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Buying a good Dinnerware set can always be confusing and a difficult task. What size to look for, what kinds of material we should buy, these are some of the basic questions that arise when we think of buying one. So it is hassle on how to choose dinnerware sets which suits us as well as our budget. We think dinnerware sets should only be used for special occasions like a casual get-together, kitty parties, and birthday parties. A general view for Dinnerware is that it’s expensive and difficult to clean and maintain. Many of us also feel that it’s only a tradition of the rich to use Dinnerware on a daily basis. But with different diverse options to choose from, it is a great idea to use dinner sets for everyday meals as well. It gives a nice and elegant look to your table, enhances your meal experience, and gives a home dining upgrade.

With a wide range of Dinnerware sets available in the market and online, it’s challenging to decide what to buy and how to choose. Our ‘Dinnerware sets Buying Guide’ will help you to make the right decision on how to choose the best dinnerware and also help you find the best Dinnerware sets for your home.

How to choose Dinnerware sets ?

1. Best available brands

We have options of so many brands that manufacture Dinnerware, kitchenware of the highest quality. It is advisable to buy dinner sets of best-known brands like Corelle, LaOpala, Signoraware, Pigeon, Borosil, etc. Do read in detail review on Best dinnerware brands in India.

2. Affordability

Choose a dinner set which fulfills your requirement as well as suits your budget. There are options of Dinnerware sets that are very affordable and comes in large quantities that serve 4, 6, or even 8 members, and you can choose accordingly. The plastic, melamine, and steel ones are the most affordable ones.

3. Durability

There are many break-resistant and non-slippery options available in the market nowadays. So it’s preferred to choose the material wisely. A strong and sturdy material that is chip resistant and doesn’t break easily will be there for years. Bone china, porcelain, and stoneware are some of the most reliable materials.

4. User-Friendly

It’s essential to have a user-friendly Dinnerware set; generally, we do not prefer to use heavy crockery as it’s difficult to handle; therefore, it advisable to look for lighter options. A Dinner set that is dishwasher safe is again considered a better one. Also, it is convenient if the Dinnerware is microwave safe, especially when buying a casual or everyday use dinner set look for options which are safe to keep in the microwave.

5. Color and pattern

Try to find a dinner set which compliments your home interiors and matches your tableware. Also, choose color and design according to your dinnerware requirement. I feel its best to choose the one that is stylish, elegant, and has attractive pieces as it is one of the main focus of our dining.

6. Material

While choosing your dinner set, do check for food-grade material which is oven friendly and also dishwasher safe. Also, quality material is essential that can give longevity and reliability to the user.

7. Warranty

If buying a dinner set from online stores, do check for replacement or warranty options as it might get damaged during shipping. Some online brands provide 1 to 5-year warranties if an item is missing or is broken during shipping.

1. Choose as per the Type of Occasion- Dinner sets are available in different styles, of different materials, and the number of pieces varies too. Some dinner sets are best suited for occasional fancy parties, some for casual get-together and some for everyday use. Generally, dinnerware made from bone china and porcelain goes well for formal dinner, dinnerware made from glass and also porcelain is best for fancy parties while earthenware and dinner sets made from melamine are good options for casual dinner, also best suitable dinner sets for everyday use.

2. Choose as per the Pattern and Color – There are several color options and patterns available too. When choosing a dinner set for formal occasions, white or ivory with an elegant pattern or opaque set with a stylish design is a good choice, whereas casual Dinnerware often features bright colors and attractive patterns.

3. Choose as per the quantity – A basic dinner set is of 16-pieces which include dinner plates, salad plates, dinner bowls, and soup bowls ideal for serving four people while a dinner set of 8 to 12 pieces containing basics is mostly enough for general use. Formal Dinnerware generally includes extra pieces such as serving platters, dessert plates, gravy boats, teacups, and saucer. You can also supplement your Dinnerware set with matching serving pieces. Open stock is Dinnerware sold piece-by-piece and is ideal for someone who wants to mix-and-match within a collection.
Your ideal dinner set depends on the size of your family, the frequency of which you entertain, and the amount of space you have to store extras.

Before making your final decision, you should also consider the special care your dinnerware needs like dishwasher-safe, break-resistant and microwave-safe.

Best Dinnerware Sets Material

It is crucial to learn about all the types of material to make a wise decision. Every kind of material has its advantages and disadvantages. So, the best material for dinner sets depends on the type of use that you have. Also, having more than one dinner set for different purposes is the best way to go about it.


Bone china dinnerware is considered to be the most durable, lightweight, and elegant for both everyday use and special occasion dinner sets. Known for its delicate structure, it comes in attractive styles which complement your dining room well. It is chip-resistant, dishwasher safe and also microwave-safe unless it has metallic banding.


Earthenware is the most affordable one amongst Ceramic Dinnerware. These dinner sets are not very sturdy so that they can break and chip easily. It is an excellent option for daily use or casual Dinnerware. They are generally microwave safe and dishwasher safe but do confirm before buying.


Stoneware is considered more durable than earthenware. They come in a variety of stylish options and smooth textures such as shiny, satin, or matte. It is generally used for casual or daily place setting as it is easy to maintain and is also microwave safe.


Porcelain is more affordable than bone china, is equally durable but slightly heavy. The Dinnerware looks elegant and has a translucent appearance, which makes it suitable for casual settings and also formal dining occasions. Most chinaware is microwave safe, but the ones with metallic touch should not be used in a microwave. They are mostly dishwasher safe, which makes them so much convenient to use.


Melamine mimics the look of ceramic and is extremely durable and lightweight. It is the modern-day Dinnerware very resistant to chipping and breaking. Melamine dinnerware sets come in a wide variety of color and pattern. It is a versatile dinnerware that can be used on any occasion. These can be put in a dishwasher but should not be placed in a microwave.


Corelle is the best-known brand for glass dinnerware. It is quite durable, does not chip or break. There is a wide variety in the color and designs of glass dinner sets and is a fantastic option for fancy parties. It’s essential to choose the one that is a dishwasher and microwave safe, and when it comes to glass dinnerware, a vitrified glass is the most reliable.


These dinner sets are most common in Indian households. They are very durable, lightweight, long-lasting, and require the least maintenance. Stainless steel dinner sets are food safe and are available in different variations. They are cost-effective and ideal for daily use.

How to use and care a Dinnerware set

    • Always check the manufacturer’s warnings or instructions before using the Dinnerware.
    • Almost every dinner set is microwave friendly and dishwasher safe unless it has some metallic decorations.

It is generally recommended to hand wash metal incorporated and hand-painted Dinnerware. Also, large pieces are better to be removed by hand.

  • Stainless steel and other metallic Dinnerware should be washed using a soft sponge instead of any scrubber.
  • Some dinner sets can be easily stacked in a cupboard while fine china and other formal type dinner sets should be stored carefully to prevent them from scratches.


I hope you got the hang of a few pointers on how to choose dinnerware, so Happy Buying !!!!

How to choose a Dinnerware sets

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