6 Healthy Valentines Day Drinks | Red & Pink Drinks Recipes

Valentines Day calls for some special romantic dinner night or celebrating the day of expressing love by doing something together. What can be more romantic than enjoying an exotic romantic drink together with alluring music and intimate dance with just the two of you? I am bringing some unique red and pink cocktail & mocktail video recipes which are easy to make at home, and can just accentuate that mood for celebrating a memorable Valentine’s Day until next year. These Valentine’s Day Drinks are low calorie as well as vitamin-rich that will make your day filled with love as well as good health. So celebrate a healthy valentine’s day with these Best Valentines Day drinks .

1. Pink Smoothie

This pink passion smoothie is unbelievable, extremely simple, super yummy and great choice to be served as an accompaniment for breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day. Blended with lots of strawberries and goodness of orange juice will make you feel both refreshed and give a kick start to have full energy to enjoy your special day together. Here’s the video to make this healthy smoothie. Enjoy your vitamins together.
We also have our own recipe for a refreshing Strawberry Smoothie you can check out.


2. 50 Shades of Grey Valentine’s Day Drinks

Inspired by 50 shades of grey because of its sexy combination of fruits and cream which gives a smooth and luscious texture making your lips go out for more. Try sharing one drink with your partner and you will surely want to indulge in it together even more. Pomegranate, orange juice and lime make it a sexy, healthy drink. I like to call it “The Valentine’s Pomegranate Cocktail”, that’s already hitting the chart of every cocktail menu on Valentine’s Day.


3. Raspberry Twist Martini

This classic drink is going to make taste buds of each lover feel sensual and romantic just with its first sip which is full of raspberry vodka with cranberry juice. It’s a perfect holiday party drink and goes very well on your Valentine night celebration because of its bright red sparkling colour.


4. Raspberry Ice Tea

If your partner is fond of tea, you surely can serve him this healthy ice tea to make his mood go crazy for you. It’s so easy to make at home with a just handful of raspberries or cranberries, ice tea, lime juice and soda. This intriguing tart and fruity drink is bright and colorful served with lime slices or raspberry ice cubes which can be made by freezing fresh raspberry, orange juice or pomegranate seeds together a day before.
A quick variation

Tip: To make this tea healthier you can infuse green tea as well.


5. Cupid’s Delight Valentine’s Day Drinks

We cannot ignore champagne as it is any celebration’s choice of drink, and a drink out of this cocktail is a must on your special cupid day. All you need to create a cupids delight is a pretty glass, some cranberry juice, nice sparkling champagne, some mint leaves and handful of fresh cranberries or raspberries. This mimosa looks beautiful.


6. Cranberry Mojito

This version of the drink is a non-alcoholic drink where it’s especially put in for a couple who are ’teetotallers’. This drink is a perfect red color drink which can be enjoyed with the same clubhouse taste of any regular mojito but if you create it for someone special, then it is more than just a normal cocktail drink. It will put you and your partner in high spirits with its delicious fruit-based taste. Check out our own Cranberry Mojito recipe with a step by step detailed and simple way to make it.

I am sure there are many more romantic Valentine’s Day drinks you can suggest and share with us, so please don’t be shy in sharing your romantic secrets and help us to spread the love more around the world … one Valentine’s day at a time 😀

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