10 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2022 | Review & Buying Guide

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If we ask you what is the most convenient, easy to cook quick bite that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are sure sandwiches would be the answer. Sandwiches are a food item that has unlimited varieties. You can mix and match any vegetables, any sauces, any spreads and you shall get the tastiest sandwich for yourself. Sandwiches are a great healthy quick bite but making a sandwich on pans and ovens doesn’t seem to give the perfect sandwich always. It might be overcooked sometimes or even burnt. Undone sandwiches are really a mood spoiler. Which is why buying a Sandwich Maker would make your day so much tastier and happier! Our kitchens are becoming smarter with every passing day and a sandwich maker is also a smart appliance that allows us to create a perfect sandwich every single time. Many brands are now selling sandwich makers in India and if you are buying it for the first time, such a plethora of options would naturally overwhelm you. We are here to relieve you of that stress with our Detailed Buying Guide for choosing a good Sandwich Maker in India that explains very clearly everything you need to know when choosing a sandwich maker. We have also reviewed the Best Sandwich Makers in India 2022 so that you can know more about the features that are provided and you don’t have to search everywhere to find the most ideal sandwich maker for you and your family.

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Sandwich Makers in India – Buying Guide

A buying guide for Sandwich Maker shall help you understand how a sandwich maker works, its advantages and what factors you should keep in mind when you are choosing a sandwich maker. It is important to be fully aware of the product before investing in it. Knowing a product inside out gives you a sense of satisfaction and also a familiarity when using the product. There are different types of sandwich makers also available which we shall discuss in this buying guide. Sandwiches are a snack that everyone loves. Sandwich makers make the task of cooking sandwiches easier and also save a lot of time. It would help you not miss your breakfast in the morning if you woke up late. It would also not require you to constantly keep checking the sandwich to make sure that it does not get burnt, which is required when gas stoves are used. We hope our buying guide helps you find the most ideal sandwich maker according to your requirements.


Different types of Sandwich Makers in India

When sandwich makers are concerned, there are two main types in which they are available in the Indian market. The two different types of Sandwich Makers are :
• Panini Press
• The Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker

Both the types have its own pros and cons and based on your requirements, the usage you have and the preferences you have for a sandwich maker, you can choose any one of the types for your home.

1- Panini Press

A Panini press consists of two presses that function both as a grill as well as a toaster. Besides making a simple sandwich, you can also grill different food items in a Panini press such as burger patties, kebabs and many more. Thick filling sandwiches can be easily grilled and prepared in a Panini press. The two grills – one on the top and the other on the bottom provide you extra space to grill and toast multiple items at once. Since it has added functionalities, Panini press is a little costlier than the four-triangle sandwich maker.

2- The Four-Triangle Sandwich Maker

This is a more common type of sandwich maker that household families prefer buying. As the name suggests, it is capable of preparing two sandwiches and cutting them into two triangles thus ultimately resulting in four triangles of sandwiches. It takes 4 to 5 minutes to prepare two sandwiches and is a great option to quickly prepare light sandwiches with light to medium filling.


How to use Sandwich Maker?

Using a sandwich maker is very simple and you can do it by following simple steps. The steps are:

  • Clean the sandwich maker with the help of a cloth or tissue
  • Grease the surfaces with oil or butter so that your sandwich doesn’t stick to the surface. If you are going for a non-stick sandwich maker, you can skip this part too
  • Plug in the appliance and leave it so that it can preheat for a better cooking experience
  • Prepare your sandwich and carefully place it in the sandwich maker in the given compartments
  • Close the lid of the sandwich maker and wait for the indicator to notify when the sandwich is done
  • The appliance shall shut off automatically when the sandwich will be done, carefully take out your sandwiches
  • Enjoy a well prepared, tasty snack all the time!


Factors while choosing the Best Sandwich Makers in India

With so many different brands providing sandwich maker, it is important to know about some things while choosing a sandwich maker. We have listed some factors that you need to be careful about while planning to invest in a sandwich maker. All these factors shall help you understand the appliance better and look for the right features in a sandwich maker.

1- Power Consumption

It is important to check the power consumption of any appliance. If your sandwich maker consumes more electricity, it would increase your electricity bills. Always look for an energy-efficient appliance which consumes minimum power.

2- Number of Slices

Generally, Panini presses are capable of accommodating up to 8 slices of bread whereas the most common four triangle sandwich maker would accommodate 4 slices of bread. You should look for an appliance according to the size of your family. If you have a large family, investing in a Panini press would be a better option.

3- Types of Plate Used

It is necessary to invest in a sandwich maker which has durable and safe plates. Some models come with a fixed heating plate whereas some have griddle plate. Removable plates are also available in some models which shall allow you to grill and griddle as per your convenience.

4- Type of coating

A non-stick coating would reduce the amount of oil or butter that is to be used when cooking a sandwich. Non-stick sandwich makers prevent your sandwich from sticking to the plate and they are also easy to clean the appliance as well.

5- Auto Shut Off Feature

Most of the models come with auto shut off feature which means when the sandwich is cooked and ready; the appliance shall shut down automatically. This prevents the sandwich from getting burnt or overcooked.

6- Lid Lock

It is a great feature which should be considered by everyone who is planning to buy a sandwich maker. There is a lock which locks the appliance like a buckle or a hinged form. This feature along with auto shut off feature makes the sandwich maker automated and allows you to do other tasks while your sandwich is being prepared.


Best Sandwich Makers in India Review

Now that you have proper information about how the sandwich makers should be used and what factors should be considered while buying a sandwich maker, you can go through our detailed review of the best sandwich makers in India to get an idea of the best products and choose the most ideal sandwich maker according to your needs and requirements. Besides all the factors mentioned above, other variables also need to be kept in mind while choosing an ideal sandwich maker. Some of those variables are the warranty of the appliance, temperature control options to have more control over the cooking experience, length of the cord, whether the cord is tangle free and can easily be winded, the size of the product depending on your preferences and many other factors which shall help you choose the most optimum appliance for your home. Let us now know about the best sandwich maker available in India, their features that make them stand out, their advantages and their disadvantages so that the task of choosing the best sandwich maker becomes easy for you.


1. Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

Borosil Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker review tangylife blog

The brand Borosil is very famous for its glassware and also provides one of the best sandwich makers that is available in the Indian market. Borosil Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker (BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt) is known for its durability and reliability. It prepares light sandwiches on its non-stick coating very quickly. This sandwich maker can easily accommodate four sufficiently filled sandwiches. It is comparatively larger than most of the brands of sandwich makers available in this price range. Another unique feature of this sandwich maker is that it comes with a temperature control regulator using which you can control the temperature for regulating the heat which is not provided in most of the sandwich makers.

Key Features

– 1 meter of the cord is provided which can be easily wrapped.
– The appliance comes with 2 years of warranty
– Temperature regulator to control the temperature of the appliance is provided.
– Non-stick plates help to cook efficiently

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Size of the appliance is quite large
  • It can accommodate heavy filling sandwiches
  • 105 degrees of bending of the heat plate is provided
  • Beginners can make use of the indicator system in the appliance

The Bad

  • A little costlier than most of the sandwich makers

Buy Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker
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2. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige Grill Sandwich Toaster review tangylife blog
Next, we have a product from Prestige which can be considered as the oldest and the most common brand that can be seen in every household of India. Prestige has provided appliances in the Indian kitchens since the beginning of time. Another great product by Prestige is this PGMFB sandwich toaster. This sandwich maker is very compact and easy to use the appliance. It is a non-stick and non-toxic grilled sandwich toaster which can be used for not only making sandwiches but also grilling certain food items. It provides even heating and has a great grip on so that you can handle the appliance easily and safely.

Key Features

– With a weight of 1.2 kgs, the appliance has a power consumption of 800 Watts
– Non-stick and non-toxic heating plates are used in the appliance
– Grill Plates are fixed and have a 2 slice capacity
– One year of warranty by Prestige India

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Non-toxic and non-stick coating reduces the usage of oil and butter in the preparation
  • Good grip on the handle makes it easier to operate and handle the appliance
  • Light in weight makes it easy to move around
  • Simple, sleek and elegant design with a matte black finish which is also scratch free

The Bad

  • Does not suit sandwiches with heavy filling
  • Grill plates are fixed and has horizontal lines instead of triangular slices of sandwiches
    • A little costlier than most of the sandwich makers

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3. Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster

Morphy Richards Slice Grill Toaster review tangylife blog
Our next sandwich maker is by Morphy Richards. Morphy Richards has recently gained popularity in the Indian market for introducing very reliable and durable home appliances. One such appliance is its very sleek and portable SM3007(G) 750-Watt 2 Slice Grill Toaster which is a 4-triangle sandwich maker. It has a safety handle lock and is also very comfortable to use. There are many great features in SM3007(G) grill toaster such as it has a cool touch body and a cord winder feature so that you can easily wind up the cord without any entanglement.

Key Features

– 700 Watts of power consumption
– Features non stick heating plates for efficient cooking
– Preheating feature is also provided
– Cool touch body and anti-skid feature makes the sandwich maker easier to use
– Appliance comes with a two year of warranty

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Uniform heating is provided by the plates
  • Non-stick coating makes the appliance easy to clean
  • Compact and sleek design which can be easily accommodated in less space
  • Oil drip feature to prevent extra oiliness

The Bad

  • Temperature control feature can also be included
  • Accommodating heavy filling sandwiches is difficult

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4. Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker

Philips Sandwich Maker buy online tangylife review
Next, we have the Philips HD 2393 Sandwich Maker which is again by a very reliable brand Philips. This particular sandwich maker is a four triangle sandwich maker and it features a cut and seal plate which is different from other sandwich makers and makes it unique. This cut and seal plates help to seal ingredients such as cheese, etc. in the sandwich. Generally, some sandwich makers splash the ingredients out from the sandwich but this Philips HD 2393 sandwich maker prevents exactly that from happening. Another great feature is that its plates are cast iron non-stick plates which makes it easy to clean and also gives healthy sandwiches.

Key Features

– Non-stick coating plates made of cast iron uses less oil to cook sandwiches
– Seal lock system prevents ingredients from splashing out
– With a power consumption of 820 Watts, cooking is efficient
– Indicator feature helps to keep track if the sandwich is ready or not

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Easy to lock handle makes the device easy to use
  • The sleek and compact design makes the appliance portable
  • Cord winding facility prevents entanglement
  • Cut and seal plates help to keep the filling of the sandwich in their place

The Bad

  • The length of the cord can be increased

Buy Philips HD 2393 820-Watt Sandwich Maker (Black)
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5. Prestige Sandwich Maker PSMFD 01

Prestige Sandwich Maker review tangylife blog
We have already reviewed a product by Prestige. This is another sandwich maker which is very durable as well as a reliable product. The Prestige PSMFD 01 is a very affordable appliance and the number of features that are provided in this budget is very commendable. It uses German Greblon technology which provides a non-stick coating on the sandwich maker. This reduces the amount of oil that is to be used while making a sandwich and also makes the appliance very easy to clean. This sandwich maker is also a four triangle sandwich maker which can accommodate two sandwiches in it very easily.

Key Features

– Power consumption of 700 watts makes it energy efficient
– Additional power indicator to help know if the sandwich is done and ready to eat
– Non-stick plates dyed with cast aluminium makes oil usage minimum

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Strong and durable build quality with a matte finish body
  • Uses German technology for non-stick coating
  • Very affordable for household kitchens
  • Indicator system works great with beginners

The Bad

  • Safety lock handle and other additional features can also be included

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6. Nova 2 Slice Grill Sandwich/Panini Maker

Nova Slice Grill Sandwich Maker review tangylife blog
Unlike all the other sandwich makers that we have reviewed before, this next one is by Nova which is a Panini sandwich maker that provides the option of both grilling as well as making sandwiches. It is a Panini type of sandwich maker that is very versatile and you can also grill a lot of different food items such as chicken, kebabs, etc. The Nova 2 Slice Grill Sandwich/Panini Maker is also capable of making heavy filling sandwiches and can accommodate a large number of pieces of bread as well. So if you have many members in your family this would be an ideal sandwich maker to buy. Other features include the non-stick coating on the plates making it easy to clean and reduce oil usage and the cool touch body makes the appliance easy and safe to handle.

Key Features

– Non-stick grill plates
– A warranty of 6 months is provided with the appliance
– Provides both grilling and toasting feature
– Two slices of bread or medium-size buns or submarine sandwiches can be easily cooked in this sandwich maker

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Design is durable and strong
  • Operating the appliance is very easy and has no complications
  • Provides efficient grilling experience along with toasting
  • The cost of the appliance is affordable as it is a Panini maker

The Bad

  • Size can be increased as it is a Panini sandwich maker

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7. Solimo Non-Stick Sandwich Maker

Amazon Brand Solimo Sandwich Maker review tangylife blog
The next sandwich maker in our list of the best Sandwich Makers that are available in India is by Solimo which is a brand that Amazon has itself acquired. Solimo provides a wide range of kitchen and home appliances and is also backed up by Amazon’s assurance and reliability. The Solimo Non-Stick Sandwich Maker is a four triangle sandwich maker which has a Matte finish body and is very comfortable to use. The heating plate is coated with non-stick coating and is made up of cast iron that provides easy to clean plates and healthy sandwiches.

Key Features

– Double Teflon Coating making the appliance easy to clean
– Efficient cooking experience with a power consumption of 750 Watts
– Hinge Lock feature prevents ingredients of the filling from splashing out of the sandwich
– 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty is provided with the appliance

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Compact design with a matte finish
  • Automatic Thermostat Control which automatically shuts off the sandwich maker when the temperature exceeds a threshold
  • Indicator lights help to know when the sandwich is ready
  • Compact, sleek and sturdy design making the appliance easy to store and move around

The Bad

  • The handles should be more insulated
  • Build quality can be improved

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8. Wonderchef Prato 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker

Wonderchef Sandwich Maker Review tangylife blog
Next, we have the Wonderchef Prato 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker. Wonderchef has been a very high-end brand of appliances and kitchen accessories. It has got great feedback from customers and going on the same path, it provides one of the best sandwich makers available in the Indian market. There are many reasons why Wonderchef Prato 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker stands out from the crowd. The main reason is that it serves three purposes by just buying one appliance. The three purposes are: it can be used for perfect grilling so you can grill kebabs, chicken or other food items. The second functionality of this appliance is that it can be used as a sandwich maker to make tasty sandwiches and the third functionality is that it also serves as a Waffle maker which increases the advantages of the product greatly. It is a non-stick appliance which comes with removable plates that provides multifunctionality and easy cooking.

Key Features

– Cool-touch handle which makes it safe to use
– No complex operation is needed
– Temperature control feature is also provided
– Power consumption of 830 Watts for efficient cooking
– Multi-functions for a variety of usage
– One year of manufacturer’s warranty is provided with the appliance

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Non-stick plates are easy to clean so no mess there
  • Four removable plates for making different types of dishes all the time
  • Wonderchef hallmarks for the quality of the product
  • Indicator for easy notification if the food is prepared or not

The Bad

  • A little expensive as compared to other sandwich makers

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9. Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Bajaj Majesty Grill Sandwich Toaster review tangylife blog
Bajaj goes with the tagline “The World’s Favourite Indian” and it seems reasonable also as the majority of the Indian households have been using Bajaj Appliances and it is a trustable and reliable brand as well. This Bajaj Majesty SWX400 Grill Sandwich Toaster is a highly durable Sandwich Maker which is a Panini press type. There is also a buckle clip on the handles to ensure the device is safely locked and indicators on the device help you to know if the food item is ready. The plates are made up of non-stick and non-toxic coating which provides healthy sandwiches and food items which do not stick to the plates. The non-stick coating also makes the appliance easy to clean and uses less oil while cooking.

Key Features

– Anti-skid feature provides a strong grip where it is placed
– Power consumption of only 700 watts
– An additional cord winder is provided at the base of the appliance
– Intelligent thermostat is provided in the appliance
– Two years of manufacturer’s warranty is provided

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Non-stick plates are easy to clean and non-toxic coating helps to make healthy food
  • Intelligent thermostat and indicator lights make sure that the user is notified when the food is prepared
  • Anti-skid feature provides a good grip on the base of the appliance
  • Cord winder at the base helps you to store the cord in a more organized manner

The Bad

  • Automatic temperature control should be provided
  • Heating plates can be made a little wider

Buy Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster
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10. Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill

Concord Sandwich Maker and Grill Review Tangylife blog
Last but not the least, we have the Concord Sandwich Maker. Concord is a Lebanese multinational brand that provides home appliances as well as commercial appliances. This multinational brand provides a great sandwich maker which is a Panini press that can be used for both grillings and making sandwiches. There are many features of the Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill such as you can automatically control the temperature, it has a cool touch body for safe use and it provides great grip on the handle as well. Another unique feature is its removable oil drip tray so it would collect all the excess oil and provide a great sandwich with minimum oil. You can easily accommodate two sandwiches in this Panini press but please keep in mind that this particular sandwich maker is very suitable for low to medium usage but not heavy usage.

Key Features

– Consumes 1000 Watt of Power while operating
– Panini Press type Sandwich maker which serves as both: Grill and Toaster
– Non-stick heating plates coated with Teflon for efficient cooking
– Impressive oil drip tray to collect any excess oil
– The appliance comes with 1 year of warranty on its electric parts

Buyers Feedback

The Good

  • Floating Hinge lock system making it flexible on the size of food to be accommodated
  • The oil drip tray is easily removable and can be cleaned
  • Handles are heat insulated for safer use/li>
  • Griddle plates are also provided with the appliance

The Bad

  • Power consumption is high which does not make the appliance energy efficient
  • Plastic quality of the product does not match the price
  • Build quality should be improved

Buy Concord Sandwich Maker/Grill
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Best Sandwich Makers in India 2022 – Conclusion

After reading our detailed buying guide and some of the best sandwich makers available in India, you can buy the most ideal sandwich maker without any worries. There are many factors which shall play a major role in deciding which sandwich maker you should buy. For example, the number of members in your family shall decide the size of your sandwich maker. Breakfast is such an important meal of the day but most of the people run out of time in the morning and always miss their breakfast. Having a sandwich maker shall ensure that you always have your breakfast as it prepares sandwiches in no time and also allows you to do other tasks while the sandwich is being prepared. Feel free to ask us any queries in the comments section below and do let us know your favourite sandwich maker available in India.

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