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The Gluten Free Meal Co is an Australian company that offers Gluten Free Meals in a wide variety of cuisines.This ‘The Gluten Free Meal Co Review’ talks about the menu, full of delicious gluten free dishes covering everything from finger food to desserts that is delivered all over Australia. The best part about Gluten Free meal co. is that the no boring recipes. With their innovative signature dishes they have spoilt us for choices and we hope they do that to you too!

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About The Gluten Free Meal Co.

Now that you’ve landed here, the title of which reads ‘The Gluten Free Meal Co.’ review, I can safely assume, you are either taking preventive measures or are allergic to the dreaded Mr. Gluten-van-torture-to-your-small-intestine. Now that every information is just a fingertip away, there is no telling how much you know about Gluten. Still, I would not hesitate away from adding my two cents… Ahh.G.A.I.N.! 😛

The Gluten Free Meal Co Review

Gluten: Everything You Need To Know

Gluten, ladies & gentlemen, is a protein especially found in grains such as Wheat, Barley, Rye. It is present in everything that is used in making a major portion of your daily meal aka Bread. This protein although marks its presence in more than just food – cosmetics, processed food such as Mayonnaise, and salad dressings. Now you ask, “Why on earth did nature make it a relatively irrevocable part of the majority of stuff that we eat and well, apply on our skin?” Gluten’s name, ladies and gentlemen, comes from Greek for glue. It gives grains their stickiness. The result, mate, is that you get fluffy, smooth, and downright gorgeous bread to eat. Nature knew you’d like your bread just like that, so it made Gluten!

What Gluten, in the simplest way, does is, it destroys the inner lining of the small intestine, which is responsible for permeability – the absorption of nutrients. This causes a whole truckload of nastiness in your gut. Now the question arises, how come this gluten business is more troublesome now than it used to be earlier? There are two possible explanations:

  • Our folks lived in much simpler times; it was majorly awesome but it had its perks. They had no idea about a lot of stuff we are now aware of e.g. Gluten allergy.
  • We have hybridized our grains, to make it more suitable for our environment. Drought resistance, bug resistance, and taste enhancing and what not.

The result is our Gluten intolerance boomed dramatically over last 50 years.

How Did Gluten Free Meal Co. Start?

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There is a super cool Gohil Family, who loved traveling and exploring the world that surrounds them. They traveled all the way from Kenya to India before they made the beautiful land of Australia their abode in the 1990s. Now, Gohils love the scrumptious aroma of spices, herbs and all that makes your nose drag you to the kitchen. They combined their fondness for food with rich traveling and cultural history to become one of Australia’s leading producers of world-class prepared meals.

There are many awesome food families. What makes them different? I am sure that is exactly what you are thinking, right now. Well, magic happened, thanks to Grandma Sarla! We all know grandparents are fantastic people (not that our parents aren’t, but you gotta admit a major chunk of us would run to our grandparents’ place on first flight if we could!) So, on a fine day, Grandma Sarla felt bad for her niece because she couldn’t eat regular food, thanks to her Gluten Allergy. It hit Grandma what if she created food that was gluten free but tasty enough that no camper is left behind on the dinner table? After all, everyone deserves to share the joy of food. The Gluten Free Meal Co. was born out of sheer love of food and care for people.

Now, after rigorous efforts of past 20 years, and determination to give you a home-cooked quality meal, The Gluten Free Meal Co. is serving everything from desserts to finger foods. That too via delivery at your doorstep. And yes, all you truth and honesty seeking researchers, Gohil Family are proud to tell you, they are endorsed by Coeliac Australia. So, you can be sure all their meals are 100% Gluten-Free

The Gluten Free Meal Co. Menu Options

The menu of the brand offers a wide variety of cuisines that they serve from breakfast to dinner. The categories are mentioned clearly on the website so it is pretty easy for sorting purposes. Not only this, The Gluten Free Meal Co. also offers some of their original recipes. So, absolutely nothing boring here. I mean, who knew you could give a twist to butter chicken taking it to whole other level in form of Butter chicken bites? Quality is a prime concern for Gluten Free Meal Co. so they have collaborated with trusted folks who are especially inclined to developing Gluten-Free raw material. Their every morsel is 100% Gluten Free, so, you can order any meal without any worries whatsoever.

Mains Menu

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Click Here To Browse Mains Menu

Vegetarian Menu

The Gluten Free Meal Co Review - tangylife
Click Here To Browse Vegetarian Menu

Finger Food Menu

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Dessert Menu

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How To Order From The Gluten Free Meal Co.?

The Gluten Free Meal Co Review - tangylife
Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Browse through their online menu , add on individual meals up to a value of $65. Fill in your address details and check out. Now they don’t accept orders below $65, because it will cost shipping charges and that folks, is an absolute pain in all the places none of us thought it could hurt. So, sit down, relax, browse through their menu, select your preferred delivery date for next two weeks period and well… be patient for at least a week.

The Gluten Free Meal Co. Delivery

Good news! The Gluten Free Meal Co. delivers to all the major areas of Australia. You can check your Postcode too, to be absolutely sure. They deliver twice every week. Darn! Is your postcode not there? Have no fear, The Gluten Free Meal Co. eats and breathes old-school hospitality and they will leave no stone un-turned to serve you your well-deserved sans Gluten Meal. Just mail them with all your details and have patience. So, I have heard you hate paperwork and contracts, but seriously bro, who doesn’t? Enjoy your absolute freedom and order at the command of your mood and tummy.

Gluten Free Meal Co. is truly all about your ease. They deliver in Ice packs, so even if you aren’t home, you are sorted. You’ve got a pet? Give special instruction for the safety of the food and your pet. Live in an apartment complex? No problem. Just give the necessary details to them. Live in a closet under the stairs, The Shire? No problem. You just mail them and relax. Shifting to the moon? Sorry folks, coming soon!!!(Just Kidding! :P)

Gift Vouchers

You can gift someone the joy of Gluten-Free Meal. Ain’t nothing better than food that comes for free of cost for you. Spread the love of food folks, it’s addictive.

Click Here To Gift Someone Joy Of Gluten-Free Food

The Gluten Free Meal Co. Pros and Cons


  • The super simple process of delivery.
  • They deliver everywhere, all of Australia. So, just think about them and the food will appear, but you’ll have to order. Sorry folks, they are still working on telepathy!
  • 100% Gluten free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia, so now if you are Gluten allergic or just being careful, you can trust them with your health.
  • Innovative dishes. C’mon, you’ve got to admit their signature dishes made you drool, because well they are delicious.
  • No shipping. Seriously nothing beats free shipping.
  • They have a section specially dedicated to all you vegetarian folks, so go nuts!


  • If you’ve gluten allergy and are vegan too, you’d be disappointed.
  • You have to order a minimum of $65. Although you can freeze their meals, so it won’t technically get wasted, but you may end up ordering more than your appetite or capacity for that matter. Saves on shipping, so can’t complain much.

Contact Details

You can call them

@ 1800 436 325

Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm (AEDT)

Buzz them @, they love to chat.

Or you can pay them a visit at
37 Bromley Road,
Emu Plains,
NSW 2750

Additionally, you can write them through their enquiry form and check out their FAQ section for more information!

Gluten Free Meal Co Review : Final Conclusion

The Gluten Free Meal Co. offers a variety of super delicious food, in a variety of cuisines. Since they are endorsed by Coeliac Australia, you can be assured that they are 100% Gluten Free. We, at Tangylife give it an absolute go. Take care of your tummy; share the joy of food with everyone in your home without a dose of Gluten worry. Don’t forget to keep checking Tangylife for more such reviews, because we care about you too. Do click on the link below to get your first meal for free. 🙂

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