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Black Tea Benefits

Undoubtedly tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Almost everyone loves their cup of tea, in the current scenario, most people are preferring healthy detox tea like green tea or even green coffee, herbal tea, cinnamon tea and Black tea. Out of all these healthy drinks, the most enjoyable one is the black tea. Nothing can stop people from having a cup of hot black tea in the morning to face a busy day. Black tea is becoming very popular among people because of its numerous health benefits. It protects your body from dangerous free radical damage.


Why is black tea preferred?

black tea health benefits weight loss tangylife
Black tea is preferred because it has antioxidant properties, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, fights against obesity, relieves asthma increases good bacteria in the gut, burns fat, speeds up metabolism and reduces heart disease and stroke.


What makes black tea so unique?

All types of teas are made from the same (tea)plant leaves. In the case of black tea, the process of oxidation occurs before the leaves are dried. New flavonoids are formed during the oxidation process. This gives the tea leaves a dark color and a very different flavor. It becomes stronger and richer than green tea.

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Components of Black Tea

The essential components of black tea are caffeine and antioxidants. It is rich in thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin C. Flavonoids are plant-based antioxidants found in black tea. Drinking black tea boosts antioxidant levels in your body and keeps you looking young. Catechin is a group of flavonoids found in the tea leaves. While processing the tea leaves, these catechins form new flavonoids like thearubigins and theaflavins. These new flavonoids burn away calories easily and fight against the free radicals in your body. They also give dark color and unique flavor to black tea.

Black tea has 2-4% caffeine. This caffeine breaks down stubborn body fat and boosts the basal metabolic rate. Thus it helps in breaking down the fat stored in your body and also helps in weight loss by increasing the metabolism. Black tea gives you instant energy.

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Black Tea Benefits or Why Black Tea is Better ?

black tea benefits weight loss tangylife

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Black tea is a big boon to those who are tired of hitting the gym and wish to get out of the diet-gym-diet maze. Black tea eases the weight loss process. Black tea is a low-calorie beverage. It has 0% saturated fat and cholesterol. But what should be remembered is it should be steeped in water and consumed without adding milk and sugar.

Adding sugar and milk reduces it’s health benefits. But you can add lemon juice to black tea and serve it hot or cold. Black tea inhibits the body’s ability to absorb iron, but lemon juice supports the body’s ability to absorb iron.

2. Boost your Metabolism

Black tea has gut-friendly bacteria which forms metabolites. The metabolites, in turn, control the metabolic capacity of the liver. Black tea also increases gut bacteria related to weight loss and decreases gut bacteria related to obesity. The polyphenols from the black tea cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream due to their large size. They remain in the intestine for a long time and boost gut health. It also lowers the triglyceride levels. It helps in reducing the LDL level thus lowers cholesterol and helps weight loss. It reduces visceral fat and decreases inflammation inducing genes. This prevents inflammation-induced obesity.

Other than helping with weight loss black tea also has numerous other benefits. Drinking black tea regularly improves heart health. It reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases. It makes the blood vessels more flexible which reduces the risk of blood pressure.

Black tea improves blood flow to the brain. This stimulates the metabolism of your body and gives a high dose of energy.

3. Anti Cancer Properties

The thearubigins and theaflavins in black tea are very beneficial to our health. Theaflavin destroys all the abnormal cells in our body thereby reducing the risks of cancer especially ovarian cancer. It inhibits the formation and growth of malignant tumors (Turmeric is another food item which has amazing anti-cancer properties and more).

4. Helps to improve Type 2 Diabeties

Black tea lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. It slows down the absorption of sugar. The catechins and theaflavins in black tea help the body to become more insulin sensitive. It prevents ischemic strokes.

5. Improves Hormone Level

It aids digestion as it is rich in tannins. Tannin strengthens our immune system. Drinking black tea regularly lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol. It balances hormone levels and keeps away stress. So it makes you feel happy.

6. Improves Memory

Black tea increases your mental alertness and improves memory. L.Thianine found in black tea boosts mental alertness. It soothes headaches by soothing the nervous system. Black tea relieves asthma. It expands the air passage and helps asthma patients to breathe easily.

7. Improves Digestive Health

Drinking black tea reduces kidney stone formation by 8%. It soothes the stomach and digestive system. It is used in treating diarrhea. The tannins in black tea provide an astringent effect on the intestinal lining. This calms the inflammation in the intestines and keeps diarrhea under control.

8. Aids in Oral health

Black tea contains fluoride which aids in oral and bone health. It protects you from cavities and tooth decay. It also freshens your breath. It helps to reduce the risks of osteoporosis and arthritis.

9. AntiAgeing properties

Black tea is well known for its anti-aging properties too. Drinking black tea regularly improves the appearance of your skin. It is an anti-wrinkle agent, and it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It gives a glow to your skin and keeps it moisturized. It lightens blemishes and age spots. It fights against skin infections and rejuvenates the skin. It quickens the healing process of damaged skin cells. It reverses the damage caused by exposure to UV radiation.

10. Promotes Good Hair

Black tea promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. Black tea adds shine to dull and lifeless hair. Rinsing your hair with black tea gives natural shine and color to it. It makes the hair softer and more manageable. It is a natural dyeing agent. It can be used as a natural hair dye.

11. Helps in Puffy eyes

Black tea can reduce the puffiness of eyes. To get relief from puffy eyes keep black tea bags in the refrigerator and place them on puffy eyes or soak a ball of cotton in black tea and put it on puffy eyelids.

12. Helps in getting rid of Odor

Black tea helps in eliminating foot odor. Soaking smelly feet in water to which black tea has been added will refresh your feet and remove the odor.

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Black Tea Benefits – Conclusion

The benefits of black tea are endless. This is the reason for people to start their day with a cup of black tea. So start enjoying your cup of black tea and stay healthy and happy.



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