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Opera Foods Is a fantastic store. They offer an amazing collection of gourmet and fine food grocery. If you are someone who loves to explore in that field, this store should top your to-do list. And don’t forget to keep checking out Tangylife for updated discount coupon codes

Opera Foods Warriewood Review | Opera Foods Discount Coupon Code 2020

Oper Foods Warriewood Review places focus on health at affordable prices. Check out the link below to save on delivery charges on your next purchase. Do make sure you’re not using it with any other offer, else it will disappoint you 🙁 ! On the much brighter side though, it is valid whole year around. Rejoice! 😀

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The High And The low: About Opera Foods

Are you a food lover? Are you someone who leaves no stone unturned just to find the exact ingredients they are looking for? If your answer to either of the questions is yes, Google has landed you on the right kind of page then. Congratulations on that! Because we are just about to reveal the treasure of a chest we have found as Opera Foods, that answers all your aforementioned queries. opera Foods is a wholesale grocery store forte of which is Gourmet Grocery and Organic Foods. With Plem Foods, Mulberry Tree, Bush cookies, being the brands they store, it is highly unlikely that grocery shopping at this store will disappoint you.

Coming from a family of retail and wholesale fine food sellers since 1994, the store owners, Shane and Aniko Silk have an experience of over 20 years. Aniko is a trained Pastry Chef, which makes her a pro at curating nothing but the best for her store. Shane, with an experience as a Finance & Corporate, is more than able to manage the money part of the store. Although, originally a wholesale store, Opera Foods functions as a retailer too, which implies that you can buy stuff for your own needs too.


What Has It Got In Its bag For Ya: Why This Store?

For a lot of reasons. The select brands that they offer to name a few. Read on to know all the good bits and pieces of this gourmet grocery store:

  • The owner herself is a Pastry Chef. So, if you’re anyone remotely close to that, you’d know the troubles you’ve got to go through to find just the right kind of ingredients or items that have just the right kind of flavors.  The careful selection of products, thanks to a Pastry Chef ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for before you give up on your love of baked items and be disappointed.
  • All their breakfast options are highly rich in nutrition content, especially in fiberMuesli to Gluten-free breakfast blends. Can this get any better? You bet, yes! Granola bars, anyone?
  • Matcha tea is mushrooming all over the internet. With so many benefits, such as being antioxidants, detoxification and thus improving your metabolism, this trend is really a health and fitness fanatics’ manna dew from heaven! The brand stocks finest quality of Matcha Tea. I say, just indulge once.
  • Their product range is pretty wide. So, you can be sure to find something according to your budget and needs. For instance, if you want to shed some extra pounds for your best friend’s wedding you can opt for Matcha Tea.
  • Antioxidants, we all know are really the key behind that glowing skin. Check out Acai Berry products to keep acne and other skin related issues at bay.
  • Do you remember feeling hungry in between meals, and binging on all sorts of unhealthy snack as kids? Kids and snacks go a long way. You can treat your children with some lip-smacking snacks which are nutritious too – try Ginger & Date Cookie or pesticide free Almonds!


The Nooks And Corners: The  Store

The store keeps an array of gourmet and fine grocery. Their delicious selections can be divided into two major categories:

  • Gourmet Nutritious Treats
  • Delicious Sweet Treats
  • Organic Nuts And Berries


Gourmet Nutritious Treats

Their gorgeous selection of gourmet breakfast option is full of fibrous Muesli. The wide spectrum of variety just doesn’t end here. If you are not a huge fan of Muesli, you can check out their hand-picked choices of plain porridge. Additionally, if you have kids who are fussy eaters, you can treat them with granola bars. Granola bars are really godsent aid for kids. Did you know Granola Bars otherwise rich in fiber and protein content can also contain high levels of sugar and vegetable oils? Have no fear, Opera Foods is here to solve just these matters. The store houses granola by Plum Foods and Mulberry Tree, both of which are famous for their natural ingredients. They also have Gluten Free and Paleo Diet options, just in case if you were into either one of those.

I am, in-arguably, a tea person. I can’t feel alive if I don’t drink tea in the morning. Although tea has its own gorgeous qualities that make it, hands down, the best morning beverage, I won’t be exaggerating if I said Matcha Tea is also a very good option. Especially for people who want to opt for a detoxification and intend to improve their metabolism. In case you were wondering what you can drink with your breakfast cereal Matcha Tea is just the solution. Wondering what to serve as another healthy alternative to Matcha tea? You can try Kombucha Tea. Kombucha tea is a type of lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea, that’s pretty rich in antioxidants. It also helps you lose weight. Alternatively, you can shuffle between Matcha and Kombucha to keep things different and fresh.

Check Out Their Nutritious Treats Here


Delicious Sweet Treats

I have a sweet tooth, and I have no shame in admitting that I am a weak soul,when it comes to gooey deliciousness of baked items. Weakness is human. Actually accepting it, is human. Weakness is something inevitable. Sweet tooth is, without any shadow of doubt, a weakness to a lot of us. That being said, no matter how much you want to steer clear away from that delicious smelling cookie jar, alas, at last, we always just give in to the temptation! (Damn you sugar!) On that note, if we are indulging, why not go for something that is an ultimate blast of flavors in your mouth? Brace yourselves because we are about to enter the beautiful world of cookies, biscuits, shortbreads, and lollies. *Drool* I mean just look at those? They are far too delicious looking to resist! Who could blame you?

They store confectioneries from some of the best known Australian brands such as Bush Cookies and Bay Cookies.

They store candies of, well for the lack of better word, the entire world of  Lolliland! From Australian cult classics of Anzac Biscuits to your childhood’s favorite Lollie Frogs, they’ve got it all. The Only thing that could make their selection any better would be a lifetime free subscription to them all! (We can dream at least!) I want to tell you how they taste. But how do I articulate something so otherworldly into merely few words? How do I define heaven made of candy to you in just a few sentences? How do I bring the intricacies of it to my words, without sounding haywire? ‘Nough said and done people, don’t waste your lives thinking about them. Just pig out!

Indulge Into The Confectionery Land Here


Organic Nuts And Berries

I get it. Every once in a while we give in to the temptations, but health is still of prime importance. Which is why, you should store healthier snacks in your pantry as well. Just in case you were wondering why and what you need to stuff yourself with, here’s more reason than one to gratify that craving with nuts and berries. Nuts are rich in antioxidants, Vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids – Almonds. Yes, there are a lot of nuts to choose from, but Almonds, Pistachio, and Cashew are the best among the lot for snacking on. Reason? They are all lower in their calorie content in comparison with their other nuts relative. Go nuts! (Pun intended! :D) And don’t forget to try Acai Berry powder. Harvested in pristine tropics of the Amazonian valley, Acai Berry is a superfood. It is not only rich in purple color, (talk about using it instead of artificial food color) it is full of anthocyanins, an antioxidant, that is known to regulate blood pressure and improving Cardiovascular health. Opera foods stores only pesticides free nuts. So, you can be sure it is pure goodness that you’re eating.

Go Nuts On Organic Nuts And Berries


Opera Foods Shipping & Delivery

Opera Foods offers courier deliveries free of cost to all major metro cities in Australia. For remote areas you can opt for postal delivery, however, the order must not exceed a maximum weight of 22kgs. If you are a wholesale buyer, your order should be for or above $200 to qualify for free shipping. The website will inform about the shipping charges at the time of checking out in case your order is below the aforementioned amount.


Opera Foods Contact Details

Opera Foods Pty Ltd
ABN 89605021538
Warehouse 3,
339 Hillsborough Rd,
Warners Bay NSW 2282

Ph: 02 4954 4077
Fax: 02 4954 3133
AH: 04 1726 3933
Email: admin@operafoods.com.au


Opera Foods Advantages & Disadvantages


  • You can track your order on their website.
  • Free Shipping to all major metro cities all over Australia, however for wholesale customers the order has to be over $200 for free shipping.
  • If the products don’t sell on time, Opera Foods will take it back. Although this is applicable only once and to proclaim it the value of the goods should be minimum $100.
  • Easy-to-use website.


  • None!!!


Opera Foods Review 2020 – Conclusion

Opera Foods, is a fantastic solution to Gourmet and Fine Foods grocery search. If you’re someone who prefers a healthy lifestyle but does not mind indulging in to some sweet treats every once in a while, you should definitely give it a shot. The store does house some specialties such as Acai Berry and Kombucha Tea to go with healthy breakfasts cereal that is also available in Gluten-Free and Paleo Diet versions. With so many pros that outweight any minutes cons, Tangylife feels this is a go-getter.



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