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We often come across people saying, over consumption of tea and coffee isn’t good for health. However, consuming the right thing in a right amount can get no better. It is well applicable for both these substance. This blog will talk about all the pros and cons and an insight comparison between green tea vs green coffee.

Your morning cup might have a little tea or coffee to kick start your day. So why not give it a healthy start and make a choice in either green tea or green coffee?

Green Coffee Vs Green Tea

Green Tea extracts have been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines for several uses. Green coffee was introduced in 2012 as an extract. Lets find out How these two promote a overall healthy body b comparing their features.

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1. Lose Weight while you gain the Greenery

When people around you start noticing the fat bulging out of your belly it concerns you. And the home remedy that strikes our mind is “Green Tea”. It always had the public attention for several reasons and specifically to be a remedy for weight loss, as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. But lately the limelight of weight loss was shared by Green coffee. With the introduction of this new beverage the gain is just not the weight loss but it is also effective in treating heart disease and being a cure element to diabetes.
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2. Taste to your taste buds

In between both the beverages Green Tea has been more popular among the public. Even though the taste isn’t mellow to the taste buds. Giving a bitter after taste will leave lot of benefits.

The taste of Green coffee as a beverage is mild and slightly herbal. It isn’t as bitter as Green Tea. Sip it and get a taste of a healthy life absorbing the benefits of it.


What is Green tea and Green coffee made of

Green Tea is made from un-oxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. It is made of leaves, stem and bud of the plant “Camella sinesis”. Other kind of teas are fermented unless Green tea, It is instead made by steaming the leaves at a high temperature. This enhances polyphenols which doesn’t let your body swell.

Green coffee is un-roasted form of the coffee that is consumed as a beverage. Thus, it tastes and smells different from that of the roasted one. The active ingredient of green coffee is Chlorogenic acid. This reduces in the creation of fat cells through the effect of antioxidant. Green coffee consumed as an extract is more beneficial as a beverage.

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Is there Caffeine in Green Tea or Green Coffee ?

The amount of Caffeine in both green tea and green coffee differs from each other. If we talk about a cup of green tea, it relatively has a very small dose of caffeine. There is around 35 mg of caffeine in about 250 ml of green tea which is far less than the amount of caffeine found in regular black tea. In case of green coffee which are unroasted coffee beans that have higher level of chlorogenic acid which is beneficial for our health. It also has a very less amount of caffeine of about 16 mg per the recommended dosage of 2 capsules a day which is also much lesser than a normal regular coffee. It contains just 20mg of caffeine for same size serving of your regular coffee. Although Green coffee has caffeine as its active compound but the major weight loss process credit goes to Chlorogenic acid.

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Added perks of both Tea and Coffee when Green

Both have been efficient enough when comes to weight loss. But the list of their fringe benefits doesn’t end there.

Green tea helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. It has been perceived that countries with high consumption of it have a low cancer rate. The polyphenols in it helps to terminate the cancerous cells and prevents from growing. As per the research an individual who consumes 5 cups of it in a day has lower risk of dying. The list of benefits of consuming green tea as a beverage or as extract doesn’t end here; it also helps to keep the cholesterol low. There are several other aids of consuming the easily accessible form of green tea.

An individual in taking green coffee helps to keep a check on cholesterol level. Ageing has always been a major reason to add on to the number of wrinkles one has. Thus consuming this beverage will also help in not to age. Everyone is living their life but they wish to live a aseptic life. And this can bring it true as it improves the immunity. Every one of us ends up taking toxic elements in some or the other way. Thus, Green Coffee helps in naturally detoxification.

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Green Tea & Green Coffee: Brewing is an art

To simmer the beverage right is the trickiest part. If not brewed right the essence and the taste might go to a toss.

The right way to sip the Green Coffee is by putting the grinded form of the beans in a cup. Pour hot water to it and leave it for 10 mins. Filter it then to get a warm beverage you might, also add a pinch of sugar or honey to it. Sweetness might overshadow the subtle taste of the beverage.

On the other side Green Tea has several ways to brew it. Add hot water to tea leaves and strain it to get a perfect beverage. However, to change flavor of it you may add honey, lemon or ginger in your cup of tea.

Wise words make them a part of your day and spend healthy and blissful mornings and nights. Its never too late to bring a positive change in life.

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Green Coffee Vs Green Tea – Conclusion

The research has found that both Green coffee and green tea helps equally in increasing metabolism , loose fat and improves overall health. If we have to rate both of them for wight loss , green coffee will win the race as its more effective giving faster results without crash diets and heavy workouts. Green tea on the other hand offers lot of health benefits but works in its own pace and do wonders when you obtain a regular active lifestyle. The caffeine content in green tea is higher than green coffee which is actually made from natural coffee fruit bean. Also it’s high Chlorogenic Acid kick starts your metabolism promote thermogenesis to shred fat. Thus till we get more satisfied researched study green coffee is more reliable choice for now.



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