein

Micronutrients are essential for proper growth.  Protein is the basic compound that your body requires to generate new cells, other than lipids, commonly known as fat. In order to keep your body functioning you constantly need, hormones, enzymes, and tissues. The core of all this is protein, without it would be impossible for your body to generate and strengthen any of those. Proteins are rather hard micronutrients to absorb, especially animal protein. On top of that, if you have been consuming Phytic Acid, there is a very high likelihood that its absorption is going to be even harder.

The solution is in a protein supplement. But who’s to say they’re clean of any sort of adulteration? Life Grip gives you 30 days money back guarantee, so if you’re a bit skeptical about it, you can try it on and if you don’t see any change you can get your money back.

Whey Protein comes from cows that are left to graze in lush green pastures of Australia. I am sure you must have noticed that whenever you increase your protein intake you have, better skin, hair, and nails. Same is the case with cow milk, the better they eat, the better the milk they produce. As a matter of fact, according to one study better fed and treated bovine produce larger amount of milk, as opposed to those grown in the rather restrained environment. Also, bovines are not designed to eat grains. Nature designed them to roam freely and feed themselves off the lush soft grass. Grains are the poor nutrient intake for cows, so cows that are grass-fed produce protein-rich milk. One of the many reasons that make Grass Fed Whey Protein a rich and clean source of protein substitute. This comes in two flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate.

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Bundle It

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A combination of both aforementioned products, this is an ultimate Nutrition Bundle.
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Delivery and Shipping

Life Grip delivers all over Australia, and they offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with their products. And guess what? You can return empty Jars. Yes, and you will only be asked to pay for shipping rest will be duly credited back to your account at the earliest.

Contact Information

Address : PO Box 165, Smithfield, Cairns, QLD 4878
Phone: 0427 071 164

Pros and Cons


  • With their 100% money back guarantee, Life Grip gives you an opportunity of trial and error, literally.
  • It is a very easy to use, hassle free website that makes a browsing experience worth every minute of it.
  • All their supplements are Gluten Free, Non-GMO and phytic acid-free. This is up for everyone regardless of the food practices they follow; Vegan, Vegetarian Or Paleo.

– None!! Nada!! Zippo


Whether you just turned into a vegan or you just trying to get into a healthier diet, Life Grip is here to help you get a grip on life. You should check the brand out for sure!!



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