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Little About Herbal Tea

Thinking about starting our Monday mornings without a cup of strong coffee is nearly impossible. We are hooked on coffee, and we cannot lie. And let me not even go to the love for Chai in this country. No matter what the occasion, mood or the situation is, everything happens over a cup of tea. Tea is the national sorting out the drink in India. But what people are switching to these days is herbal tea over the natural tea. Herbal tea is a drink made from herbs and spices and has no caffeine. It is an alternative for regular tea and has all the excellent benefits on health. Talking on that note, here are some of the health benefits of herbal tea. I hope reading this switches you to herbal tea, green tea or green coffee or at least this blog encourage you to have one cup of it daily. Here are some awesome Herbal Tea Benefits:

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Herbal Tea Benefits


1. Balances and Manages the Weight

First things first, the most crucial benefit of herbal tea is that it manages and balances your body weight. If you are someone who is working out daily or often on a regular basis, then herbal tea adds on to all your efforts and helps in reducing weight. It has certain oxidants in it, which burns the body fat and extra calorie which is added to your body because of the carb intake.

2. Increases Metabolism

Having tremendous and fluent metabolism is something vital for our body. With the kind of work we do these days, our metabolism tends to work slower which leads to improper digestion and also increase in weight. Herbal tea increases your body metabolism and helps it work smoothly so that your food is digested properly and your weight does not increase.

3. Prevents Cold, Cough, and Headache

Speaking from personal experience, herbal tea, specifically green Tulsi tea helps in curing a cold, cough and sincere problems. Drinking the herbal tea daily prevents the infections of cough and cold to hover over you. Also, if you suffer from a headache, sinerse and migraine, this tea works as a boon for you. The antioxidants and the natural herbs that it has helps fighting all these problems in the most effective way. You have to be regular with it.

4. Improves Your Immunity

Along with solving the minor issues like a cough and cold, herbal tea also helps in making your immunity strong. If you always suffer from fever or viral infections, herbal tea would help you fight against those germs and make your immunity strong.

5. Treats Insomnia

This may come as a surprise to you, but this is a proven fact. Like the regular tea and coffee which are high on caffeine helps in fight restlessness, this tea helps you in treating insomnia. Like the most millennials of the generation, if you also face insomniac problems, try the herbal tea and see the difference yourself. No, do not drink it just before sleep but be regular with it in the evening or daytime and your insomniac problems will be cured.

6. Refreshes and Rejuvenates You

On the contrary to the previous point, herbal tea refreshes and rejuvenates you. By this we mean, it removes the restlessness that you feel because of less sleep, and it also eliminates the tiredness from your body and mind. Yes, you can take this every morning to feel fresh, and this also helps in making your body ready to have a good sleep. It works both ways by taking its time.

7. Works like Wonders for your Skin

No matter what skin minor skin issue that you are facing, herbal tea has the power to cure it. The consumption of herbal tea solves acne issues, pimples, dull skin, dry skin, rough skin, and many other problems on a regular basis. The relation to healthy glowing skin and herbal tea is that the ingredients that are present in the herbal tea cleanses your stomach and this shows up on your skin.

8. Has Anti Inflammatory Powers

Another one of the very important benefits of herbal tea is that it has some amazing anti-inflammatory powers which are essential for your body. Having just one cup of herbal tea on a regular basis would ensure you that you are a step closer to having a healthy life with only a small change in your life.

9. Relieves Stress

You must be thinking that I am not talking about any real herbal tea but some imaginary magical tea. Solving cough and insomnia was still something that could be digested but relieving stress, is that even possible for a drink to do that? My answer is yes, the antidepressants present in the herbal tea helps in removing the stress in some way. This is a proven fact, and I am not even kidding.

10. Improves the Kidney Health

One of the greatest benefits of herbal tea is that it helps in enhancing the kidney health. The doctors advise the people who are suffering from kidney stones or kidney issue to start consuming herbal teas. The herbs, spices, antioxidants and various other ingredients are proven clinically to improve the kidney health.

So finally, Why drink Herbal Tea ?

So, these were some of the amazing benefits of herbal tea. I hope by the end of this blog I have convinced you to start consuming herbal tea right from now. Trust me; it works like wonders for your body and mind. And once you are hooked to it, there is no looking back for sure. And don’t worry, I am not telling you to give up on coffee or your regular tea but start with the herbal tea sidewise. One cup of it daily is great. One suggestion from my side would be to not consuming it with sugar because it adds on to the calories. For the sweetener effect, you can always use jaggery or honey because they do not have excess calorie and are amazing for the body. Herbal tea is like a detox drink which works for your body regularly even if you are not. It is excellent if you are not facing any of the above issues, still adopting the herbal tea habit would be beneficial for you.



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