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Froothie is an online Australian store dealing with the best quality blenders and juicers at budget-friendly prices. Grab the best deals on their great quality products with the discount codes and coupon codes available with us.

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Froothie Introduction

We all must have heard the phrase that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. I would like to rephrase it that the way to a happy heart is through a well-equipped kitchen. Weird, right? Actually, no. Whenever we enter an organized kitchen, it not only makes us happy from inside but also enables our mind to bake fresh recipes.

Froothie is one of the brands that began, by proving healthy fruits and vegetables to the people and now has become a household name in Australia. They want to indulge people in the idea of living a healthy life by opting for fresh foods and drinks.
The idea educed and Froothie became and they entered the league of providing the appliances that are necessary to have easier access to the hearty foods and variety of drinks.

Froothie established their statistic partnership with the Optimum Appliances way back, and since then they have been an exclusive supplier of their appliances. Optimum appliances are a globally recognized brand, reaching out millions of people and catering world-class juicers and blenders.

They are aiming to deliver high-quality products which bring out a modern sense of living in the changing world. The majority of their apparatuses are fabricated with awesome exactness from the most noteworthy quality materials and with broad testing, accomplishing full item affirmation and accreditation to cover all industry Quality Control Standards.

The main mission of Froothie is to:

  • Help the society in living a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Provide an absolute range of Optimum appliances around the globe.
  • They keep on their users updated about the products and new trends through informative videos and posts.


Froothie Features

Froothie believes in blending the modernization with utmost quality. Once you enter their website, you would see how different options are placed properly for your convenience. Being outstanding amongst other Blender and Juicer Brand in Australia, Optimum offers significantly more by presenting the multi-reason across the board kitchen apparatus, ThermoCook, Induction Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer and numerous other multi-entrusting, efficient kitchen machines. Ideal’s prevalence is to a great extent ascribed to their stringent quality gauges, toughness and concentrates on advancement and in addition their nearby organization with Froothie in bringing straightforward, quality cooking into homes the nation over.

As indicated by their site, all the parts and machines by Optimum are made with exceptional accuracy utilizing the most astounding quality materials. Ideal behaviors broad testing to accomplish full item affirmation and accreditation to meet the business’ Quality Control Standards. It guarantees you with quality and validity experienced by millions around the world. As a demonstration of the predominant quality and strength of Optimum items, all items offer a 30-day unconditional promise free trial and far-reaching guarantee.

Few distinctive features of their website that makes it very user-friendly are:

  • There’s little messaging icon on the right-hand side of the page that enables the customer to register their instant query.
  • There’s a constant pop-up from the bottom of the page which helps in the promotion of the latest project.
  • Their website has demo videos, available online which helps in educating the customer about their product.
  • They have a particular column where they post the details about other competitive brands and the current position of their brand among them.

Along, with the wide range of electronic options, Froothie also provides a wide range of recipes. A separate section is also available on the site for all the food and drinks recipes that could be made by using the optimum appliances. From the juices to the whipped cream and cold coffee. Froothie will cater you with A-Z solutions.


Froothie Products

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Some of their best-selling products are:

1. Optimum High-Speed Vortex Blenders

The Optimum Vortex Blenders are one of the main worldwide brands for solid, fast vortex blenders, reasonable for both household and business utilize. The Optimum 9400 has increased worldwide acclaim from proficient culinary experts and nourishment fans alike, as an excellent quality item that makes smoothies and juices, as well as finishes an extensive variety of sustenance arrangement errands.

And in addition, having the capacity to make flavorful nut margarine, nut milk, plunges, sauces, hot soups, solidified treats and a whole lot more. The Optimum Blender is appraised #1 by Choice Australia – alongside Vitamix – and reigns as number one Product Review Australia, given independent client audits.

View Range of Vortex Blenders

2. Optimum Cold Press Slow Juicers

The Optimum Slow Juicers have likewise been acquiring praise far and wide for remarkable quality and execution. The Optimum Juicer is evaluated as number one in the UK by T3 Magazine, while the new Optimum 600 and Optimum 700 are upsetting the business by squeezing entire products of the soil, taking out the requirement for sustenance readiness.
View Range of Cold Press Slow Juicers

3. Optimum P200 Dehydrator

The Optimum P200 Dehydrator’s Parallax Drying System enables air to be uniformly dispersed all over all plate, start to finish and front to back. This disposes of flavor defilement and guarantees consistency of wind stream so you can make wonderful, sound snacks at home effortlessly for you and your family, guaranteeing the snacks are constantly nutritious and free from additives and different added substances.
View Range of Dehydrators

4. Optimum Thermo Cook

The Optimum Thermocook Multifunction Cooking Machine is rapidly getting to be plainly one of their most mainstream apparatuses, evaluated as the number one All-in-one Kitchen Appliance Brand by Product Review Australia and rules as Australia’s #1 Thermomix match. With 20 helpful capacities, you can cleave, whip, blend, process, work, cook, mix, mix, steam and significantly more with only one push of the catch. You will spare time, space and cash with this does-it-all kitchen expert.
View Optimum Thermo Cook details


Froothie: Pros And Cons

While going through this website, I had a very smooth journey. Everything a customer looks for while shopping is almost available there. They plan for the well-being envoys around the globe to bring you certifiable, useful hints, formulas, and items to enable you to accomplish a more advantageous and more joyful variant of yourself and your family. Froothie works with envoys that are enthused about spreading their insight on wellbeing and prosperity since they really mind and trust that everybody ought to be engaged to improve their way of life, similarly as Froothie embarks to be.

Here are the few points in the Pros and Cons bucket:


  • Rated as one of the best blender mixers in Australia.
  • Their quality is world renowned.
  • They provide you with24/7 assistance when you purchase their product.
  • They have a special one-month trial scheme for the customers.

To get an insight into the customer’s mind you don’t have to search on other reviewing sites, as they already have a particular section where they post the testimonials of their happy consumers.


They only thing I did not like was the placement of content on the website. At the starting of the page, there is too much of white space (blank space) giving the page a much-distorted appeal.

Froothie has a proper amalgamation of customer’s feedback from all over the web.
They have tried their best to accumulate all of them on one page.

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Froothie Pricing & Payment

Froothie has a sleek way for their customers to make payments while shopping. From normal cash on delivery to all the types of online payment modes. They claim their site to be Geotrust, which means providing the joy of safe and secure online shopping.
They provide numerous payment facilities:
1. Paypal
2. Zip-pay
3. Credit cards and Debit cards

On Froothie, anyone can easily register online and start adding the desired items to the card. They provide you with 30 days trial warranty with 24/7 assistance. They make sure to take care of your product, before and even after the purchase.

All the goods that you may buy will come with a properly authorized Australian Consumer Law. Each client is qualified for a substitution or discount for a noteworthy disappointment and pays for some other sensibly predictable misfortune or harm. They are likewise eligible to have the merchandise repaired or supplanted if the products neglect to be of enough quality and the disappointment does not add up to a noteworthy disappointment.

The Privacy and company’s policy is clearly mentioned on the website. It states that every customer who is using the website should adhere to the norms given by the company.


Froothie Contact & Customer Support

The collection and distribution point of Froothie are situated in Melbourne, Vermont and many other places in Australia. It is one of the leading brands in Australia that supplies an awesome range of appliance to the customers.

The customer support system is quite maintained by Froothie. They give 24/7 backing to the consumers and solve their problems.
They’ve interestingly managed their social media platforms. Their Facebook has more than 110k likes, and their Instagram posts could be easily viewed on the website. Some of the other social media forums where Froothie has maintained their hold are:

Froothie Blog

Anybody can easily contact them by accessing the links and information given online.



Froothie works around the motto that aims at providing a healthy and lively life with a sprinkle of modernization. A venture that started with an idea of indulging people in a healthy lifestyle by turning towards fresh fruits and vegetables and Juices, flourished and has reached such heights where they provide one of the best kitchen appliances around the globe.

Along with the product they assure you that they’ll provide you with 24/7 backing and help you out with any flaw.

So, If you are looking for a shop where you can hop in anytime, see the product, get a trial and also marvelous ideas to cook than Froothie is a perfect site for you.

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