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The Nourished Life is a natural cosmetics and organic style multi-brand store. They are vegan and carefully watch over what they are offering on their website. The brand has well-trained naturopaths for staff, so you can be sure they know exactly what they are talking about. With so many qualities and more, you should definitely give this store a shot.

Nourished Life Review | Nourished Life Discount Code And Blog Review

Nourished Life Review is your guide to the path of opting for a nature-driven skin care routine. Cosmetics and toxins are more synonymic than most of us think. Go natural, try Nourished Life. Nourished Life is moving, so they decided to shower you with love. Click on the link below and use coupon code ‘MOVING’ to get some exciting ‘discount’ sitewide. Offer valid until 5th June 2018.

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About The Nourished Life

Hi, people. Long time no see, my bad. 🙁 Worry not though; I am back, and you bet with a blast! After a long longing for a holiday, I finally decided to give in to the temptation and just went for it. You know, one of those days, where if you don’t take a holiday you probably can’t keep up with life. So, on a fateful day, I went for my long awaited holiday, and guess what? For some odd reason, I decided to read what all consists of my sunscreen just to pass my time.

Boy, oh boy! was it a truckload of chemicals. It was a fix. You either apply a sunscreen full of chemicals to save yourself from the sun or you don’t apply it at all and let UV rays torture you in the long run! The solution? Well if you ask me, in that sheer moment of thoughts, I realized something natural should do the job. And, my search landed me on The Nourished Life . Let’s see how it can be your skin’s saving grace too.

The Nourished Life Blog: Irene Folcone And Her Journey

Just like me, Irene Folcone, the brain behind the nourished life stumbled upon the toxic substance that her moisturizer consists of and how it made her feel heavy. Irene recalls, “My legs felt as heavy as two bags of lead. I sat on the steps, took a body lotion out of my bag and started rubbing it into my legs, and for the first time in my life, I wondered…what exactly was in this lotion, I was putting on my body??

On checking the ingredients, Irene realized she was using at least 500 chemicals daily on her body.

  • 75% of her lipsticks consisted of Lead
  • Her moisturizers had Parabens a potential cause of cancer and hormonal issues.
  • 60% of topical skin care such as moisturizers get absorbed into the bloodstream directly.

Shocked yet? Well, there is more to the story. As soon as Irene stopped using the toxin consisting products, she started feeling much better and decided to share her journey of going toxin free through her blog.

The Nourished Life Store

Like they say, beautiful is what beautiful does. Irene decided to make the contents of the beautiful looking packages better too and thus started The Nourished Life. You can read The Nourished Life Blog to understand everything, from how it started to what’s new in the natural cosmetic industry. Irene also thought of bringing all natural skin care and cosmetic brands under one roof. So, you can find exactly what you need with the versatility of any regular cosmetic and skin care store.
We, however, have decided to break it down for you into three categories since the store is pretty vast. The store offers over 250 Natural and Organic brands. Read on to know more about the store.

The Nourished Life Skin Care And Cosmetics

Skin is a major concern of a lot of us. To fix 1 million issues that it deals with, we tend to bombard with this and that and what not! Unfortunately, the chemicals that our usual skincare products consist of, do more harm in the long run than the short-term relief they all claim to provide. (sometimes not even that :() The Nourished Life manages to resort just such issues. Their careful curators go long and wide to make sure they provide you products that are actually organic and natural. If you are someone who is really digging natural Sunscreen (Boy! aren’t they the hardest to find? our recommendation is Life Basics by The Nourished Life For cosmetics, you should really give Bite Beauty a shot. If you have really sensitive skin and removing makeup gives you chills, you should really check out
this facial cleanser . Everything is ‘15% off” till 29the May ’18. Hurry Up!!
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The Nourished Life Hair And Body care

The second major issue that hovers most of our time is hair and body care. Who doesn’t wish their hair looked like a spool of silk? Fret no more people! We have got everything under control. For all you hair issue folks, we recommend Mineral Fusion Shampoo Anti Dandruff. It helps you get rid of those nasty flakes while smoothening your hair. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, without the added torture of chemical overload! On that note, you should try this great deal on shampoo too – free conditioner (Yippi!!). Use ‘Free Conditioner’ in the comments when checking out to get free gift added to your cart. You can also check out No Pong All Natural Anti Odourant if you are allergic to most deodorants but, ahem, can’t help but sweat! They have a lot more than these. All you natural stuff lovers, go nuts!

Click Here to Browse More Hair Care Brands

The Nourished Life Healthcare and Household

The Nourished Life Store is one stop destination for all your beauty and Skincare needs, but it also cares about what you put on your bed, yourself and in your house. Now, aren’t they truly a one-stop destination? In my experience, toxic elements are not just limited to cosmetics and skin care products. They reach out to our kitchens and wardrobes as well. There are plenty of natural products offered in this area but most sought after is their water filters. Our recommendation for the same is Waters Co Bmp 500 25l Bench. It removes 99% of fluorides, along with the added benefit of silver ionized activated coconut shell carbon, which is known to absorb impurities in an organic way.

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The Stars Of The Nourished Life: The Must Haves

Yes, I am aware you already know plenty about the store, but believe me, even if you’ve become a pro by now at shopping on The Nourished Life, You really wouldn’t want to miss out on these gems:

  • Magnesium Oil
  • Natural Sunscreen

The Nourished Life Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil truly is a lost gem in the ocean of mineral oils. But, better late than never, now that we have found it lets take it all that it can offer us. As aforementioned, (I hope you read that!) Magnesium Oil helps in keeping sebum secretion in check making it very good for oily skin people. Magnesium oil is natural relaxant – they act as pain relievers. Multiple studies have shown that Magnesium deficiency may lead towards Fibromyalgia; a condition defined by the intense ache in muscles. Applying magnesium oil may help you treat your muscle ache by increasing the production of ATP in your cell, since that is the primary reason, biologically, for the proper functioning of muscles.

The Nourished Life offers some pretty good solutions to Magnesium Oil shopping. As if all this was not enough, they also provide you information on why Magnesium Oil is good for your body. Go ahead and shop some or just read it. Never hurts to broaden your horizon. (You can thank me later!)

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The Nourished Life Sunscreens

Natural Sunscreens are the hardest to find, hands down, no questions asked! And no, I am not gonna take no for an answer. It is by far the most tiresome thing to find, & honestly, I couldn’t be happier having come across natural it. Sunscreens are mandatory, they save you from a lot of nastiness that sun exposure for long period of times may cause you. The serious question that we need to ask though is, at what cost? The crazy number of chemicals that most sunscreens have, is it really wise to apply them just to save yourself from UV rays? It is a do or die situation. You either go for it or risk suffering from god knows what! Although it does not have to be this way, which is why The Nourished Life came up with storing all the brands that offer natural sunscreens.

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The Nourished Life Natural Beauty Box

So, you are someone who would really like to shift to natural skincare but is really not sure if it would work out for you. You can simply opt for The Nourished Life Natural Beauty Box. It is the simplest way to slowly introduce a natural way to your beauty regimen, slowly helping you go through an decide what works out for you. The box carries travel size samples of skincare, makeup, health and home products. All you have to do is Subscribe to the box for $25 each month. The goodies that you receive are worth $30, and given they are all samples, you really don’t waste anything regret spending a bomb if something does not work out for ya. Win-win for both!

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Shipping and Delivery

Unfortunately, The nourished Life does not offer free shipping if you are not a member of their website. Although the good news is they care about the planet and encourage you to buy more than one item by the virtue of it being a savior of the cost, however if you do decide otherwise, they will give a portion of shipping to carbon offsetting for the delivery through Neutral Plant-A-Tree. You’ll have to pay Standard $9 if you’re not a member. They also deliver all over the world, however, the delivery charges for each country differ from each other. You can Join Club NL for added benefits, and save 10% on your next purchase.

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Contact Information

You can contact The Nourished Life through means mentioned below:

Nourished Life (BWX Digital Pty Ltd)
ACN 92621403370

Customer service:

Warehouse & Corporate Office:
12/20 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085 Australia

For more information, you can read their FAQ section.

Pros and Cons


  • All Natural Products, they say it and they mean it. They keep a keen watch on what they keep in their store, so you can trust them with your eyes closed
  • They have vegan products and they are cruelty-free. Seriously, as if this could go any better.
  • With their no outsourcing policy, you can be sure they only store products that go with their toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan policy.
  • Just in case you were wondering, who works behind this giant store of nature, they have people trained in naturopathy for staff. See they are goals, people, goals!


  • Seriously? None at all! Nada! Nothing! Zero


The Nourished Life is more than your guide to the path of a toxin-free naturopathic life. Most importantly, the company lives and cherishes what it preaches. For us, it is a go-getter you should definitely a try, even if you are a bit skeptic about this whole toxin-free. Till then, keep telling us, dear old Tangylife, how the store has fared to you in the comment section below.

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