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With a splendid solution of e-commerce and food, brought to your doorsteps, Harris Farm Markets has maintained their tradition. With commendable recipes and absolute conviviality, Harris Farm Markets is a store where you can achieve your pocket friendly food fetishes with some amazing Harris Farm Coupon Code and Discount codes always available with us.

Introduction to Harris Farm Markets

We live in a world, where we not only talk about the artificial intelligence but, also live in a bogus sphere. With all the developments that have been going on around us, we’ve unknowingly hampered the nature.Amidst this hazardous chaos, Harris farm Markets has blessed the society with a basket of nature. Founded in 1971, Harris farm Markets is an online grocery store that provides A-Z remedy. Starting from fresh fruits and vegetables, they cater all types’ grocery items also. Harris brothers have owned up this company for more than 40 years now, and the legacy still continues. They don’t treat this venture as a business. It’s their way of contributing a healthy life to the society.

Harris Farm is a hearty growing store with more than 1500 contented employees and 23 branches all over Sydney and New SouthWales. They believe in providing food items that are good for the tummy and healthy for your heart.

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Features of Harris Farm Markets

Harris farm Market has blended the joy of shopping, with comfort and excellence. They’ve made a one-stop store for all our kitchens’ basket. From basic goods like vegetables, fruits, meat, household items etc. to special services like providing BOGO(but one, get one) offers, in-season fruit and vegetable baskets, organic food items, this store has everything to retain your love for food.

The online portal of the store has each and every item, sorted under an accurate subhead. They keep in mind the requirements of their customers and arrange the items, accordingly. Unlike usual grocery stores, Harris farm maintains a regular blog to keep their users updated. They focus on providing the Aussies with the joy of food.
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To drive an online venture towards success, you need to have a proper strategy and most important, a perfect way to execution. The Harris farm market runs regular promotional activities and campaign to make sure that their audience / buyers are holding on to their site.
When you visit their page, it feels like you have entered a virtual nature’s market. This not just something that I’m saying, this something that I’ve experienced. The online portal of Harris farm market will take you on a smooth journey through nature. They have items categorized in an ideal manner. With a sprinkle of love and affection, they have portrayed how to grab maximum traffic by benefiting the community.
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One of the unique features about this store is that not only gives you fresh food items but also caters your mind with some amazing cooking ideas. Harris farm provides amazing food recipes for your day to day meals. This activity attracts the people living with their families, as well as the bachelors who don’t know how to cook.

Their special services can be narrowed down to –

  • Mouthwatering range of seasonal fruits
  • Variety of Handpicked recipes for both meat lovers and vegans
  • Informative blogs that could tickle your foodie bone
  • They serve value, with values



Harris Farm has established their strong hold on the market. This not only because they’ve sustained for so long and have expanded their reach, this is because they have gracefully acknowledged the needs and requirements of each and every customer.

Apart from providing cooking solutions, they have another unique system of keeping their viewers updated by posting news about their store and also, about the environment. They’ve been raving about how solid our administration is, conveying premium quality creates with unrivaled meat, cheddar and other basic supply lines all with the same-day conveyance. Their one-day delivery service is one of the most appreciated amenities that they have provided.
For this commendable support, they’ve been awarded as one of the ‘Best online grocers’, by the users.
Harris farm Markets have been proven to achieve the milestone in providing efficient services to their customers.

One of the key function of any business is to know what exactly your consumer is looking for.
Harris farm Market tends to improve their services by taking constant feedback from the customers. Feedback could be manual, online or through different review channels. And trust me; it’s very difficult to find a negative one. The store also offers free delivery up to three orders, for new users.

‘Was this place a dream or was it real? These were the exact words by Christine M. from the United States who really enjoyed her visit to the store.

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Pricing, Plan & Refunds

When we think about a farmer’s store, the first thing that comes to our mind is a crowded place with over cluttered goods and a dilemma of how we would find out the stuff on our list.

Along with other crowning utilities, Harris farm has blessed the community with pocket-friendly payment solutions.
They have a wide range of cash payment facilities.
1. You can either do it online by using your Credit cards or Debit Cards.,
2. You can rely on net banking facilities.
3. And, one of the best ways is to pay through Zip-pay.

Through Zip-pay, the store provides their customer to the first shop and then pay afterward. If you’re a member of Harris farms market, you simply have to shop and checkout through zip pay. Now, zip pay will pay on your behalf and make an invoice through which you can pay back the money to Zip-pay, later on. People have been highly appreciating this feature by Harris farm market.
They give each and every new member 5% of instant discount, every week, which helps them in gathering more and more audience.

When it comes to refund and return policies, Harris brothers have taken care of the sentiments of their customers. The stores ensure the return and refund of the money and the goods of the promised facility are not met properly. They constantly encourage their consumers to give feedback about anything that they don’t like so that they can meet the demands. They have a policy that if any customers register any kind of discomfort caused by the product within 14 days of purchase than, the full payment of the shopping would be refunded to the respective card or online wallet.
The store focuses on the 100% customer satisfaction and takes full responsibility for any content that has been uploaded on their website. From blogs to the recipes and the pictures, each and every detail should be authentic, and that’s how they roll in here.


Contact & Customer Support

Having your favorite store in the town is seriously bliss. People have been bragging about how often they visit Harris Farms Market, whenever they are home. They’ve always addressed the Harris farm market as their home. It considered giving one of the most homely ambiance while shopping.

The official site of Harris farm showcases the contact information of all of their outlets. The contact details like phone number, address, email-id and landmarks, all are available on their website.
There is a separate contact details for customers and the wholesale customers.
They have store all over Sydney, from Erina Bathurst, Bondi Beach to Mona Vale, Manly, St. Ives and many more.
They have also made sure to keep up their social media game by targeting major forums like:

Harris Farm is actually quite Social

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+

Harris Farms make sure to constantly hire diligent employees to maintain the code of their rising business. Its gives an opportunity to other people to get associated with Harris farm Markets.


Harris Farm Markets Review Summary

Harris Farm Market is a perfect amalgamation of surfing and shopping. It is truly a convenient store where you could not only shop, but also enjoy the essence of nature. The brother duo has always strived to hunt to for the best quality of food that is healthy and marvelous for the customers. They have made sure to understand what the customer is looking for. We might think that hospitality can only be shown in person, but at Harris Farm you can experience the same love and geniality online also.

By bestowing efficient services, Harris farm market has made a strong grip on their customers. From the numerous feedbacks on different websites, it can be calculated that people have been adoring this stores for ages, and have been visiting and revisiting it, whenever they’re in town.

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