10 Healthy & Romantic Valentine’s Day Recipes for two

Is it your first Valentine after your honeymoon and you want to impress your partner with your cooking skills and also surprise them with their favorite chocolate cake or breakfast in bed on this special love occasion? If you’ve run out of time to buy that perfect gift, why not create a delicious meal for your loved one on a perfect day like Valentine’s Day. Let your sweetheart wake up with the aroma of luscious treats and give them a loving surprise. Get some romantic dinner or a surprise breakfast in bed recipes here with the videos. Show your love with special Valentine’s Day Recipes and intimate romantic dinner for your two.

1. Healthy Chocolate Strawberries

Get this super easy recipe to impress your partner with a combination of healthy dark chocolate which is good for his heart and fresh sweet strawberries which have dozen nutritional benefits. The combination of chocolate with strawberries goes best on this special love occasion.


2. Valentine’s Day recipe for Chocolate dipped donuts

Dry out this easy to make chocolate glazed donuts to treat your valentine and make him feel special. For a more special makeover, you can use heart shaped donuts cutter and fill in the donuts with a strawberry crush or jam to give that sinful bite on lover’s day.


3. Valentine’s Day recipe for special Strawberry Tiramisu

This is the simplest yet romantic dessert to make for your partner. Made with rum, strawberries and cookies this Italian dessert is the perfect choice for celebrating this Valentine’s day. This light red and white dessert is always on traditional Italian wedding menu, and thus, I call it the “hubby dessert”.


4. ‘I love you’ pancakes

If your sweetheart is a vegetarian, pamper him/ her with these charming messages in the pancake recipe. Use two color batter to engrave that personalized message in your pancake and every bite he will take will give him the message to his heart.

Special tip: Sprinkle some honey and raisins to make it even sweeter.


5. Heart filled egg toast & Heart filled boiled egg

If your husband just loves his breakfast with egg and toast and you’re totally bored with his same choice of menu, why not give him a break with just a simple twist by turning his boring toast and egg into a lovely Valentine special breakfast. It will be the same taste as he like it but with love and he will remember it the entire day. (we have 2 videos for you)

Healthy tip: Use heart-healthy olive oil and whole grain bread to make it a bit healthier.



6. The Love salad

This assorted salad is so easy and tasty you’ll want to eat it every day but make it more special on Valentine day by using each ingredient cut into a heart shape. Full of erotic goodies, this salad, is perfect for Valentine’s Day or a romantic evening at home. For more aphrodisiacs, add cherries, strawberries or avocado.


7. Healthy heart filled cut fruits with strawberry fruit dip

Arrange a healthy fruit platter cut into the heart and let your honey pick up each heart filled fruit. What can be a better way to show that his health is so much important for your life. You can also decorate these fruit on sticks and serve them with strawberry fruit dip thus creating a more fun way to boost some vitamins for the love of your life. (we have 2 videos for you)



8. Ginger Beetroot Soup

This Ginger Beetroot soup can be a perfect appetizer for valentine’s dinner menu. This soup is a low calorie and best choice for this celebrating love, as it is silky, creamy and has that bright red Valentine colour. This soup is a traditional Russian recipe called borscht and always a hit the menu chart on Valentine’s day.

Tip: Just garnish the soup with heart-shaped beetroot and carrots and it will look lovely. Serve it with heart shaped bread crumbs


9. Heart-shaped Pizza

Prepare your homemade pizza topping with less cheese and make a healthy heart shape pizza for your lady love. A lovable tip: Use red bell peppers to create heart shape on pizza and olives or yellow bell pepper to create love striking arrow n bake it in an oven placed in the same way.


10. Lovers drink

The special occasion will be boring without a drink. I choose this beautiful red cocktail to complete my list of Valentine healthy recipe list called lovers drink. This drink is perfect to start yours before dinner drink which is made with fresh raspberry mixed with a vodka and served in a martini glass.

I know… I know.. there are a lot more recipes that could have been added to this list, but I just wanted to keep it short and easy for everyone so I chose only 10 valentine’s day recipes for all the people in love and wanna show some of it through food. Always open for more suggestions and recommendations on my blog posts or anything related to food and recipes. Thank you.

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