Best Inverters for Home 2020 | Best Inverters in India Review & Buying Guide

With the onset of summers in India, power supply or power cut is a regular thing faced by every family living in metros or even on the outskirts of a city. The only difference is if you are in a capital city, you have to face a blackout of 2 to 4 hrs, but in smaller towns, it is an everyday routine of 7 to 12 hours of frequent power cuts.
So to give a solution to this inconvenience of a power outage or interruption, we have researched some of the best inverters for a home that could let you relax even in the most severe summer heat faced by every Indian.

To buy an inverter could be a little confusing as not everyone is aware of all the technicalities or features these inverters possess and which inverter will work best for them. To make the purchase easy for you, please read our buying guide for the Best Inverter for Home 2020 in India.

Our pick for Best Inverters in India for home

We have selected six best inverters in India with a battery that is perfect to be used at home, taking into consideration their quality, size, product warranty.

1. Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter with Tubular Battery and trolley

luminous inverter tangylife
This Luminous Zelio inverter combo pack with battery and trolley can be called an intelligent combo that fulfills all needs of an inverter. The inverter works on Sine Wave technology, which provides a pure flow of AC and hence excellent power backup time. The sine wave output is reliable and protects the appliances. It’s available in 12V, and 24 V covers 756 watts with 110 series and 120watts with their 1700 series.

Key Features

– Comes with 150 Ah Tubular Battery
– Includes an inverter trolley of good quality
– Awesome branded quality
– The load capacity of at least 3Fans, 2 Tube Light, 6Led Bulbs, TV, Audio System, Mixer-grinder
– Safety features against overload, short circuits, main input protection through MCB
– 2 years warranty
– Lightweight & less noise

Buyers Feedback


  • Zero spillovers
  • Great value combo package
  • The battery provides a great backup
  • Withstand the unexpected power-cuts
  • Roughly 6-7 Hours backup
  • Excellent after sale service from luminous


  • A little expensive

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2. Luminous Cruze 2KVA Inverter with RC battery

Luminous Cruze Inverter with Battery review tangylife
Luminous Cruze Inverter gives high-quality and reliable power backup for home as well as a commercial office. The battery that comes with this inverter requires low maintenance, tabular plates, and suitable for long power cuts. The inverter works on sine wave technology and can take care of High over-load appliances.

Key Features

– low maintenance robust tubular plated batteries
– Ideal for longer power cut areas
– 100-285V x 220V ac
– High over-load handling capacity
– Maintenance-friendly
– Eco-friendly
– Load capacity – 5 CFL (14 watts), 5 tube light (40 watts), 5 ceiling fan (90 watt) 5, 2 television(led 40 inch), refrigerator (single door 190 litre),desktop (250 watts), water router.
– Two years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Ample 8 hours of power backup
  • Automatic inverter
  • LCD showing battery charging, battery level, etc
  • High overload handling capacity
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Includes two batteries – 150 Ah


  • Installation not provided by the company

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3. Microtek UPS SEBz 1200Va Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Microtek UPS Sine Wave Inverter review tangylife
Microtek is a popular brand. It is a sine wave inverter with 15 milliseconds UPS transfer time and can take a maximum load of 800 W, which is sufficient enough to power the home. It comes with ‘Digital signal controller based intelligent control design,’ which switches the mains to UPS during the power cut.

Key Features

– Runs on the pure sine wave technology
– The load capacity of 950 watts.
– In-built electronic protection circuit against overcharging or deep discharge of batteries
– Smart Over Load/Short Circuit Protection
– 2 years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Works great for most of the electronic home appliances
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Highly protected from any damage
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money


  • It can take the load to max 800 watts

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4. V-Guard Prime 1150 UPS Inverter with dual-mode

V-Guard Prime Digital Inverter review tangylife
V-Guard Prime 1150 is a heavy-duty inverter for home. It offers world-class performance and inbuilt with multiple features high-performance selection switch, battery gravity builder, water topping reminder to avoid any damage to the batteries. Its audio and visual indicators make it more easy to use.

Key Features

– Pure Sinewave Output
– Battery Type & capacity – 80 to 230 ah (Tubular, Flat Plate, SMF)
– Protection against the surge, high and low mains, overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge, battery overcharge and over temperature
– Dual Mode Operation for both computers and home appliances
– Load Capacity – 1000VA/800Watts
– Two years warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Very easy to use
  • Its has mute buzzer option using the app
  • UPS mode for computers is awesome
  • Graphical LED display icons for reminder & alerts
  • Works flawlessly


  • The company does not provide installation

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5. Exide Technologies 1050Va Sine Wave Inverter with Tubular Battery Combo

Exide Sine Wave with battery review tangylife
Exide is popular for manufacturing high-quality storage battery and this Exide inverter and tabular battery combo is a perfect choice for your home appliances. It gives seamless quality power backup and has an LCD display for easy usage.
It has an Auto Sense intelligent control technology to ensure a long battery life. The safety features include a water level reminder and electrolyte level sense indicator.

Key Features

– Pure Sine Wave Inverter
– Battery – Tabular 150 ah
– Load capacity- 1050VA
– High-quality protection
– 2-year warranty
– LCD & LED – Dual Display

Buyers Feedback


  • Auto smart protection
  • Dual Output Sockets
  • Great user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Power saving
  • feature-loaded smart product


  • After-sale service is not that great

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6. Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Inverter

Su-Kam Falcon Sine Wave review tangylife
Su-Kam’ is one of the inverter companies in India since 1998. They manufacture more than 200 products while filed 100+ patents. The Sukam Falcon Eco Inverter is a sine wave inverter that is stylish, eco-friendly, and smart inverter choice for your home. It’s eco-friendly as it works on the off-grid solar system, and the batteries can get charges using power gird as well as solar energy.

Key Features

– Pure sine wave inverter
– Charge on low voltage too
– zero changeover time
– Smart LED indicators
– Noise-free inverter
– 1-year warranty

Buyers Feedback


  • Great for low voltage area
  • Easy to use with LED indicators
  • Great design and features


  • No downside noted yet

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Buying guide for best Inverter for home

How an inverter works?

In simple English, an Inverter is an electronic device that converts DC or Direct current to AC or Alternating current. In lame terms, an inverter for homes works by taking in the electricity from power supply converts to un-interrupted 220V AC or 110V AC (depending on the line voltage of the particular power supply. Whenever there s a power cut, the inverter starts converting the stored DC from the battery into AC and resumes the electricity supply. Mostly in India, people look for an inverter that can provide backup for lights or fans, so they don’t have to sleep in sweat caused by harsh summers, and for this, a medium capacity inverters work best for backing up a fan. Still, if you are looking for large appliances backup, then you must opt for an inverter with higher capacity. And to run a higher capacity inverter, you need a larger size battery too.

To make it less annoying, I hope the video below can explain the working of an inverter.

Types of Inverter for Home

There are mainly two types of inverters available in India, and knowing their working, you can choose which will be the best inverter for your home.

1. Sine wave Inverter

The sine wave inverters convert a straight DC signal AC signal, or the output of this type of inverter is close to AC, which is purer form than the square wave inverter and won’t heat the appliances and suitable for home use. He only drawback is that they are expensive. The devices it can support with safety are Computers, laptops, refrigerators, ovens, television, etc.

2. Square wave Inverter

A Square wave inverter is usually cheaper than the Sine wave inverter and mostly supports appliance that uses motors alone. They are not safe for home appliances as they heat them.

3. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

A more affordable form of sine wave inverter. Also known as all-purpose inverters that use the primary form of technology and give backup to simple electronics like bulbs, fans, phone chargers, etc.

How to select an inverter for home?

It’s important to consider features and tips that will help you choose the right inverter for your home.

1. Power requirement at home

The most crucial factor while selecting an inverter is the power requirement at your home. You have first to decide which appliances you want a backup for, fan, tube lights, television, refrigerator, or just a simple CFL. The number of electrical appliances you wish to run in your home will decide the power requirements you need.
For example, it is easy to understand by calculating the power consumption of these appliances.

1 fan takes – 70 watts
1 tube light – 60 watts
1 television – 120 watts
Total power requirement to run 1 televison, 2 fans and 3 lights = 120 X1 + 70X 2 + 60 X 3 = 440 Watts

2. Battery size & Capacity

A large power consumption will need a more extensive battery backup. It’s crucial to select the battery capacity you need before looking or a suitable inverter The amount of electricity one uses, and the type of battery needs to be checked before buying an inverter as a battery will drain off quickly if your consumption is significant.

3. Brand

It is always recommended to buy an inverter, and its battery from reputed brands as the non- branded might be cheaper for you but will end up spoiling your electronics due to their poor quality and will increase service cost. An inverter is a one-time investment, so never compromise on the quality and buy the inverter brand that has approved ISI marking. Few available online brands like Luminous and Amaron also give you excellent after-sales support, so look for these types of brands only.

4. Safety Features

Safety should be an utmost concern if it is related to electricity so while buying an inverter, so you must look for an inverter that comes with features like wrong wiring alarm, short circuit alarm, over-volt protection, overload indicator, etc.

5. VA Indicator

VA stands for Voltage ampere, which must be considered to balance between the number of batteries you will use as more appliances you want to run should have a large inverter with a high capacity battery, so it should be ok with a total load of your appliances.

To understand it better, Luminous has given a load calculator, which will help you find the best inverter for your home. Check it out.

6. Inverter Size

The size of an inverter is important as whichever inverter you select should be efficient enough to run all appliances without any interruption, so if consumption is more, it’s essential to buy a large size inverter.

7. Warranty

A well-branded inverter will come with a minimum of one year warranty, so pay close attention to all the warranty parts covered and period of warranty that will help help you a lot in the longer run.

Best Inverter for Home 2020 in India – Conclusion

An inverter for home is always a better and less expensive option than a generator for power backup. They are a lifesaver in the hot summer season or any power outage. All these inverters mentioned above are worth your investment, and to run them effectively, you need to have good inverter battery along with keeping them in a proper space for which inverter trolley is the best option. So don’t think more and put your hard earn money in the right investment for your home.

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