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Tomatoes, I would call them the queen of food and so much adds up to give that perfect color and yummy taste to whatever recipe it’s added to. Moreover, apart from adding tomatoes to the culinary list of a super-food, it also has a number of health benefits calling it a nutrition-filled super-food too. Tomatoes help to improve our skin, weight, and even heart treats cancer full of antioxidants and the list just never ends but there is a glitch. Do you know that eating uncooked, raw unwashed tomatoes can also be harmful to our body? The tomatoes are considered to be a fruit that the nutritionist uses as a vegetable that belongs to the nightshade family. Nightshade family plants are those that prefer to grow in the shady areas or a few plants flower only at night. These fruits and vegetables have the highest levels of pesticide residue. Thus to avoid these impurities going inside our body it’s best to wash tomatoes thoroughly before consumption. even better is to use tomato purees for gravies, curry, Italian preparations which are made by removing these residues, impurities, and harmful chemicals.

Another important reason for using a tomato Puree is when the tomato prices spike up, these purees become so much convenient to use both by cutting down on selecting the right tomatoes and even convenient on our pockets. In this blog, I have tried, tested, and reviewed one of the most popular and trusted Canned food and veggies brand called the Golden Crown Tomato Puree which is made from the pulp of freshly, hand-picked, ripe, and juicy tomatoes and made by removing the skin and seeds to give the best quality and flavorful puree to any of your food preparation like pasta, restaurant-style gravies, curries, pizza sauces, Non-veg recipes, etc. To understand more about this brand of Tomato Puree we have tried to research more about this brand and able to write a Golden Crown Tomato Puree review in detail below:


About Golden Crown Products as a Company

Golden Crown is a flagship brand of Holyland Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as the foremost manufacturer, exporter, and trader of all types of canned fruits and vegetables packaged from the finest grown quality food. They are producers of all varieties of jarred food, seasoning, and many more culinary products in India. The company was established in the year 1995, in New Delhi, India. They have multiple offices spread across the Indian subcontinent, in the cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, and more. They also cater to the International markets due to their high-quality products and standards.

The company was founded in 1995 with a vision of providing quality products to Indian consumers. Today, Holyland markets over 200 products and 300+ SKUs which are available not just across the country but the international market as well through their 700+ strong dealers and distributors.


Golden Crown Products Review

Golden Crown Tomato Puree Review
All products of Golden crown go through an extensive quality check from picking the right fruit and vegetables until the packaging. They follow the following steps to ensure the best quality standards.

1. All vegetables and fruit picked at peak of Ripeness

This process locks the freshness and taste of that fruit or veggies and gives the finest quality of products.

2. Processing is done at Source

The companies processing units are situated near the growing areas of these food items where the freshly ripened fruits and veggies are immediately processed, packed in sterilized cans that keep nutrients in, and chucks out the impurities.

3. Fully functional in-house laboratories

They have their own well-equipped incubation rooms and laboratories to do all chemical & microbiological testing which ensures that the food is safe to consume that meets the companies\\standards quality.

4. Strict quality control procedures

They follow are very strict quality control procedures to ensure hygienically processing of each product’s right food selection to packing.


Golden Crown Tomato Puree Review

Golden Crown Tomato Puree
Golden Crown also manufactures and packages the best quality of Tomato Puree that not just gives an appealing color to your food but also makes it delectably delicious. Their Tomato Puree looks more like a thick tomato sauce which can be used for all Indian as well as Italian recipes, goes well for both Vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes too. The Puree they offer is made from freshest tomatoes directly picked and restored at the righteous ripening time that makes the texture and quality of the puree extremely flavorful.
You can buy these purees especially during summers when it’s difficult to buy some fresh tomatoes and the nonseasonal tomatoes taste very bad.

Pricing – Rs 299 for 825 gms /-
Packaging – Can, Tin & Tetra pack
Net weight – 825 gms & 450 gms
Shelf Life – 12 months
( Price at the time of review )


Golden Crown Tomato Puree Features

  • Combination of rich and organic Tomatoes
  • No added sugar
  • Made from freshest ripened tomatoes
  • Enhances taste of the recipes
  • Convenient to use
  • Gives velvety touch to curries and gravies
  • Perfect for making sauces for pasta and gravies

Buyers Feedback


  • Gives rich flavor to any recipe
  • After opening doesn’t give acidic taste
  • Great quality
  • Good packaging
  • Available in both Tetra and can pack


  • Comparatively expensive

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