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Homemade Easy Summer Drinks | How to make mocktails at home

The hot sunny days of summer are almost here and during summer, it’s especially important to stay hydrated for being healthy and fit. It is also very necessary to increase the fluid intake during summers to stay hydrated through the day as you are naturally perspiring more. While pure water is always best, but sometimes you want a little flavor for refreshment.

Some basic ingredients like lemon, sugar, black salt, mint leaves, etc. are easily available at home, and you can enjoy various refreshing summer beverages with these ingredients. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and promote alkalinity and cleansing in the body. It is a very common ingredient that is easily available at home. Black salt is a cooling spice and one of the most common ingredients to spice up the cool summer drinks like Jal-jeera, Shikanji, Mojito, etc. that is easily available at home. It is also used as a digestive aid and helps in relieving heartburn and intestinal gas. Sugar is another most commonly used ingredients that are always available to you in your kitchen. Now, enjoy the below-given recipes made from these simple home ingredients:


1. Shikanji

It is a very famous and traditional summer drink made from lemon, sugar, and black salt. It is so refreshing, and you can get loaded with a lot of Vitamin C in just a few sips of it. This sweet and salty drink boosts your energy level during summers. Fresh lemon juice and black salt give a punch to this drink which is the most common ingredient found in every home kitchen. Here is the [ recipe for Shikanji ].

Shikanji helps to balance the electrolytes in our body which are lost during perspiration in summers and this refreshing lemon drink with spices acts as coolant and also improves your digestive functions.

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masala lemonade drink


2. Ginger lemon sherbet

It is a refreshing and tangy delight that is prepared using lemon juice, sugar syrup, black salt, ice cubes, and of course ginger as the main ingredient. The drink helps you to cool your body and also re-energize you when dehydrated.You can use ginger root zest or just fresh ginger peel with lemon juice and sugar to create this a powerful drink.

Here is the recipe for Tangy Ginger Drink


3. Mint Lemonade

It is an ultimate summer quencher and refreshing delight made from mint leaves, sugar, black salt, ice cubes, black pepper powder, and cold water. To make it more interesting, you can add soda water. It a quick and most easy drink that will make you feel refresh in minutes. The best part about this recipe is that every ingredient in this recipe can be adjusted to your taste.

Try this easy mint Lemonade recipe


4. Mojito

It is an authentic recipe made from lemon, mint leaves, granulated sugar, rum, soda water, and ice cubes. If you are non-alcoholic, enjoy this refreshing drink without rum. It’s sharp sweet and minty taste offers a great delight to you. You can do variations with Mojito with a flavor of any fruit of your choice. Try out our [ Cranberry Mojito Recipe ].

mojito homemade tangylife


5. Orange Squash

Nothing is best like a homemade orange squash to beat the sunny days of summer. It is a refreshing drink and one of the favorite beverages of kids also. You can make it easily at home using simple ingredients like fresh orange juice and sugar. to Preserve the squash for some time add preservative like potassium metabisulphite (KMS) and it will go on for some weeks.

Here is the video for making orange Squash at home


6. Lemon Ice Tea

It is a very simple and delicious thirst quencher with loads of lime and antioxidants in it. It is a refreshing drink that works when you are just home from work or long journey. You just need tea bags, lemon peel, sugar,mint leaves, water, lots of ice cubes, and you can relish upon this drink in just a few minutes. The basic iced tea recipe stays the same only the flavor changes. you can add lime juice, berry juice, lime juice, peach juice etc to make your favorite iced tea. I personally prefer all of my iced tea with a zest of lemon in it.
Watch this video and try out Lemon iced tea at home

Don’t forget to share with us any ingredient which you have used to make a nice refreshing homemade drink.

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