8 Best Indian Summer Drink Recipes

Our day begins with a steaming cup of tea or coffee and ends with a soothing cup of milk along with many more refreshing beverages throughout the day. With commencement of Summer, Tangylife is bringing some of the most aromatic Indian Summer Drink Recipes with the mouth watering flavor and the authentic Indian touch that will give you a refreshing sensation with every sip you take. So, take a pick from these refreshing and delicious drinks of India and even if you’re living in another part of the world you can still try these drinks in any season.

1. Lassi

Lassi is the most popular and traditional yoghurt-based drink. It is one of the best cooling and refreshing beverages to have in the summers. It is a blend of yoghurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit. There are many variations of it like sweet lassi, salty lassi, masala lassi, rose lassi and fruit lassi including mango lassi, strawberry lassi, papaya lassi, and mix fruit lassi.

We bring you a video for an authentic super refreshing mango lassi.


2. Jal Jeera

It is a traditional drink that gives you a great flavor of roasted cumin and lemon water with some black salt and mint leaves. This cumin flavored lemony drink is so simple to make and is a great beverage that adds lots of health benefits. The drink is treated as one of the most popular digestive drink and not only reduces your thirst but also increases your appetite. This refreshing drink has herbs and spices that give a cooling effect on your body and revive one’s appetite. You can always check out our own recipe for making jal jeera

Somewhat similar in taste to Masala lemonade or Mint Mojito, watch the video for the recipe and keep it in your next in house party menu.


3. Aam ka Panna

Aam ka Panna is a refreshment drink made from raw mangoes and flavored with cardamom powder,black salt & pepper. It is basically a summer drink that makes you feel refreshing and cool in summers due to its heat resistant properties. Cardamom powder gives it a great flavor but you can also add other spices like ginger, sugar , fennel powder and cinnamon powder as per your taste.You can always check out our own recipe for making Aam Panna Recipe

Watch a different style of kaccha aam (raw mango) summer drink recipe.


4. Carrot Kanji

This old Indian Pro biotic Drink recipe is one of the easiest fermented drinks you can make for an appetizing beverage and is extremely great for good health, especially for digestion. This drink is made as soon as summer starts in month of march and is great for your stomach. It has a strong spicy and sour taste, so either you’ll love the Kanji or just hate it. And if you tend to enjoy it and sure you’ll have more than just 2 glasses.Try it after a heavy meal and soon you will feel more relaxed. Check out my own recipe of Carrot kanji drink

Learn this fermented carrot and beetroot drink this Indian summer drink recipe video will really help


5. Chaas

It is also one of the refreshing traditional Indian drinks that give a lot of health benefits to you. In India, Chaas is commonly known as Buttermilk. This refreshing drink is made from thick yoghurt and flavored with roasted cumin powder and black salt. Its other variation is masala chaas that you can make by just adding a few more spices like aesfoetida, fennel, ginger juice, mint, curry leaves and coriander leaves. It is not just only a refreshing drink but also helps in better digestion and cools your body in dry hot summers.You can always check out our own recipe for making Mint Buttermilk

Try this amazing body coolant and with added mint variation it makes a great Indian summer drink recipe.


6. Shikanji

It is a flavorful summer cooler normally known as nimbu pani in India. It is one of the easiest drinks of summer, and you can get loaded with vitamin C in just one drink. This light, refreshing, and citrus flavored drink is simply made with fresh lemon juice and sugar and spiced with roasted cumin powder and black pepper. The refreshing lemon drink act as a coolant during summers and also aids in digestion.You can always check out our own recipe for making Masala Lemonade

Enjoy this cool refreshing Indian lemonade drink to get rid of dehydration.


7. Thandai

It is a very refreshing spicy traditional drink with aromatic flavors. The drink is specially used on festive occasions like Holi and Maha Shivratri in India. The aroma of cardamom, fennel, pepper, saffron in milk gives it a sweet aromatic flavor. Enjoy this chilled almond filled exotic drink with dried rose petal leaves that not only elevates the taste of Thandai but also give it a more Indian traditional blend. Holi is just around the corner so why don’t you try our very own recipe for Kesariya Thandai Recipe

Watch this nuts, saffron filled milkshake Indian summer drink recipe here.


8. Cold Coffee

There is nothing like a big glass of cold coffee to beat the heat of summers. It’s too hot to sip hot coffee so try this one for just a refreshing and cool feeling. It is a simple, easy and refreshing cool drink made with milk, sugar, cardamom, and coffee powder helps you in getting energized and revitalized. To make this drink more interesting, serve it with a scoop of ice cream and some drinking chocolate.

Here is video for cold coffee shake.

Try any one of these Indian Summer Drink Recipes and let us know which one was the easiest to make and which one became your favorite.
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