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With the primary concern of people’s health and well-being, Paleo Hero-an online Australian health food store delivers 100 % natural and healthy products free from gluten, dairy, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. Enjoy your orders at amazing discounting prices with the coupon codes and discount codes available with us.

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Are you fed up of adulterated foods that have crept into our day to day lives and our lifestyle? Are you looking for pure and healthy foods without compromising the taste? Today we are going to introduce you to the solution. The Paleo Hero is an Australia based company which deals in various edible products entirely free of gluten, refined sugar, dairy, preservatives or artificial anything.

Over the past 5 years, this Australian made family-owned business has gone from its single flagship product, Primal Muesli, to a range of over 10 lines with lots more innovative product development to come. On their site, you can choose from wide range of products according to your suitability.

Paleo Hero provides a wide variety of edible products which are free from any kind of adulterations ensuring that you get the healthiest products for your money. A paleo diet is a diet consisting of pure raw materials free from any artificial ingredients. According to experts, paleo diet remains the healthiest and effective way to live a disease free long life.

Why this store?

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Paleo Hero has gained its reputation from providing its customers with 100% pure and healthy products. It has over 1000 customers all over Australia that are benefited from the products and are living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Paleo hero primal offers you a wide range of products which are suitable for people from every age group.
  • It offers products that are also suitable for those who have zero tolerance, busy people who need maximum nutrition but minimal fuss, also for those who are following a real food and clean eating lifestyle, athletes who desire to fuel their bodies better, and all those choosing a paleo lifestyle.
  • Not only this, products offered by paleo hero are made from high-quality ingredients procured from reputed suppliers.
  • According to a research gluten present in various food items is not only immaterial but is also harmful to your body when consumed over a long period of time. Major side effects of gluten include weight loss, hair fall, scratchy skin, irritation, anxiety and even depression. Ingredients used by the paleo hero in their products are free from gluten, refined sugar, and other preservatives. This makes their products suitable even for patients and old members of the family.
  • The products have high nutritional values without compromising the taste.
  • Paleo hero primal products also assist in boosting energy levels, keeping a check on weight gains and providing an overall healthy well-being.
  • Paleo Hero Primal Snack products use the 100% natural ingredients, supplying an excellent source of protein, antioxidants and EFA’s, that are free of gluten, dairy, grains, additives, and preservatives.
  • You also get to know the list of ingredients and nutritional values of each product on their site- Paleo Hero.
  • You can also browse through the variety of mouth-watering and delicious recipes offered on their site – Recipes.

About Paleo Hero founder

Mark Rockley himself is a fitness enthusiast and a health-conscious being and strictly condemns the use of adulterated foods. He is the follower of the paleo diet and encourages everyone to follow and healthy lifestyle and clean eating routine. He founded Paleo Hero to help people in getting a range of healthy products suitable for their everyday needs and a long healthy life.


Paleo Hero Products

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You can browse through a variety of products on their website which is carefully tailored according to your needs and for a healthy well-being. Products are broadly categorized into 6 groups namely–

1. Primal Cereals

This category offers you three types of delicious cereals which are healthy as well as high in taste. These healthy cereals are a great alternative to highly adulterated cereals available in the market. Our personal favorite is Paleo hero primal choc granola; it consists of premium quality nuts, berries, seeds and cacao, coconut, flavored with honey. You can also choose from Paleo Hero primal muesli and Paleo Hero primal muesli and choc granola mix box.

2. Primal Snacks

This is best suitable for the people who have a hectic and busy schedule. Paleo Hero primal offers a range of ready to eat healthy snacks which will provide with the energy and strength for the rest of the day. We recommend Paleo hero primal mix original, made of a delicious blend of beef jerky, raw nuts, and organic berries to give your taste buds a flavor-filled kick.

3. Primal pre-mixes

These premixes are simple to use and are highly rich in taste and nutritional values. You can go for the primal bread mix to make your breakfast healthy and delightful, or you can buy primal pizza base mix to surprise your kids with a yummy evening treat.

4. Mix Boxes

You can choose from combo packs such as breakfast combo pack, low carb / high fat pack and much more according to your needs.

5. Paleo Groceries

This category offers you with the grocery products such as sauce, vinegar, etc. which are 100% pure and assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, controlling bad cholesterol levels and boosting good cholesterol levels. Upgraded MCT oil helps in improving the body absorption and use of Vitamin E, calcium and magnesium and also to control harmful bacteria and fungi inside the body.

6. E-books

You can pick from various e-books tailored for different needs. Such as recipe books to impress your guests coming for dinner or fitness guides to get in shape for the wedding next month.

Paleo Hero Pricing

Prices are affordable and pocket-friendly. Also, you get 10% off when you opt for mix boxes.

  • You also get free shipping on orders amounting to $200 and above.
  • All prices listed on the website are exclusive of GST.
  • You also have the opportunity to review your order including all costs associated with any required taxes (GST) and shipping costs before proceeding to final payment.
  • You can pay through PayPal, one of the safest and most secure methods to transact on the Internet.
  • If you do not wish to purchase online using PayPal system, you can contact them at, and they will assist you to explore other alternatives.
  • There is a flat charge for all the orders regardless of the destination.
  • Costs incurred in shipping products to you vary greatly depending on the weight, quantity, and destination of the order.

Please refer to the Freight Cost Table below to calculate the cost of your shipment.
Standard Shipping: 0.10 kg – 5.00 kg >> $10.00 AUD
Bulk Shipping: 5.10 kg – 10.00 kg >> $20.00 AUD
Heavy Goods Shipping: 10.10 kg – 20.00 kg >> $30.00 AUD

Payments & Shipping details


Paleo Hero Contact Information

Get in touch with Paleo Hero via email –



We do not find any downside to this company and their products. The products offered by Paleo Hero primal go through rigorous procedures to ensure utmost quality and authenticity. Paleo Hero caters to the needs of the people from every walk of life and age groups.

We recommend you to follow their blog so that you never miss an update, informative articles, and free recipes.
Take a step towards a healthy life!

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