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With an ultimate aim to offer right choice of healthy foods, 180 Nutrition brings you towards a huge range of organic foods, and natural protein superfoods at affordable prices. Enjoy the nutritious superfoods of this Australian store with its amazing voucher codes and coupon codes available with us.

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Are you tired of searching an endless number of sites and spending an endless number of hours online just to find the right choice of healthy foods? Your search ends here! We bring you the ultimate solution to your problem, 180 nutrition is a place where you can shop for all your needs and that too at affordable prices. 180 nutrition gives you a vast range of superfoods, organic and natural protein superfoods.

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180 Nutrition Introduction

180 Nutrition is an Australia based online business which offers an array of protein superfoods along with various collections such as cleanse collection, vitality collection etc. The company got its name from its product composition which consists of one serve protein, eight natural ingredients, and no preservatives.

The idea of the business was brought into being by guy Lawrence, and Australian fitness expert. Guy Lawrence used to work with the cancer patients when he did an extensive research on protein supplements available in the market and surmised that most of these supplements have dangerous effects on health and may prove lethal. Even chemicals and other artificial ingredients used in the supplements are perilous for health and body.

Lawrence then decided to develop his own protein formula and healthier supplements using natural ingredients with the help of a nutritionist and health experts. The effort made by Lawrence was a grand success and by 2013, Lawrence managed to get more than 6000 customers and by the end of 2013, 180 Nutrition went international with the help of the network of fitness centers, chemists and benefitted customers.

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180 Nutrition Team

guy lawrence stuart cooke - tangylife

Guy Lawrence (Director)
He is a highly qualified fitness trainer and used to work in a fitness center at the University of Technology of Sydney. He founded 180 nutrition in 2010 with an aim to provide healthy and natural protein supplements.

Stuart Cooke (Director)
Also known as the better half of 180 nutrition. He teamed up with Guy Lawrence in 2010 in the hope of improving overall health and well-being of the people.

Angela Greely (Nutritionist)
Her journey in nutrition began while trying to find effective treatments for her own allergies and IBS symptoms. She studied nutritional medicine at Nature care college in Sydney. She is very ardent for educating people and spreading awareness on the importance of eating well to prevent illness and live a healthy long life.

Clay Youngkin (International Operations)
He studied business and finance at the University of Texas and has worked in a number of small and large businesses in several industries. Then he joined the 180 Nutrition team in 2014 and has been an asset to the company since then. He directed the expansion of 180 nutrition into new international markets.

Christine Therese Ponse (Customer Support)
An altruistic and munificent being with a passion to work for the better and healthy lifestyle of the people. Her drive to continuously deliver the best service is distinguished in the way she deals with her clients and colleagues.

More about 180 Nutrition Team


Why 180 Nutrition?

The products themselves speak for the success of the company. Their products are not only pure and natural but are also trusted and tested. The products are passed through rigorous tests and criteria before reaching to the customers, so as to make sure the customers get the best for their health. This store is one of its kind online portal which offers a wide range of healthy products according to your fitness goals. Their products consist of high-quality natural ingredients which are procured naturally or by trusted suppliers. Also, protein supplements manufactured by the company contains maximum nutritional value and contains, no bulking agents, preservatives, and chemicals. You have options to choose from grass-fed and vegan protein blends.

180 Nutrition Pros

  • Products are affordable and are available in different flavors and sizes. You can buy them from the site according to your budget and palate.
  • Their protein supplements are rich in fibre which is beneficial for the digestive system and helps in eliminating toxicity and increases the metabolism.
  • 180 Nutrition offers products suitable for every age group such as yummy protein bars for children, protein smoothies organic superfoods etc.
  • You can also purchase products and collection according to our goals. For eg, if you want to shed some extra weight for your friend’ s wedding next month you may purchase from the weight loss collection.
  • Or if you want to cleanse your body after a week of partying and boozing you may select products from the cleansing collection.
  • They also offer guides and ebooks for different purposes such as weight loss, dieting and much more.
  • The products can also be used safely by diabetic patients as 180 natural protein has the low glycemic index which gives a sustained release of energy without increasing blood sugar levels.
  • You can order free superfood samples for a limited period of time.
  • You can track your orders easily from the site.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the product because of any reason, you can claim for a full refund within 30 days of the original purchasing date.
  • Plus you get free delivery on the order amounting to 100$ or more.
  • You can refer here for the authentic customer feedbacks and reviews

180 Nutrition Cons

  • We didn’t find any downside to this company and their services.


180 Nutrition Products

180 nutrition products list - tangylife blog

180 nutrition offers a wide range of protein supplements, chocolates, e-guides and much more. Their protein supplements are classified under two different segments that is grass-fed and vegan. You can choose from a variety of products available under both segments. If you are looking for a meal replacement due to your busy and hectic schedule you can have a look at the superfoods available on their site. Do your kids hate the morning breakfast and always try to find ways to skip them ?, here’s the solution, you can order delicious and nutritious smoothies to go with the breakfast and your kids will never ever skip the tasty morning breakfasts.

With the help of easy to follow e-guides and books, you can follow a diet plan or a weight loss program according to your convenience and within the comforts of your home.

Healthy food has the power to truly nourish and heal, 180 Nutrition offers a variety of healthy recipes which will help you eradicate poor food choices. You can choose a recipe for mouth watering chocolate breakfast mousse or a recipe for raw chocolate brownie which will surely attract your family members to the dining table. 180 nutrition has a wide list of recipes to choose from suiting to the occasion, needs and taste.

We personally recommend a couple of them for you-

180 nutrition protein grass fed chocolate - tangylife

180 Natural Protein Superfood (Chocolate)

– Quickly Replace Poor Food Choices
– Curbs Hunger For Hours
– Great for Exercise, Weight Loss & Vitality
– Weight: 600 grams
– Price: $40.95
Buy 180 Natural Protein Superfood Chocolate


180 nutrition protein vegan coconut - tangylife

180 Natural Protein Superfood (Vegan Coconut)

– 100% Natural Grass-Fed Whey or Vegan Options
– Assists with Weight Loss, Recovery & Repair
– Helps Replace Processed Foods
– Great source of Fibre
– Weight: 600 grams
– Price: $40.95
Buy 180 Natural Protein Superfood Coconut Vegan


180 Nutrition Contact details

If you have any query related to your order and the products. You can contact:

(02) 8091 8045

180 Nutrition Pvt Ltd
PO Box 524
Lennox Head
NSW 2478


180 Nutrition offers a wide range of all natural superfoods, chocolates, protein powders and recipes for smoothies. 180 Nutrition caters to the needs of people from every age group including a wide variety of health and wellness groups such as fitness, clean eating, gluten free, weight loss etc and that too at affordable prices. They also have an in-house nutrition expert to ensure that you get the best and healthy. The products are also suitable and efficacious for diabetic patients and cancer patients as they are rich in fiber and low on glycemic index. Protein supplements offered by 180 Nutrition are free from any kind of chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

We definitely recommend you to explore and enjoy the services and products offered by 180 nutrition and do not forget to subscribe to the 180 Nutrition newsletter so that you never miss any updates, promotions, and offers.

You can also follow 180 Nutrition blog and get recipe for some healthy Christmas treats.

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