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In the current scenario where no one is allowed to go out of their home for a healthy run or exercise or to the gym, it’s becoming a little challenging to keep your body fit. So what it is that can keep you fit with this current lifestyle? It is easier to switch over to a healthier version of diet because at least food is something you can choose. The best trending method that you might have seen invading even on celebrity’s Instagram posts is including different beverages in their diet. Once such a favorite celebrity beverage is a green tea and the most trending one out in that category of green tea is the popular Japanese green tea called Matcha Tea or Matcha Green Tea. Let’s find out more about this trending Matcha tea that has even occupied a place in the Starbucks menu list with the name called Matcha latte. So after 2 days of extensive research, we were able to cover few of the most important details about Matcha tea after selecting a few of the Best Matcha Tea Brands with lots of benefits. Matcha tea is quite different from a regular green tea.


What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea originated in Japan is one of the teas traditionally celebrated for hundreds of years in the Japanese Tea ceremonies. The tea is made in a powdered form from selected tea leaves that gives it superiority over any green tea. The tea is derived from a plant source called Camellia Sinensis that mostly grows in East Asia. Though Green tea leaves are also derived from the same plant but to prepare Matcha tea powder, these plant bushes are shielded from sunlight for about 30 days before harvest because that way, it increases the Chlorophyll level of the Matcha tea which is one reason why Matcha tea is darker in color. After the harvest, stems and veins are removed from leaves, and these leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder called Matcha. Matcha tea is quite high in antioxidants, caffeine than a green tea, and is mostly used in smoothies, ice cream, baking, or mixed with any sweetener.

Nowadays, to sell the tea commercially, the Matcha tea brands are categories into different grades as per their quality. These grades include Ceremonial grade, Premium grade, and culinary grade.

1. Ceremonial Grade: This grade offers the highest quality of Matcha tea powder that is carefully cultivated and is always regarded as the freshest, delicate, and smoothest grounded powder. To get the best flavors, this Matcha grade is enjoyed as it is without any additives. Mostly used in the tea ceremonies in Japan

2. Premium Grade: Premium grade is not much different from ceremonial grade and contains young tea leaves from the top of the tea plant that makes it fresh with a subtle flavor. It’s best for daily consumption.

3. Culinary Grade: This grade is easily available as the cheapest Matcha tea and is suitable for cooking, making ice creams, smoothies, etc. It cannot be consumed as it is because it’s bitter than other grades.


Matcha Tea Vs Green tea

Matcha Tea is even stronger than green tea, and although it comes from the same plant, the only difference is the way they are cultivated. For Matcha tea, the tea plant is shaded from the sun for about 20 to 30 days before harvesting. This is one reason why the chlorophyll and amino acid content is higher in Matcha tea. According to the experts, one glass of Matcha tea has ten times more nutrients than a glass of green tea.

Matcha Tea Green Tea
Color Bright Dark green Brown and dull
Taste Premium Grade tastes less bitter Green tea is mostly bitter
Flavor More intense and richer Light, Fresh and delicate
Texture Smooth velvety Powdered form Gritty with crushed leaves
Processing Leaves without Stem and veins Steeping part of leaves in hot water
Calorie burn Matcha burns 25% more calories than green tea due to more ECGCs (or epigallocatechin-3-gallates) are catechins, powerful antioxidants of about 134 mg per serving Green tea ECGCs antioxidants are just 63 mg per serving
Amino Acid content 45 mg per serving 3 mg per serving
Caffeine content 68 mg of caffeine per cup 32 mg per cup
Preparation method Taste best when mixed with water under 175ºF and can be made using milk, cream, or sugar. Taste good when the steeping tea leaves are boiled in hot water up to 212degree F, and bitterness goes only when mixed with herbs or lemon.


Matcha Tea Benefits

It’s noted that 1 cup of Matcha tea nutrients is equivalent to 3 cups of green tea and all because of the way its harvested, processed, and made. This super drink does have some amazing benefits on our health, which gives us a long-lasting effect on our body if we include it on our diet. Below are few of the Matcha tea benefits in detail:

1. Chlorophyll as Detoxifier

Chlorophyll refers to the substance that responsible for the dark pigmentation of leaves and involves absorption of sunlight to provide energy for photosynthesis. In Matcha, this compound is very high because of the way the leaves are harvested to prepare the tea. Due to the high content of chlorophyll, this tea is regarded as a natural detoxifier that flushes out toxin and heavy metals from our body. It makes the liver process better by reducing liver enzymes.

2. High caffeine for improved attention and focused mind

Matcha tea has the highest caffeine content even higher than coffee. It has double caffeine than green tea, and in case you wish to switch to coffee before hitting the gym, try switching over to Matcha as it also has agents that can control the caffeine side effects. Overall, Matcha tea makes you smarter with better brain functionality.

3. L-theanine for relaxation of mind

L-theanine or a type of amino acid is the same agent that can balance out the high-energy of caffeine by decreases stress level and promoting relaxation. Matcha tea has an amazing combination of amino acid with caffeine that helps in calm alertness and help you n meditation.

4. High level of Antioxidants

Matcha tea claims to have the highest amount of catechins, an antioxidant compound which is 137 times greater in quantity than a green tea. These compounds have been associated with fighting cancer cells and prevent oxidative damage to cells. These studies are not carried out in humans yet.

5. Help in Weight Loss

Just like a green tea, Matcha tea also helps you lose weight but always consume wit without sugar and in a more natural way. With so many agents that increase our immunity, metabolism, antioxidants, high energy level, and less stress hormone, this tea is another popular method to lose weight naturally.

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Matcha Tea Side effects

Overdose of anything is bad, even an addiction to coffee or green tea. The same goes for Matcha tea, and mostly this tea is considered safe when consumed in small amounts. The one side effect we could find is due to its high caffeine content that can trigger headaches, insomnia, irritability if you go overboard.

– Also, make sure you drink not more than two cups per day as excessive Matcha can cause irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, or constipation.

– Do not drink Matcha just before bedtime and take a gap of at least 5 hours, so you don’t get your energy level high with caffeine.

– The Matcha tea is not recommended when pregnant or to children due to high lead content in leaves that come due to absorption from the environment. So it’s best to buy the certified, tested, and definitely not cheap matcha tea as a good quality Matcha green tea leaves are grown in a lead-free environment.

– Never consume Matcha tea on an empty stomach as it might cause stomach acidity.

– Always go for 100% Organic Matcha power


Our chosen Best Matcha Tea Brands 2022

We have thoroughly researched and prepared a list of best Matcha tea brands available online that you can buy and consume without any doubts.

Matcha Tea Brand BenefitsAvailable in packs Tea GradeCheck Price
Teamonk Matcha Green Tea PowderProvides relaxation
Boost energy
Improves metabolism
Enhances brain
100 gm pack
0.88 ounce pack of 4
Jade Leaf Barista Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder - Organic, Authentic Japanese OriginRich in antioxidants, Boost metabolism
Great source of natural energy
Mental clarity
30 gm and 100gmCulinary cafe
Eco Heed Matcha Green Tea PowderNatural Energy and Focus Booster
Packed with Antioxidants
Organic & natural
30 gm and 100 gmsCulinary & Cermonial
VAHDAM Matcha Green Tea PowderDelicious flavor
Boost immunity
Rich in Vitamins Reduces Bad Cholesterol
Helps weight management
50 gmsCulinary
Heapwell Superfoods Matcha teaVegetarian
Source of Antioxidants & Amino Acids
Can be used as face mask too
50 gmsPremium
Jarved Japanese Matcha Green Tea PowderHelps to reduce body fat
sugar free
gluten free
100 gmsCulinary Grade
Natural Blueprint Matcha Green Tea Powder-Organicno additives or fillers
30 gmsCeremonial


Matcha Green Tea Brands Review

Now let’s go through the detailed reviews of our best-picked Matcha tea brands that have so many benefits on your health and can be safely included in your everyday food and diet.


1. Teamonk Matcha Green Tea Powder

Teamonk Matcha Green Tea Powder review tangylife blog
This brand is quite a popular brand in terms of 100% natural, herbal organic teas, and their Matcha tea powder comes in ceremonial grade with its full-bodied flavor. This tea is highly rich in antioxidants that increase your immunity. It blended with all naturally grown leaves harvested in the most organic manner. It’s free from any additives or unhealthy artificial ingredients. The caffeine content is medium and the brand comes with USDA Organic, UTZ, Demeter, Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance certification.

Buyers Feedback


  • Very good quality tea
  • Smooth texture
  • Dissolve easily in milk and water
  • Pleasant grassy taste
  • No bitterness


  • Being ceremonial grade it’s little expensive than other brands

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2. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jade Leaf Barista Matcha Green Tea Powder review tangylife
The Jade Leaf Matcha green tea is the culinary or cafe grade Matcha powder made from flavorful first harvested tea leaves that makes delicious lattes and gourmet recipes. This Matcha tea brand promises the highest quality of finely stone grounded matcha powder. The tea is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, a great source of natural energy and mental clarity.

Buyers Feedback


  • Gluten free and vegan
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Only 1/2 teaspoon makes one serving
  • The powder is very fine
  • Doesn’t give a muddy aftertaste


  • Very strong taste and always require sweetening
  • Packaging can be done better

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3. Eco Heed Matcha Green Tea Powder Superior Culinary

Eco Heed Matcha Tea review tangylife
This matcha green tea powder by Eco Heed is cultivated with authentic stone-grounding “Tencha” leaves which are regarded as true matcha. The leaves are shaded from sunlight for 3 to 4 weeks. It’s rich in amino acid and that gives it the so-called ‘umami’ flavor. This brand offers matcha in both ceremonial as well as superior culinary grade. This matcha powder gives numerous benefits like enhancing immunity, focus, radiant skin, and promote natural detoxification of our body.

Buyers Feedback


  • Ideal for caffeine-sensitive people
  • Available at a great price for ceremonial grade
  • Brighter & greener than other culinary Matcha teas
  • Culinary grade doesn’t give bitterness after adding milk or sweetener
  • High-quality product
  • Culinary grade is very close to the ceremonial quality


  • Slight grassy taste but less bitter

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4. VAHDAM Japanese Moringa + Matcha Green Tea Powder

 VAHDAM matcha Green Tea Powder review tangylife
Vahdam Brand is popular tea brands that manufacture variety f herbal, natural teas and their matcha tea is another example of the finest quality of matcha powder cultivated from esteemed plantations based in the cities of Honyama and Kawane, located in Shizuoka prefecture, which produces the best matcha in the world. This brand of matcha is made with a combination of Ayurvedic herb, Moringa, and the finest quality Japanese Matcha that make this tea a superfood full of lots of vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants that reduces pain and inflammation, reduces bad cholesterol and regulates blood pressure.

Buyers Feedback


  • Impressive packaging and quality
  • Helps to maintain weight
  • Great for heart
  • Makes perfect icecream and other delicacies
  • Can be sipped both hot & cold


  • Sweetner has to be added

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5. Heapwell Superfoods Matcha Green tea Powder

Heapwell Superfoods Matcha tea review tangylife
The Heapwell superfoods matcha green tea is the premium grade matcha that is made from carefully chosen leaves from 1st ad 2nd harvest plants in Uji, Nara, and Kagoshima region. This matcha powder can be used to create variety of delicious recipes like smoothies, lattes, baked goodies, ice cream, etc. It can even be applied on the face that will enhance your natural glow and also fight against free radicals responsible for age spots & wrinkles.

Buyers Feedback


  • 100% Premium Stone Ground Matcha
  • Originated from Shizuoka Prefecture Japan
  • 100 % natural with no added artificial
  • Great body detoxifier
  • Superb flavor and aroma
  • Controls weight and fat
  • Airtight seal packaging


  • Bitterness can increase if you use more than the required quantity

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6. Jarved Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jarved Japanese Matcha Green Tea review tangylife
Jarved Matcha Tea brand offers perfect culinary grade matcha that can be used to create innumerable recipes like cookies, cakes, ice tea, lattes, herbal teas, etc. This tea is the best source of antioxidants & amino acids such as (EGCg) & (L-Theanine). It is 100% Cholesterol, Gluten & Sugar-Free.

Buyers Feedback


  • Nice eco-friendly packaging in a biodegradable zip lock bag
  • Refreshing flavor
  • Delicious aroma and flavor
  • Affordably priced
  • Makes tasty smoothies


  • No downside noted yet

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7. Natural Blueprint Matcha Green Tea Powder-Organic

Natural Blueprint Matcha Green Tea Powder review tangylife
This brand of ceremonial grade Matcha tea is pure, organic, and grown from 100% pure leaf green tea leaves that contains no additives, fillers, dyes, sweeteners, or any other unnecessary ingredients. It absorbs the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients produced during the growing process. The brand come switch two certifications for its organic authenticity from USDA and JONA. Its a non-gmo, vegan product cultivated from Uji, Kyoto Japan, a region known for producing some of the purest qualities of Matcha green tea.

Buyers Feedback


  • 100% organic and naturally grown product
  • High-quality ceremonial grade
  • Sweet and nice taste
  • Long-lasting energy effect
  • The earthy and grassy flavor is smooth and not overbearing


  • No downside noted yet

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Matcha Green Tea Detox Recipe

Make these Matcha powder into your favorite smoothie, latte, or ice tea and get that energy triggered just before you start your workout no matter it’s in a gym or at home. Watch the below video that offers a few amazing Matcha tea recipes from the utmost superb culinary grade of Matcha tea.


Best Matcha Tea Brands 2022 – Conclusion

All these above-mentioned Matcha tea brands are some of the naturally grown, organic, and have lots of health benefits. These brand shave been tested and personally used before putting into the review and we could not find any other best way to prove to their quality.



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