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Fennel is one of the most commonly used spices in Indian cuisine. This highly aromatic spice adds a great flavor to most of the dishes. In India, it is popularly known as saunf. This herb is commonly used as a mouth freshener after a meal. Fennel contains a lot of health benefiting nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and aids in digestion, curing abdominal diseases, weight loss, helpful for gum diseases, good for a toothache, and helps in anti-aging. Although this blog will talk about benefits of fennel seed tea with an easy recipe of the same I’m also mentioning on my blog some of the refreshing and healthy drinks made from fennel seeds that can be beneficial and fights the scorching heat of summers. Try these healthy drinks made with fennel seed and get refreshed.


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1. Fennel Seed Tea

Fennel tea is a very healthy drink and aids you against various digestive problems like heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, and loss of appetite. It is a natural detoxifier that helps in releasing body toxins by detoxifying the body. It also prevents from water retention in the body. Even a cup of warm fennel tea gives gentle and natural relief against colic in children. Regular use of fennel tea will also help you in losing your weight and relieves you from the summer heat. Watch the video and enjoy this tasty and healthy delight.

How to Make Fennel Seed Tea

To make Fennel seed tea, you have to follow a real simple process; Its made with just a teaspoon of dried fennel seeds for each cup of tea. Fennel seeds are not boiled like any other tea leaves as this kills the majority of the nutrients so just try to fill each cup with hot water, You can cover the steeping tea for about ten minutes, letting it rest till a light yellow color appears. If you drink this tea three times each day particularly after each meal, it will help a lot to treat all your digestive issues.

Tip :You can enjoy your fennel seed tea as your green tea also by adding your favorite green tea leaves.
Tip :Try out making a this fennel tea with a dash of milk and sugar too.
Tip : In case you wish to increase the effectiveness of fennel tea then always opt for crushed fennel seeds.

Here is a video with the preparation and direction to make this healthy fennel seed tea.

I would also like to mention various other drinks that can be made with this awesome healthy fennel seed that is also a medicinal herb due to its antispasmodic and anti-cramping properties


2. Fennel Seed Water

It is a very simple recipe and helps a lot in weight loss so if you’re conscious about your health and weight, start taking this drink regularly. It is a very simpler and effective way that helps you to stay fit and healthy. Not only refreshes your breath but it’s every sip helps you in getting slim and trim along with numerous health benefits including metabolism acceleration, blood purification, toxins clean-up, etc.
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3. Sauf Sorbet

Saunf Sorbet is one of the best summer coolers that helps you to stay hydrated during the hot summers. It is a very simple recipe, and you just need few ingredients including fennel seeds, sugar, lemon juice and raisins to make it out. This drink will surely give you a great cooling effect on your body and protects you against the heatstroke of the summer.


4. Fennel & Raisin Drink

This recipe extracts the flavor of two ingredients, fennel, and black raisins and as you will move your nose towards the glass, a strong whiff of the fennel will hold you there, soon inviting you to take another sip. Fennel & Raisin Drink is a refreshing and balanced drink and soothes you against the soaring high temperatures of the summers too. Having this drink regularly will also get you rid of after those irritating pimples giving you a glowing skin.


5. Fennel Apple Ginger Juice

Fennel Apple Ginger Juice is a fantastic detoxifying juice with an enjoyable flavor. This drink offers not only the sweetness of apples but also the mind soothing flavor of the fennel seeds gives you a light and refreshing crisp. i Agree it sounds weird, but it tastes delicious. This juice is made with just three ingredients and like apples, a bulb of fennel, and about 1 inch of ginger. This combination is never going to put you down, and it’s super healthy. Watch the recipe here.


6. Fennel Smoothie

It is one of the great recipes packed with healthy nutrients. The creamy delight gives you a great flavor. Both these ingredients cucumber, apples, banana, and fennel, are the super foods and are high in phytonutrients. Cucumber and Fennel seeds are health booster, so try this recipe and get an energetic health drink with lots of benefits.Try giving it to your baby as well as it will helps to reduce colic too.

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