Great Uses of Green Tea for Health | Benefits of Green Tea for skin, stress & weight loss

5 Best Ways Of Using Green Tea For A Wholesome Health Benefit | Health Benefits of Green Tea

‘Health is wealth.’ I know this is a bit of a cliché. Truth be told, not all that’s cliché is always futile. Sometimes it is old age knowledge – truer than most things we know. How do you go about bringing this old-school gem back into your treasure box? You read on it, do your research and act on it accordingly. Reading reminded me, have you noticed the latest happenings in the food section that’s taking the world by storm? Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is Green Tea! This green gorgeousness is inarguably the best herb nature has provided us. So, without further ado, let’s see what is all this hullaballoo about it, in health benefits of green tea or what are the best uses of green tea ?.

Green Tea As Sunscreen

Surprise…Suprise!! Ever thought os this unique usage of Green Tea? Well now is your opportunity, to kiss your goodbyes to all the sunscreens reeking of chemical nasties. Yes! Topical application, i.e. applying it on the skin, has proven to provide a natural protection from the dangers of the dreaded UV rays. This is one of the best ways of using green tea.

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Green Tea For Weightloss

Ahh… the good old knowledge of tricking fat into leaving your weight. Flavenoids in Green Tea are known to increase metabolism. The better the metabolism, the better the burning of fat. Now the question is how do you use green tea to reduce fat? It is a tea, so you brew it and drink 2.5 cups at least, on daily basis.

However, there are best ways of using green tea and it does need to be brewed with a little bit of extra care. Boiling water is bad for green tea because it ruins catechins. the solution is to bring your water to a boil, but let it rest for about ten minutes. Then, pour the water over the tea and brew for about one minute before serving. Of course, the brew time can be made shorter or longer, depending on your taste. Here is a great green tea brand to begin your weight loss journey.

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Green Tea As The Stressbuster

Stress and modern life go hand in hand like inseparable lovers. Well, the unhealthy relationship had to end somewhere, enter green tea…Green Tea, people, is full of antioxidants that are required to cull free radicals in your body. You can drink it daily in a lot of ways. Either drink it hot or as Ice Tea, it is equally refreshing and stress bursting. Give it a shot.


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Green Tea As Face Masque

Skin is the outer most tissue, its a fact. So, it should not come to us as a surprise, if the internal rear and tear show up much earlier on the skin as opposed to anywhere else on the body. Internal health, helps with keeping it healthy from the inside, but what about the chemical that our external environment bombards it with? The solution lies in using Green Tea as a masque.

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Green Tea As Breakfast

Breakfast is undeniable, the most essential and important meal of the day. So, what could possibly be better than indulging in a full breakfast meal that has the goodness of Green Tea and not as a popular beverage? Yes, we have got you something straight from Japan, and they call it Ochazuke. Very easy to make and healthy for one and all. Because of its simplicity, it is easy on the digestive system, so if you are looking for something filling but light to eat, you should definitely give it a go. Ochazuka is a rice soup traditionally topped with salmon and green tea on a rice base.

You can skip the salmon if you choose. Additionally, you can also add dried seaweed, wasabi, Khimchi, or Mitsuba among many other Japanese condiments if you’d like. The soup is light in texture, so the tea that you use with it is of utter importance. It should be flavor enough to balance everything else but not too light that it appears bland. Click on the link below to find your perfect green tea for Ochazuka.

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