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Furi Global is an online knife store especially in Australia. This Furi Pro Knives Review gives a detailed insight into the functioning and service of the store, different Furi Knives product ranges, furi knives pricing, and much more. Don’t forget to check the furi knives discount code or furi knives offers, only on Tangylife.

Furi Pro Knives Review | Furi Knives Promo Code 2019

Furi Global is an Australian Kitchen knives brand. The brand offers a wide range of knives specially catered for household and commercial usage. Click on the link below to get free delivery.

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About Furi Global

Food is the most basic instinct for all things living. If you are a human (assuming aliens can read English and have access to the internet), you would know what a Godzilla you become. To curb that you reach out to kitchen take out ingredients, and as soon as you are about to cut, the drastic happens. The knife, the godforsaken knife is blunt, or just won’t cut. Sounds familiar? I see, so many heads nodding, in yes! People we get you, that’s why we have got knife al fantastique! Furi Global.

Knifemaking dates back to iron age, somewhere between 1300 BC they came into existence in their somewhat present format. Although primarily made to be used as a weapon, knives are now the basic tool in the kitchen.

The company was founded by a mechanical engineer named Mark Henry, in July 1996, in Brisbane. They soon developed themselves as the leading knife manufacturers in Australia. Due to Füritechnics’ endorsement by a TV celebrity cook, Kylie Kwong, they established an office in the United States, named Füritechnics USA Inc. The headquarters for Füritechnics USA was established in San Fransisco in August 2005.


What makes Furi Global different?

  • The brand has developed its reputation on the wide variety of products that they offer which comes with a guarantee of a well established, and reliable physical store.
  • Mark, the founder of the brand is an engineer himself. The brand preferably stays updated with latest engineering techniques to bring the best knives in design.
  • All the knives are made of high grade Japanese stainless steel.
  • Furi believes in resolving everyday issues of the kitchen, so they rely on the most innovative approach to make the experience more user-friendly.
  • Orders $99 and over will be delivered FREE* of charge.
  • Orders $98.99 and under will be delivered for a flat fee of $9.95.
  • Furi ships all orders from their Melbourne Warehouse using Australia Post’s E-Parcel service. Once dispatched, please allow between 2-5 business days for your order to arrive.


FURI Products and Brands

Furi solves all knife related matters and offers some of the best selections on their store. They offer an array of brands. some of the best selection are as follows:


1. Furi Knives

As Furi puts it, Furi thought of hands first. After all, if a knife feels right in your hand, it’s right for your hand. They have some of the most alluring knives, and it includes boning knives. you know how hard it is to come by the ones designed to perfection.

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2. Furi Knife Sharpener

A knife is an absolute failure if it can not cut without hassle. You know the annoyance! Having a perfectly sharpened knife is the secret to a fantastic meal. Furi has industry standard diamond coating to all their knife sharpeners.

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3. Furi Knife Gift Set

Do you know anyone who loves cooking? What can be a better gift than a fantastic set of perfectly carved knives?

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4. Furi Knife Blocks

I love cooking, and more than that beautiful looking tools are the things that take my heart far far away. There, I said it! I love beautifully designed knife blocks and I can not lie!

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5. Furi Knife Racks

You like picking your knives, I get it. Totally. Aren’t they what brushes are to an artist? Who can blame ya? The trouble of picking individual pieces is that you don’t know where and how to store them. Furi has a solution. They have knife racks!! I say grab ’em all.

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6. Furi Knives Chopping Board

As a cooking lover, if there is one thing that I absolutely despise, it is an imbalanced chopping board, that flies when you increase your chopping speed, (they do that, believe me!). Anyway, Furi offers best quality chop and transfer board, in ash finish. I don’t know about you but ash wood is my love!

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7. Furi Knives Recipes

I am a food lover, as you guys already know by now. (All you regular readers, *waves palm*) But we all have our quirks, mine is I had never liked Oriental Cuisine until I came across Kylie Kwong‘s TLC show My China. Boy! Do I appreciate the moment. I am now a changed palate person and I am not afraid of trying out new cuisines. All thanks to this talented chef! Guys, Furi doesn’t only care about what you sue in your chopping matters, they also think about what you are gonna make out of those perfectly chopped, sliced and diced pieces. They have few lip-smacking recipes exclusively brought to you by our beloved Australian chef. Kylie is famous for her innovative Chinese recipes with twists of Australian native ingredients.

If you are a vegetarian, may we suggest you, to try out ‘Kylie Kwong’s Celery, Carrot and Cabbage Salad’. I mean look at It…*drool*


Furi Global Shipping and Delivery

The brand offers a free of cost delivery to all orders above $99, for orders below the amount shipping charge is flat $9.95. However, the weight of the order must be below 22kgs to be eligible for free freight. Furi ships all their order from their Melbourne Warehouse using Australia Post’s E-Parcel service. Once dispatched, it takes between 2-5 business days for the order to arrive. They DON’T offer international shipping as of yet. Furi global offers 30 days return policy. However, the product has to be in original packaging and in unused condition, otherwise, it may face a rejection.

Please note, whatever the condition may be, Furi does not return shipping costs bore by the buyer.


Furi Knives Contact

105 Vanessa Street Kingsgrove, NSW 2208
Locked Bag 5018, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208

Phone: 1800 709 714

Fax: 1800 712 704

Furi Knives Review – Final Conclusion

Furi is a fantastic knife solution, that takes care of all your knife related worries. They work with some of the best Culinary Schools and organizations in Australia, Australian Culinary Federation(ACF) and James Street Cooking School to name a few. With so many stars adorning Furi, and the innovation that they offer, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to call Furi the best in town. We, at Tangylife, feel, if you’re searching for a knife, nothing’s gonna cut deeper than Furi (Pun intended!)


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